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The Devil Met a Lady [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Devil Met a Lady By Stuart M. Kaminsky – Why has fabulous Bette Davis the best known face in the world behind Roosevelt and Hitler been kidnapped not once not twice but three times What in the world does this star abduction have to do with T Why has fabulous Bette Davis Met a PDF Í the best known face in the world behind Roosevelt and Hitler been kidnapped not once not twice but three times What in the world does this star abduction have to do with Third Reich designs on America's plans for a top secret superbomber And who else The Devil Epub / but Hollywood private eye Toby Peters always short of a nightmare far from a dream to plunge into his seventeenth and most hair raising adventure in pursuit of the answers It begins with a frantic call from the elegant Arthur Farnsworth an alcoholic designer of aircraft machinery and not incidentally Bette's most Devil Met a Epub à current husband Farnsworth spinning a tale of illicit passion and brazen blackmail hires Peters to out navigate the Nazis as well as keep an eye on his illustrious wife Spending about a third of his waking time on the phone and another third on his back usually in hospitals Peters penetrates a hapless spy ring composed of fourth rate Tinseltown tough guys He delves far too deeply for his own good into the bedroom peccadillos of America's glitter set And as bodies build around him he sets off to the rescue of a movie goddess But who'll protect Toby Peters from the divine Miss Davis The Devil Met a Lady heralds the long awaited reunion of Toby Peters vintage LA's saltiest hard boiled sleuth with the greatest luminaries of the silver screen's golden age.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The Devil Met a Lady
  • Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • English
  • 20 January 2016
  • 9780743400046

About the Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky

Received the Shamus Award The Met a PDF Í Eye Lifetime achievment award in Stuart M Kaminsky is author of published novels biographies textbooks and short stories He also has screenwriting credits on four produced films including ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA ENEMY TERRITORY A WOMAN IN THE WIND and The Devil Epub / HIDDEN FEARS He is a past president of the Mystery Writers of America and has been nomi.

10 thoughts on “The Devil Met a Lady

  1. sheryl sheryl says:

    Some of us have comfort books that we read over and over I'm a voracious readermostly non fiction but Toby Peters was my go to comfort read could write a book 'bout why these books are so deeply important to me The respect he has for each of his decidedly oddball friends and hilarious landlady show deep humanity time period also a loved character The cost of his groceries in the 1940's His relationship with his brother The deadpan sardonic humor was the best As I saidI wish people knew his books but maybe I'm just suited for them His other detectivesAbe Lew and the Russianeach so differenteach so endearing I somehow connected with Stuart's son named Peter after he died We fb'd occasionally and that was important to me until he himself died young recently but I learned of my fav author from him and that he named his Toby Peter characters after his children I just feel gratitude that I somehow came upon them years ago and they have given me so much pleasure wish others knew of him Finally it was weird to learn that Kaminsky died of liver failure due to hepatitis contracted in the war while waiting for a transplant My own still young husband is now in nursing home also suffering from non alcoholic cryptogenic liver disease on a transplant list for 12 years now

  2. Terry Terry says:

    When I'm looking for light read with humor I turn to Toby Peters though it is getting harder to find this series Noir detective Toby Peters once again saves a movie star circa 1943

  3. Chad Malone Chad Malone says:

    An awesome interesting and excellent story

  4. Joe Santoro Joe Santoro says:

    I've not read many Toby Peters' mysteries but this one fit the form Toby gets the crap kicked out of him and seems generally incompetent until about 23 of the way through then brilliantly puts everything together sets a trap to catch the bad guys and manages to not get arrestedThis one centers around Bette Davis and her 2nd I think husband Arthur Farnsworth who gets to be a military researcher to add a Nazi spy element to the mix I have no idea if that was a legitimate thing back in the day googling it didn't get me anything other than his mysterious death which does get a mention at the end of the book but it worked nicely for the story which involved bad guys trying to kidnap Davis to get Farnsworth to give them their secret plans with the additional weight of a blackmail tape which involved Davis and Howard Hughes Farnsworth hires Toby to protect her which he fails at mostly but in the end it all works outThere's some great bits with The Toby Peters' cast which I know just enough about to appreciate and which series fans I'm sure loved Kaminsky paints Davis is the best possible light contrary to most of what I read about her otherwise which is interesting and very believableVery close to a 5 star book just a bit too predictible

  5. Rob Kitchin Rob Kitchin says:

    Based on extensive research of Bette Davis’ career The Devil Met a Lady blends facts concerning her life with the fictional world of Toby Peters to produce a screwball comedy that Davis’ would have excelled at playing Kaminsky captures Davis’ character perfectly Peters is an engaging nourish PI who stumbles from one crisis to the next and there are a host of assorted odd but well drawn characters including a massive former wrestler a dwarf a cranky landlady and host of failed hammy actors The dialogue is excellent and the story is engagingly written and zips along at a jaunty pace The blending of historical fact with fiction is very well done perhaps not unsurprisingly as Kaminsky was a Professor of Film History and one feels dropped into 1940s war time Los Angeles I though the first half was excellent and while the second half was compelling the screwball element slipped away a little and the ending didn’t uite rise to the crescendo I was expecting All in all though a very enjoyable read

  6. Conan Tigard Conan Tigard says:

    I was uite please with this The Devil Met a Lady I really liked the main character Toby Peters He is funny but not goofy or silly He is no Fletch but he holds his grounds and you will really fall for this guy Another thing that I liked was all of the reference tothings Like Pepsi Or talking about the carthe Graham I’ve never heard of one Or just about any of the other reference to consumer goods advertising material or justthings If you want a hero that always does the right thing and comes out of a bad situation spotless and un bruised wellToby is not your man He is uite human and makes a lot of mistakes But he is smart All of this is why I like this book and this character I definitely recommend The Devil Met a Lady for a great readI rated this book an 8½ out of 10

  7. Michael Mallory Michael Mallory says:

    Stuart M Kaminsky's Toby Peters novels set in Hollywood in the 1940s are always entertaining and what makes the series particularly good is that Kaminsky never fell into a format This entry into the adventures of possibly the most beat up PI in Los Angeles features Bette Davis as the guest client and it has a much noirish tone than earlier Peters books which leaned toward the light hearted In addition to being a prolific mystery writer Kaminsky was a film professor who knew his Hollywood history back to front which gives this series the benefit of historical accuracy Unlike other authors who utilize Golden Age movie stars as protagonists Kaminsky's depiction of the actors and actresses are true to life not fancifully dramatized

  8. Toby Toby says:

    this was the first toby peters novel i read and i was both pleasantly surprised and uietly horrified it was filled with typos and printing errors ideally this cannot be attributed to the author who has created a fun homage to the hardboiled private eyes of days gone by and added a nice touch by including celebrities of the period as characters in need of our heroes assistance however toby peters is no sam spade or phillip marlowe and certainly no mike hammer having said that if you want a light and fun crime caper then i recommend any of the toby peters series

  9. Aline Aline says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Toby Peters mysteryIt was really interesting to learn a little abour Bette Davis She's an actress I don't know a lot about and I would like to find a biography or some other books about her

  10. Joe O& Joe O& says:

    Very Good; Continuing character Toby Peters; Bette Davis is the star in trouble this time as her husband is being blackmailed

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