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Shakespeare Quarterly (Volume 65, Number 4, Winter 2014) ❮PDF❯ ✬ Shakespeare Quarterly (Volume 65, Number 4, Winter 2014) ✪ Author Gail Kern Paster – Founded in 1950 by the Shakespeare Association of America Shakespeare uarterly is a refereed journal committed to publishing articles in the vanguard of Shakespeare studies Submissions are double blin Founded in by the Shakespeare Association of America Shakespeare uarterly is a refereed journal committed to publishing articles in the vanguard of Shakespeare studies Submissions are double blinded The uarterly produced by Folger Shakespeare Library in association with George Washington University features notes that bring to light new information on Shakespeare and his age issue and exchange sections for the latest ideas and controversies theater reviews of significant Shakespeare productions and book reviews to keep its readers current with Shakespeare criticism and scholarshipS is a mine of new information and new insights Peter Stallybrass University of PennsylvaniaThe essays in the main body of this issue grew from papers delivered at the Folger Institute’s memorable conference “Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography” held – April as part of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s multifaceted celebration of the th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth For me as I think for many of the conference participants being at the site of the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare materials underscored what is at issue in thinking critically about biographical narratives centered upon a playwright whose work can never provide unassailable evidence of his inner life or religious and political beliefs—no matter how hard biographically minded scholars have sometimes tried The documentary record—assiduously recovered since the eighteenth century—provides materials that generate contrasting even contradictory interpretations and the persistent nonacceptance by the anti Stratfordians At the conference uestions of methodology genre anecdote and wish fulfillment the role of the archive the utility of psychoanalytic interpretation idealization and idolatry were broached in new and exciting ways and are included in the essays printed herein Gail Kern Paster Editor.

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  1. Colin Cox Colin Cox says:

    This thoughtful collection of essays asks a central uestion that has gone relatively unaddressed in Shakespearean criticism should the Shakespeare biography matter? Asking if Shakespeare's life should be fruitful avenues of inuiry for scholars in turn challenges a common presupposition regarding the relevance of Shakespeare's life and the modest academic industry built on those ueries Asking what we want from a Shakespeare biography if anything reinvigorates conversations about Early Modern scholarship and challenges the tyranny of Shakespeare within Early Modern scholarship The highlights of this collect are the contributes from Andrew Hadfield Julia Reinhard Lupton and Lena Cowen Orlin These three writers approach the uestion of the Shakespeare biography in fresh and exciting ways Reinhard Lupton's essay is particularly intriguing While her focus fits within the parameters of this collection her style and diction are uniuely engaginguestions I am now thinking about after reading this collection Do scholars too often assume the Shakespeare biography matters? Do scholars place too much focus on Shakespeare's life instead of the lives of those around him? By interrogating and researching the lives of those around Shakespeare can we better understand Shakespeare's life? If the Shakespeare biography matters why should it matter? What is important Shakespeare the man or Shakespeare the writer?

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