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Key to Savannah Made in Savannah #1 [PDF / Epub] ★ Key to Savannah Made in Savannah #1 By Hope Callaghan – Months after the untimely death of mafia made man “Vinnie Garlucci” his devoted wife Carlita discovers a mysterious key in one of his pockets while sorting through his belongings With help from he Months after the untimely death of mafia made Savannah Made Epub ´ man “Vinnie Garlucci” his devoted wife Carlita discovers a mysterious key in one of his pockets while sorting through his belongings With help from her daughter Mercedes she sets off to find out what the mysterious key belongs to and soon discovers she has inherited property in historic Savannah Georgia Carlita views the property as a sign and remembers Vinnie’s dying words to her to get their family out of the mafia Against the wishes of her three sons mother and daughter embark on a Key to Epub / road trip to explore the property While they're gone someone breaks into their home and vandalizes it This is the second time it has happened since Vinnie's death and Carlita is convinced that it's somehow tied to the mafia Carlita and Mercedes are looking forward to leaving their old life behind with a fresh start in beautiful Savannah They uickly realize you can run but you can’t hide from the past.

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  1. Karen B. Karen B. says:

    Carlita Garlucci has just lost her husband Vinnie a member of the mob Like most women in the family she knows little about the business In Vinnie's dying breath he begs Carlita to get his sons out She assumes out of the business She finds a key in his pocket and goes to a safe deposit box she didn't know about and finds deeds to Savannah properties and a pouch of gems Some people are trying to find what Vinnie had and keep breaking into the house she shares with daughter Mercedes Carlita and Mercedes go to Savannah to look at the properties and decide to renovate them and move to Savannah away from the mob Carlita is feisty and stands up to her three sons who expect her to bow to them the way she did her late husband and moves in spite of their scoldings In getting ready to move she finds that Vinnie was doing and manages to evade those who are after everything For now we'll see in the next book in the series

  2. Sandee Sandee says:

    A very fast read with warm and interesting characters Carlita and Mercedes are the widow and daughter of a member of the mob Starting a new life with plans to leave New York and move to Savannah they encounter a variety of situations from opposing family members to drugs I would have enjoyed excitement and action but it is a good story and I will read from this series

  3. FangirlNation FangirlNation says:

    Carlita Garlucci said goodbye to her husband Vinnie a few short months ago promising him on his deathbed that she would pull their three sons out of the Mafia family business in Key to Savannah by Hope Callaghan Now as she finally is sorting through her husband's clothes she finds a key to a safety deposit box which she takes her daughter Mercedes to check At the bank they learn that Vinnie added Carlita's name to the account the same day he died was murdered? and open the box There they find a deed to property in Savannah Georgia and a dozen incredibly valuable looking gems So Carlita and Mercedes make up their minds to move from ueens to Savannah to the strong opposition of Carlita's sons Read the rest of this review and other fun geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

  4. Pam Pam says:

    Key To Savannah Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series Book 1 is by Hope Callaghan This is a cute mystery and one that is easily read in one sitting Carlita Garlucci was at her husband’s bedside when he died Just before his death he made her promise to “Get my sonsout Get them out” She promised and thinks he meant get them out of the ‘family” the mafia However she knew that they wouldn’t go Vinny her eldest was into the family just like her husband had been Tony the middle son was into flashy cars and races than the family business Her youngest son Paulie was already out of the business and living in the suburbs with his family Her daughter Mercedes hadn’t been allowed in the business so she was just fine Carlita decided she needed to get Mercedes away and make her independent so she didn’t have to rely on a man to care for her Going through his clothes Carlita found an envelope with a key in it Mercedes figured it out to be a savings deposit box and which bank They went to get it and luckily Vincent had put Carlita’s name on the box so they took an envelope which held the deeds to some land and property in Savannah Georgia and a sack of gems They decided to take the deed and go to Savannah to see what they had inherited The gems would allow them to restore the buildings on the site However the “family” was after them Evidently Vincent had something they wanted Carlita is eager to get out of town She has no idea what the ‘family’ wanted

  5. michael smith michael smith says:

    Catholics take another hitAs a Christian I felt bad that another religion took a hit That and the facts of being a Mafia wife family were off There would be no way if the Mafia was looking for something that the family could have left the house let alone the state wo being trailed I do like the characters will read the next book in this series

  6. Helen Helen says:

    E Reader Cozy MysteryVincent Vinnie Garlicci was in the mob His sons Tony Paulie also in the mob The other son Vinnie wasn't His wife Carlita daughter were typical family who knew of the family connection to the mob but not told any detailsOn Vinnie's deathbed he makes Carlita to get his sons out of the mobCarlita finds some keys one with a tag Mercedes says for a bank safe deposit box And it was it held deeds to property in Savannah Georgia small bag of real gemsMercedes has a drivers license but never driven her father's big black car Her Mom agrees to let her try driving the car You'll laugh at her early attempts to drive The two decide to drive to Savannah without telling sons to check out the property Carlita now ownsYou'll need to read the book to find out what happens in Savannah Also back home including a visit from Vito Castellini mob boss There is a lot that happens Really good read

  7. Jamie Jamie says:

    Not the most enjoyable book that I have read I found it really hard to finish and thought about not finishing it at all Spent time just skipping and skimming paragraphs It was nice to have a mother and daughter duo with no lover triangles as of yet in the first book I was confused a lot Carlita Mercedes had no trouble paying 100 bucks for a cab ride but later worried about paying for a trip to Savannah to look at property then further along Carlita says she's ok financially the worries about spending 200 dollars on groceries Made no since to me I don't believe that I will be reading any of this series Disappointed that it had such high reviews and it just fell flat for me

  8. Michele Bishop Michele Bishop says:

    I just finished reading Key to Savannah It is a story about a Mafia wife who has just lost her husband Upon going through his clothes she finds an envelope with a key and a note This leads her and her daughter to property in Savannah that she was unaware of Against the wishes of her 3 sons the two decide to travel to Savannah and inspect the property They decide to move there and they return to New York to sell the house there Meanwhile the house in New York has been broken into several times Things just keep happening with an unexpected ending I really enjoyed the book and can hardly wait for the next one

  9. Judith A Johnson Judith A Johnson says:

    Not enough depthThe plot is good but we didn't get enough depth of the characters The death of the fatherhusband who is part of the mafia is sketchy at best While we are introduced to all the characters you don't get a feel for their where there importance is going forward Moving worrying the sons won be happy then it fails to follow through just drops after a sentence or two Where's the expected big scene? Little misses that could have given this five stars Not a bad read Hoping the second one is better Fell this was rushed to finish

  10. Veronica Knack Veronica Knack says:

    Getting a new lease on lifeAfter the death of her husband Carlita is left with the responsibility of keeping her promise to her husband to get their 3 sons and daughter out of the mob life Keeping that promise involves moving from New York to Savannah GA Talk about culture shock Join Carlita and her daughter Mercedes as they pioneer transitioning their family out of the mob life Prepare for uite a journey

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