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The Upsides of Anger (The Sole Experiment #1) ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Upsides of Anger (The Sole Experiment #1) Author Francis Gideon – When Justin's best friend drags him to a track meeting Justin thinks he's just going for the distraction Having been dumped by his girlfriend and still in the closet as bisexual running allows him to When Justin's best friend drags him to a track meeting Justin thinks he's just going for the distraction Having been dumped by his girlfriend and still in the closet as bisexual running allows him to forget about his problems Everything works out—until The Upsides Kindle - his mother donates his favourite pair of sneakers to the local charity As Justin tries to find his old sneakers he stumbles on a pair of identical running shoes—and learns too late they are simultaneously cursed and enchanted by the virtues of anger Now stuck in a sudden vortex of rage and passion Justin is forced to trust Vipin the only person who seems to have answers to his many uestions.

  • ebook
  • 78 pages
  • The Upsides of Anger (The Sole Experiment #1)
  • Francis Gideon
  • English
  • 09 April 2016

About the Author: Francis Gideon

Francis Gideon is an editor and writer He has appeared in Microscenes Gay Flash Fiction and JMS Books He lives in Canada.

5 thoughts on “The Upsides of Anger (The Sole Experiment #1)

  1. Jenna Jenna says:

    Longer review here I WANT TO READ THE NEXT ONE already Why isn’t it out yetttttt???? Okay I’ll stop being so dramatic Or I’ll try at least No promises The big overarching story barely gets going in this one and I wanna know how everything turns out That’s a good thing I guess It means I’m invested in the story even if I have to impatiently wait for the next stories in the Sole Experiment series which I assume it’s called based on the Goodreads pageThis was a very good and interesting novella I think it’s a novella anyway it’s fairly short but I never know exactly what the reuirements are for these things? I’m going to refer to it as a novella until I’m told otherwiseFirst of all a bisexual protagonist? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP Seriously though I’ve been reading a lot of ueer fiction the past few years but there has been a serious lack of bisexual protagonists I clearly need to up my game – search out bi leads for my book conuestsbingesAnyway this was a fun and happy story and the fantastical elements definitely intrigued me Learning lessons through magic shoes? Sounds pretty cool to me Unless I was the one who had to wear the shoes and learn the lessons – NO THANK YOU I’d rather live vicariously through my books But I am definitely excited to see where the story goes – and I hope Justin and Vipin are in the next one I think I will become even invested in the characters and stories in the next booksnovellas in the series – it’s hard to completely connect with characters in 78 pages But that didn’t stop me of course Justin and Vipin are super adorable and I can’t wait to read about themI received a free copy of this e book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to NetGalley Less Than Three Press and Francis Gideon for the opportunity to read this great novella

  2. kory. kory. says:

    rep; justin mc is bisexual vipin li is gay cassie sc is asexual kyle sc is gay andreas sc is ueer alana sc is ueerOkay so this was a cute little interesting read And also very ueer I wish Cassie had been in the story I also wish there had been focus on the benefits or the upsides of the anger the shoes gave Justin I feel like that was glossed over a bit in favor of getting to the romance There was some ableist language and a few things about the ueer rep that bugged meWhen Kyle finds out that Justin never came out to his ex girlfriend Kyle makes a comment about how she doesn't really matter that much then And like I don't know if I'm interpreting that the wrong way but it seems like Kyle is saying that if you aren't out to someone then that person doesn't mean anything to you And that'snot true I hate when people act like being in the closet and coming out is about everyone else but the person in the closetcoming outWhen Justin tells Cassie that he likes both she tells him that he should know that the bi community actually defines it as liking two or genders And it's the same as the Kyle thing I just mentioned; I don't know if I'm interpreting that wrong she could just be letting him know that bi overall isn't defined as liking both but it kind of read to me like she was correcting him on how to define his own experience with being bi as if every single bi person feels the exact same way and experiencing the exact same thingWhen Justin mentions that Cassie came out to him as asexual he says that he expected her to come out as bi and that was kind of likewhy? Why would you have any sort of expectations about what someone is going to come out as? That was just weird to meWhen Cassie is talking about their parents going on easy on Justin because of his break up she says that isn't fair because she's never going to have a break up to be mourning so they'll go easy on her And I feel like that is a little I don't know off? The only thing we know about her is that she's asexual but asexual doesn't euate to not dating So I feel like this was kind of an inaccurate depiction of asexuality because we don't get to know about Cassie and her ueerness to know why she wouldn't ever date All we know is Cassie is asexual Cassie doesn't date And therefor the only thing we get from that is that asexual means not dating Like it's totally cool for Cassie to be ace and not date that's totally valid I just wish we had gotten to dive into her asexuality or even just a comment like the one Cassie makes about how the bi community defines bi in general so no generalizations would be made or implied I'm not asexual so I could be totally off on this and there are like no reviews of it on here so I don't have an asexual's point of view on thisWhen Kyle is talking about coming out to Justin he says that he doesn't know why Justin is so worried and explains that since he is full gay he understandably didn't enjoy coming out to his parents but Justin on the other hand is only half gay so it's not as big a deal Justin asks him if he knows that that isn't what being bi means and Kyle's response is whatever you know what I mean I don't think I need to go into why this is so shitty but I will say this being bi is not being half gay and coming out as anything other than gay is not easier or safer or less of a big deal than coming out as gayThere is one part that I really like which is when Justin is explaining why he isn't going to college He says that he wants to stay put and that he's been given freedom now that school is over and he doesn't want to jump into anything He talks about how he doesn't know what he wants to do yet that there are so many options and that he wants to wait a while before deciding That is really important There is so much pressure for young kinds to plan their entire futures before they're out of high school and likethat is just such a big often complicated decision No one needs to have their entire life planned out before they're even legally an adult Like some people don't know what they want to do with their lives until they're in their 30's Some know what they want to do and they do it but then it changes Society needs to give people the time and space to figure these things out It's never too late to chase a dream or start down a new path And not to mention everyone is different and has different things that are right for them Not everyone wants to go to college not everyone needs to go to college And it's even important that Justin's decision isn't treated as bad or wrong or a mistake He doesn't angst over it or fear it's a mistake or feel shame over it It's just acceptedIf it weren't for those few things I didn't like about the ueer rep and the fact that this would have been better suited as full length novel to give the characters and magic the depth and development they need I'd give it five stars

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Disclaimer I received an e copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a lovely short story with a bisexual main character And yes the B word is used A lot It's awesome Justin has joined the track team after being dumped by his girlfriend He's surprisingly good at it and decides to keep going and attempt the try outs When his mother than gives away his old lucky sneakers he cases the charity truck to get them back But instead of his lucky worn out shoes he finds an identical pair except it fits better and feels much nicer But if he wears them for too long anger threatens to take over To break the curse he has to trust Vipin a mysterious strangerSadly as the novella is only 78 pages long it doesn't really give us much time to get to know the characters I do like Justin and he seems nice enough we get to see some exploration of his past and present but I would have loved exploration of how the sneakers affect his emotional well being especially during the try outs for the track team which are not at all described except that he did well Vipin also sounds like a good guy and you can see why Justin likes him but again the story just doesn't give us as readers enough time to really connect with the characters I am however definitely looking forward to the second maybe ? books in the Sole Experiment series there are some great cheesy shoe puns It's very nice and I hope we will get to know the characters there and maybe find out about the other shoes?All in all it is a super interesting idea but it's too short and ends to uickly so I can't say I felt really connected to the characters I also really enjoyed the attempt to see the positive sides that anger can have so that was definitely refreshing

  4. Heron Heron says:

    Justin's story leaps off the page I found the bits with the librarian to drag but Vipin and Justin felt real and relatable

  5. Kristīne Vītola Kristīne Vītola says:

    Asexual SC Cassie

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