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The Mind Spy Juxtapose City #10 ❮EPUB❯ ✻ The Mind Spy Juxtapose City #10 ✶ Author Tricia Owens – Black is powerless but his new opponent might possess the power of the futureWith Black back in Captain Dickerson's good graces a sense of calm has descended over the men of JC2 Though Black is still Black is powerless but Spy Juxtapose Kindle ´ his new opponent might possess the power of the futureWith Black back in Captain Dickerson's good graces a sense of calm has descended over the men of JC Though Black is still psy null Calyx and he have managed to keep the secret from Kard and their enemiesfor now However it's a calm before the storm for Dickerson has a new assignment hunt down and kill the rogue telepath Marcus Maze While on the surface the assignment seems legit Maze has been murdering the The Mind PDF/EPUB ² wives of prominent Juxtapose City citizens Black begins to have his doubts especially when he learns that Maze was a former subject of Dickerson's experiments What had the experiment entailed How had it gone wrong and produced such a cold calculating killer And worrisome why does Black feel a kinship with a man seemingly intent on bringing Juxtapose City to its knees graphic mm sexual situations.

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  1. Simone Simone says:

    Book #10 and this series is still one of my favoritesHonestly I would have thought that a series consisting of ten books with no end in sight got me bored by now But This Is So Not The CaseAnd honestly I'm under the impression that it never will My eyes were just glued to my Kindle as they were throughout the first book and my fascination with Black and Calyx does not seem to lessen one bit After Black has “proven his loyalty” to Captain 'Dickhead' in the previous book he is once again installed as the leader of JC2 and than ever intent on finding out about the experiments on psypaths his boss keeps running He is offered a chance when the Captain tasks him with a mission to investigate the death of the wifes of some of his investors in his experiments He sends him to eliminate a man who helped him initiate these experiments and whom he deems having snapped Of course this missions only serves to cover up his own fuck up and Black is well aware of that With Black's psychpathic abilities still gone Black and Calyx are walking on very thin ice to keep everyone out of the loop on this fact in order to save their own lives and the lives of those who are close to them When Black finally gets hold of the man responsible for the killings he is offered a chance to get his telepathy back but at what cost? Will going back in time and change his memories will help to restore it and help him get rid of the guilt over his past? Well I won't tell you ; If you want to find out you will have to read this bookThere are some 'Holy shit' moments in The Mind Spy but I can assure you that you also get a lot of answers Of course you also get new uestions especially about the roles of certain persons and the real cause for their help I'm still thinking there is to Calyx's good old Daddy O helping them out than his suddenly recovered love for this son but that's just my personal impression One thing that does not seem to change either is my complete and utter hatred for Captain Dickerson With each book my imagination about how I want him to suffer very slowly gets and creative Believe me you don't want to know details it would give you nightmares ; Because of the ending of this book even though it's not a cliffy I can't wait to get my greedy hands on the next one

  2. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life now?

  3. Donna Donna says:

    I loved this 10th book in the series It was too short though I'm glad there is going to be an 11th book This book had answers than action It had some hot romantic scenes too Black really showed his love for Calyx and I was glad to see that Sundhill only showed up in one small scene I can't wait for the next book

  4. Julia Julia says:

    Well the series so far has finished on a high but there’s still so much to come I found this series really late in the game and I know that everyone else has been waiting for the next book in the series for over three years but please #triciaowens can we have the next book really soooon? Missing Black Calyx and the team already

  5. JustJen "Miss Conduct" JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

    Review by The Blogger GirlsI fell in love with this series from book 1 and that love is still just as strong now that we are on book 10 This story continues where the previous one left off with the guys all still trying to figure out what’s going on who to trust etcBlack Calyx and the team are playing a tricky game trying to find out what is really going on War is still on the horizon but the lines become blurrier as they try to figure out the best side to be on This is especially difficult for various reasons not the least of which is Black’s loss of his psychic powers If the wrong people find out it could be disastrous no matter how it goes downFirst there is the issue with Captain Dickerson Not only the details about his experiments and the secrets he’s keeping but the fact that he’s Black’s “guardian” and still putting Black through the wringer is uite eye opening At this point Black at least sees and now believes what’s been going on now that he’s learned details though it is clear he doesn’t have the full picture He continues to play the part as far as Dickerson’s concerned and he’s working to keep pieces in place to be able to take him down when the opportunity shows itself But there are still a lot of uestions that need answers before that can happenThen we have Calyx who is one of those characters who is like a breath of fresh air I adore him and his uirkiness and attitude He’s been through so much but has survived and come out fabulous than ever He’s sticking to his commitment to Black and they are as strong as ever being the only people they truly trust which has only strengthened their bond Calyx is also dealing with Kard joining their group Kard is still trying to be the father figure he never was and just like Calyx I’m having a hard time trusting his motivesThis is an extremely creative world these guys live in that is full of excitement and mystery that had me turning pages very uickly As much as I want the answers to all the uestions I also don’t want this story to end I really want these guys to overcome and succeed however that may happen and find a place where they can just exist without threats or painful memories I want them to make their own and to see everyone involved pay for the hurt they have causedThis is a fantastic well written series with each book being as good as the last and I can’t wait for the story to continue Highly recommend for those who like their paranormal a little on the edgier side

  6. Joseph Joseph says:

    The intensity is realI eagerly eat up each and every entry of this series and The Mind Spy is no exception This take off where we left off and and barrels through with such intensity and walloping developments with our favorite empath Calyx Starr and for now psy null Black The mystery of what is truly going on with the real motivations of the Captain are becoming in focus for Black as we are faced with new threats that could destroy everyone I am so in love with Black and Caylx total devotion to each other Though there is always an outside force that can do brutal things to themIt's the journey they go through that always finds them having to most raw hot sex that is satisfying Still that always can be taken and its all I can do to prepare myself for the worst cases while always rooting for some happiness for them Feels like we are getting closer to a final showdown and when we get there I hope there is still enough pieces of them left to have that happiness Absolutely loved this new chapter in this series

  7. Tionne Tionne says:

    I cant fucking wait for captain dick to dieIt took Black long enough to realize that MONSTER has 0 affection for him He is a vile fucking creature and he needs to pay in the most fucked up ways Don't let me get started on how Sundhill makes me feel Every time he comes around I literally get a bad feeling in my stomach because I know he's gonna say or do something sexual He's a fucking pervert and he also needs to die Also how many installments will this series have? Don't get me wrong I love it but if it has 3 or books I feel like they won't die until the last installment and I don't think I can wait that long They're at the top of my most hated characters list and that's saying A LOT I also hate when Black reacts to Sundhill's pervyness I know why he does it but don't fucking do it UGH Lol see how angry I am? Sigh

  8. caroline wilson caroline wilson says:

    Exciting can't wait for the nextI love this series and characters and the world that Tricia owens create We had some answers from what we've been teased with from the last couple of books and its just wetted my appetite for Tricia owens has created a world of intrigue that keeps us guessing beautifully written and may it long continue

  9. George George says:

    Why do I keep reading this?

  10. Claudia Claudia says:

    so far this is the last book in this series and I am not sure if there will be and I have to say I am surprised there is a cliffhanger at the end which left me wanting I am not sure what to think about this on the whole this was one of the best books in this series which you really have to read in order this book shows the depths of the relationships between the charactersespecially Black and Calyx really grow togetherThe story has again a lot of twists and I really hope there will be another book in this series

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