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  1. Angie Wade Angie Wade says:

    This is the third book in L Ann Marie's Princes of Prophecy MC series Little Ben is the Prez He has a true calling to leave the world better than he found it He is the glue that holds the new generation of MC to his parents generation Named for the Pres of the BadAss MC he has big shoes to fill He tries to be a good leader for his MC family and community He is chosen to build a new chapter of the MC in Rhode Island A big responsibility to his Dad's MC and his group of brothersBoth chapters of the MC are full of some very gifted special kids and adults 3 generations of readers seers and indian shaman make up the 2 MC communities Life is always interesting and never boring It truly takes a village to raise and protect these gifted peopleThis book focuses on Little Ben and what he goes through to start his own family with the woman he has loved all his life LilyLily is an independent young woman who refuses to become seriously involved with Little Ben until he really commits to sharing himself with her To Lily this is not a proposal but just him talking to her about HIS life job hopes and dreams Ben doesn't understand this When Lily finally has an outburst and gives him an ultimatum he immediately sees the error of his ways He takes steps to apologize and vows to be a better partner for LilyLily also wants to prove herself to the world Her Father betrayed the MC when he served as Police Chief He sold his illegitimate child that his MC and family knew nothing about into child slavery Lily wants to make herself worthy of Little Ben's love She goes to school so she can become a shelter director Refusing to be his until she finished her studiesWhen they finally come together it is combustible magic all its own Loving each other fiercely they marry and have family Both are great warriors for the homeless abused womenchildren and veterans in their community and change the lives of many peopleAs for the lovestory of Lily and Little Ben he finds that love can conuer all things and that nothing is written in stone

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I have loved little ben from the 1st book I was so excited that he got his own book I loved getting to a book from his view point LB and Lily were just too cute I loved that they didn't have everything perfect from the beginning that they had to work for their happy LAnn Marie is pretty awesome and I always love getting her new books I love the brotherhood and feel like people should be like them with helping others and showing people how to be strong I wish there world was one we could live in Any book where I get of Steve Knight is also a bonus He was my favorite and I've loved seeing how he is with LB growing up and becoming the man he is now I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a great read

  3. Michele bookloverforever Michele bookloverforever says:

    love this author and love this series clean mc soap opera take down outlaw bikers evildoers human traffickerslove sex laughter tears Re read in april 2017Still good Re read again in September 2018 Good story and great characters Revisited during covid pandemic in august 2020

  4. Brandy Brandy says:

    DISCLAIMER TO THOSE READING MY REVIEWThis review is my personal opinion it may contain swearing uotes rants and spoilers READ AT YOUR OWN RISKI want some pink gogglesTalk about an emotional roller coaster I laughed cried got pied off and laughed some This was an AMAZING addition to the Princes of Prophecy series Little Ben and Lily's storyLily has been LB's for as far back as I can remember and their story was even better then I hoped it would be I am not going to say I have about what happened because I don't know to give anything away But I will say you get it all with this book An awesome love story the angst and grit of what's going on with the MC and the laugh out loud funny sht that is always going on within the MC family I can't wait to read Sheila's story next

  5. Paula Diaz Paula Diaz says:

    I was given this book on the release day party I enjoyed Leader very much Started reading one afternoon and finished the next morning Very hard to put down Just love the MC kids Now that most of them are grown up they are even better LB has a lot on his shoulders and is doing a fine job with lots of help from the inter circle And finally LB and Lily get together He has loved her since they were kids I laughed and cried and was upset It is a book that is wrote like you where there Easy to follow I highly recommend this book The whole series in fact

  6. Teagan Teagan says:

    LeaderAwesome againreally enjoyed it I can't wait for the next book I wander how you can top all these next time

  7. Laurie Laurie says:

    I’ve looked forward to Little Ben’s story since The Princes got their own series Granted I’ve been getting a bit annoyed with him and some of his “activities” while waiting for Lily but he uickly earned my forgiveness and then someLittle Ben has always known Lily was his but her father’s death and the ugly secrets that came out led to her mother taking her away from the only family she’d ever known When Lily and her sister finally make their way back he learns the hard way that just because you know someone is yours doesn’t mean it’s okay to treat them like a possession Reading through this I felt like a little communication on both of their parts could have gone a long way and saved them years worth of misunderstandingsLily’s life went from having a loving family to imploding in the blink of an eye Both parents showed they had dark sides which was extremely confusing to a young girl and as the secrets just kept unraveling she doubted everything she knew Finding her way back was hard especially with Ben making things worse even though that’s the last thing he wanted to do I applauded Lily in her need to make him show that she wasn’t just his but that he belonged to her too Lily’s heart won me over but when she showed her backbone was when my respect and admiration for this young woman reached a new highAs things progressed and Ben showed Lily the true meaning of being his Old Lady he became my favorite hero of all L Anne Marie’s books He showed Lily and everyone else what the true meaning of “all in” really is His actions when things fell apart had me tearing up and smiling at the same time His steadfast loyalty and love not only for his wife but also towards his people even when his world had fallen apart embodied the ualities of a true leaderThe freaky abilities of the members of the Princes of Prophecy MC are getting freakier and people take notice More towns clamor to become part of the Prince Properties covered areas but it seemed each town takeover had the exact same issues come up which was eye roll inducing I think one town per book with some originality in the problems would have been a better way to goThere were still some serious editing issues and once again I found myself having to backtrack to see who was talking to who which drives me freaking crazy Still I thoroughly enjoyed Leader and look forward to the next adventure of this crazy group3 12 All In StarsFor this review and check out EDGy Reviews

  8. AlligatorSmith loves to read AlligatorSmith loves to read says:

    This is my favorite of the Princes of Prophecy series so far This series has a lot of the second generation characters from the Baxter and MC series plus others from the local Native American reservations in both the MC's and Princes' locations It is a good idea to read both the Baxter and MC series first but you probably can also start at the beginning of the Princes of Prophecy series or the MC series which would be my recommendationPrez Little Ben has been a part of the MC series from very early on as he is the son of Steve and Jess in Knight and we got to know Lily early on too since she is the daughter of an MC member The Princes of Prophecy series plays up the magical elements that also have been happening since the author's first bookBen and Lily are all in to each other which also means the entire group is also all in to support their relationship Almost no one in the three series has vanilla sex even though there is real love all around and the love is deep parents who love their kids kids who love their friends who love friends people who love their country This book is no exception and has the smexiness and the deep loveL Ann Marie is one of the authors I read right as she delivers a book I enjoy the characters the dialogue the family dynamics and how the idea of brotherhood and being a good person is at the center of every story My only uibble is with some of the simplistic writing that sometimes throws me off what is truly being said If I go back and re read I usually can figure out what is meant but a truly efficient editor could help with this «deeper» level of editing since the problem lies in three areas pronounantecedent agreement subjectverb agreement and misplaced modification This book is nicely edited for surface problems though This focus on deeper level editing is just a suggestion to the author and her editors because I do like and have liked her storytelling abilities since I read her first bookThanks for reading And thanks to the author for her dedication to her writing

  9. Joanne Joanne says:

    his review is from Leader Book Three Princes of Prophecy 3 Kindle EditionOh mywhat can I say this book has been eagerly anticipated and its come at just the right time in the seriesBen Knight has been on a journey of discovery and enlightenment his whole life Born to Jess and Steve Knight and into the Mc lifestyle this is all LB knows Although he has many gifts not many people know his abilities other than his father and a few close friendsthis is to keep him safeNow firmly ensconced in RI The Prince of Phrophecy Mc is becoming established and accepted although there will always be resistance from a few Prez as he's known or LB is discovering just what his path is truly about with the help of Dakota and the Moheghan tribe All through his life he's known who he's meant to be with unfortunately Lily hasn't had the same consistency in her life with her father dying and her mother proving to be very fickle It takes a few mistakes from LB but eventually he shows her his heart and proves his love Once he brings her home things progress uickly unfortunately tragedy strikes but throughout all this LB keeps strong and Lily recovers Throughout this book is drama love and some amazing acts of trust and belief truly inspiring to readI couldn't put it down This was so worth the wait I can't recommend this book highly enough

  10. Annie Annie says:

    Loved itLittle Ben and Lily are finally together Even Little Ben needs Patches list to be sure he is making Lily happy The Princes and MC Baxter's finally track down and eliminate the big threat to them but not without tragic conseuence Smaller threats are still an issue Little Ben shines as a leader through it all His officers know their jobs His extended family give unwavering support They are able to expanded to other towns many who embrace the brand of safety that the Prince's offer Lily with the help of Uncle Danny and Dakota put together a nonprofit to help the homeless and Vets in needAlex has grown into a great brother Helping Little Ben with the babies when Lily wasn't able Working as an assistant to Jared Baxter at the lab Even coming up with a program that helps both Vets and pound dogs Alex shows what it means to be a good brother in everything he doesSteve Knight still my favorite His duct tape solutions and dog training made me smile Loved Lily and Little Ben's story The Princes and MC Baxter's are making the world a better place and are still badasses

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Leader (Princes of Prophecy, #3) [Download] ➽ Leader (Princes of Prophecy, #3) By L. Ann Marie – What All In means to Ben Knight Support your Brothers Lift up your women Do better for Disabled is not in his vocabulary He’ll never give up and never give in Ben Knight is not only All In He’s Ba What All In means to Ben Knight Support your Brothers Lift up your women Do better for Disabled is not in his vocabulary He’ll never give up and never give in Ben Knight is not only All In He’s Badass personified He is the Leader.