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Hearts Gamble ❤ Hearts Gamble free download ➞ Author S.J. Frost – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Shawn Carlisle has dedicated his life to rescuing horses Having grown up around the Thoroughbred racing industry he knows for every champion racehorse there are thousands who end up broken and forgott Shawn Carlisle has dedicated his life to rescuing horses Having grown up around the Thoroughbred racing industry he knows for every champion racehorse there are thousands who end up broken and forgotten When he rescues a mare named Heart’s Gamble he’s heartbroken over her poor condition and he sets out to find her former owner to hold him accountableGrant Arrington inherited a horse farm that’s deep in debt from his father He left years ago not in agreement with his father’s harsh training methods and is now trying to decide how to move forward When he’s confronted by Shawn he wants nothing than to do right by Heart’s Gamble and in the process get closer to the passionate horse rescuer The only problem is he has to convince Shawn to take a gamble on what they could have together.

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  1. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    I am one of those people who can handle movies with violence and whatnot no problem—but throw an animal in the mix that ends up getting hurt or abused and I will walk right out of the theatre On the other hand for some reason I am also a sucker for the shows that show the animals being rescued by good people after their abuse and then watching their journey from being abused and scared to a place where there is love and happiness in their lives So yeah this story was definitely up my allyHeart’s Gamble has uite a lot of plot dedicated to horseracing and part of the darker elements which include abuse Though there is only one semi abusive scene the protagonist steps in before it escalates to anything in depth there is still the aftermath of the abuse written in detail The story begins with Shawn rescuing Heart’s Gamble and the description of her condition is written in such agonizing detail I understood Shawn’s desire to put whoever did this to the graceful “Lady” in their place and call them out His anger was my anger and I was immediately invested in this story and in her recovery; the romance really was just an added bonusShawn experiences the shadier part of what racing does on a daily basis as he tries to save as many horses as he can from the auction block Because he is immersed in the negative part of the sport and constantly surrounded by the abuse suffered at human hands he really doesn’t trust people and has a bad taste for horse racing Grant is part of that sport but he and those he chooses to work for are not the types of people who abuse their animals He observes the good in people such as his bosses; he looks at the beauty of the sport and though he witnesses some of the darker aspects he is able to still find the splendor of the sportOnce Grant and Shawn meet sparks fly but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum on how they view situations they encounter—eternal optimist and pessimist or as Shawn says “realist” They both care about Heart’s Gamble and want to see her recover but they both have different ideas of what may be good for her in the long run Their attraction and chemistry is well written and there is just the right amount of angstWhat I truly liked was that though there were disagreements and even a tantrum or two after a cooling off period they communicated and were both willing to compromise to try to look at it from the other person’s perspective and to admit when they were in the wrong It allowed for both characters to have individual growth despite the story’s shorter lengthHeart’s Gamble was an engaging story revolving around a difficult subject matter which managed to pack an emotional punch in its shorter lengthReviewed by Lindsey for The Novel Approach

  2. Ami Ami says:

    I know it's a novella but I still felt rather let down with how uick the relationship turned from 'enemies' or at least not trusting vibe to lovers with both men slept together after mere days Have never been a fan of that HOWEVER I loved the horse rescue aspect of this story It broke my heart reading about the horses that were put on low end auction which could ended up being brought to slaughterhouses The idea of those horses being abused or mistreated brought tears to my eyes So the horse rescue plot alongside the horses Lady Al Capony Drifter Valiant Hope were my favorite things of this story The romance itself was just so so

  3. Love is Love Book Reviews Love is Love Book Reviews says:

    Originally appeared on Love is Love Book Reviews35 Hearts rounded up A cynical horse rescuer falls for a optimistic racehorse trainer with shades of enemies ish to lovers and opposites attract along with a uite a bit of insta love SJ Frost is too good of an author for this to be anything less than a perfectly readable and enjoyable story but there was so much potential for this to be even In many ways this story was personal for me hence the rounding up I’ve been involved with breed rescue for dogs not horses a long time Dozens of foster dogs have come through my house on the way to their forever homes whether it be here on earth or somewhere over the rainbow bridge The cynicism and misanthropy is a very real byproduct of having to face the worst of human nature over and over and over again It’s the hardest part of doing rescue and why so many folks burn out In defense I keep a uote by Fred Rogers pinned to the wall over my desk “Look for the helpers You will always find people who are helping” Keeping one eye on the helpers is the best way to combat the pervasive darknessIn any case the horse rescue subplot is the most successful part of the book Because Heart’s Gamble is a novella the time spent on the horses is taken directly out of the romance The story desperately needed relationship development Another five thousand words focused on slowing down the beginning of the relationship would have been well spent The sex was definitely steamy but I wanted to see points of connection between Grant and ShawnThe cover is okay if a little too photoshoppy As with the book the different elements needed subtle blending to pull everything together into something cohesive

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    I loved this book I would really like a second book to see how Shawn and Grant are Doing and see how Valiant Heart turned out

  5. Tammy Smith Tammy Smith says:

    Blog Post Carlisle grew up around thoroughbred horses so he knows there are an unimaginable amount of horses who are broken and forgotten When Shawn inherited his grandfathers thoroughbred horse farm – Castle Royal His grandfather had told him to pay it forward to those who’d done so much for their family Of course he meant horses and to Shawn that meant he had to save as many of the broken and forgotten horses he could Shawn even went so far as to change the name of the farm to Forever Hope At one auction Shawn found a mare Heart’s Gamble she was malnourished to the point her ribs were visible her hip bones protruding and her head hung so low it almost touched the ground After Shawn got Heart’s Gamble home he did some digging on her background and discovered that she had been born on Black Oak Farm a local horse farm that had the absolute worst reputation for abusing their horses Grant Arrington had not long been at his family’s horse farm Black Oak Farm when he had a visit from Shawn Grant could tell that Shawn had the wrong Grant Arrington from what he was saying he was talking about his deceased father Grant knew his father wasn’t the best businessman horseman father or human being His father’s most infamous saying was “God put these animals here to serve man and by God that’s what they’ll do” Grant believed his father never even liked horses he simply stayed in the racing business because that’s what he was raised in and it bought in money What he never saw was the results of his father’s cruelty towards horses until Shawn showed up to ask him how could he condone that sort of behavior Grant was in shock at the sight of Heart’s Gamble and he determined that he was going to do whatever he could to help Shawn rehabilitate her The attraction between Grant and Shawn is instant and hot While they’re getting to know each other Grant and Shawn discuss the issue of Black Oak Farm and what he’s going to do with it On the one hand he wants to try returning it to its former glory then on the other hand he just wants to sell it and forget it mas he lives and works on the other side of the country I must say when I read the blurb for Heart’ Gamble I fell in love with the storyline but when I got into the book I was disappointed with the little amount of interaction and story that actually involved the rescued horses The premise of the book is wonderful but I feel the author has missed the mark with the execution of it and I must confess I feel cheated 

  6. Zane Kage Zane Kage says:

    375 stars

  7. Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay says:

    A Joyfully Jay review 325 starsIf I was writing a ten second review of Heart’s Gamble it would read the men fight they fall into bed they fight again and then decide to rescue and breed horses together forever But to expand that in between there is a lot of information on the care and treatment or mistreatment of horses While it was both heartbreaking and informative the relationship with the humans was rushed and took a backseat to the love letter that was being written about the treatment and care of horsesI can truly get behind a well executed insta love story But there was no relationship development at all and the intense feelings that should have gone along with a story like this just didn’t come across We are told the men are attracted to each but the intensity of them falling in love and then deciding to spend their life together wasn’t there for meWhat also didn’t work for me was the initial set up and meeting Shawn has lived on a farm that is 45 minutes away from Grant’s family’s farm his entire life Shawn is well connected and respected in the industry and Grant’s father had a terrible reputation for mistreating animals It didn’t make any sense that Shawn not only didn’t know who Grant’s father was also didn’t hear of his recent death and then subseuently mistakes Grant for his fatherI’ve read and enjoyed many books by SJ Frost over the years Her passion for horses comes through clearly but it’s unfortunate that the relationship between the men didn’t work out as well for me If you enjoy this author and are looking for a shorter read with horses as the focal point you could then look into Heart’s GambleRead Michelle's review in its entirety here

  8. Lynnette Hartwig Lynnette Hartwig says:

    Another great book from SJFrostThis was a really great book that I throughly enjoyed but that didn't surprise me as I love SJ Frost books

  9. Moomba Moomba says:

    325 stars

  10. Simone Simone says:

    35 stars

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