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Record Love [Download] ➸ Record Love ➿ Hayden Hunt – There are feelings between us that I want to deny For years now I have neglected my friendships and romantic relationships in pursuit of my ultimate goal to make it as a recording artist Music is my p There are feelings between us that I want to deny For years now I have neglected my friendships and romantic relationships in pursuit of my ultimate goal to make it as a recording artist Music is my passion and the only thing I want in life is to succeed in it At least I thought it was the only thing I wanted But then I meet him Mason is just easy to be around And since he owns his own record label he might finally be the ticket to getting in the music industry Even though he's a bit older than me I genuinely feel like we could be good friends Yeah that's right just friends Because we couldn't be than that I'm straight Aren't I Caleb is great but he's too young for me Caleb might be sweet cute and incredibly talented but he's not for me He can't be I've dated too many younger men to know it just doesn't work I need someone who is going to be in the same place in life as I am And he seems to be straight anyway though you wouldn't know it by the way he keeps looking at me I'll help him record his new album and I'll be a mentor to him but that's it That's as far as things can go Except I can't shake the nagging feel that if I let him go I'll be saying goodbye to my soul mate This standalone gay for you novel comes complete with a HEA ending.

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  1. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    to self this author apparently repurposes their own books double dipping in MM FF and even MF taking the same story and changing names pronouns and anatomy Author also writes as Edie Bryant and Aimee Alesi

  2. Julie Julie says:

    This was the first book I've read by Hayden Hunt and I ended up liking it It was a really uick read for me and I read it all in one sitting I really liked the idea of a waiter getting his dream to become a recording artist while falling for his boss Forbidden romances are some of my favorites This would probably be considered a GFY gay for you romance and it also of a slow burn rather than them jumping each other at the very beginning I LOVED Mason's grandmother Mary she was probably my absolute favorite I can't help it I love spunky older relatives I will say that I wish we got to see a little of Caleb actually getting to follow his dream but other than that I really enjoyed this one Caleb also made me want to shake him because of his flip flopping too I received an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

  3. Isabella ~Mikku-chan~ Isabella ~Mikku-chan~ says:

    A sweet book but a bit rushed and a few things were a bit weird at the end Although I likes Mason and Caleb both guys developed their love a bit fast and I wished there was a bit depth It's not a bad book so I can give full 4 stars

  4. Grayce Connors Grayce Connors says:

    This is supposed to be a MayDecember romance between a mature record executive and a young hungry musician Look again at the cover The executive pictured on the left actually looks younger than the musician on the right This alone should tell you everything about Hunt's choices and attention to detail Save your money and put it in a homeless guy's cup where it will actually do some good instead of encouraging the production of drek such as this

  5. John E John E says:

    LOVED it uick read Good characters Weepyhappy ending

  6. Cee Brown Cee Brown says:

    ´¨✫¸•´¸•´¨✯ ¸•45 stars on a sweet love storyYeah yeah I know a lot of you are saying ANOTHER one Well let me tell you Some days all you need is sugary sweet insta love I enjoyed the heck out of this novel because there was a lesson learnt that even I needed to remember When one of his favorite customers needed CPR Caleb budding musician and restaurant server never thought that his dreams would come true All he knew was Mary was his favorite person in the world and he had to save her Later meeting Mary's grandson Caleb thought the man was asking him out making Caleb even embarrassed Mason knew he had to say thank you to the man who saved his grandmother Offering Caleb a chance to recognize his dreams the owner of a recording studio thought he could handle the attraction he felt for Caleb Unfortunately even though his heart wanted something there was the little fact that Caleb was in fact straight Recording LoveMary plays match maker regardless and the seeds are planted Now Caleb is looking at Mason in a different light and wondering just why he has feelings for another man Through thick and thin the men navigate love doubts and the need to be true They are there for one another when tragedy strikes again and finds that it takes than acceptance to find the love that they were searching for ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewReviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club

  7. Kendra T Kendra T says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI was pleasantly surprised by this book As I started reading it I wasn't too sure because it seemed like they got together too uickly and frankly Caleb annoyed me with his waffling back and forth I don't like mendamn he is sexyI love himI shouldn't settled down what if there are other guys out there UGHNo I was right I love him I get it This was his first experience with a man and his first real love He talked about how young he is but reallyhe was 25 He was old enough He may not have been very experienced but he wasn't young Not by a long shot So that annoyed me In his heart though he was a good guy He was just what Mason needed and Mason was just what he neededSo if I have a big paragraph about how annoyed I was with this why 4 stars? Because I just ADORED Mason and Grandma Mary Mason was so sweet and adorable His chemistry with Caleb was electrifying and they really were great together Mary was the absolute best I loved her meddling in a good way she just knew they would be ideal for each other and she was right The epilogue got me right in the gut I was just chopping onionsI wasn't teary from the book Nope Totally onions lol I do wish we had a bit insight into how things worked out for Caleb with his career but overall having an HEA with these guys was wonderful

  8. Pam Kay Pam Kay says:

    Beautiful discovery of oneself that turns the world upside down Jacob has been wanting to become a recording star for years now Working in a diner as a waiter he has really been putting his social life on hold as his focus remains on his music A little old lady named Mary a patron in the diner has become his friend someone he has been able to really talk to and has been trying to get Jacob with her grandson Mason Jacob is straight at least he likes women not men When Mary has a heart attack he meets the one and only Mason The chemistry between them is strong and Jacob is extremely confused because he doesn't like men at least not romantically Mason has his own recording business When he heard Jacob on You Tube at the hospital with the three of them he wants Jacob to come in and record a dream come true for Jacob Mason is extremely taken in by Jacob but he knows he is straight This is a powerful journey of these two men finding each other and Jacob finding who he really is Jacob struggles with their relationship even at the point of breakup Is their love for each other strong enough for forever? Mary Mason's grandmother seems to think so Then life happens Loved this book Strong story line with emotions love Hot Sex The characters are well developed A straight to gay romance that will keep you wanting for

  9. Patricia Hoffstaetter Patricia Hoffstaetter says:

    This is a heartwarming and interesting book to read and I really enjoyed reading it The story covers two men and their journey to love and happiness Caleb is a waiter who dreams of becoming a recording singerartist A elderly friend Mary has a heart attack where he is working and after she is taken to hospital he decides to visit her and meets Mason whom Mary is trying her best to set Caleb up with Mason owns a record label and asks for a demo from Caleb now this is where the story becomes interesting What you will find in this story is drama some suspense a hard working 25yr old man a older 35yr old man A intriguing old lady heart attack hospital studio singing talking a contract infatuation lawyers fantasizing possible friendship kissing confusion dating intimacy dominant lover a proposal from Mason declined breaking up bar being hit on leaving going to Mason a proposal from Caleb acceptance phone call Mary dead funeral a wedding flowers a letter from Mary love and erotic scenes this book has a good story line on the whole the pace was steady and the characters have desire and needs according to their personality I would recommend this book

  10. Lisa1269 Lisa1269 says:

    “Love can be found anywhere with anyone”I really enjoyed the journey Caleb and Mason take in this sweet and sexy love story and how well they complimented each other despite being in such different places in their lives I could empathize with Caleb while he struggled with finding Mason attractive and how strongly he felt compelled to get closer to him despite his conviction that he’s a straight male but can admit that I did get a little impatient while he worked it out for himself My heart broke for Mason who recognized that sometimes the right decisions are the most painful ones and who had to summon the strength to make some hard choices I also loved Grandma Mary a lot everyone can use someone with such an open heart in their life Please note that I received a complimentary advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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