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Road to Savannah [PDF / Epub] ☉ Road to Savannah ❤ Hope Callaghan – “Road to Savannah” is Book 2 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series BONUS RECIPE INCLUDED Carlita Garlucci has sold everything she owns and left the only home she has ever known to move to “Road to Savannah” is Book in the Made in Savannah Cozy Road to PDF \ Mysteries Series BONUS RECIPE INCLUDED Carlita Garlucci has sold everything she owns and left the only home she has ever known to move to historic Savannah Georgia Her daughter Mercedes is moving with her and the women are both excited and nervous about this new chapter in their lives having always lived under the shadow of the men in the family The repairs to their inherited properties are moving along nicely and everything seems to be falling into place everything that is except for the body they discover inside one of the buildings the dilapidated restaurant Despite the fact that the Garlucci family was not even in Savannah at the time the victim was murdered they can't prove it On top of that the victim a member of Savannah Architectural Society also known as SAS had been sent to the property to discuss possible construction violations The other members of SAS are convinced the Garlucci family murdered one of their own while Carlita is convinced that someone is trying to frame them Can the mother daughter duo figure out who the real killer is or will the police dig into Carlita's past and discover that she has her own share of secrets she's trying desperately to leave behind The Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series does not contain foul language sex or goreJust clean cozy mysteries.

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  1. Diane Schultz Diane Schultz says:

    Fills the needThere is some filler parts that are described in detail than necessary to the story but I'm loving that these two women previously totally reuired to be dependent on the men in their lives set out to do things for themselves They're hard workers for sure and I have some disbelief having lived in and visited Savannah at different times in my life that they can work so hard and accomplish so much during the heat of the summer when they first arrive but the characters are uniue and each is interesting I look forward to reading the rest of the books I'm also glad to see how many books and series the author has read I'm put off by her claiming to be a Christian author but she doesn't do anything in this series that suggests she has a certain religious advocacy or message Perhaps outs her way of letting readers know that there won't be any cussing or gratuitous or possibly even pre marital sex in the book Although she allows that out happens between some people there is nothing about it in the book you draw your own conclusions in that regard It's people behaving normally with manners or not much as people behave in the world around us A mother and wife of a mafia member is apt to be just as normal as the rest of us with husbands and sons who prefer we cook and clean and try to live that idealized 1950s family life But this is modern and the mother and daughter are learning and refreshing modern skills including segways cell phones and laptops in Savannah

  2. Eniko Eniko says:

    AUDIOBOOK editionGood continuation to the adventures of Carlita and Mercedes their move to their new home and the trouble that lands in their building Mystery not easy to solve but the culprit is caught thanks to Mercedes' curios nature4 starsMs Gilbert did another great narration as usual love her New York accents5 stars

  3. Becky Smith Becky Smith says:

    This series is a fun read

  4. FangirlNation FangirlNation says:

    Carlita and her daughter Mercedes make it to Savannah from ueens with Carlita’s son Vinnie following behind in Hope Callaghan’s Road to Savannah As soon as they arrive Mercedes’s new friend Autumn shows up to greet them Autumn mentions that the door to the restaurant on the old property that they are renovating was ajar but she closed it Concerned that the suatter who was occupying their property may have moved to the restaurant they investigate only to find the body of a strangled woman there When the police arrive they Road to Savannahlearn that the murdered woman was Norma Jean Cleaver a key member of the locally dreaded SAS the Savannah Architectural Society which ostensibly exists to improve the city but really seems to exist to harass business owners who don’t conform to their own vision of the city As they face suspicion over their involvement in the murder and fight with the SAS over opening their new businesses Carlita and Mercedes decide they need to get to the bottom of the crime or their lives will be uprootedRead the rest of this review and other fun geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

  5. Stacy M. Patton Stacy M. Patton says:

    I enjoyed this second book in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries series Not uite as good as the first but still cute and entertaining I enjoyed following mother and daughter on their new adventure in Savannah I love the setting This kept me guessing until the very end I love the narrator with her NY accent Valerie Gilbert She gives the main characters so much life She gets 5 stars for performance

  6. Linda Rainey Linda Rainey says:

    Road to Savannah opens with Carlita and Mercedes returning to Savannah after selling their home in New YorkNot there twenty four hours they find a body in one of their buildingsCarlita and Mercedes set out to solve the murderI loved the suspense the characters the storyline and Old SavannahLooking forward to the next book in the series

  7. Diane Perry Diane Perry says:

    FunnyA round down piece of property in an unfamiliar city and a dead body That makes for a very fun cozy This series is hilarious and I love the fact the setting is Savannah Ga This is one crazy family but absolutely lovable

  8. brenda brenda says:

    I just love Ms Hopes booksgreat story teler

  9. Bexa Bexa says:

    This was a free novel from BooksweepsThis isn't terrible but it's very simple and the whole mystery is just kind of meh Two women mother and daughter move to Savannah in order to start a new life and escape the mob which their family has been a part of for a long time They're developing an old grocery store and restaurant and apartments and happen to come across a dead body in the empty restaurant They become the main suspects because no one believes them that they just pulled into town They decide that they need to solve the crime and set out making everyone a suspect and not really gathering any clues There's a lot of filler about cooking and remodeling and landscaping which just doesn't add anything to the novel or the characters How they solve the case is kind of ridiculous and I really can't believe the police are that incompetent but if they didn't do these semi illegal things they never would have solved the case It's not terrible it's just not good

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    The series continues with excitement and mayhem when Carlita Mercedes and son Vinnie head back down to Savannah Just when they think that death and the mob are behind them they find a body in one of their shops The biggest issue it is a member of SAS who was trying to block them from having a pawnshop in the building stating it would bring in riff raffOne issue I have had with this story is that Bob tells Carlita that he has found some boxes up in the attic while they were doing the remodeling Why mention this when it will not be part of the story? Maybe for a later book?Regardless this is a great read for a cozy mystery reader

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