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The Real You (Wardens of the Guild, #1) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Real You (Wardens of the Guild, #1) ✩ Author N.J. Nielsen – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The age old war between good and evil is bringing changes and with change comes fear—especially the fear of what is to comeIsiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are twins in every sense of the word No on The age old war between good and evil is bringing changes and with change comes fear—especially the fear of what is to comeIsiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are twins in every sense of the word No one can tell them apart yet they’re not related Since meeting they’ve learned that they’ve become the subject of a The Real PDF/EPUB or legend something neither of them wantedHatred from their past lives comes knocking and tries to kill Claudius and Isiah by turning Mitch into a weapon against them Instead Mitch now shares his body with Remi a powerful demon lord who enters their lives—a demon Lord who claims them for his ownNot everyone is happy that the legend has been fulfilled and they will do everything in their power to tear apart the strong bond the four men possess Laramie realizes he has to separate from Mitch or risk losing one of his mates so completely it could break them allWhen old and new enemies alike step forward to destroy who they are Isiah Mitch Claudius and Remi gather family and friends to fight in the war to save them all Can things be set to right before evil intentions win Pre order Date rd August Available exclusively to Pride Publishing th September General Release Date th October .

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  1. justanya justanya says:

    I enjoy Nielsen's stories too bad this one isn't as good as prior booksI really wanted to like this book but I found myself struggling to get lost in the story Nielsen didn't give me much to work with I love stories that feature well rounded main characters decent plot and icing on the cake would be wonderful supporting characters and or subplot Nielsen dropped the ball in the most important category Fully developed characters There wasn't much said about either to entice me to be fully invested in them The overall world being and action were wonderful but romance is a biggie for me and when a book falls short in that department I always walk away thinking the MC's were jipped I felt like crying this had the makings of an epic story but it fell woefully short it's entertaining and action packed but it missed pressing the important buttons that light me up everytime I read a satisfying story These are brand new characters in a brand new series Therefore; I think it's vital important to fully develop them since the burden of carrying a romantic series rests on their shoulders

  2. Crystal Marie Crystal Marie says:

    Mitch Evans needed a new place to stay after his landlord raised his rent beyond his means His best friend Eric introduced him to two vampires who had a room to rent The catch was Claude and Isiah needed a Day Watcher Mitch was hard pressed to resist the two vampires who were the mirror image of each other even though they weren’t related In this alternate world humans were aware paranormals existed They were reuired to follow human laws as well as the mandates handed down by the paranormal guild Isiah’s cousin Gabriel was supposed to be Claude and Isiah’s Day Watcher but over time turned on them and from time to time he attempted to kill the two vampires Even though Mitch was immediately captivated by the Clause and Isiah and apparently was the only person who could tell them apart he had a boyfriend who he stayed true to Keeping the two in the friend zone was hard for Mitch especially since he lived with them When Mitch broke up with his boyfriend Claude and Isiah jump at the chance to claim Mitch In uick succession a prophecy comes into play and Mitch found himself sharing his body with a powerful demon lord called Remi There was so much going on to this story that I felt it would’ve been a great trilogy all on its own Instead there were sporadic bouts of telling and things that happened off the page that distanced me from the characters and the plot Conflict that was built in the first half for instance Mitch’s jerk boyfriend the conflict and resolution took place off page and I half expected the boyfriend to come back in the end I wanted to see of why Gabriel turned on his cousin and his reason for becoming murderous didn’t convince me especially when it came to some of his actions in the last half of the story When Mitch was suddenly stuck sharing his body there was insta acceptance I would’ve been freaking the hell out especially when Remi took over the body I felt there could’ve been of an adjustment for Mitch but honestly I understand why there wasn’t when the plot was so packed with other things going on I enjoyed the slow build to Mitch Clause and Isiah’s relationship prior to the boyfriend dumping The glimpses of the upcoming conflicts with the side characters intrigued me I liked that it wasn’t as angsty as I’d been anticipating and where there was action on the page it was satisfying I really enjoyed the different take on vampire origins and their connection to Day Watchers The sex scenes were smoking hot And I enjoyed the story enough that I do plan on reading the next installment whether it’s about Remi’s brother or Mitch’s best friend EricReviewed by Rachelle for Crystal's Many ReviewersCopy provided for review

  3. Cee Brown Cee Brown says:

    •¸•¸´•¸•¸¸•´¸•´¸•´¸••¸•¸´•¸•¸¸•´¸•´¸•´¸•What do you do when all hell breaks lose? You call for backup•¸•¸´•¸•¸¸•´¸•´¸•´¸••¸•¸´•¸•¸¸•´¸•´¸•´¸•I am a fan of the paranormal genre and when it is spiced with intrigue and romance even better NJ Nielsen brings us the first of a new series that pits good against evil and right against wrong What you thought you knew ended up being so far fetched it was like an enigma wrapped up in a mystery The chosen ones not literally twins but could be Isiah and Claudius entered human Mitch's life just when his was falling apart Offered the position of day watcher for the pair of vampires no one but he could tell apart Mitch was brought into their lives and became their world Then the unthinkable happens when Mitch is attacked Now another entity invades his being and three became four Remi was a demon lord killed a while back or so everyone had thought Invading Mitch was the way to extract revenge but Remi a demon realised his host was pure of heart and a worthy person Being old enough to know history Remi welcomed the triad as his own to hell with being straight I hate labels With so many out to destroy the legend it will take them all plus their friends to ensure the prophecy comes true A good start to a new world I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from Pride PublishingReviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club

  4. Caroline Brand Caroline Brand says:

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE35 StarsParanormal with a twist is how I would describe this oneIsiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are carbon copies of each other even though they are not related and are lovers It all comes down to when they ‘changed’ and became vampires and an age old prophecy that some believe in and some are plotting against Their lives aren’t easy – they need a day warden as the last one was hell bent on killing them and most people tend to avoid them because the fact that they look identical yet sleep together freaks people outMitch needs a new roof over his head and it seems the easiest way to get that is to agree to watch over Isiah and Claudius by becoming their new warden There is an instant attraction between the three men and oddly Mitch is the only one in their small circle of friends that can tell them apart – to do with the prophecy it seems Just as the three men are starting out all hell breaks loose when the old day warden throws the heart and soul of a demon into Mitch and suddenly he has a double personality – enter Remi and three become four kind of The prophecy appears to be coming true but of course there are sinister forces to deal with along with a supposedly dead demons body in the freezerThe Real You is a book that would have definitely benefited from a further proofread – there were some simple errors that could have been easily cleaned up especially the misspelling of character names which always throws me out of the story Overall though this story was fun a little bit different with some novel twists and turns and I would love to see where the author takes the story next

  5. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    Read and reviewed for Crystal's Many Reviewers

  6. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    I am a huge fan of the paranormal and always enjoy seeing different world building The blurb to this one had me interested immediately two people sharing a body but each individuals not twins AND a prophecy? I was excited to see what could be done with the different elements at play After finishing the story I feel completely let down and am wondering how exactly to articulate my personal issuesI still feel the basic premise had a lot of potential and I didn’t spot any glaring issues with misspelled words etc but the development across the board was deficient For me character development is a must regardless of whether there is a romantic element at play or not If there is a romantic element I also need to feel invested in the relationship The world building is always appreciated but I can easily enjoy a book without world building if I am invested in the characters andor the romance Sadly everything in this story felt so rushed and in its haste to progress the action forward the world building fell to the wayside; the characters were caricatures and simplistic; the romance was pretty much insta everything It didn’t take long for my overall interest in the plot to wither away There were a lot of untaken opportunities to delve into the characters’ thoughts and feelings to flesh them out give the reader insight to the bond forming between the protagonists and the world in which they live Had there been time spent creating dimensional characters and exploring their bond I may be feeling different about this book todayMitch enters into Claude and Isiah’s lives and they are immediately all drawn together Isiah and Claude being “mirror images” but not related was definitely different They are lovers and this turns a lot of people off because they are mistaken for identical twins and no one has ever been able to tell them apart which makes others uncomfortable at the thought of the intimate nature of their relationship Apparently there is a prophecy regarding the two of them that starts when they meet their “True One” Mitch is a human who can tell them apart immediately it seems this is one of the signs he is the not twins “True One” and offers them both eual love and isn’t grossed out by their relationship The readers don’t get to experience the characters as they get to know one another during the first month they are roommates; the story skips from Mitch moving in and having a boyfriend who of course is horrible and possessive and all the other bad traits a boyfriend can be to pretty much Mitch and his boyfriend breaking up and within seconds Mitch is claimed by Isiah and Claude as theirs and they are all in love Literally seconds Within minutes of that happening the three are attacked by Gabriel Enter Remi who now occupies Mitch’s body with him and BOOM all are bonded and in love The idea of Mitch sharing a body with Remi but them being two distinctly separate individuals could have been examined thoroughly but instead it was immediate acceptance by everyone in their group and on to the next obstacle From then on everything happens at break neck speed with no slowing down to actually explore the world and growing bond of the characters or the intentions of those that oppose the twins and their matesI won’t go into too much detail on the majority of the book but I will say there were twists galore and IMO not in a good way There was a lot of action but because the world building was so poor and the background of the MCs is never really described nearly everything that happens within the plot minus a few glaringly obvious items was pretty much a plot twist and it began to give me whiplashI really wanted to appreciate this book because at its core the idea had a lot of possibility Unfortunately this story fell short of what I expected and just didn’t click for me Though the concept was intriguing the execution lacked and I was left feeling rushed through the story and let downReviewed by Lindsey for The Novel Approach Reviews

  7. Morningstar Morningstar says:

    Book The Real YouAuthor NJ NielsenRating 4 starsI love the new and uniue take on the paranormal world that I’ve seen coming out lately Don’t get me wrong I still love the “norm” of shifters and vampires and such but when you find a story that gives it all a new twist count me in The Real You is a world that has vampires demons and all matters of preternatural beings living out and proud Each of the species has their own rules but also must live by the human laws as well Isiah Gillis and Claudius Reynar are vampires who are in need of a day warden since their cousin who by happenstance became theirs is trying to kill them They are also rud to be the prophecy come to be two men who not related but look identical Some are disgusted by them but what is worse is those that are out to kill them Mitch needs a place to live and he needs it fast Eric his friend and day warden to a vampire Daven needs help with Isiah and Claudius and the job comes with a place to live Its perfect for Mitch What none of them knew was that Mitch is the vampire pairs true one or that through someone trying to kill him he would be inhabited by a very powerful demon Remi I loved the beginning of the story with the trio finding each other but when Remi stepped into the story things got a little too much for me Not so much the story but with the writing I felt many times at one point that Remi was forgotten even though he shared Mitch’s body and also that Mitch accepted Remi sharing with a little too easily Now this could very well be the “true one” part playing a role but that wasn’t made clear I had some other issues with the dialogue and at one point I felt the story progressed a little too fast to allow for the development of this new relationship Like one of the vampire pair mentioned early on that they hoped Mitch could grow to love them so that lead me to believe it wasn’t a “fated mate” type storyline but within a very short amount of time I love you’s were being exchanged between all four men These are small things to some maybe bigger to others but they are all personal to me You may read this and not see or feel the same things that I did Give it a chance because it was a very good story with good character development and loveable characters I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

  8. Leaundra Leaundra says:

    Yeah too much goes on in here to explain everything I enjoyed it though

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