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  • 200 pages
  • Run for It All
  • Carolyn LeVine Topol
  • English
  • 06 December 2015
  • 9781634770668

7 thoughts on “Run for It All

  1. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    This is a story that features running but I will admit I didn't expect it to spotlight it so much I'm sure runners will probably find this far fascinating than I did Additionally it skewed uite a bit younger than I expected I would have expected a fifteen year old or sixteen year old to behave a bit maturely than David and Kevin do romantically It's not that I was expecting Gossip Girl levels of drugs sex and dramabut this was far chaste and innocent than worked for me as an adult readingWhat did work for me was the open communication between David and his dad and Steve I loved David's relationship with SteveLook some YA novels work for an adult to read but I think this is one of those books that really is meant for a younger audience If you're looking for a book and you're in your early teens or if you're an adult looking for something for your younger teen then I would definitely encourage you to check this out Advanced Review Galley copy of Run For It All provided by Harmony Ink Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  2. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    Growing up is not easy at the best of times and the main character of this book David faces a few extra hurdles He has to move to a new place and go to a new school because his mothers have a great assignment abroad and don’t want to drag him with them David will suddenly live with his biological father a man he likes well enough but has only seen for the occasional family event so far Not to mention that David is gay and has not yet told anyone The resulting story is full of teenage angst and a few initial tantrums new discoveries David makes about himself and what he wants out of life and a new and different relationship with not just his father but his father’s future husband as wellDavid is a typical teenager There are things he takes in stride and is very grown up about like the fact that he doesn’t want to stand in his mothers’ way when their chance for a great career move comes But there are things he is not so okay with and gets pretty bratty about like his father’s initial hesitance to become a fully present parent But David isn’t stupid and he is excellent at taking a step back and thinking about things once they have happened It’s all a learning process and David learns a lot about assuming responsibility for his actionsAs David begins to get to know some of the people in his school and makes new friends and as he finds out that he likes Kevin the captain of the track team David joins he begins to build his social circle from scratch and surprises himself with how well that goes Coming out to his father is not an issue but some of the guys David and Kevin meet during inter high school competitions are far less understanding While nothing outright brutal happens the encounter they have with a few bigoted bullies is enough to shake up David and Kevin – if in somewhat different ways The relationship with Kevin progresses slowly but I thought it was just the right pace considering it is David’s first time dating someone If you like young adult romances that focus on the inner growth of the main character if you want to see a slightly lost teenager grow into a self confident young man who knows what direction he wants his life to take and if you’re looking for a young adult read that is realistic as well as encouraging then you will probably like this novelNOTE This book was provided by Harmony Ink Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. FantasyLiving FantasyLiving says:

    35 HeartsThis was a sweet low angst YA novel with some great supporting characters Rob David’s biological father is a news reporter and in the beginning he did a pretty craptastic job of being present for his son Rob was missing the opportunity to really connect meaningfully with David and David was becoming resentful The saving grace was Steve Rob’s partner of seven years and the Track and Field coach at the high school David was attending for the year They developed a close relationship of trust and respect and this made it easier for David to settle into his temporary homeI appreciated that with Rob’s failings as a parent on display this wasn’t fixed uickly It took time for David and Rob to bond It wasn’t fluffy or rushed to resolve The characters had to work for it and eventually get their footing under them to start to bond Steve being a high school coach and having the background working with teens facilitated this relationship building and he was an important part of this family unit He was also forever supportive and loved Rob unconditionally through his own unfulfilled wants and needs That kind of loyalty is both a show of strong character and a modelling of a strong relationship I appreciated that there was no real drama with the parents It made the transition into this new life believable for David There were some minor problems along the way but it didn’t turn into an angsty or melodramatic storyline Kevin and David had some interesting and tense moments David has the curse of his father of overthinking and jumping to conclusions Thankfully he toned it down when it was important but it was how the drama points were set up It was both frustrating and believable Teen angst varies There are some who turn into emo brats with over the top reactions to minor issues and some just cruise along in life taking the hits as they come Kevin was definitely a cruisy guy He was the perfect balance to David’s overreactions I appreciated them as friends and as a couple Their relationship building was paced well throughout the story This was a feel good story about a teen settling into a new life making new friends and finding a passion for something he never thought he would try I liked the central theme of running It was exciting and gave the story something extra There was passion in both sport and the life David was building in Connecticut I felt that passion throughout the storySome minor problems that I hope were picked up on the final edit before release As I received an Advanced Reader Copy there are sometimes minor errors beforehand that I expect and ignore but in Chapter 26 Loc 2124 and Chapter 26 Loc 2176 of my mobi copy there were two repeated sentences which drew me out of the story If this was picked up ignore my remark it certainly didn’t diminish the story but I would feel horrible if I didn’t point it out and it hadn’t been polished in the final release Overall a lovely YA story and I look forward to seeing work from this author A review copy was provided for an honest opinion

  4. Angela Goodrich Angela Goodrich says:

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Run for It All was a very enjoyable MM young adult romance I liked watching the transformation that took place in David as he went from the sullen teen who reluctantly agreed to spend a year with his father in a small town in Connecticut to a confident young man who embraced life with two dads developed a love of running and fell in love Admittedly I doubt that many 15 year olds are capable of falling in love but Topol has created a believable romance between David and Kevin by not making it the focal point of the book but rather giving readers a look at David as whole – as a son as a friend as a runner as a teammate and eventually as a boyfriend So as David grows as a person it makes the feelings he develops for Kevin and the progression of their relationship believableEven though it’s clear at the beginning of the book that he agreed to it David is unhappy with his new living arrangement But as he is being raised by two moms and his biological father is also gay he understands the importance of what his mothers are doing for gay rights and the need for him to spend the year with Rob and Steve his father and father’s partner so he plans to grin and bear it all while hoping that he won’t die from boredom as West Hartford has almost nothing to do especially when compared to New York City Considering his age David does an admirable job of not taking out his dissatisfaction with the situation on Steve who David doesn’t know very well despite being his father’s partner of seven years Oddly enough it is Steve who makes the transition go smoothly and plays a vital part in David’s growth over the course of the year One of the things I enjoyed about Run for It All was the supportive attitude and reasonableness of the parents involved Granted David and Kevin demonstrate repeatedly throughout the book that they’re both responsible young men who have goals they’re willing to work hard to achieve But rather than trying to block their attempts to have time alone with one another both David’s fathers and Kevin’s parents make it clear that their son’s safety is the most important thing to them – so they insure the boys have some time alone in their respective homes occasionally The parents are realistic enough to understand that there’s little they can do to prevent the boys from being together when they decide to take that step and instead chose to concentrate on providing a safe environment for them In my opinion it not only sent the message to the boys that their safety was important but that their parents trusted and respected them enough to know that they wouldn’t rush the physical aspects of their relationship Fortunately Kevin and David validated that trust by taking their time to get to know one another before taking that next step and when they’re relationship did become physical neither of them allowed it to interfere with their other responsibilities – then again training for long distance running events didn’t give them a lot of time to get into any trouble While there’s not an athletic bone in my body I enjoyed how the running stayed central to the storyline as it was what played an important part in David’s growth I uite enjoyed Run for It All and look forward to reading of Topol’s writingAge Recommendation 14 and up While it is obvious that the main characters eventually “go all the way” it occurs off the page with a fade to black setup The on page sexual contact is limited to kissing and mutual masturbation

  5. Barb ~rede-2-read~ Barb ~rede-2-read~ says:

    ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review David Martin isn’t happy when he finds out he has to go live with his father and his father’s partner while his mothers are overseas on a work related project during his sopho year But his tune changes after he gets to know Kevin Ringer the captain of the track team—the young man who will eventually be David’s lover During the first six months or so living with his dad and his dad’s partner Scott who also happens to be his high school track coach he’s shocked by how much he comes to appreciate Scott So much in his life changes within such a short time that he finds himself wishing for even time with Kevin Scott and his dad who has now become very important to him It surprises them all when he reveals how much he now respects Scott and even loves him and he makes Scott’s day when he announces he’s decided to call Scott Pop There’s plenty of drama throughout the story as his father learns the meaning of being a full time parent and acuires the skills to express his love and respect for his son; there’s also an ongoing issue with the track team member who was previously involved in an attack on Kevin And of course there’s the love story developing between David and Kevin and David’s angst over whether or not he has to leave behind everything and everyone he’s grown to loveIt might have been a good story but I didn’t care for the author’s writing style including the portrayal of David’s character and personality which I comment on further below But—here’s one of my biggest uirks with the writing—when the author first used the phrase “he rolled his lips” I thought it was supremely awkward but then it was used again and I started to suirm The third time I began to highlight the instances on my app and ultimately found it was used 8 times I’m sorry but no First it’s too weird to picture and second that’s way too many times to use a term like that in one story I’m surprised the editor didn’t pick up on it Another issue and granted I may be very old fashioned but I found the way David spoke whether with family or friends to be extremely mature and somewhat formal Yes he’s a smart kid and was raised by intelligent women but I just felt his language and behaviors were over the top too formal and mature for a fifteen year old And speaking of fifteen—I also found it odd that both sets of parents saw no issue in letting the boys stay overnight in each other’s homes knowing they were having sex I may have lost touch with today’s reality but there wouldn’t be full penetrative sex in my home and condoned by me if my child was that age Thankfully the sex was off page but I’m still surprised because most YA books I’ve read have held off mentioning having full sex until both boys were eighteen So although the book was okay and I liked a few parts primarily the relationship between David and his two “dads” I wouldn’t recommend it

  6. Natosha Wilson Natosha Wilson says:

    This book just blew me away I was taken completely by surprise by how much I really enjoyed this book Don't get me wrong I was looking forward to reading it but most young adult books are not truly about the connection but about lust for their partner Not this book I really feel like one of the main characters grew up right before my eyes while reading this book and went from a child to a very confident young man with a very bright future ahead of himDavid and Kevin are the main characters in this book in my opinion even though the book is is Davids perspective but there are also uite a few supporting characters in this book that deserve recognition also Those supporting roles go to Rob David's biological father Steve David's other father pops Jesse Kevin's sister and even John you will have to read the book to find out his role in this book Without these people this book would not have been half as good as it wasDavid has not really had a relationship with his father ever except in passing So when he has to go live with him for a year while his two moms are out of the country for work David is NOT excited at all But that soon changes the closer he and Steve get and even so when he finally makes a friend in Jesse Things start to fall into place after making friends with Jesse because he joins the track team and becomes friends with Jesse's brother Kevin who is also the team captain Both boys start to get closer and closer as the year goes on and become boyfriends Things seem to being going grey for them then trouble hits and David handles it all pourly After learning from his mistakes and his fathers mistakes also David starts to get his act together It seems no matter how good things are going trouble seems to follow both David and Kevin The two boys have to not only navigate high school being openly gay and a couple but the have to figure out how to wade through all of the issues that seem to keep arising around themThis book was such a wonderful read about young love I found myself cheering on the characters in this book at every good thing that happened and sending them my support at all the bad Carolyn LeVine Topol did amazing work on this book It was not too sappy and it was not over the top IT WAS JUST RIGHT Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

  7. meep meep says:

    good story good idea but i was almost instalove and that is not my thing not to mention the conversation between characters was waaaay to formal and i find it was very rough and unfamiliar especially between parents and very dramatic and not in a good way

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Run for It All❮EPUB❯ ✿ Run for It All ✺ Author Carolyn LeVine Topol – When fifteen year old David Martin is forced to go live with his dad and his dad’s partner in Connecticut he dreads leaving his comfortable New York City life with his two moms especially because hi When fifteen year old David Martin is forced to go live with his dad and his dad’s partner in Connecticut he dreads leaving his comfortable New York City life with his two moms especially because his dad hasn’t exactly been there for him over the yearsBut with both of his moms off on a year long job in Europe he’s got no choice Another thing he doesn’t have a choice about His growing attraction to other boys To help him deal with it all David takes up running first with his dad’s partner and then with Run for ePUB ´ his new crush and captain of the track team the openly gay Kevin RingerAfter David and Kevin are attacked in the locker room following a meet David must come to terms with his own insecurities as he navigates the ups and downs of first love gets to know his dad in a whole new light and tries to create a life for himself far from the world he once knew.