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  • Kindle Edition
  • 275 pages
  • Dionysus (Greek God Romance, #1)
  • Alicia Wolfe
  • English
  • 27 May 2015

5 thoughts on “Dionysus (Greek God Romance, #1)

  1. Dominique Dominique says:

    This could have been so much Rebecca needs a new start and she thinks that new start is in Chicago But an empty gas tank along an empty wallet force her to stop in Olympus Indiana where the Greek gods now liveI've been doing a lot of research on Dionysus lately and wanted to read a work of fiction about him instead of all the non fiction stuff I had been reading While I thought the premise of this book was interesting when I read the summary the execution left a lot to be desiredThe grammar issues I had with this book1 The switching tenses This book was largely written in the past tense but there was at one point an entire paragraph written in the present tense I don't know if this was deliberate or not but it was jarring to read2 There were several grammar mistakes including a comma in the wrong spot and one instance of the author using you're instead of yourDialogue1 There was a conversation Hera was having and it was unclear to me at one point who she was talking to2 There were several stretches of lengthy dialogue where I lost track of who was saying what It would have been nice to get periodic reminders of which pieces of dialogue belonged to which characterStyle1 Writers often hear this particular phrase Show don't tell In this book there was a lot of telling rather than showing There were several places where the author is essentially giving you background information that really took me out of the storyThe most positive thing that I can say about this story is that the author did her research on the Greek gods I did like that she integrated a lot of the tales associated with Dionysus in this book

  2. Book-bean Book-bean says:

    I really enjoyed this book it was listed as a stand alone novel but the world that Alicia has created has such opportunities to be a series where we can find out about the other characters Please do another one

  3. Creslin Creslin says:

    An enjoyable read with loads of witty replies and funny and relatable characters even if they are godsEspecially because they are gods? I mean wouldn't you have some issues to resolve if you where immortal? At least these peoplegods? ugh hang on better than most of the people I know Really nice take to mythology on present time Light and cute read with a little twist here and there Loved the back and forth between the characters and especially the dialogue style of writing the book has it was refreshing

  4. CrazyColorfulRoan CrazyColorfulRoan says:

    I'm sorry it's a NO for me I can't finish this book I'm halfway already but I really can't go on any And I don't plan on coming back to pick this upI'm intrigued about this book because HELLO GREEK MYTHOLOGY But I'm disappointedThr Grammatical Errors the Style I can't ride it 😭πŸ˜₯It's not the story it's the way how this is written

  5. ☘ Lily ☘ ☘ Lily ☘ says:

    You know what this is my highest rated book that got the lowest average rating in GR I remember that I really love this series and kinda excited to learn about this small town in Illinois but guess what? THERE IS NO CONTINUATION AS OF THIS DATE WHAT?

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Dionysus (Greek God Romance, #1)✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Dionysus (Greek God Romance, #1) By Alicia Wolfe ❀ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Olympus a town nestled in Illinois housing all the Greek gods and goddesses relocated from Mount Olympus Some gods and goddesses are exactly how they are portrayed in mythology some are anything but E Olympus a town nestled in Illinois housing all the Greek gods and goddesses relocated from Mount Olympus Some gods and goddesses are exactly how they are portrayed in mythology some are anything but Enter at your own risk Rebecca lived a life on the road traveling from town to town While heading through the Midwest towards Chicago she is forced to make a pit stop in a town named Olympus Lured in by the peculiarities of Hermes Gas Station and compelled to stay due to the upsetting revelation that she is out of money she accepts a job at the local bar where she meets Dionysus god of wine and fertility Rebecca makes Olympus her home and falls for the debonair and always witty Dionysus while she learns about the other gods and goddesses and often than not she learns too much Unfortunately Rebecca grabs the attention of Hera who hates her stepchild Dionysus Looking to destroy him once in one of her malevolent grandiose schemes Hera seeks the Minotaur a creature of legend and myth to kill Rebecca Can she survive in the godly town of Olympus with its idiosyncratic denizens Will her and Dionysus make a life together or will his past get in the way A complete stand alone novel Can be enjoyed all by its lonesome.