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Lullaby Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper #7 ❴Reading❵ ➽ Lullaby Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper #7 Author J.L. Bryan – Life is difficult than ever at Savannah's only ghost hunting detective agency While Ellie copes with her mentor's departure and other unwelcome developments she also worries about the supernatural inj Life is difficult than Jordan Ghost MOBI ô ever at Savannah's only ghost hunting detective agency While Ellie copes with her mentor's departure and Lullaby Ellie ePUB ´ other unwelcome developments she also worries about the supernatural injuries keeping her boyfriend caught in an endless slumber At the same Ellie Jordan Ghost PDF/EPUB æ time Ellie and Stacey are called in to investigate an eerie entity haunting a baby's nursery room The ghost appears late at night its face barely visible on the baby monitor and sings a chilling song Soon Ellie learns there are ghosts in the house and at least one of them is a dangerous child hunting monster who must be stopped before it kills again.

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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    LullabyEllie Jordan Ghost TrapperBy J L BryanNarrated by Carla Mercer MeyerHer old boss is moving and a new Russian boss decides to show her how things will be now be punishing herthe woman has some serious evil powers I can't tell you what she did but it messed up our gal Also there is a job to do under new guide lines Her boyfriend is still in a coma things are not looking good Few scary book Her work is scary from the haunted houses and the co workersGreat narration

  2. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) says:

    With the way book six ended I was very eager to open up Lullaby and see where the story was going to go next To see how Ellie Jacob Stacey and Michael were to see where they went from the devastating events of book six How they were going to deal with everything that happened and most importantly how they were going to fight what was to comeI love this series It didn't take long for it to worm its way into my top 10 favorite creepy series Bryan never disappoints to not only creepy me out and leave me anxiously looking over my should at night but to also have me laughing out loud the next moment and his latest and greatest is no exception So much is happening with Ellie in her personal life as well as her work and not all of it is good in fact a lot of it isn't good With new people new experiences new dangers and new ghosts pretty much anything can happen and does happenIt was exciting and creepy and so much fun to read I can not wait for the next installment and wish that I had it already I'm so ready for Ellie to kick some ghost butt and to be in a much better place job wise and emotional wise This series continues to wow me and leave me wanting

  3. Abbie Abbie says:

    I received a copy from the author In exchange for an honest reviewJust like the previous books I liked the main characters againThis installment seemed uite slow to start with but the pacing didn't take long to pick up thankfully Once it did it was just as enjoyable as the rest of the series Overall Another enjoyable seuel

  4. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    Can we start this review off by saying BOOK # FREAKING 7 I cannot get over the fact that we are this far into the series and I have yet to be disappointed Not once I have I thought it was time for Bryan to move on away from these characters and plot In fact with the shift involving the new management there is no telling where this series could go And how is it not a TV series yet? Seriously I’ll be the first to say I hated what Bryan was doing with bringing in a new management and retiring Calvin I didn’t want to hear about it think about it or read about it But I gotta say some crazy crap happens and has me eager to read about certain characters So maybe it’s not all bad and something good may come from all this I’ll guess we will all find out soon enough as the series continues Please God let it continue on for a long long time Once again I am wowed by Bryan and his creepy imagination and his ability to lay it all out on paper is such a wonderful way He spooks me he wows me he has me craving This is definitely a must read series 5 What the H E Double Hockey Sticks Just Happened Stars

  5. Rhiannon Frater Rhiannon Frater says:

    Wow So good This series gets better and better I can't wait for the next one Frankly this is one of the creepiest of the books and I loved the character development

  6. Laura Thomas Laura Thomas says:

    They say bad things come in threesEllie was able to stop a murderous foe from killing her friends but it came at a cost Her boyfriend now languishes in a coma The paranormal investigation business has new owners and her new boss is as deadly as some of the ghosts she comes up against And her newest case pits her against a monster who’s sights are set on an innocent child Ellie and her assistant and best friend Stacey will have to be creative to get through the times ahead in one pieceJust like the previous books the action gets going and never stops Ellie is one tough cookie Sleep deprived and physically battered and exhausted she’s like the Energizer Bunnyshe keeps on going I love that she stands tall even when she’s scared And she has plenty to fearI couldn’t have stopped reading if I wanted to I ate this up in one sitting loving every creepy nail biting bit of it If you haven’t been reading this series yet you should And the first book is free Go grab a copy and get startedI received a complimentary copy My review is voluntarily given

  7. Nikk the Sapphired Book Dragon Nikk the Sapphired Book Dragon says:

    Over all I enjoyed this book Starting less than a day after the last book finished Ellie is i the hospital with Michael and wondering if and when he will wake up and worry about where Anton's ghost has gotten toI liked that there were number of different threads n this book and they were weaved mostly in balance so no one thread distracted from the others but all threads were interesting I really identified with Ellie in this book with her having to deal with a new boss as a result of the business being sold and new rules and procedures that seem to make no sense and and felt especially sorry for given the contempt of new boss Kara and the attitude of Michael's sister Melissa in the wake of his illness i terms of the ghost mysteries i again picked bits of main mystery but felt that with finding out about paranormal solutions this book fillay went further than just ghost hunting mysteries and I will be interested to see where the author takes this thread of the book and the series in general in the future

  8. Faye Faye says:

    JL Bryan absolutely did IT with this installment in the Ellie Jordan seriesI love how everything feels so different from book one to seven the vibe of the series is changing I really think it's going to get better and better I also want to say that I kind of like Kara

  9. Heidi Heidi says:

    Four stars Another entertaining ghostly mystery plus upheaval and conflict for Ellie After the latest confrontation with Anton Clay Ellie nearly lost someone dear to her She is determined now than ever to catch the ghost who murdered her family and pushed her into ghost hunting Unfortunately Ellie's plans to capture Clay are thwarted by the takeover of her ghost hunting agency Without Cal at the helm Ellie finds herself pitted against a ridiculous overbearing and sinister new boss in Cara While Ellie is trying to figure out how to capture Clay and survive her nightmarish new job she is called out on a case one that involves a terrifying ghost in a nursery Will Ellie trap the ghost save her loved one survive her new boss and hunt down Anton Clay? What I LikedThis seventh book is what I would term as the plot thickens book There is so much going on in this one Think conflict conflict conflict If you haven't read the other books go back and start at the beginning This one ramps up several ongoing story lines and leaves you anxious for Even though there is a great deal of conflict and turmoil in this one I enjoyed the story I was wondering how Ellie was going to get a handle on all the turbulence she was encountering If you think she had it rough before it is threefold in this one The Lullaby Ghost was bad enough but her nasty boss Cara takes the cake It was exciting to watch Ellie navigate through it all As always the ghostly mystery presented in this one was steeped in history and I enjoyed learning the story behind the haunting There were some unexpected twists and surprises at the end regarding the Lullaby Ghost that I didn't see coming Definitely some gotcha moments The ending is fast and furious and there are many uestions left hanging but at least the main story line regarding the Lullaby Ghost is concluded but there is still so much left unfinished I need the next book right away And The Not So MuchI was left wanting I was especially upset that there was no movement or resolution with Michael I need to know what is going to happen with him What was the deal with Cal? I found it a little strange that he just disappeared during the takeover I hate the new ownership and I want Ellie to stick it to them one way or another especially Cara Even though I liked the twists and the reveals regarding the Lullaby Ghost I felt like the came out of nowhere I wish that there was insight in how Ellie and Stacey came to the conclusions they did regarding the ghost Lullaby is a book that notches up the conflict and turmoil This is a book that will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch Ellie navigate the huge hurdles in her path I am loving the way this series is developing and I continue to enjoy each and every installment If you haven't tried this series I ask you why? I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review PostedRainy Day Ramblings

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    I've had Lullaby waiting to be read for about a month but with the excitement of YALC and then getting straight back into work and trying to find a routine again it took a while for me to pick it upLullaby picks up straight after the events of Maze of Souls with Michael in hospital and his sister Melissa at his bedside waiting for him to recover Ellie is not in the best of standing with Melissa who makes it very clear she wants Ellie gone blaming Ellie for Michael's current situationParanormal Solutions has begun the process of taking over Eckhart uick to dive into the office and rearrange everything to their suiting from layout to computers even down to the way investigations are run This also gives us an opportunity to get to know these people and Kara is definitely not a nice person and in Lullaby we really get to see the nasty side of her and it was a lot worse than I expected I would not hesitate to run in the other direction from herLullaby is typical with this series we get the laughter and comic relief from Stacey but also the scare factor thrown in too and this was a pretty creepy book to read There are ghosts a plenty within the pages of this book and one was extremely creepy and nasty and will leave me uestioning every single noise when I go back to workI think Lullaby was the first book that had me uestioning how it would all end As the pages left to read got fewer and fewer I honestly thought this story would go unresolved that for once Stacey and Ellie would be unable to get rid of this ghost I love how all the different aspects of the past the history of the house and the people who lived in it are all taken into consideration when researching the haunting making sure no stone is unturned and that every lead is checkedLullaby comes with a lot of problems for Ellie and Stacey not only with the hauntings but also with their team thier family With new ownership comes new power and people who won't allow Ellie to run around trying to find Anton people who are uite happy to use her as one of thier pawns instead of a human being I did feel sorry for the girls having to fight both sides to keep afloat and I do hope that things do become easier for them but with Kara on the scene I highly doubt this will be possible Final Verdict Lullaby is another great addition to this series and although this was a surprise delivery I enjoyed every single word of it MY only issue is the cliff hangers we are being left on I need to know what happens next right nowor like yesterday

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