That's Not My Princess Touchy Feely Board Books Epub

10 thoughts on “That's Not My Princess Touchy Feely Board Books

  1. Philip Philip says:

    Eleanor loves this book She's visually impaired so the Touchy Feely Board is a definite plusWithout a doubt it's her favorite book right now

  2. Scott Scott says:

    A bit too focussed on accessories but good touch and feel

  3. Faterider Faterider says:

    Among all the Touchy Feely books I thought that the illustrations in the Princess edition stood out from the rest as they would transport you to magical fantasy lands where princesses and maidens ruled Very upbeat drawings that would put you in a good mood Your baby should enjoy touching the different textures too; they are larger than those from other books However I will appreciate this even better if the girls featured come from a diverse variety of backgrounds

  4. Christina Christina says:

    Go ahead and get this book as a baby shower gift It will be appreciated and enjoyed Lots of fun things for a tiny girl to touch A great idea for text structure I liked that it tried to stick with bold illustrations that catch the eye better for a baby than pastels

  5. Emily Carter-Dunn Emily Carter-Dunn says:

    I think this might by Baby A's favourite book so far She was fascinated by every single page and lunged at each sensory aspect as soon as the page turned We actually read it twice as she was so into it

  6. Miss Sarah Miss Sarah says:

    Another great touch and feel b ook where each princess isn't the right one till the end each page has some object to feel baby and up

  7. Molly Molly says:


  8. Τόλη Τόλη says:

    A lot of different materials for babies to feel but too girly for my little daughter

  9. Pennie Pennie says:

    This sweet book hit all the stereotypical princess costumes but I would have preferred there be diversity However my daughter enjoyed this book

  10. David David says:

    It's rare to find such a political book that still manages to surprise It starts off as a powerful republican screed as the lowly mouse rejects successive would be monarchical despots for their various frivolities whether it be the shininess of a tiara or the fluffiness of a fan Such a bold little rodent telling truth to powerview spoilerThen on the last page the exhausted mouse recognizing that the parade of empty headed princesses won't end until the people are pummeled into submission in defeat utters the reactionary banality that's my princess Though we know the nameless mouse cannot forever resist the existing power structure this final humiliation after so much bravery cuts deeply hide spoiler

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That's Not My Princess Touchy Feely Board Books [Download] ➽ That's Not My Princess Touchy Feely Board Books By Fiona Watt – Book Details Format Board Book Publication Date 612006 Pages 10 Reading Level Age 2 and Up Book Details Format Board My Princess ePUB ¹ Book Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age and Up.

  • Board book
  • 10 pages
  • That's Not My Princess Touchy Feely Board Books
  • Fiona Watt
  • English
  • 05 March 2014
  • 9780794513252

About the Author: Fiona Watt

Fiona Watt graduated from My Princess ePUB ¹ Exeter University with a BEd Hons specialising in Psychology and Art and Design After university she worked as That's Not MOBI :º a researcher and writer for a company which published educational material for places where children went on school visits zoos museums stately homes Not My Princess ePUB ¹ etc She then taught seven eight and nine year olds for five years; three years at a state school in.