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The Harlem Shake The Harlem Apocalypse Book 1 [PDF / Epub] ★ The Harlem Shake The Harlem Apocalypse Book 1 By Jeff Carroll – Two lovers are reunited by the storm of the century Just when New Yorkers were given a wakeup call into the realities of Global Warming by way of Hurricane Sandy Harlem becomes host to yet another one Two lovers are reunited by the storm Shake The eBook ↠ of the century Just when New Yorkers were given a wakeup call into the realities of Global Warming by The Harlem Epub / way of Hurricane Sandy Harlem becomes host to yet another one of Mother Nature’s catastrophic lessons There was an inactive fault line under the village of Harlem Harlem Shake The PDF Í When this fracture in the bedrock of Harlem’s famed th street becomes active all of Harlem begins to shake as New York experiences a category earthuake Harlem Shake The Harlem Apocalypse ePUB ´ Young television audience producer Kenny thinks he is prepared for everything Murphy’s Law can throw at him With the help of his roommate name he manages to generate a packed audience to the Apollo Theater despite the hurricane forecast He is full of confidence when he runs into his ex girlfriend name who left him to travel along with a rapper as a glorified manager Still in all he was having a good day but not in his wildest dreams would he think that he and his team of audience coordinators and friends would have to navigate crevasses the length of city blocks collapsing buildings and lawless streets It will take all of his skills to help them escape being buried under the rubble of this world famous concrete jungle.

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  1. E. Sabin E. Sabin says:

    This short novel is best read in one or at most two sittings Why? Because once started it will be hard to put down The author takes the reader on a harrowing trek through Harlem and other portions of New York while those areas are in the process of being destroyed by a massive earthuake followed by a hurricane Unbelievable? Not in the hands of this skillful writer whose use of authentic landmarks and well defined characters is supplemented by a logical explanation for the massive destruction From the first page I was caught up in the story The reader feels the pain of those doomed to destruction by focusing on individuals ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events whose fear and bravery touch the heart These intimate portrayals make it easy to identify with the characters and ask How would I react in this situation? As I read I kept thinking what a powerful disaster movie this story would make But a filmed portrayal isn't necessary The author presents such a clear visual picture that the reader feels sees and lives the experience along with the characters

  2. Jamesboggie Jamesboggie says:

    I have not read many indie books and I am glad I gave The Harlem Shake a chance I met Jeff Carroll at Boskone 55 After a good conversation about science fiction and fantasy I chose to buy the last copy of this bookThe premise pulled me in The Harlem Shake is about a devastating earthuake in Harlem told from a ground level perspective In my experience disaster and apocalypse stories often fail to capture the experience of an average person living through the events So much destruction can be dehumanizing and disorientingCarroll does a great job grounding this story He obviously knows Harlem well and it comes through the writing He manages to evoke a real sense of loss despite the fact that I have never even seen Harlem Carroll also writes some good characters I found them to be believable and relatable However I wish that he had stuck entirely to Kenny's group The short sections with other groups only broke the momentum as none of the other characters were well developed or interestingI think this book could have used a professional editor There were some errors and some moments where it was hard to follow the narrative An editor could have polished this book without losing its undeniable charmI do want to talk about the snapping turtle attack In The Harlem Shake 6' long snapping turtles attack and kill an unnamed survivor The incident was so unrealistic that I laughed out loud Snapping turtles are less than half the size described in the book and they are not active pack hunters I think it would have been much effective to have a survivor slip while crossing the river and suddenly lose his fingers Not only would it have been believable but it would have added a sense of unexpected danger It would be like walking through a mine field Also it would have illuminated Kenny's character by forcing him to make a decision about the injured survivorOverall The Harlem Shake is a rough book with a lot of charm I plan to try of Carroll's books soon

  3. Stephen Alexander Stephen Alexander says:

    Bad grammar zig zagging narrative and a scientifically improbable plotline spoil an otherwise above par survival action mover book Well it would make a good movie and you wouldn't have to worry about grammarSomeone call Tyler Perry We've found his tentpole action movie He can even dress up as DeidraI'll talk about it on my Youtube show

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