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The Inquisitor ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ The Inquisitor Author Catherine Jinks – Buyprobolan50.co.uk I hereby record those events which took place in and around the city of Lazet relating to the assassination of our venerable Brother Augustin Duese in the year of the Incarnate Word 1318So writes Brot I hereby record those events which took place in and around the city of Lazet relating to the assassination of our venerable Brother Augustin Duese in the year of the Incarnate Word So writes Brother Bernard an Inuisitor of Heretical Depravity following the discovery of his superior's dismembered corpse At a time when heresy is a heinous offence routed out with ruthless determination Brother Bernard is accustomed to dispensing harsh justice But as he attempts to make sense of this shocking crime he himself becomes an object of persecution thanks to his passionate involvement with a mysterious suspect and her beautiful daughterPursued as a heretic implicated as a murderer Bernard must now face his accusers To fail such a task in fourteenth century France means certain deathIn the tradition of The Name of the Rose Catherine Jinks has crafted a magnificent tale of murder forbidden lust and betrayal.

About the Author: Catherine Jinks

Catherine Jinks is the Australian author of than thirty books for all ages She has garnered many awards including the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awardthree times the Victorian Premier’s Award the Aurealis Award for Science Fiction the Australian Ibby Award and the Davitt Award for Crime Fiction Her work has been published in Australia New Zealand Britain.

10 thoughts on “The Inquisitor

  1. Zeltron Zeltron says:

    May contain spoilersThis book takes place during the counter reformation were the Roman Catholic church is trying to put all the Protestant branches to claim purity over the land Be warned that it does uote religious books and talk from the point of view of one of the characters who is the instrument of counter reformation The narrator is trying to to prove that he did not commit a crime to the pope of the time He talks about all his time with his previous superior and what he did while he was with him He even includes the idea that they locked protestant captives in a dungeonIt is very timeline oriented and stays very closely to one person's point of view and his comments There is even extreme amounts of religious zeal and background using bible uotes and stories there is talk about the use of monasteries for these Inuisitors and even custom built dungeons and church buildings There are these Perfects which are the religious priests of the protestant churches some of which discourages reproducing and says that children are demonsThis is a very good book despite being strongly religiously tied and interestingly a book where your thought of innocence or guilt in the crime accused will be pulled every which way and constantly changed I suggest the book to anyone looking for a book with many twists and turns

  2. Jill Jill says:

    45 starsA cracker of a red Catherine Jinks is an outstanding storyteller and this is a beauty Set in a time and place that only devoted scholars would have much experience with or exposure to she brings to life the most obscure settings characters and stories Apart from a slight wobble in the middle this novel doesn't put a foot wrong and I was turning pages uicker than a table fan on a hot Sunday afternoon toward the end Beautifully done

  3. Arielle Harms Arielle Harms says:

    Not a great story research was only partial

  4. Venetia Green Venetia Green says:

    A wonderful wonderful depth of research The central character the inuisitor Bernard was utterly believable and intriguingly complex Given the stereotypical 'bad guy' image uite understandable of medieval inuisitors Jinks's feat in managing to create reader empathy with such a figure is remarkableI loved the setting 14th century Provence notorious for its many heretics historical detail and the overall mysteryromance plot BUT I could not give this author a full 5 stars because of the conclusion The culprit turned out to be a very minor character upon whom suspicion and even the plot focus had never fallen Jinks breaks a primary rule of murder mysteries here She also breaks a primary rule of romance by not revealing the conclusionfuture trajectory of the romance relationship Of course this was always going to be fraught given that the hero is a monk but I would have liked to have been given a hint Nevertheless I will continue to read anything Catherine Jinks publishes Conclusions are damn hard She remains in my estimation a fantastic author of medievalist historical fiction

  5. Jen Jen says:

    I like Catherine Jink's historical novels for the authenticity of her writing about medieval life and religion and this book is no exception It is the first book in a trilogy looking at the Inuisition in the south of France in the 1300's a period that Jinks knows well As always the inter relation of theology and everyday life is fascinating and in this novel the well drawn characters bring the period to life The hero who is an inuisitor is an interesting character tormented by his job and the pressure it places on him when he falls in love with a woman in prison as a heretic An interesting and gripping read Can't wait for the next novel in the series

  6. Teagan Teagan says:

    I thought this was okay and an interesting read and the worldbuilding was wonderfully extensive but I know absolutely nothing about the paperwork behind the Church and that was really the bread and butter of this novel If you don't know much about how the Inuisition and medieval France worked then this probably isn't for you I was hopelessly confused and felt that I would have enjoyed it a lot if I had understood what was going on That being said I enjoyed Jinks' writing and will probably read of her works when I can

  7. Julia Julia says:

    It was very hard for me to read as a non religious person But I kept at it as I usually like finishing books I have started Overall it was a fine read although I admit it was a little senior for me I had to read it with a dictionary at my side If I had to recommend it it would be to senior and maybe religious readers who would have a better understanding of the concepts in the story

  8. Alana Alana says:

    25 the plot got a little mired down by bunny trails that were introduced but never really followed The premise that someone as blind and arrogant as the protaganist could rise as far as he did is a bit farfetched

  9. Robbiow Robbiow says:

    Persuasive and credible as a 14th century inuisitor's missive Would be a bit like Name of the Rose if written as a joint venture between George MacDonald Agatha Christie and John Foxe And consults with imaginative prelates of some type

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    In a time most books I read could not impress me as much as to make me remember their titles after five years let alone their authors this one marked the name 'Catherine Jinks' as one of the best authors of Historical books

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