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Slave Hunt [BOOKS] ✯ Slave Hunt Author J.A. Rock – Thirty people Two hours Only the strong will survive When Riddle decides to put on a slave hunt the Subs Club is on board Tops hunting bottoms in the woods with paintball guns Yes Captives strung up o Thirty people Two hours Only the strong will survive When Riddle decides to put on a Slave Hunt the Subs Club is on board Tops hunting bottoms in the woods with paintball guns Yes Captives strung up on whipping posts at the mercy of their captors Hell yes But on the morning of the hunt nothing’s going according to plan Miles and Drix are at odds over Miles’s reluctance to move in together Dave is determined to show up D who thinks Dave won’t last two minutes in the woods Gould finds himself torn between obeying his master’s orders and living out a longtime fantasy And Kamen inadvertently becomes a double agent when he aligns himself with two different parties By the end of the hunt alliances will be forged and broken loyalties will be tested relationships will be strengthenedand someone will barrel roll Narrated by ten different characters Slave Hunt tells the story of two hours in the woods that will change everyone forever Or at least remind them that love is the greatest victory of all.

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  1. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    45 HeartsThere will be some totes random picsgifs off in here that won't make a lick of sense unless you read the book Yap Call me a tease I can take itI hate to break the bad news but this really did feel like an epilogue ugly crying does not help the separation anxiety in case you were wonderingBUT All is not lost because Ms Rock is going to team up with her Wonder Twin aka Ms Henry to bring us short stories from this world so SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER AT THE END OF THE BOOK PEOPLES Grillin' with Kamen could still happen I'm keeping the dream aliveTrue story I only meant to peek at this thing but it started with Kamen and what can I say? The next thing I knew I had finished it Oops So yeah I hearted it I hearted it real hard I don't know how other people read books but when I read a book that is told exclusively from one character's perspective as the first four have been I try to fill in the blanks so to speak of the other person I try to hear them figure them out and in this book we actually did get to hear them Ryan Greg and D all sounded like I thought they would and by the way Ryan and D's perspectives are hilarious Drix however surprised me I think I underestimated him and he charmed me I was charmed by the vampyre He was mine always was no matter where we lived no matter how busy or distracted or anxious we got We belonged to each other and I made up my mind that gift cards or no gift cards I was buying this man a vac bed tonight The addition of Maya threw me I could be a little biased because Kamen But she's got a mouth on her and if she keeps talking smack about my boy we will have words She's full of snark and was amusing but I'd have rather her time been spent with the original nine or maybe Fucktopus though perhaps it's best he remain an enigma That's the only uibble I haveAll the guys have something to strive for in the slave hunt Alliances are formed And broken Sacrafices are made Points are proven Some have exceptionally poor wardrobe choices that may or may not have resulted in circulation being cut off There may have been a tea and fruit baskets as a bounty Some unexpected stories are told Getting chased by puppies happens Someone almost gets captured by their archnemesis Pony puns are made Hilarity ensued all around There are a few touching moments because JA Rock but by and large it was good fun KAMEN IN PANTIES WAS A LIFE CHANGING EVENT You bet your sweet ass it was There cannot possibly be anything better than ruffley lacey panties on Kamen I refuse to believe otherwise AND he's loud #winning The kink in this one was epic Not only Rymen's public scene but the zipline and the Florentine flogging scenes I was on fire Those combined with all the laughing I felt I was being tickle topped a strange yet oddly energizing sensation There is mf sex on page for those averse because bisexual Slave Hunt was everything I could've hoped for and What hit home was how happy each of these relationships have made these characters It's set about two years after 247 and it's clear they've all flourished They're all in a good place haven't stagnated and are continuing to stay present in their respective relationships The cherry on top was seeing how the slave hunt brought all of them closer together as an unconventional kinky family; that made me happiest of allI really really don't want this series to be over but if it is thanks to JA for the feels and chuckles I will cherish these stories and characters They're definite reread material for meBut I sure do think Bowser deserves his own story That ginger lumbersexual sadist needs a twink to wreck I am just sayingMust read for fans of this series I would not recommend reading this one as a standalone though An ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewPre read caterwauling Enter at your own riskview spoilerI'm officially ESSSSSSITTTEEEDDDDDKAMENKAMENKAMEN hide spoiler

  2. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    Look I'm not even going to front I totally got this book for Kamen Because I love him so much And he's awesome in this But of course he would be ’Cause a blowjob is basically just a ballad you sing with the back of your throat So Slave Hunt comes from the POV of Kamen Dave Miles Gould Maya Drix Kel D Ryan and Greg There's a lot happening and because there are so many different voices this had the very real possibility of being too much and while I could have done without certain POV on the whole it works fairly wellThat being said I especially loved the POV by Kamen Dave Drix and D Those four were my absolute favoritesIt's an entertaining story highlighting a fun day out with the whole crew with some really interesting uses of nettles an enemy pony with an agenda hot sauce cerulean ruffled manties and flogging just to name a few of the festivitiesIn a series that's had than it's fair share of angst it was nice to have a no angst story full of pure merrimentAnd did I mention the cerulean ruffled manties? Advanced Review Galley copy of Slave Hunt provided by Riptide Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  3. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®Extended Epic EpilogueThat’s what this is An expertly woven blanket fluffy and worn like the one you always grab for first on a cool autumn eve with the characters we all love as the threads of friendship love forgiveness vulnerability anxiety illumination and the innate desire to hunt or be huntedHehKamen Kamen Kamen How muuuuuuch do I love thee allow me to enumerate the ways my silly yet solid as an oak friend Oh wait that’s right I’m unable to fathom that high a digit You’re all the ways that will ever be The greatest thing about that? You won’t let it go to your head Instead you’re likely to pen a sarcastic ode that tickles my funny bone and kneads at my heartDave waves HiPsssst everyone Dave and D have been together for than two years now They’re sympatico and odd and happy and it’s wonderful and it shows Dave is still scrumptiously defiant and D is still steady and kinky and caring Best of all they continue to delight one another with each new discovery about what works for themOh Miles I do heart you so I waved good bye to my seven year old son on my mother’s porch with the rather trepidatious sense that I was headed off to war Pulse racing Mind scattered My hunt sweater already appreciably damp at the pitsA vocabulary over which to properly salivate while at the same time feeling the all too normal sweaty pit thanks to anxiety about leaving a child behind even with one’s own mother when all you want to do is be with said child I too wish there had been of your son in the story Miles but this was mostly about the adults trying to adult in the adult worldI told you we get to spend some time with everyone D And from their own perspectives Rock is channeling all of these people Each of their voices are unmistakable So much so that I swear I could hear them not just while in conversation but as they each shared their current state of mind What’s in their heart even when they aren’t 100% sure themselvesDrix My man You are the one for Miles and vice versa You’re a good match and you both know it Sooooome of you Miles just need to work on Miles allowing themselves Miiiiles to take happiness and contentment by the balls and make them theirs Miles I mean the way I feel at ease whenever I get to spend time with you two is no accident The world is nestled onto its axis when you’re togetherGould seems settled into life with Kel and Greg They’re all learning from each other working their way through what works and what doesn’t He still has something a bit out of place like one edge of the puzzle piece is sticking up causing some consternation The manner in which that edge is smoothed and soothed is breathtaking Intimate Unforgettable And allows Gould to finally let go Or at least begin toMaya Omg hahahahahahaa You go chica you GO You might be just about the youngest in this lovingly formulated family but you see things possibly clearer than anyone else running stumbling sulking barrel rolling or sharing their pants in those woods You tell it like it is and would do anything for your buds And I love the way you love Kamen Kamen knocked his guitar case with the toe of his shoe “I’m going to write a ballad about my captor’s heroics” Kamen preshie cinnamon roll was a songwriter of dubious talent whose songs were endearing if not paradigms of craftOh I’m so sorry I should have warned you Do you need help cleaning the screen on your e reader after guffawing like a boss? No? You’re good? Well so am I I’m chuckling at Kamen’s own brand of logic that somehow makes so much sense nodding at D’s exacting standards in his journal snorting at Ryan’s ways of being so big in his small body Yeah Same here sighing at Drix’s sweet heart and gentle fangs fighting the urge to just HUG Miles forever cackling at Dave and his cutie whiny ways and laughing like a loon because Maya makes me do just thatSomehow this might be my favorite book in this series Course if I hadn’t read the first four that wouldn’t be the case it’d be impossible The chicken or the egg anyone? Maybe Kamen will pen a little ditty about thatWhile we wait to be awkwardly yet awesomely serenaded while wearing manties? you’re able to start this series knowing you’re going to get THIS at the end of a journey that’s filled with heart humor loss empathy struggle and the greatest desire to just hang out with your friends on a picnic blanket under the sun at the park ;ETA Recommend Read for October 2016 on PBA

  4. ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ says:

    The Subs Club book V FIVEI wished for this all along I haven't written a review in a long time It wasn't because the books I found the time to read didn't leave me with thoughts about them I would've liked to express but because putting those thoughts into words proved to be a difficult task than I remembered Even if it was a book I loved reading like I did Slave Hunt I'm rusty I kind of just want to thank JA Rock for writing another story set in that universe and letting me have precious pages with the characters who have become so dear to me and say in shouty caps of course that I LOVE THIS WHOLE SERIES but because I love it so much I feel I should say a few words than that so here goes nothing Slave Hunt is about well a slave hunt that Riddle organized in the woods on D's property Tops were hunting bottoms with paintball guns and the captured slaves were taken to whipping posts and were played with All in good fun Of course the members of the Subs Club were there for the fun games Except Miles he was there hoping to win gift cards And over the course of that two hour hunt I got what I hoped for ever since I finished 247 and that's to see how Dave Miles Kamen and Gould were doing what they were dealing with and how far they'd come after the series sort of ended Not only that Maya Drix RYAN Kel Greg and D got their own chapters which made it even better I wasn't sure how the ten different perspectives would work but I soon realized that was silly of me JA Rock knows what she's doing With some of the characters I was happy to see a change in them and with some I was happy to see they're the same as I remembered them Kamen falls in the latter category He is a character who always cheered me up Whenever I got to a chapter with his name I started smiling and didn't stop until it was over Smiles and laughter are a given when it comes to Kamen RYAN'S CHAPTERS ALSO MADE ME LAUGH Kamen Ryan and Hemsworth it's always fun to read about them Whether it involves manties hot sauce or Kamen's ballads fun is guaranteed Dave and D were interesting as per usual I couldn't wait to read D's chapters to see what's in that man's head and they were very D like This book revealed of D's feelings and it was so sweet It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings reading about D expressing of his feelings for Dave I believe a perceptive vampyre played a role in encouraging D to be verbal in his affection Drix's interaction with D and the other characters were among my favorite parts of the book especially the one with Gould I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked reading his chapters Drix's other half Miles also needed some courage to express his wishes He however gathered it after playing with someone else and by the end even he had fun at the slave hunt As did Gould which I was incredibly glad for His story was the most emotional one in the series and this happier Gould was a welcome change It all ended with a very special ballad by Kamen which is the only way it should have ended Overall Slave Hunt wrapped up the series in an even better way than I could have hoped which only left me wanting So when the words Want Subs Club? Sign up for This Rebus Does Not Work a Lisa Henry and JA Rock newsletter and receive a free collection of Subs Club short stories with your subscription came into view I was over the moon JA Rock made my wish come true again I've been keeping my eye on my inbox ever since ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. Lucy Lucy says:

    I enjoyed this book far than I should have I laughed I sighed I did a little side eye here and there over a certain threesome group Maya may be my spirit animal in all her Hunger Games glory I would totally enjoy being her bestie D and David D just makes me all swoony He doesn't say much but boy when he does he packs a powerful emotional punch Drix and Miles Drix makes me want to climb him like a tree Ryan and Kamen Ryan had me laughing so hard my co workers asked me what I was reading Shhhh I'm not telling I'm not sure I'll ever understand the exact relationship with Gould Kels and Greg Totes straight Greg? Who kisses Gould but is totes straight? Anywhoshier by far this is the best book of the series for me It was lighthearted for the most part and that is what sold me on it being a five star read

  6. Chris Chris says:

    I loved this series and this book was a beautiful closure for each character adorable ❤️ It was great that each person found their peace whether Dom sub Master slave Sadist masochist just a fun hunt with a few moments of humour and tenderness

  7. WhatAStrangeDuck WhatAStrangeDuck says:

    I read the other books in the series and they were a mixed bag for me for different reasons I bought the bundle and read them and for the most part I kind of enjoyed them because I liked the charactersThis one came out after I finished the bundle but when I read the title and the blurb I had a major WTF? moment So a bunch of people hunt a bunch of other people in the woods to drag them back to whipping posts and it's called a slave hunt Right But oh yeah ok It's a fun sex thing so it's fine Right?Erm no? Can we take a second to think of the implications? I think the mildest term I can come up with is tasteless The second mildest is grossSo I decided not to get it Then Riptide offered it with a 50% discount and I caved because I wanted to know if the author at least mentioned that this might be at least a teeny tiny bit problematic choice Turns out no Not one of the characters even the token POC give it even a second thoughtRightSo this right there soured the book for me immensely I think it would have been an indifferent 3 star read otherwise I wasn't really invested in the characters any I suppose it will give some people a sense of closure about the individual stories in that particular universe butWTF?

  8. Maygirl7 Maygirl7 says:

    I think D's POV was my favorite though Ryan's shouty caps POV was definitely the most humorous He made me lol for real The set up for this book reminded me of Jet Mykles' last Heaven Sent book that focused on the four couples Fortunately Rock pulled off the balancing act of giving the reader enough time to visit with their reading friends but also giving enough plot and new characters or in this case POVs to keep things moving and interesting where Mykles wasn't able to All the things that made me fall in love with all of the previous four books were here Don't miss this one; it is a worthy ending to a great series

  9. Nadine Bookaholic Nadine Bookaholic says:

    Slave Hunt by JA Rock My rating 4 of 5 stars hail hail the gangs all hereOnce I saw that JA Rock wrote another book in The Subs Club series I was thrilled and couldn't wait to read it Although this book is a lot shorter than the others it was packed with all of our favorite people this book was uniue in the way the story was given instead of single dual or even third person narration we are told this story from 10 yes TEN different points of view You must read the four books in the series before this one otherwise you will be totally lost and although it will most likely still be an enjoyable read you really do need the back stories to get the most out of it Kel and Greg are hosting a Slave Hunt where all of the participants are guaranteed to have some fun whether your a DomDomme or a Sub doesn't matter because each person will get what they need from the hunt and some will even find answers to uestions they are having about their relationships I loved seeing the entire gang together again and although I wish the book was longer I really did love it If you read the series I would highly recommend reading this book as well you will not be disappointed I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from Riptide Publishing through netgalley View all my reviews 

  10. Mitya Mitya says:

    I don't think I've ever seen a book so lacking in social awareness Like I get it sexy BDSM naughty funtimesBut the author is aware that slave hunts are a thing that happened right? That slaves were hunted down like dogs beaten with whips amongst other things and either killed or dragged back to their ownersIs it safe to assume this book is full of white people and only white people? Because I'm trying to picture asking my friends to participate in something like this and how much they would be entitled to punch me given that where I live you can go to the government site pull up slave registries and find their ancestorsSo call me Ms Buzzkill but this book seems grossly inappropriate and a very special brand of entitled and grossly unaware of history and the current political climate

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