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  1. Jordan Jordan says:

    This is my first encounter with MJ O’shea despite having over half of her works on my to read shelf Since this was a bundle containing all three books of the series I had to pause between each book to gather my thoughts and write up notes for reviewing later because it all flowed together seamlessly which is definitely a compliment I think O’shea had a uniue writing style with little tells that I was reading one of her pieces and I really love to see that kind of individuality from an author I’m definitely impressed with her as an author and I’ll be coming back for Now onto the books This bundle contains a three book series and each one was better than the last I found myself exclaiming “Oh this is going to be my favorite in the series no doubt” after reading each book There was so much suspense and mystery in this series and particularly in the first book I’m not usually a mystery reader but I think this series balanced the mystery with the romance really well and it all just felt down to earth and honest at the endBlood MoonI’m going to skip the summary and get straight into the reasons that you should read this because giving anything away would be a crime To start we’re gifted with Zack and Noah two of my favorite male names Bonus points O’shea I loved both of these characters but Noah has a special place in my heart and once you read these books you’ll understand whyThe chemistry between these two is all there but stupid mistakes and miscommunications or lack of rather pull them apart What I really loved about reading Blood Moon was having faith in these characters that they were going to fix it MJ set up her characters really well right from the beginning and I had no trouble at all getting a feeling of who they were and understanding the way they operate Blood Moon was a beautiful 5 star read for meHunter’s MoonHunter’s Moon was about Miles and PC strange name no? From the moment Miles was introduced I knew he was going to be my favorite of the two MC’s in this one He’s such a raw character and I recognized pieces of myself in him O’shea’s character development in this book was off the charts phenomenal I loved seeing the changes in Miles as he got to know PC and their chemistry built I still think that the chemistry between these two is the strongest out of the three booksPC was also a great character but he was a little too flighty for me to really connect with him I had a pretty difficult time understanding his character and his decisions for the first ¾ of the novel but things became a little clear toward the end All in all this was another 5 star read for me Cold MoonAh on to my favorite Charlie and Xan By this point I had no doubts that I was settling down for another 5 star book but I had no idea how much I was actually going to love this one Xan was hands down my favorite in this book He always had this protective streak and the love that he had for Charlie was so strong and open Charlie was a little reckless? But his intentions were pure He was an honest character with a lot to lose and no fear to dive head first into the unknown All I can say is thank you MJ for giving him Xan because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have survived without him Definitely another 5 star read Actually I wanted to give it 6 starsThis was an amazing series and an awesome intro to MJ O’shea I definitely recommend this to other readers If you’re a fan of lycanthropyshifters hunters suspensemystery and beautiful MM relationships you need to read this Reviewed by Jordan at Alpha Book ClubDisclaimer This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the author or the publisher in any way

  2. Steph ☀️ Steph ☀️ says:

    45 starsThis is a bundleyeah bundle This is my first from this author and I was pleasantly surprised I am going to go ahead and break the three books down for you here since Goodreads nor have done such I do have to say that my favorite is Cold Moon the last book in the series I so wish she kept going with this series by developing the world and of course with new characters Hint hintHold on to your seats because here we goBlood MoonZack and Noah have known each other almost all their lives They met when they were just five years old at Harper Lake Unfortunately Zack is dreading the usual summer trip back to the lake He has spent the last year lost trying to fill the void in his heart Still wondering what exactly happened the year before between him and Noah The day when he kissed Noah and Noah kissed him back However the next day Noah severed their friendship and walked away from him Now back at the lake he is constantly reminded of him; just wanting to get through the day while still putting a smile of his face for his twelve year old sister MayaUpon the fourth day he happens to see Noah at the end of the dock where it all happened He is not exactly sure if it is a hallucination or not It's not Noah apologizes and eventually explains his past actions Eventually Zack accepts the explanation and they find themselves back together; their bond not broken More like snapping into place There will be bumps in the road due to Noah's circumstances but nothing the two of them cannot work through together In the end one family is torn apart one person is avenged another will be found and a new life will be bornHunter's MoonMiles has always wanted to go to New York; like he is meant to be there So he enrolls in NYU for writing thinking that New York will give him the fuel he needs to write his stories that 'what goes bump in the night' PC on the other hand hunts the supernatural at night with his band of merry misfits It is especially weird since he is a lycan hunting rouge species with his friends that happen to be a witch a few vampires and a hunterDuring one fateful night they both happen to meet under not so good circumstances PC comes to his rescue in wolf form as he is being assaulted by two men in an alley Miles feels safe around him; connected somehow PC ends up running away and Miles finally finds his way home on autopilot Time passes and there is an uneasiness to Miles and a need to find the personwolf that saved him He soon gets his wish when PC walks into the bookstore he works at There is a world shattering kiss that follows and PC once again runs away Something starts to build between them and leaves a growing need between them Eventually their friends figure out a few things and bring them togetherIn the end there will a life altering change for one and an unforeseen betrayal that will lead into the next bookCold MoonNot only is Charlie the youngest of the Fitzgerald boys but he is invisible to his family He just wants recognition and to become the hunter he is supposed to be It doesn't help that he is now 18 and a few months away from graduation Not only have his parents not given him the talk they have actually taken it upon themselves to apply and register him for NYU Totally disregarding his wishes Feeling stuck he gets the idea to go to the Lycan Council and take the Silivasi contractXan has been Charlie's best friend for 15 years and his protector So when he finds out that Charlie took the contract and is headed to Bucharest he becomes furious He ends up catching up to Charlie and in the process almost making matters worse for him It is around this time that they both realize that there is to their friendshipprotector dynamic As the story progresses and truths are revealed they grow closer and closer together They learn to work around their schedules while still trying to complete the prophecy In the end love prevails and all is right in the worldI am one of many reviewers at Gay Book Reviews and can be found here received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Natosha Wilson Natosha Wilson says:

    This book is a combination of three books in The Insolita Luna series I have to be honest and say that I have always enjoyed MJ O'Shea's books in the past but I have a new found respect for this author because this series was just completely amazingAs I stated there are three books combined into one big book The first book was Blood Moon The primary characters in this book was Zach and Noah Zach and Noah have known each other since they were both little kids Each year Zach's family would go to Harper's Lake to the cabin and spend summer there This lake happened to be were the two boys met and instantly became best friends Through the years they kept in touch with each other through the school year and spent their summers together at the lake They was inseparable until the summer that they were both 17 and Zach finally showed Noah just how much he truly cared for him by kissing him and making it known that he was in fact gay Noah reciprocated the kiss and feelings or so Zach thought until the next day when their friendship came to an abrupt halt It destroyed Zach and he thought he would never see Boah again That changed he next year when Zach's family once again turned up at the lake and unexpectedly Noah was there Once face to face again Noah confessed all the secrets he was hiding from Zach and turned Zach's world upside down once again Zach accepted Noah for what he is and decided to stick by him even though he knew they were both in danger and his life would forever change because of it From that point forward with no lies between them they decided to stick together through thick and thin Noah took Zach on an unbelievable adventure into the paranormal side of life and they both ended up fighting for their lives with each other at their side along with some friendsBook two is a continuation of book one with the main characters being PC and Miles Of course the charm tees from book one are present in this also PC and Miles has this unexplainable pull to one another even though they have never met Once they do meet the pull is so much stronger and it is physically debilitating to not be together PC is Lycan and Miles is human but that means nothing because no matter what the two are they are something much important to one anotherthey are imprinted This is supposed to be a good Thing but that is not how PC views it at all He wants it broken and now There is major tension between these two men as they wade through their fate together and it is anything short of volitale at times To make matters worse there is some unknow vampire out there killing innocents and all fingers are pointing to it being very bad news No one realized just how bad until it was almost too late for both PC and Miles Book three is Cold Moon Again same characters as previous books but new main characters This book revolves around Charlie and Xan These two boys are both 18 and about to graduate hisgh school Charlie has know for years that his legacy is to be a hunter like the rest of his family but the bad part is his family refuses to let him join Xan is his best friend but he did not know that he is also a dryad and his protector The reason behind being his protector is because Charlie is fated to fight the one Lycan that has turned on so many others Charlie is furious with his family and with Xan because they have all refused to train him like the rest of he family so Charlie takes matters into his own hands and may end up dead because of it In the process Charlie and Xan reconnect and realize they have so much then just friendship that they share But no matter how they feel for one another they still have to contend with Charlie's fated future whether they want to or not And they may not have a choice in it either because fate may just find Charlie Ready or notI truly enjoyed reading these books They were all so amazing Their was so much then these men coming together there was a wonderful storyline behind each one That made each book so much better At times I wanted to yell at one or of the characters in the books and other times I was in awe with the love that they felt for each other And I honestly wanted to throttle Charlie's parents on then one occasion and I still do I hope there will be books in this series in the future because these were some amazing reads MJ was able to really bring these books to life for me It was like I was able to read these books but I could picture exactly what was going on in them as life it was a movie that I was watching Such a wonderful series and would definitely recommend it to othersWas given this galley copy for free for an honest review

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Insolita Luna ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ Insolita Luna Author M.J. OShea – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Zack has been best friends with Noah since they were five years old but his feelings have grown in Blood Moon Their first kiss ends in disaster but next summer Noah acts like nothing's wrong But Noah' Zack has been best friends with Noah since they were five years old but his feelings have grown in Blood Moon Their first kiss ends in disaster but next summer Noah acts like nothing's wrong But Noah's hiding something and Zach can't remain in the dark forever In Hunter's Moon Miles Hunter has been dreaming of New York City for his entire life but a mugging and daring rescue have turned his life upside down Stuck with PC until they can find a way to break the bond Miles begins to wonder if he really wants the bond broken Charles Fitzgerald determined to prove his worth once and for all volunteers for a dangerous mission to Romania in Cold Moon His best friend Xan is furious and willing to follow him anywhere to keep him safeSee excerpt for individual blurbs.