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  1. Emma Emma says:

    I'm DNFing this book because the main character is a whiny man child and I can't listen to him any longer

  2. Annet Annet says:

    Looking backthis was a pleasant surprise good uality apocalyptic readImagine your country in this case the UK is hit by a catastrophic asteroid strike By chance you realize this in time take your wife and two kids into the cellar grab some food and water and survive And when you finally get out the world is full of death and destruction And then a long road of survival begins in a desolate and destroyed country you meet some people along the way and form a team and head for Cornwall where supposedly ships leave for parts of the world where there is still a life possible Along the way you and your family get separated The world is dark some people you meet are good some are bad Food is scarceAnd you start running to find your family again and make it in time and reach the shipsThat's about the story of The end of the World Running Club Not a pretty story but truly intriguing Kept me reading on and on from start to end Great read Makes you think what you would do in these circumstances Some tears even at the endA vivid gripping story of hope long distance running and how we break the limits of our own endurance just lung burstingly good

  3. Reading Corner Reading Corner says:

    I enjoyed reading this one but it was nothing spectacularThe story was entertaining but had a few holes in it due to badly explained momentsview spoilerGrimes was my favourite character but her death was ridiculous to me because she was a skilled soldier but managed to be the only one killed by some strongmen with guns hide spoiler

  4. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    Ed was asleep when it started still feeling the effects of a drink it two too many and by the time he worked out what was going on it was already almost too late Grabbing the only shelter he could think of he secreted his family he wife and their two children away into their cellar while asteroids worked their horrors I must admit that I was drawn to this book by its title apocalyptic events and running had ticked a couple of boxes before I got to page one I also liked the fact that it was set in the UK I've read uite a few books in this genre but none set on these shores Alas from the start this one provided a somewhat rocky ride apologies for the pun The early events were well written but didn't convince Would it really happen like this? I didn't think so Then the account of the initial aftermath for Ed and his crew hit a few false notes for me too – the behaviours just didn't feel uite rightI don't wish to give too much away so I’ll be a bit sketchy from here At some point after the asteroid strikes Ed finds himself part of a small dysfunctional group which included A huge man who moaned and shouted a good deal and clearly disliked Ed A small military woman who the huge bloke also disliked though not half as much as she disliked him An Aussie who claimed to have once run the breadth of Australia Needless to say the big guy didn't believe a word of it A posh boy ex banker I don't need to tell you what the moaner thought about himEvents from this point seem to lurch from one set piece to another with dull interludes breaking up the action At times I thought it read like a cheap television series full of scenes that didn't uite fit together and full of characters I struggled to feel any empathy for There were very few nice or helpful people here instead the world now seemed to be populated by buffoon caricatures weird cult groups and vicious gangs Where did all the normal people go?Then I had a couple specific grumbles1 There is some running here but the detail wasn't uite right Some long distances were covered but there was little to no reference to the struggles and strains of such an endeavour over and above some general complaints regarding tiredness What about the blisters and muscle strains? What about looking for some helpful footwear to make life a bit easier? I know this is delving into the micro detail but any book purporting to cover long distance running should at least attempt to nod it's head to some basic associated issues2 Moany Man’s constant shouting got right on my wick It might have been bearable if it were on a printed page but on audio I was forever being assaulted by the narrators voice hollering in my ear Be forewarned if you decide to go this route On the upside towards the end I did start to care a little about a couple of the survivors But really only a smidgen In summary I found this to be over long and poorly conceived If you're a fan of this type of tale then take it from me there’s much better stuff out there About two and a half stars but rounded down due to the hollering

  5. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Thank you to the author Adrain J Walker and the publisher Ebury for this opportunityI was so excited to begin this book A dystopian fiction without a teenage girl protagonist you say? Count me in Unfortunately what inspired me to read this also became the reason for my dislike I found it so hard to connect with this story when faced with my own hatred of the protagonistThe protagonist in uestion Edgar Hill was basically a slob of a human He did the bare minimum for his wife and children and spent the whole novel lamenting his current unfortunate predicaments The entirety of this was concerned with his character progression than the actual end of the world where my own interests lay When you hate someone as much I did it is hard to care about his alterations or his progress It literally took the world ENDING to get him to think about becoming the husband and father is family deserve and desire and I found this pretty unforgivable The writing was beautiful and the plot was enticing but Edgar just ruined this for me

  6. Mark Matthews Mark Matthews says:

    Review originally from my blog I don’t really do running clubs I run as I dream—alone But if I did join a club it would certainly be to run through a post apocalyptic wasteland with some new found mates trying to reach my family before they shipped off forever This is part of the scenario in the book “The End of the World Running Club a novel by Adrian Walker The novel is a wonderful harrowing epic witty and emotional story of the apocalypse and one man’s attempt to be the father he wanted to be after the world ends I almost cried at the end of this book Well I did cry but nobody saw If a tear falls in the forest The main character Edgar is a than a tad lazy not a terrible man but on a scale of 1 to 10 his parenting efforts stop at a 6 One morning after a bit too much to drink the apocalypse starts to rain down and he is forced to rise to the occasion It’s time to bunker down Throughout his adventures he encounters others who are doing their best to survive and of course many who have turned savage Sometimes there is a great notion in the moral decay but often there are hidden and deadly motives I couldn’t help but imagine the cast of The Walking Dead in comparison journeying through this land In other ways this is a UK version of “The Road It is told with a dry wit stoic almost darkly comedic at times The philosophical interludes of the main character reflecting on the human condition were told with such uniue insight I could have listened all day This book is probably 75% apocalyptic story and 25% running tale but there is endurance and perseverance inherent in every move You’ll spend time trapped in a cellar gasping for air and water and smelling the stink of your own body You’ll spend time in ravaged cities with scavengers and in military bases trying to salvage something out of the wreckage But you’ll also find great passages of running most of which focused on the mental aspect of running You’ll want to meet Jesus you’ll want to holler at the rising sun and you may highlight a ton of passages on your kindle like I did Take this one for example “That other beast inside you the one you rarely see? You have it tethered tight It watches and waits while you mess up your life fill your body with poison and muddy your mind with worry For some it takes just one call to free it For others it takes five hundred miles of agony But mine was free now for the first time since I was a boy running with a grin like a wolf through moonlit bracken Pain ran alongside me kindred and beautiful and garinning my grin I’ll always be here it said Always but now we’re friends” Any club that helps a runner make a friend of the pain and sets their beast free is right on When I wrote On the Lips of Children and The Jade Rabbit I was trying to depict running a marathon as than just running but as a harrowing adventure of endurance and proving your strength for that which you love It’s a good thing I hadn’t read this book first for I would have found that the story I wanted already had been written I stumbled upon it by accident as part of the incredible Kindle Unlimited program and am glad I did

  7. Juli Juli says:

    Edgar Hill is overweight self absorbed lazy selfish indifferent In a sort of grand comeuppance the universe rains down the apocalypse from the sky on Edgar's cozy little life after he completely ignores warnings of the possibility for weeks and destroys everything Now Edgar has to learn to survive in a world where nothing comes easilywhere death lurks around cornerswhere some survivors go insane or turn almost feralwhere he has to truly work to save his wife and children Edgar finds himself running a race across the UK to find his family after they are separated by an international task force rescuing survivors Edgar has to find strength and endurance that seems impossible while battling evil physical pain and the elementsI found myself shaking my head multiple times at the self absorbed whining Edgar uses to explain his behavior in the first 23 of this book Butaren't we all a bit self absorbed at times? Don't we all fall a bit short as a spouse a parent sibling daughterson friend bossemployee Don't we all make excuses for our shortcomings? Blaming others Bending our perceptions of our own thoughts actions failures I know I do Just imagine if an apocalyptic event hitno safe warm house to live inno policeno grocery store or gas station down the streetno carsno anything And panicked out of control survivors out there looking to steal what little you do have or do harm to your family If parenting became than buying food paying bills and driving kids to soccer practicewhat would happen?? Edgar finds out BOOM Everything gone He has to be a mana Real Man responsible for actually protecting feeding and caring about his family He has to come to grips with himselfand become More Edgar goes on a journeynot just a physical one but a mental one as wellThis is an amazing story All of the characters Edgar meets along his journey face choicesand all choose their path Some choose to sacrifice to help othersand some choose to benefit themselves Very realistic Some people are just as dangerous as the natural disaster that destroyed everything And others met totally by chance are a blessing beyond measure I loved how even minor characters had something to add to Edgar's story from the people who made the journey with him to minor encounters along the way Edgar has to morph from a fat lazy person into a long distance runner He openly admits that he has never run a single step by choice in his lifeand has to find the strength in himself to run hundreds of miles to find his family He makes a choiceand it's uite the journey I like reading apocalyptic action stories I enjoyed this one than most because it had a different purpose The story isn't just about surviving a catastropheit's about coming out on the other side a better person This is the first book by Adrian J Walker that I've read I'm definitely going to read his other books I like his writing style and the way endurance running figured into the plot I listened to the audio book version of this story Narrated by Jot Davies the audio from Blackstone Publishing is just over 15 hours long Davies reads at a nice pace and his acting performance is wonderful Be warned the characters YELL a lot There are fights arguments dangerous situations injuries mental breakdowns etcand the characters are often loud Not a book to listen to at workor turned all the way up with earbuds in ha ha Lots of yelling in various Scottish and English accents studded with various colorful metaphors But it really makes the listening experience a great one This is one of the best audio books I've listened to so farDavies made the story come to life Awesome listening experienceafter I learned to turn down the volume when a certain character gets angry

  8. Stevie O& Stevie O& says:

    A really fantastic book that I would highly recommend I don't want to spoil it but this is a really emotionally intelligent book full of dark humour excellent plot twists and a certain kind of empathy and sweetness If I hadn't been summer gallivanting I'd have read this in a day Defo going to check this author out for his other books

  9. Mel (Epic Reading) Mel (Epic Reading) says:

    The first four chapters would make an amazing short story about an asteroids impact on Earth I rate those four chapters 5 out of 5 And then the rest of the book comes and ruins the magic The world is scorched people die horribleness ensues and through it all our annoying whiny lead character an overweight disengaged father of 2 leads us on his painfully boring trek I'm actually not sure why I kept reading The End of the World Running Club to the end So let's look at what was good and what was bad The 4 Great Things1 Like I said the first four chapters are fantastic I absolutely loved them Read them and make up your own ending 2 The title The End of the World Running Club is clever given where the book heads I do appreciate the sarcasm and irony that is used throughout the world ending story 3 I loved that the lead character is an average 30 something man Edgar A father to two small children with a wife a moderate house and a job he goes to because he must He's the archetype of the regular middle class Joe existing in a first world society 4 The end is a perfect combination of victory and sadness A way to resolve a story such as this without coming out too optimistic is difficult and I do appreciate that Adrian J Walker resisted the urge to tie it all in a bow The 4 Awful ThingsAre you ready for this? The four things that were great are also the same four things I hated Let me explain1 It is so frustrating to read four chapters of brilliance and then wait for that magic during the last 34 of the book Only to realize as you approach the end that his boring annoying dribble of a story is all you're going to get after the amazing start Makes the rest of the book feel worse than it probably is 2 In most running clubs you you know run While a small part of this book is certainly about running and it's clear our author has experienced a runners wall high and all the emotions and pains that come with it; the reality is it's really just your average the world went to hell the moment we lost amenities book The attempted scary philosophical mini side stories fall flat It's so sad to me that Walker created a world where so many things could be done and instead there is no depth to these events3 Edgar is the most annoying man ever He constantly complains gives up and is really lucky to have people with smarts and perseverance around him I guess while I think I want books about regular people in extraordinary situations maybe I'm totally deluding myself Maybe I read a lot of sci fi and fantasy because I want exceptionally competent and capable characters? All I know for certain is that Edgar made me want to throw him off a cliff; instead of cheering him up the cliff 4 I am not a fan of a book that has you believe one premise throughout the entire book; only to throw that awry at the end There was absolutely no reason for the moment of possible uncertainty that was written in It's like it was put there because book clubs would salivate over it; not because it made sense to the story or added to the ending in any way Additionally it felt forced and that is a huge pet peeve for me Endings should make sense There can be twists or reveals of course but they need to make sense and feel natural Just read Station Eleven insteadMaybe I've just read too many post apocalyptic books lately or maybe I've just read the best of the best and now no one will ever measure up to Station Eleven read it if you haven't; amazing piece of literature I was moved by Station Eleven excited to tell everyone I knew about it and loved the side stories and philosophy In this book the most moved I felt was to close the book and do something else Overall I'm not convinced that Edgar ever felt a genuine emotion towards anyone in his family running club or whatnot I'm not even sure he felt emotions about himself When I should have been crying over events that happened I just felt 'meh' When I should have felt joy and awe I felt 'meh' And when I should have been afraid for our characters and their safety I mostly wanted to cheer for the crazy people they were encountering because then maybe the story would end sooner This just didn't do it for me Call me out for being a hypocrite I'm okay with that Apparently a story about a boring person who barely feels emotions himself meant I just never had any emotions either except ones that involved being frustrated and annoyed But seriously read the first four chapters and then imagine your own end; because they are brilliantly put together And because the actually journey to the end is just a bunch of running crazies and a whole mediocre mess of nothing To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

  10. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Before reading The End of the World Running Club I'd heard a few things about it both good and bad turns out that it gets points from me mostly for addictive uality and for its main character Edgar who seems to have divided opinion but who I loved because he was so utterly whiny yet absolutely determinedPoor Edgar Really He drinks a fair bit and is not that fit he's not particularly happy with his lot in life finding family life somewhat mundane Cue fiery asteroids from outer space decimating the UK and elsewhere enforcing upon him some kind of actual responsibility The beginning of this novel was superbly engrossing as things go pear shaped in spectacular fashion descriptively you are right in there with the desperate survivors I read the first 25% of this novel in record time Then things settle down somewhat with introspection from Edgar when his family are swooped away and he has little time to do anything except well run after themTeaming up with a hotch potch of other survivors a kind of twisted type of road trip begins as Edgar attempts to catch up to his family before they are beyond his reach Literally by running after them Across destroyed landscape facing down danger and erm ok he's still a bit whiny really But it is SO ENGAGING The rest of the story also encompasses a sort of coming of age for Edgar as he realises what is actually important hey it doesnt matter how old you are you can still suddenly come into your own I liked this aspect of the story very much As for Bryce well I'm not even going to go into that he was our light relief and our conscience in a lot of ways definitely a character I'd like to know about away from the rest Little small reuest to the author there perhaps? Overall I really enjoyed this one I read it over 2 sittings whilst gulping down lots of cups of tea it is one of those books that you just bang through because you have to know where the journey ends I was rooting for Edgar and wanting to slap him for the majority of the time eualling a recommended tag from me

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The End of the World Running Club [EPUB] ✰ The End of the World Running Club By Adrian J. Walker – Do the impossible or lose your family foreverEdgar Hill unsympathetic husband and halfhearted father finds himself in a hopeless situation Despite all his best efforts he hasn't managed to keep his fa Do the impossible or lose your family foreverEdgar of the PDF ✓ Hill unsympathetic husband and halfhearted father finds himself in a hopeless situation Despite all his best efforts he hasn't managed to keep his family together In fact they are further from him than ever miles to be preciseAnd in a world near annihilated by a terrible disaster leaving the UK harsh and brutal uncrossable by car or bike his journey to find The End PDF \ his loved ones will be fraught with challengesHis best option is to run But what if your best isn't good enoughIncludes original music by Adrian J Walker.

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  • 19 May 2016

About the Author: Adrian J. Walker

Adrian J Walker was born in the bush of the PDF ✓ suburbs of Sydney Australia in the mid 's After his father found a camper van in a ditch he moved his family back to the UK where Adrian was raised His second novel The End of the World Running Club is a post apocalyptic running fable about hope love and endurance It is being published by Del Rey UK in May His third The End PDF \ novel Colours is the first.