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The Dollhouse [Ebook] ➩ The Dollhouse By Stacia Stone – The Dollhouse is a place where dreams can become reality for a price There are Dolls for every taste and desire Fantasy Dolls Baby Dolls Dolls as soft as silk or hard as plastic Dolls that just want t The Dollhouse is a place where dreams can become reality for a price There are Dolls for every taste and desire Fantasy Dolls Baby Dolls Dolls as soft as silk or hard as plastic Dolls that just want to be broken Twenty one year old college dropout Dalea Moreno has spent her entire life trying to ignore the things that she can't have When she is offered a place in The Dollhouse and enough money to change her life forever it is impossible for Dalea to refuse But when the mysterious patron with the beautiful face and terrifying desires selects her for his own Dalea uickly realizes he wants than her body He wants control over her He wants her submission He wants than she has ever given up before And he won't stop until every part of her is his for the taking Previously published in serial form This edition is a full length standalone novel of approximately k words For mature audiences contains explicit sexual content and BDSM elements Reader discretion is advised.

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  1. E.M. Summers E.M. Summers says:

    Title The DollhouseAuthor Stacia StoneSeries standalone full length version of The Dollhouse serialGenre eroticaThemes BDSMArchetype billionaireHeat ★★★★Rating ★★★This had a lot of strong elements and potential It just for me didn't uite live up to them An excellent premise I was immediately struck by the basis for this story particularly due to my love of dark erotica I felt that it should if anything just be 'erotica' maybe worthy of a dark ish label just with a BDSM and consensual slavery themeMy main issue was the format I don't like serials as I prefer my reads to have a lot of depth and character development which just tend to get lost when there are small instalments This was slightly different a full length novel version of a previously released serial but still suffered from trying to fit too many themes and plot developments into one novel I'd have very much liked to have seen it as maybe a trilogy a epic erotic romance which was able to develop the characters fully and completely draw me in As it was the plot was highly predictable and there was very little characterisation at all To be honest I just didn't care about them and didn't really grasp and believe in their relationshipLove is neurotransmitters firing and hormones soaking the emotion centers of your brain It's a trick that your body plays on your minds It isn't realHaving said that I very much enjoyed reading this Despite its predictability it was an easy read and extremely steamy with some wonderful humiliation elements something I am very fond of reading I just wanted a little length time with the characters time to care and of course of those extraordinarily written sex scenes to delve further into the world of slave master BDSM relationshipsStacia Stone is definitely an author to watch and despite its flaws there was a lot of potential here for

  2. Will Will says:

    Dreaming of The DollhouseReceived a free copy for an honest review“You’re the kind of doll that wants to be broken” ― Stacia Stone The Dollhouse I take it every little girl dreams of a dollhouse much like unicorns and being a princess well keep dreaming I’m not saying this story was bad by any means but if anything the premise was somewhat off the mark but I’ll get to that in a bitThe story in a way was uite believable to the point of being cliché the poor beautiful girl needing money but instead of ending up on the street selling herself she ends up at “The Dollhouse” I wouldn’t be surprised if such places existed a high end brothel for the wealthy and the discreet I’ve seen that from other stories It also needs to be said that most of the stories only work because there is a rich business man or at least someone with a righteous goal not to sound like an internet meme but if you took the average guy with a few thousand to blow at let’s say The Moonlite Bunny Ranch it wouldn’t get written uite as well as this taleStop me if you heard this one poor girl “Dalea Elizabeth Moreno” slums sick mother siblings gets picked up by “The Procurer” to enter The Dollhouse She’s selected by a CEO “Julian Berk Hathaway” first as a submissive and of course later as a lover though apparently love was forbidden I guess you could say this wasn’t a love story We eventually get the ending that if you’re a reader of this genre we come to expect read Fifty Shades Freed not saying it’s better but you’ll see exactly what I’m talking aboutThis title was less dream and rerun but I like reruns sometimes but again you have to be a fan of this genre and perhaps not so much a connoisseur like the rich characters were supposed to be If the author took another shot I wouldn’t be opposed to reading it because we all have to start somewhere and this was a good first impression hopefully it takes time“I knew exactly what kind of a doll I was ― a marionette A doll on strings to be posed and danced to the whims of its puppeteer then cast away in a collapsed pile of limbs until it was needed again” ― Stacia Stone The Dollhouse Now I could go in for something obvious say the typos and you know there had to be plenty if someone like me noticed but my biggest beef I believe was with the idea of The Dollhouse itself There are other issues but nothing that will stop this from being an enjoyable experience but I’ve had betterI believe The Dollhouse itself was a wasted opportunity of itself since we only see it about four times or less naming the book this might have been a mistake since it was Dalea and Julian and their lives outside of it The Dollhouse if anything was just a way to introduce the characters and The Procurer was laughable while trying to appear deadly serious being one for contracts and BDSM you’re telling me he’d sue one poor little girl like he even could or would have anything to gain I was looking forward to meeting dolls to seeing Dalea and Julian’s relationship grow in context to The Dollhouse and not some would be typical BDSM which other that spanking a whip and “sir” it was notDalea herself comes off all fire and brimstone but one rich guy later it wasn’t so much she was broken but gave in Julian reminded me a lot of Paxton Pierce from Jettie Woodruff’s Twin Duo “Suit” and “Slut” he wasn’t a good guy he wasn’t a bad guy he was just a jerk which would have been fine as he “paid for your submission” in the confines of The Dollhouse okay but even Dalea commented on the idea of turning an H into a housewife The ending was a bit rushed it was what was expected but hardly climatic another one of those “kiss him or kill him” moments and you can guess where all that fire went in a heartbeatOther characters could have used some sprucing up and Zach while expected was a bit saddening I’ll admit but all the characters seemed to do 180s just whenever the need arose Again all that being said the story is on point it keeps you invested it will tug at your heart strings at certain points really sort of like a BDSM version of Job just with Dalea as the sexy protagonist “Love is what inexperienced young girls call it when they confuse their body’s response for something greater” ― Stacia Stone The Dollhouse How do I tell when something like this is a good read when I don’t want to watch porn afterwards; I get why women read these works but being a guy again this work was not the best but not the worse That being said I got a free copy and will probably buy another copy just because this book had plenty of uotable momentsFor the BDSM that was featured I will always appreciate when a story manages to get certain elements of the lifestyle correct and this story did I like that I could actually see parts of the story playing out in my head though I did imagine a pretty girl yelling on YouTube the secrets of The Dollhouse The Procurer had to be joking right couldn’t stop her unless he killed her the story is HEA so no worries there With that HEA it would have been nice to hear about what happened to the family there goes Dalea and then just blahIf I have to explain the three stars one for great story another for the believability another for just being pretty sex scenes BDSM elements characters One star lost because I can’t stress this enough The Dollhouse was a ploy a concept that had nothing to do with the story overall than the first meeting place of Dalea and Julian all flash and no substance The second is lack of character development a rushed ending one laughable villain while another was vilified to simply wrap up the storyStacia Stone given time will be someone to look for on everyone’s bookshelf those who chose to be naughty from time to time and would be a great introduction to someone new to erotica As Julian said“Does it make you happy to know how much you please me?” Stacia StoneThis book will do that if you have a bit of patience and mercy it’s worth the look and I will look again

  3. Anna Anna says:

    Dark RomanceThis is a dark romance This story shows that sex in even the darkest off fantasies isn't always all bad You can still fall in love even when Ann outsider sees only abuse

  4. Rosario Barrera Rosario Barrera says:

    An intense romanceIntense is the word Julian is a mystery man and Dalea takes care of he ailing mother and two siblings The book is well written characters are well defined

  5. Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers says:

    35 Stars The Dollhouse is the first book I have read by Stacia It was originally a four part series and now a full length novel I think it would have been a good read either way but I like that there is an option Dalea is a twenty two year old college drop out that lives on the South side of Chicago with her ill mother and two siblings She had to leave college to take care of her family She works like crazy as a waitress at a diner but it's not enough to keep her family afloat Especially when unexpected expenses arise Life or death expenses So when the opportunity to make a thousand dollars a night at a secret club for the rich comes along she is intrigued and nervous Contracts are signed She was going to the Dollhouse She didn't know what to expect but what she got that first night wasn't it She felt terrified afterwards Not because of what happened but that she wanted She wanted him again She shouldn't but she does She doesn't know if she will ever see the dominating man again But what she doesn't expect is for him not to let her goJulian needs control And the Dollhouse gives that to him He wants a woman's submission and that is what Delea gives him He could tell she was nervous but he could also read that she wanted what he could give her He didn't expect to want from her than one round of play He didn't want to let her go He knew she was going back and forth on wanting to be a doll but he couldn't let her run She did something to him that made him do things that were out of his control But he also knew he couldn't give her everything that she would want if what they had was going to continue Love He didn't believe in that four letter word Julian and Delea's relationship is not rainbows and butterflies It's complicated and unpredictable I liked that Delea was discovering herself while taking care of her family She is a hard worker and a tough cookie so I found myself disappointed at times with some of her decisions And with Julian I really wanted to like him but I just didn't feel it With that being said I wish there was character development I didn't feel the connection between these two besides the hot sex It was so closemaybe because it was a serial series first so I get that it's harder to get that development in Overallit was a good read I would definitely would another book by Stacia in the future uotes Julian was like a dark fantasy that couldn’t exist in real life“Every deal with the devil starts with good news”Submit to me Dalea Let your body be my playground

  6. Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books says:

    Actually 2 12 StarsI liked the way the story beganyoung inexperienced and desperate Dalea Moreno has the weight of the world on her shoulders She uits college to take care of her sick mother fifteen year old brother and four year old sister She has some hard choices to make so that her family survivesShe is made an offer she feels she can't refuse CEO billionaire Julian Berk Hathaway has his sight set on her They meet and play Then they meet and repeatedly have kinky hot sex while Dalea contemplates the position or positions wink wink she finds herself inOkay now here is where the eye rolling WTH and WTF moments begin Let's start with the creepy Procurer How did he know about the forbidden things they didoutside the Dollhouse? How could he get away with chastising the BILLIONAIRE like he was a child? And then we have the Legal Ramifications for violating the BDSM CONTRACT Yeah Riiiiight Oh yeah and the fact that a NEW Contract had to be put in place and he just so happen to have it ready for them to signworded verbatim With that one you could argue that Julian and the Procurer was in cahoots Alright I'll give you that oneDalea was naive and easily influenced but she was likable and I was glad when she started to grow a backbone Julian on the other hand was NOT likable AT ALL Spanking submission gaggingokay yeah Being self centered and totally degradingNO I think the story missed character building layers by not embellishing on Julian's family and that whole situation I had no love for the couple and because this book was given to me in exchange for an honest opinion I felt obligated to finish it The ending was slightly rushed but I am happy to report that the couple did get a great HEA That's why it got the 12 Star This was my first book by the author and even though I didn't have visions of being bound gagged and waxed I would probably give her another try

  7. Ronda Thayer Ronda Thayer says:

    Dalea is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders Life is a struggle for her Julian is dark and mysterious And when these two meet it's like a sonic boom going off as their two world's collide This book has a small dark side with a little twisted thrown in Which I love to read This is the first book by Stacia Stone's that I've read and it won't be the last I was hooked in the first chapter I totally recommended this book

  8. Bonne Bonne says:

    IntenseThis book has a strong dominant male lead he is sexy and controlling Dalea seems like your run of the mill average girl making due with the shit hand of cards life has thrown her The opportunity for some extra cash leads her down a road she didn't know she was looking for Hot and intense that's what this book is

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Good story Poor girl and rich alpha male some kinky stuff

  10. Frances Demartinez Frances Demartinez says:

    ExcellentThis is a very entertaining book to read When I started reading this book I could not stop until I finished the whole story

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