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Gloria: The Merlin and The Saint [Download] ➸ Gloria: The Merlin and The Saint ➿ Ann Chamberlin – Into the dark world of fifteenth century France occupied by English enemies and riven by civil war rides the glory of Joan of ArcAlthough only a peasant maid Jehanne of Lorraine has been foretold as L Into the dark world of fifteenth century Merlin and PDF/EPUB é France occupied by English enemies and riven by civil war rides the glory of Joan of ArcAlthough only a peasant maid Jehanne of Lorraine has been foretold as La Pucelle for centuries in the prophecies of Merlin The old magician's heir Yann is there to receive her when she comes Although he wears the habit of an Augustinian monk and goes by the name of confessor Jean Pasuerel Yann is a priest of the Old Religion of the Horned God of the Wood Using these ancient powers Gloria: The Epub / he will gather about him the thirteen members of a coven to break the curse set on the land by the slaughtered Templar Knights A current of shape shifting and deep earthly power runs beneath the warrior woman's well known victoriesAmong the coven members is the dark lord Gilles de Rais who sees the girl as his salvation in ways than one and fights at La Pucelle's side as she raises the siege of Orléans But Gilles' divided loyalties threaten the course of prophecy and magic Will Jehanne's gentle Dauphin ever be anointed in Rheims The Merlin and ePUB ´ And then how is he to provide the Sacrifice the old magic demands of the King who must die.

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  1. ``Laurie Henderson ``Laurie Henderson says:

    This book was sort of a hot mess for me I realize this was a work of Fantasy as well as the author's take on Joan of Arc and her era so I didn't expect an exact historical retelling of Joan's story but I had a few problems with the story nonetheless The male hero of this story was Gilles de Rais Yes you read that correctly Gilles de Rais better known as Bluebeard the medieval serial killer of about 150 little boys that he tortured and sacrificed to Satan This link should help acuaint you with the Sire de Rais if you're curious to know about him de Rais was Joan of Arc's personal bodyguard during her brief Army career that began with the miraculous raising of the siege of Orleans and which led to her being burned at the stake as a witch when captured by the English army Knowing what I know about Gilles I just couldn't get into the supposed love story between the saint and her bodyguard that the author endeavors to relate YUCKThe author's research has led her to believe that paganism was still rampant at this time in the Kingdom of France The Witch cult reuired the King of France to be sacrificed every 9 years for the good of the land and to ensure the fertility of the crops One way the King's could save their skins was to have a mock King ; someone the King would give seeming control of his government in exchange for being sacrificed in place of the KingThe author supposes that Joan of Arc was such a mock King for King Charles VII of France I've read of other instances in medieval history where this sort of sacrifice was suggested; such as St Thomas Becket being the mock King of King Henry II of England The King had elevated his good friend Thomas to the highest rank in the land as Archbishop of Canterbury but Becket changed his mind about being a sacrifice for the King once he had tasted power The rest is known to history and indicates there's no such thing as just 'saying no' to being sacrificed when the time arrivesNot a lot is known about the pre Christian pagans but Chamberlin attempts to bring this pagan religion to life as she tells the story of Joan and Gilles and the coven to which they belong engineering all of Joan's victories All of this is just a little too fantastic for me to be honest and borders on sheer horror as people are sacrificed willy nilly in the coven Since it's close to Halloween I suppose this would be a good time to read this book if you're interested in learning about Medieval witches Satanists and the ilk If the author's premise is correct about the sacrifice of the King I can well see why these King's converted to Christianity since such sacrifice was NOT demanded of them As with all horror stories I kept turning the pages in sheer terror and disgust at the goings on with the Witches but I can't recommend this book to anyone but the most dedicated readers of Fantasy fiction

  2. Morgiana Morgiana says:

    Gloria The Merlin and the Saint is the third novel in Chamberlin's Joan of Arc Tapestries series The premise of the series is that Joan actually was a witch and that her accomplishments were assisted by a coven of other witches The witchcraft here has something of a Celtic pagan feel to it not unlike Marion Zimmer Bradley's Avalon novelsWhile I have read the two previous books in this series there was such a long gap between then and now that I have forgotten many of the details As such my impressions of this volume will be somewhat different than those of a person who read them fairly close together It's probably not necessary to read the two previous books first since this is the one where the serious action begins and the first two are about Yann Gilles and young Joan or Jehanne I believe the first novel ends with her birth and she's a child in the second but don't take my word for it This one however begins with Jehanne at Chinon and ends with the Dauphin finally being crowned Chamberlin has enough material for at least one novel but I don't know if one is plannedThe story is told alternating between Yann and Gilles' perspectives although only Yann gets to narrate for himself Gilles by the way is none other than Gilles de Rais; this is one of the reasons why I wonder if Chamberlin will continue the series because his later exploits ought to be one hell of an interesting story in the world she has created Chamberlin always an excellent historical writer has done her research well and I like her portrayal of Jehanne a nice blend of holy crazy wise and magical I've always liked her novels and this is no exception

  3. T.W. Fendley T.W. Fendley says:

    To be fair this probably deserves a 5 star rating for its excellent weaving of history with fiction For whatever reason I could not stay in the story but I think my mind kept wanting something straightforward Plus I've been listening to audiobooks than reading and reading on my iPad than paper books since I read at night So all those reasons conspired to make it less likely for me to pick up this one even though I liked the storyThis is definitely a great book for Celtic fans and those who like to take a what if look at history

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