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An Alpha for the Demigod (Asphalt Bay Pack #1) ☉ An Alpha for the Demigod (Asphalt Bay Pack #1) PDF / Epub ❤ Author Ezra Dawn – Declan Devine is the soon to be Alpha of the Asphalt Bay Pack He's a total playboy that refuses to settle down He enjoys having his pick of any partner with no regard for what's between their legs Wel Declan Devine is the for the PDF/EPUB Á soon to be Alpha of the Asphalt Bay Pack He's a total playboy that refuses to settle down He enjoys having his pick of any partner with no regard for what's between their legs Well until his father decides to force him into a mating before becoming Alpha With no time to search for his true mate Declan chooses the next best candidate Liam Lykos Cassidy is a very powerful demigod The result An Alpha MOBI :º of a joining between the sea god Poseidon and a wolf shifter Favored by his uncle Zeus Lykos has extra special abilities given to him by Zeus himself As a Fixer for the Paranormal Council he uses his abilities and knowledge to solve any problems that arise Bordering on psychotic with some of the things he does he's a force to be reckoned with Will Lykos finally have someone to call his own despite his frigid personality Will Alpha for the Kindle Ñ Declan reject the gift given to him by fate for the sake of duty Or will everything go the way fate decided it should.

10 thoughts on “An Alpha for the Demigod (Asphalt Bay Pack #1)

  1. ~Volha~ ~Volha~ says:

    Well this is interesting I can't say that this book was very bad but I can't say it was that good either It just was I love paranormal romance This book had some nice things going for it though The shifter society set up was nice and all the different paranormals mentioned made the book a fun read Declan is an alpha heir to the wolf pack He comes off like a brat and very spoiled at the very beginning but then some things he does make me like him a little bit He is redeemable with the right mate by his side So he is ok Liam aka Lykos comes off as tough and intimidating due to his nature and the work he does He is a tattooed bada He is self confident and handsome I sort of liked him right away But there is no character development of any kindThe book could have been so much better if I could take any of the characters seriously The way they interacted with each other was sometimes very silly The humor attempt felt cheesy most of the time Some of the drama was not necessary at all and there was no definite plot line for me I mean the MCs didn't even meet until than half the book was done Then there is sex which was good I admit and then some shuffling of people going here or there No challenge for the brainAnother thing that irked me slightly was too much inner monologue from both MCs in the beginning that also looked to be like a background set up attempt The ending was a bit funny and unexpected and that saved the rating of the book for me It was an ok read Just for the sake of finding out what this author comes up with next and hoping that it will be better I will try the next book in the series I don't condemn it but neither do I recommend it To each his own so to speak

  2. Aղցela W. Aղցela W. says:

    This was book one in the Asphalt Bay Pack series and it was picked for me to read in a pick it for me challenge Declan Devine is the soon to be Alpha of the Asphalt Bay Pack he has just one problem he has to find a mate before his father retires Liam Lykos Cassidy is a very powerful demigod he is part wolf part god Liam works for the Paranormal Council as a Fixer he is also over three thousand years old When his pack begins to have problems with a neighboring pack they come up with a truce he pick one of the Alphas daughters to marry they will bond While out at a club these two meet and hook up Declan who is drunk doesn't realize that they are fated mates Liam overhears Declan on the phone with his bestfriend the next morning so he leaves This was a pretty good read that I wished was a little longer After making up Liam is on his way back to meet Declan when he is in a accident This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series

  3. Carly Carly says:

    The dialogue is rough and the chemistry between the main characters feels forced because of it The story itself is pretty far fetched for several reasons including Liam's job and pack policies as the supposed impossibility of their fated bond which doesn't seem that unexpected as both main characters have parents with a fated bond I was disappointed as it's my second experience with this author and The Mortician was better I won't be continuing with this series

  4. Rosie Rosie says:

    I've never been in the situation where a book has been so ridiculous I have nothing to say yet here I am There's so much I could talk about but it was all so weird and unrealistic and terrible it'll just make me depressed Was this legit? I feel terrible saying this because it's so hard to write a book but this would only work if it was a satire which I'm sure it's notThe best thing about this book was this iconic line'Which brings us up to what happened on my end after the sexcapades'

  5. Mark Angell Mark Angell says:

    Hated itNot my kind of story Not into torture for fun or bodies covered with disgusting tattoos I don't understand how others can enjoy rejoice like or whatever people devoid of common decency

  6. Relly Relly says:

    25 StarsI wanted to like it than i did but unfortunately the writing style didn't work for me

  7. Michael Hampton Michael Hampton says:

    Interesting premise but the execution left me a little meh Given the premise I expect the demigod to be different in how he interacted with the Alpha There was a lot of day to day existence which although it grounded the story it seemed to take up too much of the story I guess I wanted of what the Paranormal Council did and how that interacted with the other councils We got a hint but it was just there Not really explored Everyone just accepted it as if they all knew the intricacies or didn't care about it Even the pack Alphas seemed to just assume that their families would know and accept the way things were and not have any uestionsconcerns

  8. Steph ☀️ Steph ☀️ says:

    uick readNot a bad book just seemed hurried in some areas For example the pact treaty was resolved but I am still trying to figure out why finding out who took the pictures would solve this Especially with a treaty so frail Then there was the 5 second rerun of Joel which I think the story could have done without to be honest The writing was a bit sophomoric but wasn't horrible

  9. Ayana_* Ayana_* says:

    Enjoyable First ReadI most say I did not know what to expect from this book I thought it was going to be like all the others but it was definitely different I immediately fell in love with the characters and talk about a twist A wolf a demigod now that is interesting as hell Wonder how his pregnancy is going to work?? Hopefully they return to the other couples as the series progresses

  10. MagnusLR MagnusLR says:

    Not as goodI have the feeling that this was edited but I still find many issues the writing sounds like the fanfiction of a teenager The passing is chunky the conversation feel forced and annoying at times There's even some contradictions The story is interesting and the implications are too but I don't feel like keeping the book reading it again or buying of the author There's a lot of improvement needed

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