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Tor (Women of Earth, #2) [Read] ➵ Tor (Women of Earth, #2) Author Jacqueline Rhoades – Series Women of Earth Book 2Always feeling overshadowed by her pretty and outgoing sister uiet and self effacing Wynne Donazetto's dreams of college and building a life of her own were lost when Earth Series Women of Earth Book Always feeling overshadowed by her pretty and outgoing sister uiet and self effacing Wynne Donazetto's dreams of college and building a life of her own were lost when Earth was invaded by two warring alien forces Earth changed but Wynne didn't Seven years later Wynne is still living in her sister's shadow She's comfortable there until her life explodes along with the starliner she's travelling on and she ends up in the arms of a sexy space aged smuggler called Tor Tor's life revolves around his ship and his crew and both have been taken from him He'll do whatever it takes to get them back even if it means sacrificing himself Meeting the woman of his dreams is a complication he doesn't need Together with Tor and his eclectic alien crew Wynne sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to retrieve a stolen spaceship and its cargo of kidnapped Women of Earth Along the way she'll discover a strength she never knew she had and a love that will change her life forever.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 326 pages
  • Tor (Women of Earth, #2)
  • Jacqueline Rhoades
  • English
  • 18 July 2015

10 thoughts on “Tor (Women of Earth, #2)

  1. Celestine Celestine says:

    The meek will inherit the earthIn the second entry to her Women of Earth series Jacueline Rhoades launches into the stars with a Firefly esue story of survival and revenge Tor is the Godan smuggler who snatches Wynne off a bridal market transport that has been attacked by space pirates Oddly though he acts like a savior than a crook and with her connection to a powerful Godan family and a strong sense of righteousness Wynne is nobody's biddable market brideThough entertaining this book suffered from a lack of originality Tor is the ex soldier smuggler with a heart of gold Wynne is the hapless maiden who captures his heart The plot is multi pronged with Tor trying to reconnect with his scattered crew and reclaim his stolen ship while simultaneously trying to get Wynne back to her family and find the missing brides As George Lucas and Joss Whedon have taught us the best rogue starships are crewed by a bunch of misfits Rhoades has penned her own memorable crew albeit they don't exactly have a ship for most of the book Truca Ish Poly Nix and Chubo are fully realized characters with backstories Ish and Poly in particular provide comedic relief Mohawk provides the off color commentary Truca is their rallying point All together they are a delight despite being so typecastI ranked this book 35 stars rounded to 4 Where this book falters a little is in the need for a copy editor the utter predictability of hero Tor and the disjointed plot transitions Tor was fine; he just wasn't memorable However I loved that he admired from afar Wynne's uiet and sincere ways before he even knew who she was There is a lot of travel in this book We go from fated bride ship to escape pods to scary creature planet to shady spaceport to rickety stolen ship to Imperial City and beyond There is a ton of action and adventure Often however the planning for the next attack or escape or incursion happened off page which meant as a reader I felt lost several times as action got underwayAs a character I thought Wynne was interesting than Tor She is peace loving insightful loyal nurturing and fiercely stubborn She is also a spiritual person whose religious faith suffered as deprivation and death invaded her life Although Rhoades never delves deeply into a specific religious belief system I couldn't let go of the thought that Wynne embodied the transformation of the inner person popularized as the eight beatitudes delivered by Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount Wynne blooms as she lets loose of others' expectations for her and embraces a life still consistent with sound spirituality and sense of honor Don't confuse a nurturing nature uietness and a discomfort with physical brutality with weakness or submissiveness Wynne is a warrior in her own way

  2. Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones says:

    Fabulous Action Adventure RomanceI loved this book It had interesting characters and a wonderful storyline Action starts on page one and does not stop until the end of the book Tor is a Godan male of contradictory character On the surface he appears a pirate out for a credit He starts off kidnapping a woman but ends up saving her life over and over again It is so hard to see beneath his layers Wynne the Earth woman he kidnapped is a truly good person As the book progresses she slowly peals back his layers until we see the real Tor But that is not what I loved about the book It was both Tor and Wynne fighting hard to save the innocent and the ones they love It was Tor's spaceship crew who were uniue and lovable in their own ways It was the nonstop action as they raced across the galaxy to save the people they care about And it was the horror of the bad guys and my fervent wish that they would die slowly and painfully It was just an all around great book

  3. ValerieC ValerieC says:

    25 stars I liked book 1 a little There's nothing wrong with this book but it's long and minutiae filled The main and sub characters excepting villains are likeable There are so many plots plans etc that it just becomes too much The characters from book 1 are absent except for a small cameo for the sister so it's not necessary to read that book first

  4. Hollie Hollie says:

    I love this writer but this book wasn’t one of my favorites to say the least I found the plot to be slow and the characters had a somewhat genericbland feel to them Definitely not worth the 399 I paid for it I think I will still check out books in this series because I do love this writers writing style but this particular read wasn't overly memorable for me

  5. Grace Vincent Grace Vincent says:

    One of the best I've read in a while I really liked the first book in this series but this book kept me reading far past bedtime Wynne was the one that always stayed in the shadows always did what was expected and never got in much troubleTor was Godan and joined the Godan military to find the same love his parents had When their farm was destroyed by the Hanshin he left the military and became a space smuggler to aid people on planets like his parents lived on He finds Wynne enroute to see her sister and be there for the birth of her and Roark's first child His plan to use her to get his ship and crew back turns into an adventure is full of laughter mayhem and tears Once I started I couldn't put it down

  6. Becca Becca says:

    Jacueline Rhoades writes such wonderful characters wether she's writing about vampireswerewolves or aliens I get immersed in her worlds can't wait for the next one

  7. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    Tor the Godan and Wynne the human on audio Bobbin Beam a woman if you're wondering does a fantastic jobMayhem ensues almost immediately as pirates attack Wynne's ship on her way to Godan to visit her sister In the craziness she looses her protector Mohawk and is helped into an escape pod by a mysterious guy named Tor They crash onto an inhospitable 'planetoid'At the start of the story Wynne and Tor are alone He knows about her but to her he is a mystery Savior? abductor? Pirate? crew??? As the story progresses and characters are added to mix Each one a colourful and insightful addition to the mix A merry band of misfitsJR really puts a lot of effort in her world building Not just the setsworld but the aliens as wellTor comes across as snarky and arrogant at first but as you get to know him he has a lot of depth Both MCs grow over the course of the story and their love is based on respect and admiration not just lust Although there is plenty of thatWynne has feelings of inadeuacy but not to an annoying degree She has grown up in the shadow of her older sister Mira see book 1 When she was younger she was overweight and cautious Now she feels old and dowdy before her time until Tor sees her for herself At first he thought her clothes and manner were a disguise and she was really an undercover princess And in a way she isIt's a madcap adventure with intrigue danger love and wit Although Tor has a tendency to be a martyr and Wynne has a tendency to jump to conclusions they worked well together I even cried a bit at the end ; safety is all good

  8. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This series just gets better and better when you think you have read the best you find out when the next one comes out it is just so much better The scenes in this book are written in a way that you have no trouble picturing them I would love to have one of their showers but I think I would still like my hot shower from time to time just like Wynne does I really loved this character in the first book I was so glad see Wynne get her own story With her always being or less in her sister shadow it was a pleasure to see her bloom and find her man Don’t think it will be easy there are many touch and go scenes where you just do not know if they will make it or if any good will come out of itWhat you will find here is one lady trying to get to her sister before her baby is born only to find herself in a mess where human are being sold When the ship is attached one man stands alone and grabs her hand taking her with him They land on a planet that is dead than alive with unbelievable animals that will blow your mind Tor is a men above men kind of like the black sheep who just getting by with a crew he has or less put together of misfits They are a crew but a family as well he works hard keeping them safe when their safety is put to the test he is out for revenge at his own cost it is going to be life or death for him once he gets his crew back This is one strong man who sees his self as nothing great when in truth he is a hero to many Right now to the world he is a criminal and he is happy to let them think that until Wynne comes along now he has something to live for but will it be enough This is one man that stole my heart with his caring ways which you will not see until you get into the book Wynne has seen it from the startWynne has finally found a place for herself where she can feel whole and be herself Too many years of being uite and meek are about to end when she finds she is changing to the person she has always wanted to be She finally can step out of her sister’s shadow and be the beautiful women everyone knows her to be I have always liked this character she is the center of everyone’s world she keeps them calm thinking things out and keeping everyone together where her sister was a go getter doing finding fighting This is one author that knows how to draw her reader in giving a compelling story with scene you can’t imagine until you read them She writes in a way that makes it easy to picture them in your mind making you wonder how she can come up with these wonderful plots I was so invested in this story and its characters I could not put it down She starts her books off with a bang and ending the same way this one is no different From pirates kidnapping to planets for pleasure everyone wants something and they will take it I love the baiting between Tor and Wynne I loved the humor that comes with it I was laughing out loud a few times throughout I loved the landing and the humor that bring along with the true real fear I love the chew with their baiting arguments it was a delight Tor puts on a good show that he is like the rest of the greed people but truly he is not he might not be human but who cares I would take him in a second Ms Rhodes gives you humor sass compassion love thrills a few chills in a story that shows why she is one of my favorite authors This is one story that will have you hooked to the end wondering if they will ever get out of the mess they find their selves in At times it is very heartwarming where at other times your heart is broken There is one place at the end I just about cried and said NO NO oh NO There was nothing I didn’t love about this story Come take a ride on this science fiction read as you go from galaxy to galaxy meeting new life forms and meeting the good the bad and the downright ugly

  9. Jacque Jacque says:

    When I saw the next book in the Women of Earth series was coming out I knew I had to have it I did so enjoy the first book and I was hoping for a repeat experience This is exactly what I got Highly entertaining lots of giggles and great charactersMy first opinion of Tor is space pirate a cocky one at that Wynne a meek wallflower who lives in her sister’s shadow He’s cocky all right and she does have a bit of meekness to her but Oh boy I don’t think Tor knew what he was getting into when Wynne walked into his life Tor had to learn the hard way that he could tell her ‘this is how it’s going to be’ until he was blue in the face However as sweet docile as Wynne is goodness she has a stubborn streak Their verbal banters that’s a polite way of saying arguments had me in stitches And it wasn’t just Tor and Wynne who had me going Mohawk Ish Posy Truca all of the characters were lovable and entertaining It’s a rough crew but you can definitely feel the unconventional family love they have for each other As for the story it is face paced and full of surprises Tor’s motives if one pays attention aren’t all 100% selfish Wynne comes out from under her sister’s shadow and is delightful Sparks fly between these two and when the words run out their bodies take over YUMM Not all is sunshine and rainbows as we find out what has happened to Tor’s crew Is it possible to have swashbuckling when you are talking about space because that is the only way I can think to describe the rescue adventures for the Bride Train Tor doesn’t have any new information to add to the whole invading Hahnshin and the Godan conflict however I still thoroughly enjoyed it Hijinks battle of wits and HEAs left me with a huge smile on my face Cheers to another successful release Ms Rhoades Can’t wait to get my hands of the next bookI received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mineStars – 5 Flames – 3

  10. Jonel Jonel says:

    This is the intergalactic romance of the year It is a book that you just want to curl up with and get lost in The plot is fast paced and exciting The uniue and fascinating concepts make this world one of a kind and the story unforgettable Her new twist on the ‘bride train’ was priceless I love the bits and pieces of earth’s history throughout as well as the comparisons drawn with the new worlds and races that we encounter Rhoades’ magical descriptions bring everything to life Tor’s guilt and self hatred bring out both his true personality and the situation that he finds himself in His toughness is tempered by his compassion yet he’s still all male On the other hand seeing Wynne find her own personal strength throughout really drew me to her And as much as I loved these two as individuals as a couple they were unforgettable The chemistry between them was off the charts and seeing them come to grips with the difficulties that anything between them may cause well you’ll just have to read the story to find out This was a truly fun story Rhoades seamlessly combined emotion romance and adventure in this intergalactic tale that is a must read story Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review

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