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  • 13 December 2014

10 thoughts on “A Harmless Little Game Harmless #1

  1. Bibi Bibi says:

    25 stars UNPOPULAR OPINIONI see you looking at me sideways Yes I know and I'm sorry but let me tell you why this was a near miss for meA Harmless Little Game falls within the romantic suspense genre which is one of my favorite genres because it's so deliciously thrilling Your nerves should be shot and your nails chewed raw by the end of a suspenseful story This story attempts but didn't uite connect with me; indulge me while I tell you the 3 reasons 1 The plot holes 2 The plot holes 3 The plot holesSorry but I'm nothing if not pragmatic so I did a little internet reading on the rights of a US ADULT citizen So much medical and legal jargon but I distilled them to these two 1 The right to refuse treatment is conferred on each and every US adult citizen Lindsay was 19 at the time of admission2 Without a court order a psychiatry facility can only hold for a maximum 96 hours What's that you say? 4 yrs v 96hrs? Yes Plot hole 1 But let's allow for literary license and move on from thisPlot hole 2 seems so obviousHere it is Lindsay has been incarcerated hospitalized for 4 years Are we to believe she just accepted being held against her will and for 4 years at that? Would you have been so accepting?My mind latched on to this long time frame and couldn't move beyond it So I ask If she couldn't plot her way out of a low security hospital how will she navigate the outside world and have the balls to exact revenge? I know what you're thinking Delicious Drew will help her Fair enoughI will say one good thing about this period and it's that she got psychiatric help and could heal in a manner away from prying and judgmental eyes NO one should ever have to experience the horrors she passed through but still 4 years is a long time to remain uiet and be deprived of basic human rightsNever mind we can dismiss 2 Moving on to 3 The stolen 4 yrs Now I don't know about you but if someone violated my body and some other person violates my rights they all better make sure I'm dead and buried or they ALL better be dead and buried What is Lindsay's reaction to all this once she rejoins society you ask? Let's talk about thatBut before we get into that let's discuss the prose and writing style of this book “I’m completely encased by some giant thick vined plant that feels like a spiny cage”“I’m encased in cotton candy that someone has lit on fire with a flamethrower”“I halt suddenly the epiphany so strong it’s like it sucked all the kinetic energy out of me”“I'm fleeing no pace no steady gait I’m running like a spooked fawn in the woods fleeing a potential predator”“God help me he smells so good I look at his mouth I kissed that mouth Yesterday Why am I thinking about kissing him now? No I can’t do this I can’t” This? This is the thought and speech process of a woman we're meant to take seriously? A woman we all expect will take no prisoners? Needless to say I was unimpressed by Lindsay She's 23 for fucks sakes and still she has nothing of importance to say Moreover her thought process contradicts the character that Raine told us she created Spooked fawns cotton candy and so many other lyrical similes? Who thinks like this?Okay Rant over I know this is a trilogy and book 2 may well negate my rants that and that only is why I'm rating this 25 stars I want to know if there'll be a transformation for Lindsay and I NEED to see her attackers get what's coming to them FinUpdate 29122016Sadly at the recommendation of my personal physician who asks that I limit eye rolls and head shakes I had to DNF the second book of this trilogy Please no sympathies stares impassively I have accepted my lot and if that includes never knowing the who or the what of this story well so be itThanks for your understanding My review for A Harmless Little Ruse can be found here

  2. Candace Candace says:

    I love books with dark suspenseful storylines that keep you guessing right to the end After reading the blurb for 'A Harmless Little Game' I knew that this was a book that I'd be reading ASAP For the most part it lived up to my expectations However there were definitely some things that I thought could have been executed betterFirst of all as my friend Bibi pointed out in her review the likelihood that Lindsay could have been held involuntarily for four years is not likely Sure her mental status might have rendered her an imminent danger to herself or others at some point after the brutal rape when she experienced a total emotional breakdown but it is highly unlikely that this would go on for a period of four years I can't say that I believed it especially since Lindsay is presented as a character that clearly has decision making capacity and has for uite some time Then again I remind myself that the uber wealthy don't necessarily play by the same rules as every other person If anyone has any doubt of that do a Google search for Jeffrey Epstein and you'll have a perfect example of this If that deplorable man and his eually despicable rich friends can still get away with their crimes then the scenario painted by this author is certainly possible In fact this is hardly a blip on the radar in comparisonbut I digress I was able to get past the involuntary commitment with some reservations Yet there were other things that rubbed me the wrong way Some of the information presented seemed contradictory or just implausible First off I had a hard time buying Lindsay's instant attraction to Drew Wasn't she supposed to be terrified of this guy? Didn't she believe that he had been complicit in her brutal gang rape? I don't know about you but if I thought that my boyfriend had stood to the side and let a bunch of his friends rape and torture me I'm not going to be lusting after him like a schoolgirl with a crush Nope Not buying itThe other big plot hole that I struggled with was the description of the actual rape It seemed to evolve and become less believable as the story progressed First we're told she is raped on video It goes viral because she is a Senator's daughter Then we're later told that the rapists wore masks and even placed a mask on her Say what? To me that is a clear contradiction If nobody watching could see her face and everybody involved seemed to want to make this disappear then why not just deny it was her? It was too illogical for meYet despite these problems I found myself completely sucked into this story I am still dying to know what happens to Lindsay and Drew I want the responsible parties and there seem to be many held accountable I want Lindsay's parents to pay also Needless to say this book made me feel a need to exact vengeance on her behalfAll in all it was a promising story and I will be reading the next book There are some things that the author needs to iron out but I still enjoyed this one

  3. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    35 StarsThis is the first book of a three book series that will all be released by December 13th The story is suspenseful and made for a uick read while leaving me with a slew of uestions and willing to read the next book The story starts with the heroine Lindsay Bosworth a senator’s daughter being released from a medical center after a four year stay She’s been recovering from an attack that had went viral on the web and her father has decided that it’s time for her to return home as his political career is in the works to move for higher office ”Even now four years later It persists Pain ever dies Neither does online shaming” Lindsay suffers from crippling anxiety attacks and nightmares yet that will be only a small fraction of what she’ll face in less than one week’s time back home Her former boyfriend Drew Foster is heading her security for her father and did I mention he seems to be watching in the video? Somethings are revealed about what happened after the video and friends came forward with their stories and it all leaves Lindsay and a reader baffled ”Nothing makes sense Everything is upside down” Drew seems to be on the level as he protects Lindsay from her rapists However I’m not sure who is messing with her but he’s protecting her and it seems his feelings for her run deep ”I’m here for whatever you need whenever you need because you’re my best friend and my true love and I’ve missed you Not having you in my life has been like losing a limb that one that no one can see is missing” Messages are sent that leave a reader to believe that this group of former frat boys are after Lindsay again Though I’m not one hundred percent on board with that I do think something very fishy is going on and the next book moves the story forward while written in Drew’s pov I’m hoping to get answers because at this point everyone’s suspect to me ”Welcome back Lindsay Ready to play with us again?” image error

  4. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ says:

    5 Intense Stars WOW What an intense start to a storyLindsay's virginity was stolen from her by three college boys if that's not bad enough it was broadcast live over the internet Lindsay's dad is a very prominent politician and this 'scandal' just has to go away in his opinion so poor Lindsay is sent away for four years to a psychiatric centre on an islandI would have literally gone insane if I was Lindsay Imagine being gang raped then having the public all think you wanted it and even your parents are pretending that's the truth just to save face Well it's time for her to figure out the truth and seek revenge But what was her high school boyfriend Drew's role in her terrible attack? Shouldcould she trust him?An awesome face paced angsty suspense filled start to a trilogy I'm HOOKED

  5. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK | BN | KOBO | LIVE Political thrillerromantic suspense Vengeance on the men who raped her the boyfriend who looked onBook 1 of 3LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK | BN | KOBO |Blurb Four years ago I lost my virginity on live streaming televisionToo bad I wasn’t awake for itThe video went viral Of course it would A Senator’s daughter on camera? Wouldn’t you click “share”? Besides that’s what three of the four guys in the video didShareThey shared meBut that fourth guy? The nondescript one in the background in the upper left corner of the screen just sitting on the couch? The only one who did nothing?Not one single thingThat was my boyfriend DrewAnd that was the last time I saw himUntil today when my father—now on a path to the White House—hired him as head of security for my new team as I return home after four years of “recovering” in an undisclosed location that involved white lab coats needles pills and damage controlYou see the other three guys never went to jail Never had charges pressedNever faced conseuencesUntil todayGame onBooks in Harmless trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 A Harmless Little GameBook 2 A Harmless Little RuseBook 3 A Harmless Little Plan

  6. Bex (Beckie Bookworm) Bex (Beckie Bookworm) says:

    🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARSA Harmless Little Game Harmless #1 by Meli Raine is the first thing I have read by this author and it was that oh so intriguing blurb that initially attracted me to this book that was such a killer of a synopsis in my opinion it actually deserves a rating all on its ownSo A Harmless Game is the first instalment in the Harmless Trilogy it is written from Lindsays POV and follows the story of Lindsay and Andrew after Linsay's release from The Island Where she's been recovering hidden from the public eye for the last four year's Yeh I kid you not you heard that right I said FOUR BLOODY YEARS So Lindsay a senator's daughter gets sent to The Island after she is brutally attacked by three of her boyfriend Drew's old school friends while Drew himself supposedly stood by and watched without interveningThe gang rape sees Lindsay in the hospital and then on to a rehabilitation unit to receive therapy for the attackIt also goes viral though the video is doctored to place masks on all involved to conceal all their identitiesLindsay's name is then also leaked to the press but the investigation stalls when her friends make statements to the effect that Lindsay was high and drunk at the time of the attack and everything that occurred was consensual in natureGives a new definition to the term frenemies doesn't it?fast forward four years and after aeons of incarceration in what is nothing than a glorified prison Lindsay arrives home to find things are not always what they seemWhat's her three attackers are walking around not just free but in highly successful careers this is despite there young ages and to top it all off her ex boyfriend Drew is now head of her security detail and seems a completely changed manSo yeh I really enjoyed this unusual romantic suspense I loved the way this was essentially plot driven and the romance was really just a backdrop taking of a back seat to the whole main eventFrom the get go I surmised there was here than was initially being drip fed to the reader and without giving anything away turns out I was rightThis really was a total page turner that manages to jump right into the fray from the initial onsetI also found the two main characters extremely likeable if I'm being honest I have to say I was drawn towards Drew than LindsayI just felt that sometimes she was too pliable not inserting her independence and reading outside the boxBelieving the worst of people she had no cause to doubt while not confronting the many snakes she seemed to be surrounded byI decided to give her a break though mainly because A I thought she was probably a product of her upbringingB The poor girl had been attacked horrifically and essentially been kept in a mental institution against her will for the past few yearsC The whole world had labelled her an internet slut while she was shut away unable to defend herself harsh muchSo where was I Oh yeh total page turner So why four stars instead of Five?Well there were a few things here that despite my enjoyment bothered me slightlyThe first one being Lindsays stay at the island now I'm from the UK so I'm not sure exactly how it works over in the good ole USA but it surely can't be that different from over hereI'm slightly sceptical that she would be able to be kept locked up so tight completely against her will for so long It just seems so far fetchedBut then again who knows what can be achieved with power and money so I could be wrongI also couldn't believe Lindsay would put up no fight in regards to Drew being the head of her security detail if she really believes he is complicit in her attack surely that wouldn't have left her feeling very safe with him at allAnd finally I also found it amazing her lack of major anger towards her parents all that she really does is act like a petulant child towards themDespite these three grievances I still very much adored this so I have just marked it down a star overallWe left this story with Lindsay finally getting some answers to her uestions and a much anticipated from me that is level of re connection between her and Drew that definitely left me wanting Harmless #1 closes on a cliffhanger which then assures me I am so going to pick up book twoNo problem recommending this it's a delightful read that despite certain plot holes still manages to deliverThis first installment is currently free on Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

  7. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    Four years ago the unspeakable happened to Lindsay Violated in the worst way while her boyfriend and the man she loved sat and watched Now Lindsay is back and looking for revenge But things are not exactly as they seem and soon the past is coming back with a vengeance and no one is to be trustedWHOA so this book sucked me in from page one I am dying to untangle all these knots of mystery Who are the bad guys? What is everyone hiding? Will Lindsay finally get justice? SO many uestionsNow that said this did have a couple issues First her immediate reaction to Drew felt off I would think someone that went through what she did and had spent the past 4 years thinking Drew was compliant in that act wouldn't be panting after him like a dog in heat I would have cut his balls off and asked uestions later but I'm a biatch that way Secondly the video incident confused me We are told it was videotaped and posted ALL over social media so everyone knew it was Lindsay in the video but then later we are told they all wore masks INCLUDING Lindsay?? Sooo?? That aside I really enjoyed this one On to book two I go

  8. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    This is a deeply emotional story Lindsay suffers through something terrible at the hands of people she thought were friends Even after an isolated recovery her return is punctuated by mysterious occurrences intended to hurt her Drew her ex boyfriend and witness to the crime perpetuated on her was hired by her father as her head of security This emotional component is very hard to accept as there is a big mystery surrounding Drew's role in the traumatic event Lindsey seems to transform before us as we read She becomes stronger and determined as the plot goes through interesting twists and turns I was riveted to my Nook unable to set this down I read through a film of tears and a racing heart This does end in a cliffhanger as it is to be delated in three parts Even after the first book there are many uestions in need of answers and people to be held accountable I am eagerly awaiting the next book Safety It's hard to give you enough without giving you too much There is to the story about Drew being present when Lindsay is raped No others while they are together Drew is not celibate during their separation however he is not a man whore at all and spends most of their separation in the military Rape is the entire premise of the story and it is graphic and sure to be a trigger to many There is abuse mostly emotional with a few physical instancesARC received in exchange for an honest review

  9. Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ says:

    I'm giving this book 5 stars mostly because of how fast it gripped my attention and of how well it kept itFour years ago Lindsay brutally lost her virginity on camera The video went viral and EVERYONE saw her torment The kicker? Her boyfriend Drew the love of her life sat there and watched it all Didn't lift a damn finger to help her During the four years Lindsay was isolated at an institute for recovery cute name for a mental institution but now she's free and has come home Except home isn't the same Nothing is as it seems and her new babysitter is none other than deadbeat Drew Some of the shocking truth is revealed but in no way is the story complete In fact it's just getting startedThe three boys were never charged for the rape and have gone on to become very successful in the time that Lindsay was away I smell a revenge plot a mile away Who can she trust? When will all of the secrets be revealed? Book 2 cannot come soon enoughDespite the sensitive nature of this story the author did an incredible job of handling it delicately and respectfully I love that Lindsay was no victim She was a survivor and a fighter and the reader can't help but root for her I'm glad she found an ally in the most unlikely person I can't wait to see what these two come up with There's drama betrayals lies and secrets politics friendships and what seems to be the re discovery of love Leaving us with an intense cliffhanger the author has me definitely eager for MORERecommended to those who like some romance with their suspense xo ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review

  10. Shannon Moore Shannon Moore says:

    A great uick read that has left me with so many uestions and thoughts I have no idea what's happening or how this story will play out so I'm diving into the next book now I'll be back 3 I'm hesitant to rate this as a 5 star because I'm not totally sold on the love aspect yet but I've got two books to go so that's excellent But with that being said I have enjoyed this than other books that I've rated 4 stars recently so let's go with 45 I love the storyline and fast moving plotUPDATE I finished book two and am totally sold on this being a 5

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