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Murders a Witch Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #1 [Read] ➪ Murders a Witch Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #1 Author Danielle Garrett – Holly Boldt has a secret Well technically she has lots of them After a scandal uproots her entire life she is forced to relocate to a halfway house for displaced paranormals It’s her last shot for a Holly Boldt has a secret Witch Beechwood ePUB ´ Well technically she has lots of them After a scandal uproots her entire life she is forced to relocate to a halfway house for displaced Murders a PDF or paranormals It’s her last shot for a fresh start But keeping secrets isn’t easy in a town that goes through gossip faster than tissue paper even for a powerful witch When a Witch Beechwood eBook ¸ a grisly murder rocks the small town of Beechwood Harbor Holly finds herself unwillingly entangled in the investigation With everyone watching Holly must solve the case before she’s forced to abandon a Witch Beechwood Harbor Magic PDF or her new found home and live life as a witch on the run But with a paranormal investigator tailing her every move a civil war brewing between her vampire and shifter roommates and her ghostly landlord on the edge of a breakdown she can barely think in complete sentences How is she supposed to track down a murderer Holly has to make it work or risk losing everything again Murder’s a Witch is a cozy witch mystery with a spunky twist Come see what’s brewing in Beechwood Harbor in this first installment of The Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery Series.

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  1. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    Holly Bolt a potions witch is given one last chance for a fresh start and is residing in a halfway house run by a ghost for paranormals She lives with a shifter wolf vampire and a strange man on the third floor who keeps odd hours The manor is situated in the uiet town of Beechwood Harbor where Holly works fulltime as a baristaThe story that unfolds was an interesting one and begins with a man sneaking around their house She confronts him and he claims to be interested in hosting haunted tours in her home Holly begins to worry its something Before she even has time to contemplate what he is up to she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigating and her fellow employee is the prime suspect She vows to clear her friend's name but must tread carefully or she'll soon find herself in trouble with the paranormal community To complicate matters the ghostly owner of their home is depressed and the wolf and vampire are fightingGarrett did a fantastic job of introducing us to our heroine and key secondary characters while delighting us with a murder mystery Twists suspects and paranormal complications kept me engaged The town has all the charm one would expect in a small town and the downside too like nosey neighbors and town gossips The murder is the talk of the townI love the premise of the halfway house and we learn a little about the hierarchy in the paranormal world and the agency that monitors these displaced paranormals I like that the supernatural world lives side by side in secret with humansThis series has five published books out and all have four plus stars on Goodreads I am delighted to see them beginning to publish in audio formatI've enjoyed the narrations of Amanda Ronconi and in truth weighed heavily on my decision to start the series She captured Holly the residence of the manor and the small town charm I am hoping she continues to narrate the series This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

  2. Lola Lola says:

    I was determined to finally read an audiobook with another narrator as all the ones I had listened to so far were narrated by Nicole Poole I love her style but I wanted to broaden my audiobook horizons One of my blogging friends recommended this one Murder's Witch is a fun paranormal cozy mystery book And after a rocky start I found myself uite enjoying itHaving only listened to one narrator so far I had a bit of trouble getting used to the different style of this narrator I think this problem will get less when I listen to audiobooks but for now it was uite the challenge to get used to a different narrator I think I also started reading it in the wrong mood Besides needing to get sued to the narrator the story wasn't fully gripping me at first and Nick and Adam both got on my nerves I struggled through the first few hours but then suddenly I had a different mood and had listened enough to get used to the narrator the mystery was in full swing and from then onward I was into the story and had fun listening The mystery was uite interesting and I liked how it got resolved Peg the owner of the coffee shop where main character Holly works gets murdered and it shakes up the whole town Holly's best friend Cassie is the main suspect so ofcourse Holly gets involved to clear her friend I liked how Holly was such a good friend to Cassie and was there for her It made sense for Holly to get involved in the mystery and I liked for the most part how she handled it I also liked how there was a bit of an uniue progression the mystery made toward the end and it deviated a bit from most cozy mysteries which worked here I wans't too surprised at the murderer but the mystery was still a good one I like how the paranormal aspect was light when it came to the mystery but the magic did play a role in how she solved it Holly was a nice character I didn't like her interactions with Nick and Adam at first as she seemed a bit rude to them But I did appreciate how she changed her behavior when she realizes she was wrong She is also a great friend to Cassie And I liked getting a feel for her character and how she's finally finding a place for herself here in Beechwood Manor There are some hints about trouble in her past which is the reason why she is here but we don't get the details I think hope that will play a role in future books I also liked Boots I think that's how you spell it? her familiar He seemed like a typical cat and then there's the scene he shows his true familiar powers which was greatThere is hint of possible romance and a love triangle in this book Both Nick and Adam seem possible love interest and her relationship with both grows uite a bit over the course of this book I actually disliked both of them at the start of the book but by the end I had changed my opinion and they seemed nice enough now that they adjusted their attitude's toward Holly a bit I don't have a strong preference for either yet and both seem like they would be a good fit for Holly but both in a different wayI liked the paranormal aspect It was uite present throughout the course of the book with holly being a witch and the manor being full of paranormal creatures that she interacts with I liked how it was a part of the book and uite present but there are also enough non magical scenes It was blended well into the story I also liked the fact that Holly was a potion witch it was uite interesting and not something I see often in booksIt took me some time to get used to the narrator's style but by the end of the book I was uite enjoying the narration I liked how she did Holly's voice and most of the side characters were well done too Although I think she did the female voices better than the male onesTo summarize While I had some trouble getting into the book at first as the story progressed I got into it and had fun listening The mystery was done well I especially liked the slightly uniue twist at the end as it was different from most cozies Although I wasn't too surprised by who the murderer was I liked Holly as main character and how much she cared about her friend Cassie I liked how she is finding her place here in Beechwood Harbor I also liked her familiar Boots There is a bit of a romance set up with two potential love interests I didn't like Nick or Adam at first but they grew on me as the story progressed and they grew likable The paranormal aspect was well done and nicely balanced with the other elements of the story I liked the narrator although it took me some time to get used to her style which made the start of the book a bit of a struggle I liked how she did Holly's voice I thought she handled the female voices better than the male voices All in all this was a fun paranormal cozy mystery series and I plan to continue this series

  3. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    Murder’s a Witch is book one in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery by Danielle Garrett It’s a cozy mystery light and thoroughly entertainingHolly Bolt is not your normal Witch She has been banished to Beechwood Harbor I found Holly to be a delightful character with a mysterious past I am wonder why Holly is banished I did read another reviews review and they mentioned a preuel that explains this so I’ll have to go and find it All the secondary characters were amusing and fun It’s a great cast that includes a shifter a vampire and a ghost plus a pesky PITheir is a possible love interest or two but this is not a romance book It’s a mystery A murder occurs a friend is the main suspect and Holly has a desire to find the true culprit to help her friend out Murder’s a Witch is a light magical mystery full of twists and turns I’m curious to see what happens next with this cast of charactersRated 4 Stars

  4. Tracy T. Tracy T. says:

    This was a fun cute story Good narration by Amanda Ronconi audible reveiwI enjoyed it I little relief from the serial killer murder mysteries I have been reading lately Even though this was a murder mystery it was a light fun read The story line was good it did take a while to get into the characters and it is written in the first person which did cause a bit of filler internal thoughts that were kind of unnecessary and sometimes annoying But it was still a fun little readlistenAs for the narration it was good Amanda Ronconi did a good job on the male voices and her reading voice is good She reads with emotion as called for This was a free read free listen with KU

  5. Sophia Sophia says:

    I have been meaning to try this series since I've seen several book pals really enjoy them Finally took the opportunity I had a blast getting to know Holly her fat cat familiar her uirky roommates and of course the mysteries and other complications that come with a witch who has her secretsHolly has landed in small town Beechwood Harbor as a sort of last chance to get her act together She is determined for this to be a last stop and a home She's made friends at the coffee shop where she works and has gotten to know a few of her roommates save the creepy one upstairsThen her crotchety boss is murdered and her best friend Cassie is accusedHolly has to produce some of that old black magic if she is to get to the bottom of things and keep a snoopy PI with an interest in the paranormal from figuring out the mansion she lives in really is haunted And is the flirtatious shifter really interested or is she a game with him?I liked the blend of paranormal and cozy mystery with a dab of romance It was an easy read with a light touch even though it had a murder in the center of it all It was fun having several paranormals involved and hiding in plain sight with the humans Each character is fun and particularly Holly and her friendsThe mystery wasn't that tough to figure out but it was still engaging watching how Holly would get to the bottom of it There's a secondary plot thread that added uite a bit of excitement and added to the mysteryIt's early to tell but there are whiffs of romance happening Maybe even a potential triangle Stay tunedAll in all it was a nice start to a series and I look forward to the next installment Definitely a series I can recommend to paranormal cozy mystery fansCOYER Summer Scavenger Hunt Clue first in series 1 pt

  6. Claire Claire says:

    This book was not really great The idea in itself is nice but the book is better suited for 10 14 years old Also it is very slow Seems like things take ages tohappen This is ok by me if I read a character driven novel which was not the case Maybe the next parts will get better so if I’m in the moodI might give it another try

  7. Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ says:

    Murder's a Witch was not the best paranormal cozy that I have ever read The characters were ok the story was okeverything was just ok I guess I find that I prefer a witch who struggles a little bit with her magic; who isn't perfect in every spell that she tries While in her situation Holly feels she isn't perfect she is living in the human world in a halfway house for displaced paranormals she is mature in her magic She does call on her ancestors for aid but once she does all is well I like some struggle and some error here and there But I guess witches don't make mistakes in these books Just murdering humans

  8. Melanie Melanie says:

    My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomI will admit that I grabbed this audiobook because I thought the cover was cute the blurb sounded interesting and most important of all I LOVE Amanda Ronconi This isn’t the first time that I saw a favorite narrator listed and I decide to look closely at the book I’ve found some really great stories by browsing by narrator It is something I highly recommend This was another winner for meSo this book is about Holly Boldt She’s a witch She’s lived the majority of her life in Havens which are almost like a parallel world for supernaturals However she’s been banned from the Haven and now has to live on Earth She is living in a house with three other roommates werewolf vampire and unknown all of which are supernatural The owner of the house is a ghost who still lives in the attic The SPA which is kinda like a government for supernaturals does all the legal stuff for the ghost homeownerThere isn’t much of a mystery at the beginning as the author builds the world and introduces several characters While it takes a bit for the suspense to get underway I found that I still enjoyed the story I had fun with the characters as I was getting to know themThen Holly’s boss turns up dead Not only dead but murdered Holly works at a coffee shop Her boss was bludgeoned to death with a bottle of peppermint syrup Eww The issue then because that Holly’s best friend who also argued with the shop owner the night before her death also spilled peppermint syrup on her shoes You can see the problemI should also add that there is a new guy in town a private investigator He also does paranormal investigations on the side which has the tenants of Beechwood Manor a little on edge There is also the new owner of the coffee shop Also one of the “unknown” tenant of the house is acting weird So there are plenty of suspects to go aroundI thought this was a uick and fun listen I really enjoyed the story I felt it had some humor too it The suspense was great I really enjoyed my time with all of the characters This is my first cozy mystery I really enjoyed it I’m excited to get of these books under my belt I need to find of these paranormal cozy mysteriesNarrationWhat can I say Amanda Ronconi? If you haven’t tried her I highly recommend her I know her mostly from Molly Harper’s books but I’ve listened to her narrate a few other things She is a great narrator Especially if the book has humor in it There is something about the way she reads a book that really brings out the humor You can’t help but laugh out loud Again look this woman up She is a lot of funI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review

  9. Barbara Hackel Barbara Hackel says:

    When Holly Bolt is banished to Beechwood Harbor as punishment she doesn't expect to like where she ends up However surprisingly it feels like home and she has actually started making friends Then her boss at the coffee shop is brutally murdered and she learns that part of having friends is helping them out when they are the main suspect in a murder case Also new to the town is Nick who is PI and has an interest in paranormal tours specifically the house Beechwood Manor where Holly lives And if all that isn't enough the shifter who lives in the house has taken an interest in Holly and she doesn't know how to handle that Besides Adam the shifter there is also Posy ghost who is the owner of the house; Lacey a vampiress and Gary who is an unknown new resident Holly is the designated peace keeper between Adam and Lacey who fight freuently As Holly tries to clear her co worker and friend Casey of the murder she gets assistance from both Nick and Adam and Adam is than a little jealous of Nick Meanwhile problems escalate at the house with Gary becoming loud and violent It turns out Gary is a Gargoyle and Gargoyles have very little regards for humans and even witches It takes both her familiar a 20 pound cat named Boots and Adam shifted into a 160 pound dog who is almost bear like to keep Gary from harming HollySo many little mysteries and details combine to make this a delightful book Holly is busy trying to be a witch but not blow her cover in this non magical community She is very self sufficient and resourceful I like the characters both supernatural and human and the way they see or don't see what is really going on It is a fun book that I recommend for anyone who likes witches and supernatural stories If you join the author's mailing list at this time you will be sent a free preuel to the series called A Witch of a Day If you read that first you will get Holly's background and find out why she was banished to Beechwood Manor to begin with

  10. Lola Lola says:

    This book is sooooo slooooow 'I stood up and I moved my legs and I walked to the other side of the room There was an armchair there and I stretched out my arms and I shoved the chair aside I was looking for a book and I looked for my glasses in my blouse but I couldn't find it I suinted at the bookcase going from cover to cover When I finally saw the right book I picked up the book and stroked the cover with my hand and then I opened the book and went through the pages with my fingers and then I was looking for a certain page and my cat made a sound and I found the page on the page were letters and then I read something interesting' Gaaah It's like a cure for insomnia This book is so boring that I find myself with enough time rewrite sentences in my head to half it's length or less like the euivalent of doodling because I'm that bored Did nobody edit this book? Murder me Murder me now How does this book have an average rating of 406 stars how?

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