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The Rose the Dagger [Reading] ➷ The Rose the Dagger By Renée Ahdieh – Shahrzad thought she was on the right side of the warThat was until she discovered the man she married—the man everyone believed to be a murderous king—was actually plagued by a powerful curseNow Shahrzad thought she was on the right side of the warThat was until she discovered the man she married—the man everyone believed to be a murderous king—was actually plagued by a powerful curseNow torn from her husband Khalid and taking refuge with her family among his enemies Shahrzad finds herself a prisoner caught between loyalties to the people she lovesDetermined to find her way back to Khalid The Rose Kindle - before the kingdom is attacked Shahrzad awakens the powers inside her to attempt to break the curse and unite with her true love once.

  • Paperback
  • 420 pages
  • The Rose the Dagger
  • Renée Ahdieh
  • English
  • 18 June 2016
  • 9780147513861

About the Author: Renée Ahdieh

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    No He was not here to wreak revengeFor revenge was trifling and hollowNo He was not here to retrieve his wifeFor his wife was not a thing to be retrievedNo He was not here to negotiate a truceFor a truce suggested he wished to compromiseHe was here to burn something to the ground A very worthy seuel and conclusion to this magical romantic storyI said in my review of The Wrath the Dawn that I'm just not much of a romantic person I hate instalove most love triangles and generally prefer romance to come behind dangerous and exciting things That being said there is something about this world its curses and its magic that completely melts my heartThe Rose the Dagger has the same evocative beautiful writing as the first installment but it is less about the romance Don't worry though ShahrzadKhalid shippers still have plenty to swoon over but the relationship is mature less angsty but no less emotional in this book The time for flirtations is over a curse must be broken and a kingdom must be savedFrom magical books to flying carpets to giant serpents this rich fantasy takes us on a rollercoaster ride Many relationships and friendships are tested challenged and broken apart as we discover about Khalid's curse and the characters we think we knowThere is much betrayal and many surprises some real jaw droppers over the course of The Rose the Dagger The writing flows with gorgeous description and the perfectly told drama and action scenes propel the novel along at a fantastic paceI particularly liked the introduction of Irsa Shazi's younger sister She is a very different kind of character More nervous not uite as comfortable in her own strength and ability but this made it all the satisfying when she was able to overcome her hesitations when it was reuired of her It is infinitely impressive to see a woman overcome her fears and decide to be strong rather than simply being born that wayPerhaps most of all I love the final rise of girl power at the novel's climax 1001 Nights is a sexist story at its heart and I was a little concerned about the way The Wrath the Dawn simply turned it into a lusty romance The novel ends on a high powerful note for the strong flawed complex women of the novel And I appreciated that touch a lotBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. Sabaa Tahir Sabaa Tahir says:

    This book is everything I wanted in a seuel EVERYTHING I don't know how Renee Ahdieh managed to make it even amazing than the already amazing WRATH AND THE DAWN Black magic perhaps? Or maybe she's just insanely talented Whatever the case I adore this book It's suspenseful thoughtful beautiful and sexy a perfect follow up to WRATH In fact I think I'm going to go reread it

  3. Nat Nat says:

    “Cut the strings Shazi Fly”This review contains spoilersThe Rose the Dagger follows the aftermath of the burning in the city of Rey that occured only a week ago Rey—and its ruler—are vulnerable Shahrzad and Khalid are separated from one another yet longing to reuniteGoing into this the only thing I was certain of was that I wanted a lot of Khalid and a lot less of TariAnd it took some time to get to it which I didn’t uite enjoy because Tari continued to frustrate me in this book He just made me feel extremely uncomfortable whenever he showed up “Shahrzad pushed away from him “It isn’t your place I’ve already spoken to Teymur He won’t pursue the matter further”Tari’s eyes flashed “My place?”“I’ve handled the matter Tari Do nothing as it would serve no purpose save to shed blood And I’ve had enough of that” She shouldered her way past himHe cut her off his jaw jutting forward his fists at his sides “Would you shackle the boy king in such a manner?”“Don’t compare yourself to Khalid It’s childish and beneath you”Yes exactly thank you Shazi “You will not seek revenge on my behalf Tari Imran al Ziyad I forbid—”He grabbed her by the shoulders “I will do as I damned well please Shahrzad al Khayzuran” His voice was raw in its torment “I denied myself what I wanted once out of principle and not a day goes by that I don’t regret that decision with every fiber of my being”Every word and touch of his was nearly unbearable to readI mean even he agreed towards the end that he was a fool “Tari knew then—as he’d known when he’d read the letter Shahrzad kept tucked in her cloak—that this was not an ordinary love born of a passing fancyIn truth Tari had known even then that he could not win That this was not a battle to be wonOnly a fool would have continued to think otherwiseYet Tari had chosen to be a fool” But thank the stars for Khalid because once it got to the good stuff I was smiling and happy “Are you truly not going to bring her back?” the Rajput asked“What’s this?” Khalid finally grinned though it was with a heavy heart “After all your early protestations?”“Despite all I find I miss the little troublemaker And how she made you smile”As did Khalid More than he cared to admit to anyone”Right there with you KhalidBut the story only started to pick up for me when Shazi met with Artan Temujin because it meant that she was getting one step closer to finding out about her magic and the curse bestowed on Khalid “Trust is an interesting matter when it comes to Artan He will not give it to those who do not offer it first”And my enthusiasm fully returned when Shazi told him the story of ‘The Girl Who Grasped the Moon’—her storytelling skills are extremely captivating “You wanted to know why I agreed to help you It’s mostly because Musa abagha asked me to And because I am bound by my ancestor’s foolishness Bound to be a trapped granter of wishes Musa abagha has kept me safe these many years Safe from those who would enslave me Make of me a dragon who does nothing but bring gold necklaces to thankless little girls”Oh and then one of my most anticipated moment in this book was finally happening “As her thumb brushed over the etchings carved into the jade Shahrzad tried her best to ignore the undeniable weight settling around her heartThe weight of realizationAnd the thrill of certaintyI’m going home”I was so thrilled and ecstatic I had to calm my heart because my favorites were reuniting after all this time “How much time had she wasted being afraid on the balcony?EnoughSuaring her shoulders Shahrzad started for the screens—And they slid openShe halted in her tracks refusing to look upShahrzad knew it was Khalid She sensed rather than saw himAs always As ever As a rose to the sun”YES yes yes “His eyes gleamed molten gold And they said all without a wordShahrzad drew her sodden waves to one side splashing water by his feet“I’m sorry” She wrinkled her nose “That was—”He pulled her in to his chest a hand tangling through her hair The beat of his heart rang loud and true against her cheek The only measure of time that matteredShe exhaled fast only to inhale deep To breathe in his scent The scent of sandalwood and sunshine Her fingers moved across his skin making memories of their own The hands of a master swordsman The lips of her greatest love The heart of a king“Khalid”Damn I could not have asked for a better reaction “Khalid stared up at her his features inscrutable—His eyes inciting her heart to riot“I’ve missed the silence of you listening to me” Shahrzad attempted a weak smile “No one listens to me as you do”His expression turned uizzical“You don’t wait to speak” she clarified “You truly listen”“Only to you” Khalid replied gently”His words were slowly killing me Khalid and Shazi’s relationship is an unforgettable and hot romanceBut there weren’t enough moments between Shazi and Khalid to keep me satisfied I feel like the major focus was on Tari and the oncoming war And I was really disappointed when Khalid got so close to killing off Tari twice and then didn't “Is she dead?” Tari’s grief caused his voice to crack through the blue darkness “Just answer that uestion you bastard and you may do as you please with me”“Why would I do anything for you?” the caliph replied low and vicious“Because if she’s dead I don’t care what happens to me”“Then we agree on at least two things” With that the caliph shifted his attention toward Rahim his swords glinting on a moonbeam” “Do you worry about me Khalid Ibn al Rashid?”The caliph hesitated and that said than words ever could “There was a time I did But the fact that you waited until Shahrzad slept to touch her shows me you know she would not approve You will not disrespect her in such a manner again Nor will you disrespect me”Yes Finally someone called him out on it The hate I have for Tari is similar to how Khalid described his love for Shazi “from the stars to the stars” I’m seriously curious as to why Tari wasn't killed offAnd just as I was thinking of writing down in my notes “Where’s Despina?”— she finally showed up “Eyes the color of a cerulean sky sparkled down at herShahrzad’s chin struck her collarbone in horror“Hello Brat Calipha”Despina” “A crownThe bitterness swelled within ShahrzadDespina had been many things to Shahrzad once She’d been a friend when Shahrzad had most needed it A confidante where Shahrzad had had none But it was clear everything Shahrzad had known about Despina had been cloaked in lies For it was beyond evident she was even things now The secret daughter of Salim Ali el Sharif A princess of Parthia A spy and a deceiverAbove all things it was clear Despina had never been Shahrzad’s friend”I was truly shocked and I didn’t get how she did a complete 180 Even in her short story The Moth and the Flame she sounded really genuine and not so bitter “How could you do this to Jalal?” Shahrzad asked her nails digging into her palms as she tried in vain to suppress her seething outrageHer expression unnervingly apathetic Despina spooned some pomegranate and pistachio rice onto her plate “Alas Jalal al Khoury’s sentiments are no longer my concern” Then she smirked at Shahrzad and the feigned sympathy behind it made Shahrzad want to tear the band of shining stones from her crown of curls “But rest assured The captain of the guard will have no trouble finding a willing girl to soothe his injured pride of that I am certain” The last words savored strangely of bitterness” “How does it feel Shahrzad al Khayzuran?” Despina said in a melodious voice “To be treated as a slave? To be the servant of people who see themselves as above you when you know in your heart that you are the same?”“Ask your father” Shahrzad retorted“I’d rather ask your husband When I next see him kneeling at my feet”Without hesitation Shahrzad splashed the remainder of her wine in Despina’s face”I love dramaBut then it turns out that she’s actually on Shazi’s side and I was so confused but also glad “Shahrzad resisted the urge to scream “I’m not going anywhere with you Despina el Sharif First you are one thing then you are another At this point my neck hurts from spinning about so fast Just tell me this Why have you been lying to me this entire time?” “Then why did you come back at all?”“To preserve our family” Despina sueezed her hand “No matter the cost”Though a part of Shahrzad wanted to throw off Despina’s touch—to deny the touch of a girl tied in any way to Salim Ali el Sharif—Shahrzad did notFor it was the touch of a friend Beneath it lay the strength of family“You deliberately provoked me at dinner did you not?” Shahrzad asked uietlyDespina tilted her head in rueful fashion “Well I did have to get you down into the palace prison somehow”And then I got to see her reunite with Jalal which was magical “A familiar melodic laugh froze him in his tracksWithout thought Jalal began to run He didn’t care if he left the fool in the dust behind him At that moment he didn’t care if he left all else in the dust behind himIt wasn’t possible His mind was playing tricks on him As it was apt to do of lateJalal turned the corner And skidded to a stop nearly tumbling into the sandJust like that She was thereHe saw no one else save herAll else could go to the devil save herDespina”But even though the last few chapters picked up the pace of the book I felt a little underwhelmed with the majority of the story especially when comparing it to The Wrath the Dawn— in TWTD we got incredible friendships family and love And I feel that The Rose the Dagger lacked those important traitsAll in all I feel as if the seuel wasn't as strong as its predecessor the only parts that made me fall for the story and not count the pages left in a chapter were when Shazi and Khalid were together which unfortunately wasn't enoughThe magic and the war were a background story in The Wrath the Dawn and I was really intrigued and willing to explore it in the seuel yet it didn't compel me as much as the romance Renée Ahdieh definitely has a special talent for swoon worthy romances so I can't wait to read of her writing in the future but in this case the romance didn't really save the story for me 35 stars Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying The Rose the Dagger just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog

  4. Claudia Ramírez Claudia Ramírez says:

    450 AM just finished WHAT IS SLEEPActual rating 45 stars for minor issues I really loved this book 3

  5. Andreea Pop Andreea Pop says:

    45 Stars The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns The Rose and The Dagger is an exuisite superb satisfying and clever finale It will render you speechless with its intensity Crush your heart a bit every few pages Transform you into an addict of its gorgeous prose But its true beauty lies in the fact that somehow you welcome it all with open arms If you don't get along with romance shy away Seriously shoo I'm just putting it like it is the romance and love story are what make these books great the dominant ethos the insanely good aspect Sure it has elements of magic politics self discovery but its core is represented by the power of love And for a love hungry sap like me THAT'S AWESOMENESS INCARNATE “It was because they were two parts of a whole He did not belong to her And she did not belong to him It was never about belonging to someone It was about belonging together” There were two eually amazing things I absolutely loved First there's the fact that thanks to the multiple POVs it's not just Khalid and Shazi's dreamy love that has readers all hot and bothered and ethereally happy Nope Surprisingly it's also Rahim and Irsa And of course Jalal and Despina All three relationships wonderfully developed made with the intention of pulling on your heartstrings Secondly there's a certain KICKASS aspect Women Empowering badass strong young women The truth is that in this universe the women are put on a gold pedestal rightfully so They are revered respected and treated as ueens There were so many instances were women had a role in the novels starting with Khalid's mother's death that changed him forever then the cruel curse unraveled because of a woman 100 women doomed to die and a freaking war started because of a woman insert Shazi here the plot evolved thanks to these glorious characters and so they became the axis of the world and girls continued to omen the legacy in TRaTD Marvelous Shazi with her awe inspiring backbone and infinite determination Sweet Irsa with her fair perspective on life and kind heart who also reminded me so much of Prim from HG Sneaky Despina with her snark and cunning mind And even Yasmine who completed the set with a surprisingly emphatic behavior Coming back to the essential though Khalid and Shazi These two are like magnets soul mates whatever you want to call them There was a particular scene that ripped me to shreds where they were fighting to protect each other in the face of imminent and immediate danger I think that visual captured the couple perfectly Khalid is not painted like a knight in shining armor neither is Shazi painted like a damsel in distress Far from it actually They are pictured as they should be a king and a ueen that would rather die than see their loved one suffer They are menacing commanding and hella sexy royalty coursing into every inch of their veins Cut the strings Shazi Fly” Our spunky heroine did not change much besides the short lived interactions with her magical tendencies She's still stubborn feisty arrogant and silver tongued but fierce caring and astoundingly determined as well What surprised me was her optimism I didn't previously perceive her as the one to bring it forward yet in comparison with the brooding sulking caliph she was like a minion from Despicable Me Like the yang to the yin Khalid completed Shazi in a regal manner A strategist an intelligent engineer and a terrifying swordsman but this boy king is still a boy and a romantic one at that Holy intense a goddamn poet that could turn us all enraptured girls into husks of die hard fangirls and a devoted husband that's putting it lightly I've said back in my Wrath review this man worships his wife and it was astounding to see how easily she can bring him to his knees Yet he transforms He starts to bear hope for a bright future with his love in which they are together with him healthy and 100% alive And he starts fighting for it making sacrifices and walking over his ego and colossal pride to ensure such happiness will be attained “No He was not here to wreak revengeFor revenge was trifling and hollowNo He was not here to retrieve his wifeFor his wife was not a thing to be retrievedNo He was not here to negotiate a truceFor a truce suggested he wished to compromiseHe was here to burn something to the ground” On top of that he really did mature For once you could say he forgives His relationship with Tari yeah there is one had me nearly in tears and their interactions were so consuming I loved his sincere attempts of creating bonds with Irsa and his sadness and helplessness at the situation with Jalal was hard to see Also his turmoil about the fate of Khorasan was awful with self loathing and doubt shadowing his thoughts But he slowly crumbled his walls and lets everyone witness the thoughtful and passionate young man lurking beneath his stoic facade He became a true leader A wish of mine that turned true this installment was the deeper delving into the magic business However it was not as developed as I expected it to be Regardless I enjoyed the uniue light upon Artan's legacy a new and very interesting character that added to the genius of the author's retelling It was honestly brilliant Other characters have changed the plotline numerous times Jahandar for instance was horrendous I loathed the guy Greedy and power hungry and with no sense of a moral compass he continued to toy with the lives of others like he did in the preuel On the other hand Tari who is usually an amazingly lovable boy possessed a recklessness and impulsiveness that had me preparing for every ill fated new development with an Oh boy And so there were many such instances I cried a bit at a particular scene in the end that had me internally screaming IT'S NOT FAIR My heart stopped soon after And I picked up my jaw off the ground at some HOLY SHIT discoveries the kind of twists that turn you stupid Nonetheless I smiled and laughed a lot Vikram needs to be mentioned he was awesome There was not nearly enough Jalal and Despina but seeing Jalal so heartbroken and lovesick messed with my brains And Jalal and Khalid's friendship had a rough phase which was sad to witness To compensate we got of Tari and Rahim's bromance which inserted a light tone every here and there although they are indeed a true force to be reckoned with if togetherThe epilogue was so fitting and wonderful in all shades known to humankind I mean that name eeeep I was so euphoric and grateful for this heartwarming closure One thing's for sure this duology will remain one of my favorite series because it's no easy feat to trigger the whole emotional palette in me yet these books succeeded in doing so I was happy sad angry frustrated bewildered amused in love And thankful for the thrills romance and adventures It’s late” Khalid said “You should sleep” “What are you talking about? I’m not doing anything” “Stop smiling and go to sleep” “How do you know I’m smiling? You’re not even looking at me” “I can feel you smiling Shazi” I wouldn't necessarily say this is better than Wrath because honestly in my view it isn't but I think I missed the mystery surrounding Khalid's killings the most Since all was revealed the slow burning intrigue and countless uestions did not make an appearance in the seuel However that is not the reason I minimized the full rating by half a star the sole motive for that was that sometimes I simply felt my mind wandering off Might have been my sleep deprived mind telling me to close the freaking book might have been not Renee Ahdieh has established herself as a thorough original and downright amazing author There was big pressure on her shoulders due to the overwhelming and well deserved popularity of the first book but she did not succumb to the nerves in order to give readers a meh book No she managed to take the world of Khorasan to greater heights She managed to captivate her readers with developed characters an engaging plot and swoons Most importantly she managed to prove that she's a kickass writer and the first book wasn't a fluke Her style is different and compelling and I declare myself a definite fan The Rose and The Dagger is an empowering achingly beautiful seuel to one of the loveliest books ever Soul wrenching yet uplifting all the same this book has it all from political vibes Arabian spins on a famous story doses of humor gorgeous love stories interwoven with thrills of action magic and a kaleidoscopic turn of events It delivers the perfect kind of tale one side dished with great amount of heartbreak Even so you want and that's what makes it best “As always As ever As a rose to the sun” ENJOY 3

  6. Katerina Katerina says:

    This review is about The Rose the Dagger but I can't help but dedicate a few lines to the tragedy that hit Turkey last night A couple of hours ago my cheeks were stained with hot tears because this book was gut wrenching But even gut wrenching were the minutes I spent later watching the news and shedding tears this time mourning the innocent victims and the fate of humankind Humanity is a strange species capable of hatred and capable of love It saddens me that we mostly embrace the former and unleash mayhem and brutality instead of compassion and kindness I want to believe that there is in us I need to believe it And I pray for the people who perished because some of us chose savagery and all those dark feelings that poison our souls May they rest in peace “Cut the strings Shazi Fly” And she did fly Shahrzad crossed deserts and visited Temples of Fire and fought fiercely for her future and her loved ones were worthy of every sacrifice every drop of blood and sweat every threat and promise and suffering This awful and wonderful girl would not cower against mercenaries and greedy sultans she would never bow her head nor stop having faith in Khalid Her beautiful monster The monster that bled for his people that trusted her judgement and valued her opinion and saw his eual in her Their home was broken Their enemy ruthless The war inevitable But Khalid and Shahrzad the Caliph and Calipha of Khorasan found the purest and most powerful magic of all A magic worth dying for “In the end there is only time for love” The conclusion of this beguiling story based on The Arabian Nights pierced my heart like a dagger inflicting searing pain and tremendous agony But it also healed my wounded heart which blossomed like a rose and filled me with hope peace and most importantly love “The power behind words lies with the person” And Renee Ahdieh is a person of unlimited power who weaves an intricate path towards your soul with her elouence and the sheer emotion she pours into her words There is something I can only describe as gentlessness in her writing something that resembles a soft caress even when she is killing you It is true that the first chapters were a little underwhelming which was the effect of Khalid and Shahrzad's separation but when their paths were aligned once everything fell back into placeI was once ensnared “It was because they were two parts of a whole He did not belong to her And she did not belong to him It was never about belonging to someone It was about belonging together” The relationship between Khalid and Shahrzad was beautiful Their understanding and faith in each other were so touching they made my blood sing They were lovers friends husband and wife allies euals Khalid struggled to find his way back to light but he never shied away from all the ugly things he did He acknowledged them And tried to atone for them Shahrzad stubborn and ill tempered never stopped fighting to make her wishes come true to prevent a war and save everyone she held dear Irsa sweet and fragile Irsa she was forged into a strong woman Tari and Rahim proved how honorable they were despite the occassional lapses in judgement and blind hatred that led Tari to fatal mistakes Every character was flawed in his own way but all of them were deeply endearing “From the stars to the stars” That's how much I loved The Rose the DaggerFrom the stars to the stars

  7. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    45 SPOILER FREE REVIEW did really enjoy this one not uite as much as the first one but I think it was overall a really great duology

  8. Mikee (ReadWithMikee) Mikee (ReadWithMikee) says:

    Find me on Instagram Twitter ❝She belonged in a palace of marble and stone A ueen in her own right With a boy king who loved her as she loved him❞ Rating ★ ★ ★★★This was such a beautiful ending to a magical story The Rose and the Dagger did not disappoint one bit Although I felt that this book was not as great as the first it was still every bit as majestic as The Wrath and the DawnThe Rose and the Dagger is filled with many twists and turns swooning mostly over Khalid and most of all Heartbreak This book will tug your heart in ways than one We will gain new friends and allies same as we will lose our old ones Some chapters were paced a bit slow but I was NOT bored at all during any part of this bookIt was great to see our characters finally find peace with themselves and others Shahrzad was as fierce of a heroine as she always was in the first book And if you thought Khalid was swoon worthy in The Wrath and the Dawn wait until you see him in The Rose and the DaggerI found that the ending felt a little rushed but it was still bittersweet nonetheless I wish I could have of this world and these characters because I'm in no way ready to let go of this wonderful world of love magic and storytelling that Renée has created for us Thank you for this shining shimmering splendid magic carpet ride

  9. Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★ Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★ says:

    THE REVIEW IS POSTED Love gave life to the lifeless It was the greatest of all living powers I honestly don't know what to talk about because this book fucking ruined me and left me without any words to utter from my mouth I'm not complaining though It's such a best feeling when books destroy me and hurt me emotionally and this book also lived up to my expectations I swear I was so terrified when I started reading this book because I liked the first book but I nearly did not finish the first book because it was so freaking boring at first that's why I was terrified when I started reading this book I was afraid that this book might bored me or I might did not finish it but thank God none of that happened I relished every single day I spent with this book The Plot and the Pacing The plot was so much better than the first book It was so fucking awesome and such an action packed book LIKE THAT WAS WHAT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL Ms Ahdieh is a great author and I love her books and her writing style is so beautiful and amazing Her books always manage to make me sob in happiness or pain This book never bored me Not even once I always got shocked when I looked at the clock while I was reading it because time seemed flied so fast when I read this book I did not even realize that I read the book for 4 hours straight For the pacing of the book well it was rather slow at first but I already expected that would happen and even though it was slow it was not boring at all and some things also happened So if you read this book and then you find it really slow at first please don't stop reading it because the the book was slow at first but it was pretty fast paced when the book was nearing the ending AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT AND I LOVE THIS BOOK AAAAAAAAA and this book I can't even One moment I was laughing and the next moment I was sad and then after that I was angry and then after that I cried I laughed and smiled I LOVE THIS BOOK NO I HATE THIS BOOK BUT I ALSO LOVE IT AAAAA The Characters and the Romance I loved all the characters in this book well except some people though because they got on my nerves and they made me wish bad things upon them So in the first book I totally hated this certain character so much and I even wished for this person to just disappear and I did keep hating this person in this book but it did not last long and then after that all the hatred I felt toward this person vanished all at once Yes I did not agree with this person with so many things but then after that I sort of understood and I just felt like I wanted to give this person a warm hug and I just wanted to tell you again that this book made me cry a lot because of so many different reasons I rarely cry these days but Ms Ahdieh's books always make cry and just like I said that I loved all the characters in this book Shahrzad was such a strong heroine and honestly she was like my inspiration and Khalid I have nothing to say about him except that I have this huge crush on him and I like him so much OH AND JALAL AND DESPINA I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH and the romance IT WAS SOOO SWEET These characters brought so much happiness to me But even though I liked this book very much there was still something that I did not like about it and it was the love triangle I hate love triangle so much but the love triangle in this book was tolerable for me but I still did not like it at all In my opinion this book would be so much better without the love triangle But again the love triangle was not really bad it was rather tolerable and the girl only loved one love interest I will surely miss all of these characters and I even felt sad when I finished reading this book because I enjoyed reading it and I still wanted to be with my friends and the people that I really liked but I was also happy when I finished it Overall it was such a great read for me and I enjoyed reading it immensely Thank you for reading and liking this review I appreciate it so much guys and I hope you all have a fabulous day Bye •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Tonight I can sleep with happiness in my heart REVIEW TO COME TOMORROW •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I literally hugged the book and suealed in delight when I got the book and if this book disappoints me I'm sure I will just lay on the floor and cry 🙂🙂

  10. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    The Rose the Dagger was definitely a satisfying seuel to one of my favorite reads of 2015 It was so nice to be back in this beautiful world with some of my favorite characters I do prefer The Wrath the Dawn but I'm happy with the conclusion to this duologyI chose to listen to the audiobook of this novel which I think was a mistake on my part This series can reuire extra attention when being read physically for me due to the flowing prose so the detachment I sometimes get from listening to an audiobook was not helpful Especially considering it had been a year and a half since I had read the first book it was EXTREMELY hard to jump into I really did not retain the first few hours of the audiobook because of those factors If you are an audiobook listener who multitasks and sometimes does not retain all the information I may stray away from this one That being said I LOVED the audiobook The narrator was fantastic and it was super enjoyable It was also really nice to finally have correct pronunciation for all the I believe it may be Persian? names and locations Despite the trouble I had getting into the story I'm really glad I picked it upEverything about The Rose the Dagger is what you could have wanted It's the same flawlessly elegant writing the superbly constructed characters and relationships and the exciting storyline I especially felt like there was actionintense scenes in the seuel which I particularly enjoyed The only other slightly underwhelming part of this book was the ended; it felt very abrupt and unfinished I felt there should have been another few chapters before the epilogue or at least an expansion of the scenes leading up to the endI really enjoyed this read and will continue to recommend The Wrath the Dawn duology

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