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An Enduring Love [Reading] ➶ An Enduring Love By Michele Ashman Bell – Alex McCarty didn’t expect to find love in Idaho Then she met Rich Greenwood who was everything she’d ever hoped to find in a man The fact that he was a Mormon and she was not raised a barrier bet Alex McCarty didn’t expect to find love in Idaho Then she met Rich Greenwood who was everything she’d ever hoped to find in a man The fact An Enduring ePUB ´ that he was a Mormon and she was not raised a barrier between them at first but when Alex finally listened to the Spirit she and Rich were free to open their hearts to each other Now because of her reputation as a national fitness consultant and aerobics instructor Alex is invited to a European fitness convention and two month tour across five countries Before she met Rich she would have been thrilled to go— and to see suave handsome Nickolas Diamante again the Supertour sponsor and owner of Pro Star sportwear Instead she’d really rather stay home and get to know Rich better But to Alex’s surprise and dismay Rich thinks a brief separation would be healthy for them He’s found a new career as an artist along with the perfect gallery to show his work What’s the gallery’s stunning and glamorous director is sure that Rich will be her next star And that’s exactly what Alex is afraid of Will the beautiful Elena find than painting to occupy Rich’s time while she’s in EuropeAn Enduring Love as full of surprises and romance as Europe itself.

10 thoughts on “An Enduring Love

  1. Susan Susan says:

    I was so jealous of Alex and her travels throughout Europe visiting places I've only dreamed about An imaginary character she's an amazing missionary kind of an example to me that I should be like her in real life One thing very poignant in this book is the amazing power of faith and prayer

  2. Becky Becky says:

    Slightly less plausible in my mind and I lost a lot of sympathy for Rich I just found his commitment phobias irritating

  3. Daisy Dandelion Daisy Dandelion says:

    This book read like a way to write off a European tour vacation

  4. Alysia Alysia says:

    I liked the travel through Europe I already liked the characters from the first book in the series Rich's problem with commitment and lack of caring became slightly annoying to me though

  5. Rosemary Cantrell Rosemary Cantrell says:

    This is the 2nd book in the series In this one Alex listens to the spirit and is baptized into the Mormon church Her romance with Rich has progressed until he suddenly decides they need to have a little separation Again the events that occur seem a little contrived and not uite believable The author is obviously trying to flesh out the characters but it doesn't always ring true I enjoyed the book and will read the third one in the series but I am disappointed that it wasn't developed to what it could have been

  6. Jessica Liza Jessica Liza says:

    I LOVED this book It was BY FAR the best in the series I love how she travels to Europe and all that happens there I loved reading about the fitness conventions Rich drives me crazy throughout this whole series because you wouldn't think it would be THAT hard to commit but it ends well so that's good But I LOVED this book and have read this one multiple times even skipping over the other two

  7. Laurie Laurie says:

    An easy LDS read Great CLEAN romance novel Part of a 3 book series

  8. Judie Judie says:

    This one is a lot about trusting God's eternal path for each individual even when it doesn't seem like life is going as planned

  9. Stacy Stacy says:

    Good like the first one but not as much of a I can't put this book down

  10. Kristin Kristin says:

    Loved it Again love the romance one of those that I could not put down can't wait to read the next one

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