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Southern Whiskey ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Southern Whiskey By Morgan Shaw ✓ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk When two gay country stars tug on each others' heartstrings it's time to face the music“I need to tell someone what happened”Shy musician Eli Clay's problems are piling up He's part of a musical d When two gay country stars tug on each others' heartstrings it's time to face the music“I need to tell someone what happened”Shy musician Eli Clay's problems are piling up He's part of a musical duo with his best friend Jessie the only person who knows he's actually gay He can't come out to his parents and his manager is out of the uestion too He could lose his contract if he admitted he likes guys But that's not the only problem Eli slept with someone and that someone might just be Jessie's ex boyfriend The regret is eating him alive and he doesn't know who to confide in That is until he meets his musical idol Austin Moon“I want to get over him”Sexy talented and the perfect catch Austin Moon has everything going for him Except for his messed up love life He keeps his love close to his heart always wearing the dog tags of his once lover Miles who died in combat Austin's music career is going places and he knows he can make it big but his manager Ajax thinks he needs someone else on his team Enter Eli Clay“I can make it all better”When the two young musicians are thrown together in a hot summer of love they can't resist temptation and the strong pull they feel towards each other They'll have to go up against a homophobic manager an angry best friend and a love that could break both of their hearts But in the end it will all be worth it Southern Whiskey is a steamy standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

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  • 200 pages
  • Southern Whiskey
  • Morgan Shaw
  • English
  • 09 June 2016

About the Author: Morgan Shaw

Morgan Shaw is a something author living in the South When she’s not writing drop dead gorgeous gay alpha males she enjoys spending time with her hubby and two labradors.

10 thoughts on “Southern Whiskey

  1. ~Kristin~ ~Kristin~ says:

    No rating DNF 48%This was a KU that sounded interesting however the execution just didn't work for me I think the idea of this book two sexy country music stars could be super hotbummer this one just wasn't working for me

  2. Julie Julie says:

    I'm not sure where to even start with this one I really hate leaving bad reviews but unfortunately this book was just not my cup of tea I found every single character except for Austin to be completely unlikeable With all of the constant cheating and backstabbing going on in this book it didn't really leave much room for romance There were a few spelling errors and cases where someone's name was swapped with someone else's ex they said Austin instead of Ajax a couple times but that didn't bother me too much At the beginning when Jessie finds out Eli slept with her ex boyfriend Alex they mention that it was in a letter but at the end of the chapter Eli texts Jessie to ask who told her umm I think we already heard that Alex wrote her a letter?? I was confused as to why he even had to ask Then later Jessie asks Alex to come and stay with her at her new girlfriend's house and the girlfriend says yes?? Sorry but I'm not buying that I understand that we needed to probably have conflict with Alex coming back but it just didn't seem realistic to me The thing that REALLY turned me off was how Eli view spoiler cheated on Austin twice with Alex and Austin didn't even care and just shrugged it off right away Then Jessie sleeps with Alex IN HER GF'S HOUSE and gets forgiven right away too Wtf? No hide spoiler

  3. **Elle**Bee**Double U** **Elle**Bee**Double U** says:

    I received an ARC for an honest reviewThis story was a bit all over the place There were times I would have to go back and reread a paragraph because there were very rough transitions between the now and past for instance when she would have a character recall something that happened the night previously There was a jumble of names that I was all the time getting confused who was who and connected to who It also didn't help that there were so many times the author even got the names mixed up There is absolutely no way you can convince me that these characters can have working relationships Austin uses alcohol to drown out his problems and constantly seems drunk during the entire book Eli can't seem to make up his mind who he wants to be with and cheated on Austin twice with Alex Jazz is just like Austin and always drinking her problems away as well as pushing away anyone who could care for her Jessie is a hypocrite and cheater as well But to do it in your own girlfriends house?NopeNot HappeningI'm uite shocked these characters get to where they are and as successful as they are I really wanted to like this story With that being said I did like parts of the bookstory line for instance how Ajax was basically Austin's adoptive dad and took care of him even if he was a bit standoffish and rudeI do really wish the author would've gone a bit into the story of Austin and Miles We kind of got a general idea of what happened between them but not anything like we did with the history of Eli and Alex

  4. AnessaRenee Reviews AnessaRenee Reviews says:

    This was a drama packed book So engines that is not my thing but I think the author did a great job of making all the angst and drama work well in this book Even some of the characters that I didn't really like made me want to keep reading There is cheating in this book which I hate in any circumstance but like I said before the drama is what makes this books what it is There were moments I just wanted to slap certain characters and snap them out of the craziness or have a talk with them and tell them they were better than that But after it is all said and done this book was very entertaining and has a nice flow I'm not big on mm books but the author knows how to keep you going No spoilers from me so you must read to find out what happens with these hotties and all the other characters that add to this story

  5. Barbara Ingram Barbara Ingram says:

    4 Lots of Angst StarsThis is my first book by Morgan Shaw and it was a good read but very angsty and emotional I felt there were so many obstacles keeping Eli and Austin apart I was worried they would not get their HEA But never fear readers they do I really felt the passionate feelings between Eli and Austin The writer had really well developed characters and a the story was uniue enough to keep my attention I will be looking for from Morgan ShawARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    Gave this up at 38% because it was very poorly written and the writing style and formatting choice was jumping all over the place and not easy to read at allThe idea of the book had some real promise but within the first couple of chapters it became obvious I was going to massively dislike pretty much everyone in itNot enough laying the groundwork a confused and mixed up introduction to the MCs and littered with editing mistakes

  7. Elizabeth holmes Elizabeth holmes says:

    I loved this MM romance The plot was great and the way the characters developed was nothing short of brilliant I had to read this book in a oner Once all the twists have passed there is a great HEA I believe this book deserves 5 stars

  8. Lynsey Goddard ❤ Lynsey Goddard ❤ says:

    This story had all the makings of a good MM book but unfortunately it lost it in too many places for me and I read most of the book in confusion to be totally honest I nearly DNF'd but I stuck with it in the hope that it improved There was character name confusion was he Eli Alex or Austin was he talking to Eli Alex or Austin scenes jumping around from pillar to post and just generally a badly edited book Morgan kindly contacted me to review as she felt it was similar to another MM I had previously reviewed I feel for Morgan because with the right team behind her she could have had a decent book on her hands I'm not sure who she uses to beta and edit but before release this book needed a lot workEli could have been stronger he just needed a few tweaks here and there Alex and Jazz could have been left out and only ever mentioned and not in the book and Jessie well she just needed to be a friend What I did like about the book Austin he was a good solid character he had lots of potential I think this should have been his book rather then EliI'm not an author I can't imagine how hard it is to write a book personally I think with a little neutering and a few re writes here and there this could be a good book for MM fans but right now I sense there will be disappointment for Morgan

  9. Nina DuBois Nina DuBois says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSouthern Whiskey was one crazy ride I read it in one sitting and had to laugh when I was done I will say I was uite enthralled with all the dramaAustin was probably my favorite part about this book He was such a genuinely loving and caring person He never got angry with Eli even when he should have and had every right to be He was somewhat fragile after everything that happened with Miles I liked that he took a risk with Eli anyways Ajax was also very awesome and I loved that he was like this father figure for Austin Their relationship was really great and added to Austin's character Jazz is in no way a lovable character but I respected her loyalty to Austin No matter what drama surrounded them they were always to talk to each other when they had problems Needless to say they had a very uncanny friendship What initially drew me to this book was that it centered around two gay country singers and I think Morgan definitely delivered on thatSo now I had uite a bit of issue with this book Now I could care less about cheating in a book it happens and I know I'm reading fiction so it doesn't bother me There was a lot of cheating in this book and it caused me to dislike most of the characters Eli drove me crazy I didn't like that he kept so many secrets from Austin and would lie straight to his face Especially over still being in love with Alex his best friends ex Jessie was the worse character in this entire book I get that she's upset and feels betrayed but she acted like a 12 year old throughout the entire book and it was frustrating and adding unnecessary drama I shamelessly will say that I sucked up every second of drama in this book so call me a hypocrite I think if Jessie and Alex weren't factors in this book I would have enjoyed it a lot I that Austin may been a bit underdeveloped I wanted to get in depth look at his relationship with Miles but I loved him nonethelessSouthern Whiskey was entertaining to say the least It has it issues but I read through it so uickly and easily that it didn't bother to the point that I had to put it down MM romance is not like most romance that we read but I did enjoy it

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book started off so great I had very high hopes it would keep it's momentum But sometimes what goes up must come down I know there is a wonderful book in this it just needs some time and help from others to draw it out While this is an insta love story it's not too insta They have an attraction test the waters a little to see if the other is open to And they build from there But it is still instaThe book needed an editor for many reasons First the transitions from person to person thought to thought sentence to sentence scene to scene didn't work for me I wasn't always sure who was speaking and that's due to the layout of the sentences Second the spell checkgrammar etc needed another read through I did not like in any way Jessie She was just a bitch in my opinion I did not understand in any way how she stayed with Alex even though she though he was cheating on her and Eli says she knew it was with him but didn't kick him out seemed heartbroken when he left town and seemed to be angry with Eli yet his friend all at the same time And how did Jessie become bisexual? That came from out of nowhere You can't do that Eli and Austin are a cute couple and if it were not for all the drama they fill their lives with they could have had a HEA much earlier than they did I think they both have a drinking problem I also think that they don't know how to stand up for themselves How could they tolerate Jazz and Ajax and Richard and Jessie acting the way they do put them through what they did and yet still talk to these people as if nothing happened? They go from friends to enemies to friends with seemingly no discussion in between to show how that happenedThe plot became just a little too out there for me I didn't believe anything I read could actually happen the way it did I really hope the author takes another look at this book and gets others to do the same to re work this book so it can shine like I know it can

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