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Sentinel Bravo Bear The Agency #1 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Sentinel Bravo Bear The Agency #1 Author Amelia Jade – It was supposed to be the standard mission Evacuate the target from the city uick Easy Uncomplicated Of course life never uite works out like that Bear shifter Connor Bravo Lavine knew that it was dif It was supposed to Bear The Epub á be the standard mission Evacuate the target from the city uick Easy Uncomplicated Of course life never uite works out like that Bear shifter Connor Bravo Lavine knew that it was different the moment he saw her eyes She wasn't supposed to be there His intelligence report had said there was only one to rescue But with the mysterious Agency closing in he knew he couldn't leave her They would kill her simply for being there As a Sentinel a guardian sent to help protect King City he couldn't let that Sentinel Bravo Kindle - happen even if it meant breaking the rules Madison Rychel had never really fit in With no friends swimming in a pile of debt and only her father as company every day hopelessness crept closer and closer That all changed when the masked man showed up at her door telling her she had to leave right then and there if she wanted to live It was cliche and ridiculous but when the fighting starts Madison realizes he isn't lying Thrown into a world she never knew existed Madison finds herself feeling vibrant and alive for the Bravo Bear The Kindle Ò first time in a long time especially with the big sexy Sentinel at her side She can't get him off her mind even as the pair race to get her to safety When a mole in their group betrays both Connor and Madison she finds herself alone cutoff from the man she cares for But Madison isn't as helpless as she seems and her bond with Connor is stronger than either of them know Will it be enough to overcome their enemies both foreign and domestic.

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  1. Moondance Moondance says:

    Sound offShifters in King City are under attack by The Agency They are kidnapping shifters and draining their blood to create a serum The Underground is a paramilitary group of shifters that are trying to save their kind Connor aka Bravo is second in command of his group An extraction goes badly when one of the subjects is a half blood female that they do not have orders to remove Her father refuses to leave Maddy behind and Connor becomes her designated saviorConnor had noticed Maddy earlier on the street and was fascinated by her He is surprised that she is part of the rescue mission The two of them become separated from the main group and must fight off the AgencyThis was an interesting book that brought in information about using shifter blood to create extreme agents The goals of the Agency are short sighted an nefariousConnor's relationship with Maddy is tender at first then hot then admiring She proves herself to him and the Underground in a very big way Of course there is betrayal and greed involved along the way I had my suspicions before Connor and Maddy revealed it but it did not distract from the storyA uick easy read with a little steam

  2. S Allred S Allred says:

    Connor and his team the Sentinels are trying to get other bear shifters to safety when during one of his rescues he falls a half bear shifter Madison the daughter of his target They get separated from his team and have to face some of the agency's fighting force While they are in hiding in a safe area they find out that a trusted member of the underground group trying to save the shifters is actually a spy for the Agency In the ensuing fight Madison inject herself with a serum with surprising results This was a wonderful book with just enough adventure to keep me wondering and a hot romance to keep it spicy

  3. Chrisette Trevino Chrisette Trevino says:

    I got this book free for giving a review Connor works for the Underground a shifter organization against The Agency a human organization out to kill all shifters Connor meets Maddie when he s trying to rescue her father and move him out of town to safety This is a book full of suspenseWill they and the Underground survive ? Jade keeps the reader on their toes trying to find the mole in the Underground It's a great read

  4. Jean Jean says:

    GoodThis was a good book and while it came to a conclusion the ending left some things hanging If you want to commit to the entire series then get this book I did not like it enough to continue at this time

  5. angela gunstone angela gunstone says:

    Sentinel bravo bearLoved this book enjoyed the characters and the storyline and I can't wait to read in this series so it's a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

  6. Toniette Toniette says:

    Holy CrapThis book is great Lots of action traitors in the midst and danger What will happen next? On to the next book in the series

  7. Dina Dina says:

    GreatThis is a great new series I really enjoyed reading it and can't wait until I read the next one

  8. Sandie Sandie says:

    Bears to the rescueThis book was good filled with lots of action I couldn't put it down A great weekend read Thanks Amelia Jade

  9. Jacqueline Driggers Jacqueline Driggers says:

    I must say I didn't finish this one It is filled with violence and that's just not my cup of tea When Connor isn't lusting after the girl then he's killing someone; and the author gives some rather gruesome details of this So I bailed on this book Yes I've read a lot of paranormal romance novels and let me say this one was definitely violent than most Not a book I would recommend

  10. Tracy Hall Tracy Hall says:

    GreatThis new series kicks off where Genesis Valley ends It is a great seuel to that series Full of action Must read

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