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Building a Home Harrington Hills #2 ❰PDF❯ ✅ Building a Home Harrington Hills #2 Author Megan Linden – Dating a younger guy wasn’t anywhere in Zack’s plans but can he ignore the instincts of his wolfZack Harrington noticed David Dewitt the first time the guy showed up in Harrington Hills but their Dating a younger guy Home Harrington Epub á wasn’t anywhere in Zack’s plans but can he ignore the instincts of his wolfZack Harrington noticed David Dewitt the first time the guy showed up in Harrington Hills but their first meeting was far from perfect A few months later Zack still can’t forget about him and now when the two of them belong to the same pack their paths cross Building a PDF/EPUB ² even The problem is David is barely twenty two and Zack still remembers how stupid he was at that ageDavid knows he’s young but he’s tired of hearing about it all the time He’s not a kid and he hates being treated like one even—or especially—by the hot deputy sheriff But as they get to know each other better and the sparks between them turn hotter a Home Harrington PDF É David’s willing to leave that behindCan they move past the age difference and their own personal hang upsOr will they ultimately fall into a trap of miscommunication and hiding Pre order Date th August Available exclusively to Pride Publishing th September General Release Date th October .

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  1. Ann Ann says:

    I really like this series and being that it’s been almost a year since I read the first one Leading Me Home and I still remember it clearly well that’s the sign of a good story and a great start to a new series Building a Home is a uality addition and the ending made me anxious for the next Harrington Hills story I loved David all to pieces and remember him well from Leading Me Home even though he only made a brief appearance His appearance was a teaser for this one and I really needed to see how the stoic Deputy Sheriff Zack and David become a thing I liked the ride for the most part my only issue was with “the issue” Both David and Zack are young both in their twenties but there is an eight year age difference And while I get the difference between early 20’s and late 20’s can be big that didn’t really apply here as David is not your typical 22 year old He’s obviously mature than most he owns his own business already and supports himself He and his brother are very close and his older brother Charlie took guardianship of him when their parents died and the two have basically grown up together Charlie is very protective and sometimes treats David like a kid Understandable But when Zack starts doing the same David is not a happy dude Thing is Zack doesn’t really have the right to He was a shitheel of a teenager rebelling and being a general pain in the ass So Zack projects his own immaturity from his youth onto David and basically spends his time with David banging and without David a miserable mess in his own head second guessing everything He wants to push David away because he’s “too young” which is total BS and frankly it pissed me off Thankfully Zack has his cousin Taylor to talk some sense into him and enlighten his ridiculous thinking I only wished it would have happened sooner At the 75% mark there was ‘the misunderstanding’ that was the catalyst for Zack getting his shit together but I made a note in my Kindle “this fucker better do some serious groveling for the next 25%” And he did BUT I wanted There wasn’t enough time at the end for me to get into these two as a couple I think I was spoiled by the relationship between Kevin and Taylor in the Leading Me Home They were friends first for a long time and it was obvious they were meant to be together For David and Zack I didn’t get the same feel They had the obvious wolf lust but I wanted of them together without the age battle so I could get a feel for Zack as a fully fleshed out character I liked vs one that was defined by his own angst I’m hoping they make an appearance in the 3rd book because a little distance from the drama and a little bit of them together just enjoying each other would be a total treat I can’t wait to read Book 3 though the author is really good about setting up the next story She works the setup seamlessly into the current book so there’s just enough of tease to have me hooked but not too much to be a distraction a copy of this story was provided for an honest review

  2. Teleseparatist Teleseparatist says:

    So here I am back again reading about adorable gay werewolves As always it's a fun escapist read with some nice characterisation and moments of genuine emotion And really interesting world building I'm enjoying every glimpse of the community that Megan Linden writes into these books and I wish she'd give us even of it backstory and background and small town feel But most of all it's just all around cute and fluffy in a good way Obligatory disclaimer The author is a friend but my opinions are my own

  3. Ami Ami says:

    25 starsMaybe it was my mood I just finished crying bucket load of tears over a SteveBucky fan fic so this came to me as pale in comparison in terms of emotion and conflict I have never really been into the whole age gap anxiety when one of the characters is ONLY 30 years old When I was 30 I didn't think that the early were THAT young I guess that's why this one came to me as MEH

  4. Natosha Wilson Natosha Wilson says:

    I love shifter stories In most stories about shifters they are far in the paranormal realm but this one was not and that is what I liked about it There was real world issues in this book so even though it is a shifter book it was on a believable scaleZach was attracted to David from the moment he met him But he fought that attraction like he never has before It had nothing to do with worrying the pack would not except it or the fact that he works for the police department but rather because of the 8 year difference in age between themDavid is 22 years old but he is not like normal 22 year olds He is mature for his age and he already owns his own company doing construction work David is used to it being just him and his older brother Charlie since their parents are both dead Charlie raised David and feels responsibile for him and Charlie having a hard time letting go now that David is older He still sees him as his responsibility and his younger brother instead of his younger brother who is now an adultAs I said this book dealt with real world issues age being the main one I like how Megan Linden took this book that has a paranormal aspect to it but also made it relatable to readers as being an issue that some people may have to deal with That made this book so much better Megan Linden did an awesome job and I cannot wait till the next book in this series comes outWas given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

  5. Jessie G. Jessie G. says:

    I love when I get all the available books in a series immediately Anticipation can be nice sure but being able to stay in that author's world is better In this second book we meet Zack Taylor's cousin and deputy sheriff in Harrington Hills He's seen the hot new contractor David Dewitt and though the attraction is strong he's determined to keep his distanceThere was an age issue in this book that was a bit of a stretch considering both men were under 30 But Zack had built up the 8 year gap as huge and kept looking for ways to prove that beyond building a successful construction business David was really just an irresponsible kid That he wanted desperately For his part David was used to be treated like a kid and hated it but never so than when Zack started doing it The conflicting signals from Zack didn't keep them from falling into bed the first time and the understanding that it was casual didn't keep them from seeking each other out time and again and even with the growing emotions between them Zack still manages to be a complete idiot when it matters the most I was proud of David for sticking up for himself and not letting Zack get away with itStill he's too likable to be mad at for long and he acknowledges that the age thing is all in his head so I was happy with the HEA But reader be warned You'll want to throttle Zack often than not

  6. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

    Building a Home is the second book in the Harrington Hills series and we return to see Mom A Mom B Taylor Kevin Zack and the rest of the brilliant characters from book 1 David first appeared in book 1 when he was able to save the wedding day preparations Zack showed an interest then but as it was Taylor and Kevin's book nothing further happened It's happening now There is an 8 year difference in Zack and David's ages and it is something that both of them have issues with for different reasons These two are so good together I was chomping at the bit for them to resolve their differences Luckily Taylor is there to give Zack some advice and helps them along the way This was a wonderful book with only minor angst needed to keep the story moving It was extremely well written with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow An excellent addition to the series and I can't wait for A copy of this book was provided to me with no reuirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

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