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  • A Harmless Little Plan Harmless #3
  • Meli Raine
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  • 18 November 2016

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  1. Candace Candace says:

    Please check out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencomThe third and final book in the 'Harmless' series 'A Harmless Little Plan' brings everything full circle All of my uestions were finally answered Finally we find out who was behind the attacks and what their motivations wereYet despite getting the answers that I craved I didn't seem to gain any peace I guess that this was a story where there could be no explanation for what happened that would make it okay In that regard I still feel a bit unsettledAt the onset of this book things are looking pretty bleak Lindsay is again in the grasps of her rapists Drew has been arrested and is helpless She's waiting on a rescue that isn't comingHowever things uickly turn around Drew immediately implements a plan to save Lindsay Before long the story takes on a Rambo meets porn star Barbie feel Brace yourself for some outlandish and ridiculous plot twists If you're like me you'll spend a fair amount of time rolling your eyes and cracking up at the absurdity of this rescue Once the person that has orchestrated their worst nightmares is revealed I expected the story to wrap up After all isn't that what we've been waiting for? Instead it dragged on for what felt like forever before finally providing the finale that I wanted at the half way markLike the earlier books in this series the storyline in this book could have been better executed Although in fairness I did think that each book showed improvement in that regard However there was still a rushed feeling to many of the important parts where I craved for elaboration and unnecessary time spent on irrelevant details Major reveals seemed overly simplistic and left me thinking That's it? After everything that's what I get?After the private moment that we glimpsed between Lindsay's parents in the second book I was hoping that there was to them than I had originally suspected I'm not sure if the author thought about going there only to change her mind or what happened Regardless my hopes were without cause Lindsay's parents proved to be the callous shallow individuals that they first appeared to be They have to be near the top of the list for worst book parents ever That's all I'll say about that All things considered this was just an okay series for me It had the potential to be a really great dark story but it fell flat There were just too many problems with plot holes and poor execution to win me over entirely It was alright but it could have been great

  2. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    While the story comes together well in this final book I felt it was missing something for me In some ways it felt like the issues were addressed only on the surface level at least when it comes to our heroes They experience betrayal but the details are vague Their resolution feels less like a want to and like a need to I really liked where this was going but was left with a lack of fulfillment Especially without a epilogue to catch us up I will say that I still enjoyed myself especially as the pieces were coming together The plot was not realistic to me but entertaining nonetheless The characters were interesting but felt underdeveloped The writing pace and imagery were strong Really good series overall Safety There is rape and abuse No others for the heroes while they are together The hero was with others while they were apart ARC received in exchange for an honest review

  3. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    Book three starts up where book two left off Things are moving fast now and with Lindsay in danger and Drew being framed Friends become enemies and old wounds are reopened I enjoyed this one slightly less than I did book one and two The whole mystery that has been building over the course of the first two books is basically wrapped up halfway into this book And while I did enjoy seeing people get their comeuppance for the most part I would have liked to have gotten some sort of retribution for Lindsey from those who lied after the original incident After that the book dragged on a bit for me I really think this would have played out better over two books instead of three but that is just my opinion There were also things mentioned that really never lead anywhere Anya Monica? I also found that the conspiracy stretched believability in its scope and that had me rolling my eyes a bit That aside I really enjoyed all the twists and turns this story took It was pretty brutal on occasion and I had NO clue who was behind it all Lindsey and Drew were both likable characters and there was a nice array of secondary characters that added depth to the overall story Not much to say A great series that enjoyed uite a lot

  4. Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ says:

    The BEST book of the series Virtually every uestion I had since book 1 A Harmless Little Game was answeredThis book picked up where the last one left off Lindsay has been kidnapped by someone impersonating Mark Paulson Drew’s friend Through Drew we realize that the a holes who assaulted them have her Drew needs to save her but he’s been locked up on suspicion of stalkingterrorizing Lindsay set up On top of that he isn’t sure who to trust Even members from his own team fall under his suspicion in this conspiracyI appreciated the way the author used the dual character POV From one to the next the story grew intense and suspenseful Each POV gave great insight as to what Drew and Lindsay were seeing thinking and feeling and their perspectives ran almost parallel to each other I didn’t notice any gaps to the plot or have to uestion what was going on with each characterI wasn’t so much impressed with the reason for the attacks on Drew and Lindsay four years ago and at present I think I pretty much figured it out already However I was impressed with how far these evil people were willing to go to further their agendas I was uite satisfied with how Drew and Lindsay were able to extract justiceI loved the time the author dedicated to dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened Drew and Lindsay’s trauma and recovery seemed authentic and it wasn’t rushed or downplayed My only real disappointment was with the way this series ended While there was a very sweet HFN I wanted a real epilogue I believe that this couple truly deserved oneOverall this series was incredible Be prepared to feel moments anxiety stress shock confusion joy and good cheer Release Date December 13 2016 Genre Romantic Suspense Series or Standalone Book 3 of the Harmless series POV Dual 1st person Steam 2

  5. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ says:

    5 What a Ride StarsWell that answers that A perfect ending to a trilogy filled with mystery suspense angst abuse and a great love storySo as well as giving us all the answers with a big 'bang' this final book has humour mixed through it which I really enjoyedI'm still in shock over that scene at Drew's apartment I mean talk about shit hitting the fan Thank god for Tiffany Drew's internet porn star neighbor who saved the day She was a hoot and in the middle of all that violence it was refreshingThis trilogy was a thrilling ride and I enjoyed every second

  6. Bex (Beckie Bookworm) Bex (Beckie Bookworm) says:

    🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARSSo A Harmless Little Plan Harmless #3 by Meli Raine is the final instalment in this thrilling and addictive trilogyThis final part is told from both Lindsay and Drew's perspective and we come in where we left offDrew is in custody after being fitted up and poor Lindsay is again in the hands of her rapistsThis instalment for me hit the ceiling in realms of ridiculousness in regards to rescue plans despite the seriousness of the storyline I actually felt like laughing which was highly inappropriate considering it wasn't meant to be humorous at all I just couldn't help myself the plot was so tallDespite this it actually added to my enjoyment I still found A harmless little Plan incredibly engrossingThis is why I have still rated this so high I know it was far fetched in terms of plot but I still kept reading and finished in record timeI lost count of the number of videos doing the circuit the one with the masks the ones without the one with the guns and without Lindsay's video Drews Video geez everyone and their dog had a video but I still loved this completelyAnd a uick uestion how the hell does a certain someone learn how to access the dark web we find out the identity of Lindsays contact who teaches her thisreally can't see it myselfSo we do get our answers here but in terms of closure Its one of those morality dilemmas of why?and this does leave a bit of a sour taste as the why is really for power and fame and moneyno answer or reason at allI was happy we went a bit further into the future with Lindsay and Drew as I got a glimpse of the start of there HEA which is still a journey in progress as they both start to heal from there awful pastsMy favourite part of the whole series was actually at the end when our couple are sitting in bed skyping Lindsay's mum and Dad and Drew actually giggles yes I kid you not big bad Drew giggles loved itSo one last observation before I sign off I would like to award the worlds worst parents of the year award to Lindsays folks you two are awfully awful there are just no words to describe your complete and utter selfishness in regards to your daughter especially you Monica you vapid horrorSo its safe to say for me A harmless little plan was a satisfying and unintentionally funny hit I hope it hits the spot for you also Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

  7. Radd Reader Radd Reader says:

    Overview Drew and Lindsay Book 3 Told from dual POV’s This is the conclusion to the series It has a HEA The Story This book picks up where the previous one left off Drew is in jail and Lindsay has been kidnapped There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader occupied and some guessing as to who is involved and how high up the food chain it goes Lindsay’s mom is still awful with her lack of compassion but her dad does seem to thaw a bit towards Drew’s presence in her life The conclusion of the series fell just a little flat for me but it’s completely my issue and nothing to do with the author’s writing or story I was really hoping that this book would go down a path where the tormentors and puppet master had their lives shredded bit by bit by the good guys until they faced absolute and total destruction I wanted them to suffer 100 times worse than Lindsay and Drew suffered However the author wrote it her own way so I can’t deduct any stars just because I wanted to see it play out a bit differently The writing was good and the story entertaining so for that reason I’m giving it 4 stars

  8. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    Political thrillerromantic suspense Book 3 of 3Release December 13 2016Pre order | AMZ US | AMZ UK | BN | KOBO |Books in Harmless trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 A Harmless Little GameBook 2 A Harmless Little RuseBook 3 A Harmless Little Plan

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This is the conclusion to one wild no holds barred captivating series I was hooked and read the series in a little than a day If you are easily triggered you may want to avoid it as the subject matter is rough If you aren’t then dive in and hang on for the ride 5 stars

  10. Janja Janja says:

    The last part of the story disappointed me angst was lost and on the other hand there were still huge uestions left unanswered Suddenly HEA was among the heroes which you really want but it's still a bitter touchBut as a whole series it deserves a score of 4

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A Harmless Little Plan Harmless #3➬ A Harmless Little Plan Harmless #3 Read ➵ Author Meli Raine – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Turns out there was a second video from that awful night four years ago Mine wasn’t the only tapeToo bad mine wasn’t the worstDrew can’t protect me no matter how hard he tries but the roles are Turns out there was a second video from Little Plan PDF Æ that awful night four A Harmless Kindle - years ago Mine wasn’t the only tapeToo bad mine wasn’t the worstDrew can’t Harmless Little Plan PDF/EPUB é protect me no matter how hard he tries but the roles are flipped now I have to help him but I’m not wired that way Not any That one night changed me than anyone knowsMore than anyone could predictThree men think they’re above the law They’re rightBut I’m willing to go beneath the law to make sure they never harm anyone else Their threats don’t scare meWhen you have nothing left to lose because someone took it all away you create the most dangerous creature imaginableMeGame over A Harmless Little Plan is the final book in the political thrillerromantic suspense trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.

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