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  • 01 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Salted Caramel (Beans Coffee, #1)

  1. Otterpuss Otterpuss says:

    This is written in the first person which isn't generally a style I enjoy Unfortunate this book wasn't the exception to thatThe writing is choppy and kinda all over the place Tony What was that all about?Max calling Adam 'kid' every time they speak to each other gets really old really fast Or 'coffee lover' or 'bad boy' ick in fact anything other than 'Adam'That and the winkingThere's so much winking going on that to the outsider it must look like some sort of weird secret coded language There are mistakes too At one point Max puts his hand on Adam's knee and then in the next sentence Adam wishes Max would put his hand on his kneeThe sex is boring and badly written with little or no foreplay but there are magical condoms that appear from nowhere when needed although there is no talk of lube or prep The writing is juvenile and the character are one dimensional and lack depth It's all so dramatic it's like a bad soap opera I started skipping at 40% tried to stick it out but just couldn't read any so DNF at 65%ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  2. Cee Brown Cee Brown says:

    •´¸★´¨ ¸•¨¸★¨¸¸•`★¤A recipe born out of commitment¤★¨¸¸ˑ˞★ Life is short Life can be bitter But if you put a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee it might just change your perspective The start of a new series aptly titled Beans Coffee Salted Caramel places the cafe on the map when long suffering owner Maxwell hires university student Adam as barista and the younger man turned Maxwell's life and his shop on its ears with his creation The intensity between these two are awesome The past doesn't make us The present shapes us the future gives us hope Not just a story about falling in love it was a story of trust betrayal heartbreak and finding oneself A deeply private guy Maxwell was hurt by his former lover and found it hard to be open Denying his true self kept him in control Adam was open free as a bird He refused to live in a closet and was the best person to draw Maxwell out With nosy friends and co workers pushing them a dog who adopted them a mother who thought it was her way or the highway Maxwell and Adam had a long road ahead of them ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Lovingbooks1 Lovingbooks1 says:

    Much dramaI liked the book but I could have loved it if it didn't feel like the author tried to fill it to much drama the characters had to many issues for my likingBut the book was sweet and the storyline in itself was good and the characters was described okayThe writing style is easy so the story was uick to readIt's a 35 stars but I'm marking it at 4 because even though I'm not all over the top for this book maybe others are

  4. Adiehardbearfan Da bears Adiehardbearfan Da bears says:

    This is the second book I have read from this author I'm enjoying her writing style and how much her book pulls you into the storyAdam Prescott was looking for a job that will help him pay for school so he didn't have to beg his family for help He applies for a job at Beans which he seems to spend most of his time in anyway so why not get paid to be there He is interviewed by Maxwell Lyons who obviously is sexy as sin and he immediately crushes on the store's ownerMaxwell Lyons doesn't seem to believe love is in the plan for him He has secrets that he believes will push anyone he falls for away because it happened with Tony But the moment he lays eyes on Adam he is immediately smitten Hey if he can grow a boner from hugging Adam then it's obviously trueThese two go through a roller coaster of drama because neither wants to open up and share their secrets One's scared of being rejected the other's scared of being pitied Both are truly made for each other they just have to figure out how to meet in the middleA sweet love story worth your time to readI received an ARC for an honest review

  5. Elaine Elaine says:

    I received for an honest reviewMaxwell owned the coffee shop that Adam spent most of his time and needed a job and when he applied there was an instant attractionBoth had secrets and both tried to keep it to themselves until things got in the wayCan they make it work?A great book Love a good cup of joe

  6. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    Adjectives and adverbs ahoy glare at him incredulouslyMax laughs jokinglyhe asks in a deliciously deep voice that reminds me of dark molten chocolatehis lips molding into a hearty smile as he absorbs my reaction to the wafting scentI inhale another whiff of the comforting scent before I drink with gusto nearly burning my tongue on the scalding hot liuid A lot of sentences in that vein Then we've got just the plain nonsensical stuff He really is a dick no pun intended I really don't understand that What pun? Where is the pun? We've breached the subject of my friendsI start feeling kind of dizzy and light hearted'I don't like people getting too close to me I'm worried they'll find out too much about me' 'I wasn't trying to break down your walls' I tell him uietly 'I was just trying to get to know you' Max tells a group of people including Adam's friends that he's just recently met that they're the closest thing he has to family Likenot weird At all Adam is a student filmmaker and his big project ends up being a film on Max's dad who's suffering from Alzheimer's Well he films this whole documentary style film and submits it to a review board for something or other then shows it to Max and their friends and there are tears and yadda yadda and I'm sitting here going Ummmpretty sure that's not legalSee there's such a thing as a media release form And since Max's dad would be considered incompetent that release form would need to be signed by Max Even if Max would never in a million years consider suing Adam for the film there's no way Adam's school would have accepted the entry without one and it's also fairly unlikely that the home Max's dad resided in would have allowed Adam in to film without such a consent form I hate it when authors write about shit they don't know

  7. Pam Kay Pam Kay says:

    I was given this novel in exchange for a honest review so here it itThis was a great story of life and love between two amazing men The story line was strong and the characters were well developed and amazing Two men who were strong in their own way struggling with a past that kept them closed up not opening to one another Max had finally broken up his relationship of 2 years with his ex Someone he loved that couldn't admit that he was gay for Max Max owned the coffee cafe called Beans He was struggling with the fact that he might lose the cafe due to the loan he made initially He hired a new barista Adam who was a customer everyday and was a student at NYU Adam needed the money for tuition so he decided to apply When Max met Adam it was an attraction he couldn't deny Sparks flew the sex was Hot but neither could really open up to each other and see it for what it was As Max continued to push Adam away their relationship was definitely strained but the love that was building between the two seemed to knock down those walls of doubt This was a beautiful love story that overcame all the obstacles of life and family The two men complimented each other in every way even helping each other mend the fences of family Adam was given a chance to work on a film in London and Max urged him to goOnly 6 months which became When Adam is contacted by his mother about his father's death he started to understand what really happened with his motherwho she really was Max and Adam soulmates forever love Enjoyed this story immensely Life is never easy but love can show you the wayGreat Story

  8. Sara MacRae Sara MacRae says:

    Beans is a warm comforting blanket to the primary and secondary characters in this sweet MM romance The two main characters Adam and Max both have their own in depth storylines and each of their characters are fully explored by author Morgan Shaw Shaw also gets kudos for creating a solid cast of supporting characters – wouldn’t be surprised if one or of them show up in a future story of their ownA jaw dropping story twist related to Adam’s family dynamics towards the end fuses both surprise and inexplicable acceptable and understanding on than one count to the storyline Max keeps his father’s health condition a secret from Adam and all of his friends and colleagues even though he really shouldn’t have or wouldn’t have needed to all things considered Regardless this secret – and his actions surrounding it – almost leads to him losing Beans Max and Adam endure their fair share of self imposed angst yet they figure out how to resolve underlying issues – Max’s impending loan payoff and Adam’s attempts to pay for college – while working through their personal and relationship insecurities to arrive at their HEA These two are good guys deep down who belong together and together through help from their friends grow into a strong couple This book promises an entertaining story with new plot twists not the same old story enjoyable main characters strong secondary characters delicious coffee and a dog

  9. Read Read says:

    A sweet romance with interesting main and supporting characters Max owns Beans the coffee shop at the center of the story Adam needs money to pay for film school so he applies for a job at Beans There is an instant attraction between Max and Adam which becomes the main story There is a lot of bouncing back and forth between Max Adam pushing each other away for what I consider artificially inflated crises For example Max worries if Adam will still want him when he finds out about his Father who is in an institution due to his dementia That is just not a reason you leave someone you love Adam worries about Max not accepting him because his family rejected him when he admitted he was gay Again Max is also gay so why would that be a reason to drop someone you love?However behind all this is a sweet romance friendship friends that become family and good coffee There is an interesting twist near the end And a wonderful HEA with no cliffhanger I think there are supposed to be other books set in the Beans world and I look forward to reading themI received this book free for an honest review

  10. Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog) Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog) says:

    Salted Caramel is a wonderful story of passion and love Max and Adam meet at Beans the coffee shop Adam has been a regular at for awhile but is now applying for a job at and Max is the owner and interviewer Their attraction is immediate but their relationship doesn't happen immediately They become friends first and flirt the whole time The sexual tension is pretty thick When they finally give in it's pretty sexy But Max runs away from his feelings and Adam is hurt of course They work their way back to each other with help from an adorable abandoned puppy named Aslan I think Aslan is actually my favorite character in Salted Caramel There are many obstacles to Max and Adam being happy together Max's tendency to shut down and run away Adam's obnoxious mother and Adam ending up leaving the country for a job But in the end they get their HEA and it's pretty sweet The whole book is sweet and sexy and well written The supporting characters too are great and I hope there are books coming for them I received an ARC for an honest review

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Salted Caramel (Beans Coffee, #1)➮ [Read] ➪ Salted Caramel (Beans Coffee, #1) By Morgan Shaw ➺ – He tastes like coffee strong sweet and so very decadent “I've been carrying this secret my whole life”Sexy ripped and successful coffee shop owner Maxwell Lyons is in trouble Unbeknownst to anyone He tastes like coffee strong sweet and so very decadent “I've been carrying this secret my whole life”Sexy ripped and successful coffee shop owner Maxwell Lyons is in trouble Unbeknownst to anyone Max's coffee shop Beans is in big debt and if he can't pay off the loan to his bank everyone's favorite Brooklyn café could go under As the drama unfolds Max falls in love with Adam his newest employee and the man who could change his outlook on everything he's ever known making him finally tell the truth“I will show you how beautiful the world is”Geeky film major Adam Prescott doesn't even know how good looking he is Working in his favorite hangout place Beans might be the way to get over his parents not accepting him after he comes out of the closet An even better way A frolic between the sheets with Beans' owner devilishly handsome Max Lyons Adam's heart of gold longs to make Max feel whole again and he might just make it happen with the help of an adorable Labrador puppy that is“Puppy love has never been sweeter”Adam and Max fall in love slowly but deeply But Max's secrets and Adam's family's disapproval might just keep them apart And there is also the case of Max's old lover who wants the coffee enthusiast all to himself But with the help of a sweet sandy colored pup and a stunning uirky girl with everchanging hair colors they might just make it work Salted Caramel is a steamy standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangerThis book is part of a series with interconnected characters Beans Coffee.

About the Author: Morgan Shaw

Morgan Shaw is a something author living in the South When she’s not writing drop dead gorgeous gay alpha males she enjoys spending time with her hubby and two labradors.