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  1. A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove says:

    455 A bit of Basu Chatterji's Chhoti si Baat simplicity Gulzar's Aandhi pathos Imtiaz Ali's Jab We Met fun pondering on life All of the above and ultimately still Dubeyji's bookWhat is the meaning of life love marriage and happiness ? The book takes u on a journey and perhaps we understand a little by the time it endsPerhaps I have given an extra to the book Perhaps this is because I too have been thinking of opening a Musafir Cafe and discussing books all day long Perhaps the book has given me a lot than d extra I have given itTo be honest I didnt understand a lot of it Maybe this deserves a re read later Par kal kisne dekha hai aaj Dubeyji ki Masala Chay shuru karte hai

  2. Vikas Singh Vikas Singh says:

    The storyline is like a typical Bollywood film The entire story hinges on the climax will the boy get the girl or not? A substantial part of the story is based in Mussoorie my favourite holiday destination This was the reason why i picked up the book The interesting storyline ensured that i finished it in one sitting After a long time you have new breed of Hindi writers who have broken free from the standards set by the old grumpy classic Hindi authors Divya is new age author who understands the ideals and aspirations of the youth Good read overall

  3. Surabhi Sharma Surabhi Sharma says:

    Come Lets meet the three brainchild of Divya Prakash Dubey firstMeet Sudha She is a divorce lawyer and witnessed marriages going apart everyday She is independent adamant ueen of her own world and of Chandar's heart She knows what she want from life and marriage is not in her agenda of life but a companion a partner yes definitely She do not think two people need to get married to live together One thing Sudha dislike software engineersMeet Chandar He is a software engineer Oops He lives in mumbai and wants to get married because his family wants him to but its pain in neck to agree Sudha for marriage He is a dreamer and wanted to be a story teller and his job and paycheck only help him in satisfying his material needs and despite promotion he feels hollow One day he left Mumbai Sudha job behind for nowhereMeet Pummi She runs a tours and travels business in a hill city Mussorie Uttarakhand She is a dreamer and ran from her house years ago to open Pummi Tours and Travels Pvt LtdThe one liners that the writer uses in this book are so apt that they will hit you hard Three individuals looking for meaning of life and doing things in which they believe Only few books can teach you make you laugh until you roll on the floor and falling in love this is one of those exceptional bookThoughtful Hilarious Promising DistinguishedIts a joy reading this book Read to know how these three characters come togetherhttpsthereviewauthorwordpresscom

  4. Prathyusha Prathyusha says:

    Musafir Cafe by Divya Prakash Dubey is something that I would recommend to everyone who is willing to read something sweet and beautiful This book just has its own vibe It just goes with the flow and it's a complete page turner The writer has displayed his characters Sudha and Chander so well that a reader would definitely some where cross paths with them in between The characters are imperfect just like us and to be honest there are times when I was very irritated with them but that's how they are Chander is the one with lots of uestions and confusions and Sudha is the one who is honest and speaks her mind They definitely gave a new meaning for love and marriage by the end of the book And if you are someone who knows to read Hindi well then I would suggest you to read it in Hindi which happens to be it's original Version⭐⭐⭐ for the book and the writing ⭐ for the beautiful translation done by Prerna Singh She totally did Justice to the story without making it lose its soul

  5. Aman Roy Aman Roy says:

    Another awesome book from Divya Prakash DubeyThe kind of personification is done by DP in this book is just amazing Binding the sentences with the right kind of phrases is something I admire about his writing The two characters Sudha and Chandar are just imperfectly perfect There are many life lessons which are kept very keenly The whole story is very smooth and even the climax is plotted very precisely and beautifully A must read for people who haven't read Hindi literature for uite a long period of timePS Hindi is CoolHappy Reading

  6. Mohammad Javed Siddiqui Mohammad Javed Siddiqui says:

    I read only a few hindi novels till now but this book has certainly made it to the top of my must read listThe complete book is engaging but the best part of the book is its single liner cum uotes scattered through out the book This book takes you to a journey of self discovery and to some extent to the journey of giving a meaning to your life A must read among contemporary Hindi Novels

  7. Suhasini K Suhasini K says:

    An unusual love story it is Fast paced not much frills straight to the point The author has broken down the complexities of love in simple ways A perfect setting of fast busy life to eually busy life but with purpose calm peace in the hills Love has so many shades hidden within it that humans fail to name it appropriately

  8. Sanjeevani Jain Sanjeevani Jain says:

    The writing style is different which made the reading experience rich overall The story didn't appeal to me however

  9. Saurabh Sharma Saurabh Sharma says:

    This was the first Hindi novel that I picked up and thankfully it was so beautifully worded that I have ordered one novel written by the author Masala chaiHere is my honest feedbackCover page 55 Beautifully exemplifying the feel of the novel the cover shouts out to you to become a 'musafir' yourself AptPlot 45 The plot was contemporary The psyche of current generation is beautifully captured Characterization 55 Awesome character development with each having a uniue personality Most of the characterization happened through dialogues which was uite impressiveWriting style 55 I could give this a 105 Beautiful use of personification Words almost melted in my mind while reading leaving a surreal aftertaste I would without an iota of hesitation compare the author's writing style to the literary stalwarts The dialogues between the characters were collouial yet intriguing ThEntertainment uotient 55 It was like reading prose with depth that of a poem The words mellifluously flow and become music to your mind For me it was like reading Gulzar sahab or Piyush mishra sirClimax 45 It is very difficult to bring a book to its logical conclusion specially when the story is close to reality Great job at thatOverall Do not give this one a miss It's a definite 55

  10. Pankaj Pandey Pankaj Pandey says:

    Finished reading this book in one sitting An awesome and unusual love storyA girl falls in love with a guy but she don't want to marry her The guy on the other hand want her to marry him now that she is pregnant while they were in a live in relationship In the midst of all these things the guy gets frustrated with his life his boring work his girlfriend's denial for marriage pressure of parents unfulfilled dreams and leaves Mumbai to unknown place He travels to different places and finally realizes his desire in life he wanted to open a CafeMusafir Cafe where people can come and live read and enjoy their vacation and make memories What happens to the girl Does the guys succeeds in this desires do they meet again what happened to the unborn kid???? all these are suspense till the very endAwesome read

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मुसाफिर Cafe [PDF / Epub] ★ मुसाफिर Cafe ✈ Divya Prakash Dubey – हम सभी की जिंदगी में एक लिस्ट होती है। हमारे सपनों की लिस्ट छोटी मोटी खुशियो हम सभी की जिंदगी में एक लिस्ट होती है। हमारे सपनों की लिस्ट छोटी मोटी खुशियों की लिस्ट। सुधा की जिंदगी में भी एक ऐसी ही लिस्ट थी। हम सभी अपनी सपनों की लिस्ट को पूरा करते करते लाइफ गुज़ार देते हैं। जब सुधा अपनी लिस्ट पूरी करते हुए लाइफ़ की तरफ़ पहुँच रही थी तब तक चंदर साल का होने तक वो सबकुछ कर चुका था जो कर लेना चाहिए था। तीन बार प्यार कर चुका था एक बार वो सच्चा वाला एक बार टाइम पास वाला और एक बार लिव इन वाला। वो एक पर्फेक्ट लाइफ चाहता था। मुसाफिर Cafe कहानी है सुधा की चंदर की उन सारे लोगों की जो अपनी विश लिस्ट पूरी करते हुए perfect लाइफ खोजने के लिए भटक रहे हैं।We all have one or the other lists in life Musafir Cafe is about all these lists in life and It is a like a stopover in life when we try and slow ourselves down to assess where are we and where do we want to go from here Musafir Cafe is story of two young and modern individuals Sudha and Chandar Sudha who is a lawyer by profession and a strong free spirited girl in person she wants to become top lawyer of country while Chandar is a confused software engineer Though both of them are sure that they don’t want to get married and settle down with anyone they play this meeting game every weekend for they parents sake Events lead them to stay together for a weekend but they become so habitual to each other’s presence and interference in the life that it becomes an unplanned live in relationMusafir Cafe is not only story of Sudha Chandar it’s story of everyone of us Who are trying to tick off bucket list and searching for a perfect life.