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Saratoga Payback [Download] ➸ Saratoga Payback By Stephen Dobyns – The latest installment in Stephen Dobyns's Charlie Bradshaw mysteries Saratoga Payback follows the latest exploits of Saratoga Springs' most unusual and sardonic detective Ever since the cops revoked The latest installment in Stephen Dobyns's Charlie Bradshaw mysteries Saratoga Payback follows the latest exploits of Saratoga Springs' most unusual and sardonic detective Ever since the cops revoked his private investigator's license Charlie Bradshaw has been adjusting to life as a regular senior citizen But reading sitting around the house and making amateur home repairs is a far cry from his past life as Saratoga Springs' most successful everyman detectiveSo when Charlie discovers the sprawled corpse of Saratoga Springs' biggest nuisance on his sidewalk the ex PI is torn Should he risk asking uestions of his own knowing he could easily be prosecuted for doing PI work without a license Or should he avoid the trouble and spend his twilight years in peace Well the case was practically delivered to his doorstep Saratoga Payback the latest installment in Stephen Dobyns's critically praised Charlie Bradshaw Mysteries follows Charlie as he toes the line between concerned private citizen and practiced private eye As he begins to look into the murder of the town pest Charlie also finds himself entangled in problem that is purely Saratogian a mission to rescue an old acuaintance's kidnapped horse Wry entertaining and adroitly written Saratoga Payback is an immensely satisfying addition to Dobyns's popular mystery series.

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  1. Kate Kate says:

    Well written not my style I couldn't really connect with the characters and that's important to me

  2. Steve Steve says:

    I met Stephen Dobyns when he gave a poetry reading around thirty years ago I was I must admit not particularly interested in Dobyns' poetry but the friend that I went with and I had both enjoyed some of his mysteries both Dancer with One Leg and the first few Charlie Bradshaw mysteries Dobyns seemed somewhat irritated when my friend asked him to sign her copy of Dancer with One Leg after the reading; he clearly wanted to keep the conversation to the subject of his poetryHe has kept writing mysteries though and in 2017 he published Saratoga Payback the eleventh book in the Charlie Bradshaw series There was a nineteen year gap between the publication of his tenth Bradshaw book Saratoga Strongbox and this volume The titles of all the books in the series begin with the word Saratoga I had long since given up hope of having the series continue but it is back and the newest book is much better than the previous oneCharlie Bradshaw was a private detective in the town of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York an area much concerned with horse racing Bradshaw was the central character in most of the books in the series In some including Saratoga Strongbox the main character was Bradshaw's friend Victor Plotz a living embodiment of the word uncouth I much prefer the books that principally feature Bradshaw as happens in Saratoga PaybackBetween the tenth and eleventh volumes Bradshaw married his girlfriend Janey and has been serving as substitute father for her three daughters especially the youngest one who is the only one still living at home He has also lost his private investigator's license and his permit to carry a gun due to a longstanding disagreement between Bradshaw and the Saratoga police The police warn him repeatedly in this book that they will make sure that Bradshaw is arrested if he tries to investigate a caseBut Bradshaw does not like the uiet life of a retired detective and can't keep from trying to solve mysteries There are two principal investigations that he becomes involved in One concerns a gang that is kidnapping race horses and asking for large ransoms for their safe return The horses of owners who don't pay the ransom are killed and their severed heads are left in public places The dust jacket of the 2017 hardcover Blue Rider Press edition features an unpleasant wallpaper like design of severed horses' headsThen people begin to be found with their throats cut The first victim is found right outside Bradshaw's house As bodies are discovered Bradshaw becomes convinced that he is intended to be another murder victim He also fears for the safety of his wife and daughter and other acuaintancesBradshaw has been consistently portrayed as a very good person throughout this series but his overwhelming curiosity leads him into situations in which he and others are put at risk Many of the folks Bradshaw deals with in this book are at best pretty shady characters This provides much of the humor in the book Bradshaw is at ease with most of themMost of the book deals with the details of Bradshaw's very unofficial investigations The last three chapters though in which Bradshaw and others are threatened by a vengeance seeking murderer are pure thriller and very well done I think that this is one of the best books in the series as well as the longest one I don't know if there will be to follow After all Charlie Bradshaw is getting older and so alas am I

  3. Linda Baker Linda Baker says:

    I read several of the Charlie Bradshaw Saratoga mysteries way back when and liked them a lot but somehow lost track of them I wish I had read the intervening books as I had forgotten much of what I knew about many of the characters who appear to be staples in the series Charlie is much older now married with three stepdaughters His ongoing meddling in police business which I did remember has ended with him losing his PI license and pistol permit He is supposed to a regular retired senior citizen but a case lands in his driveway one night One of his most obnoxious acuaintances is dead with a cut throat and a severed tongue Since Charlie thinks that the victim Mickey Martin could only have been coming to see him he wants to know what's up It appears that a serial murderer is on the loose and Charlie may be a targetSaratoga Payback is very entertaining if somewhat slow paced until the nail biting end There is a lot of humor involving Charlie trying to stay under the police radar and the ravages of age I had not met his wife Janey before but there is one particularly hilarious passage in which she gives Charlie's nemesis on the force a memorable dressing down Things really get serious before the end and Charlies fears the loss of not only his life but those of his family and friends Since the series is set in Saratoga Springs horses and a horse theft ring are also involved I was thoroughly entertained and plan to get caught up on Charlie BradshawI received Saratoga Payback through the First to Read Program The opinions above are my own

  4. Bent Hansen Bent Hansen says:

    This is the second book by Stephen Dobyns that I have read the other one being the first book in the series about semi retired Private Investigator Charlie Bradshaw Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? Dobyns' humor is still wonderfully understated and the cast of characters adds to the entertainment in this brilliantly different take on the mystery genreThis time the lame cover art from the Fat Bob book a Beagle with a lit cigarette in its mouth has been replaced by numerous decapitated horse heads which is just a tad bit betterAlthough the plot was a little predictable this time I thoroughly enjoyed another round with Charlie Bradshaw and his friends and if you like mysteries and laughing while readingAn ARC of this book was generously provided by the publisher through the First to Read program in exchange for an honest review

  5. The Lexington Bookie The Lexington Bookie says:

    When I checked this out of the library I thought there was something familiar about it Turns out I've read another of Dobyns' books called Saratoga Backtalk Both are 'Charlie Bradshaw' mysteries where we follow private investigator Charlie as he tries to solve crimes in the horse industry I know that the horse connection had a lot to do with picking them both out but in all honesty while reading these novels you don't care much about the horses The reader is too wrapped up in the suspense of the mysteryIn Saratoga Payback Charlie is officially a retired PI something tells me there is to that story but it isn't discussed in depth in this novel yet he can't help getting involved in the murder mystery that actually drops on his doorstep Mickey Martin is found dead on Charlie's sidewalk outside his home with his throat slashed and his tongue cut out Charlie can't uite figure out why but he has a hunch that someone wanted Mickey to stop running his mouth and wanted Charlie to know it too So trying his hardest to not meddle in police business being that he no longer has his PI license and could go to jail for investigating he takes on the concerned citizen role and tries to figure out why Mickey was brutally murderedIt's a uick paced novel and very funny despite the scary situation what with all the vicious slashing going on As I was reading Payback it made me recall why I liked Backtalk Dobyns' character driven plots make it easy to follow along but leave enough mystery to keep you turning the page Charlie's easy going personality and witty banter with his clients friends family and informants make these novels an enjoyable read

  6. Jan Jan says:

    It’s been almost two decades since Charlie Bradshaw has made an appearance and how I’ve missed him Thank you Stephen Dobyns for reviving him for his fans and please keep it up“Saratoga Payback” is a uick and entertaining read Charlie now 67 has aches and pains and engages in self analysis and criticism than I recall from earlier years And what is he critical about? His irrepressible habit of poking his nose into police investigations of course especially since his PI license has been revoked and he’s been threatened with jail if he keeps it up Does he change? Just guessThe cover of this latest in the series is fortunately — for us sueamish folks — misleading Horse decapitations do not predominate But horses do figure in the story along with a well plotted series of murders The whodunnit uestion can be guessed at but this doesn’t take away from the suspenseCharlie is now married to Jane not a woman to mince words whether she’s giving Charlie a piece of her mind or berating a homicide detective in colorful terms Maybe she’ll make a bigger appearance in a future story Charlie’s “friend” all the way back to the very first book in 1976 Victor Plotz and his main sueeze the ueen of Softness can’t help but add interest goofiness and laughsMaybe not uite up to my usual 4 star rating but for entertainment value absolutely

  7. Richard Richard says:

    I read the first Charlie Bradshaw mystery when it was first published and eagerly read each one that followed Part of the charm of the series was that it is set in my hometown and I loved the way the author evoked the feel of Saratoga But I also enjoyed the character of Charlie Bradshaw and his dogged determination in solving cases that he confronted Then the series stopped and Stephen Dobyns moved on to other works and genres So when I heard that Charlie was resurfacing in a new Saratoga mystery I eagerly bought it and read it with joy What I deeply appreciated about this installment in the series is how Charlie has aged and struggles with the frustrations of a case which puts him at the center and a great risk Yet despite his difficult relationship with the local law enforcement and the restrictions that he faces he is as determined and perseverant as ever Age may slow him some but his desire to find a perpetrator and work justice plus protect himself and people he cares about has not slowed Another fun read I hope Stephen Dobyns has decided not to retire Charlie Bradshaw yer

  8. La La says:

    I'd never picked up a book by Stephen Dobyns before but once I did I couldn't put it down At least once a chapter I accosted my wyfe with Let me just read you this line Stephen Dobyns created an amusing and enjoyable romp with Saratoga Payback Even the dead horses couldn't keep me at bay and I'm pretty much a wimp about things like thatBy the end of the book I could see the characters clearly and wanted to spend time with them I'd never read any of the books in this series and I wouldn't have guessed I'd come into the middle of an ongoing saga Perhaps readers familiar with the series would find it a bit repetitive but for me the book stands on its own no background reuiredThrilling and humorous Saratoga Payback takes you on a journey as accessible as it is outlandish I uite enjoyed myself

  9. Kathleen Gray Kathleen Gray says:

    This is an entertaining if occasionally slow mystery with a great character in Charlie Bradshaw I remember reading the earlier installments in this series but not the details of them so this works fine as a standalone and you might be inspired to read the others Charlie's interference in an investigation got him unfairly in trouble in the past so his poking around now has to be careful Dobyns makes good use of the Saratoga setting This walks somewhere between a procedural a mystery and a private detective but not cozy novel Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC Try this one if you like mature heroes

  10. Don Gorman Don Gorman says:

    3 I have read several of these Saratoga books and they are always rock solid Charlie Bradshaw is a great protagonist and the upstate New York setting is wonderful reminiscent of Joe Gunther in Vermont As always this is a steady procedural climb with Charlie one step ahead most of the time I do have to admit one of my favorite things about these books is the name of a side character the girlfriend of one of Charlie's cohorts called the ueen of Softness Regardless this is a great story with a fairly fast moving plot line and some good side characters For a good mystery sit down you can depend on Dobyns

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