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Deadly Game DS Jack Mackinnon #7 ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Deadly Game DS Jack Mackinnon #7 By D.S. Butler ⚣ – What if the only way to save your child’s life was to take part in a deadly game For the Watsons their worst nightmare becomes a reality when their daughter Ruby is kidnapped But that’s only the b What if the only way to save your DS Jack eBook ¸ child’s life was to take part in a deadly game For the Watsons their worst nightmare becomes a reality when their daughter Ruby is kidnapped But that’s only the beginning When they receive a text message inviting them to take part in a deadly game things get a whole lot worse They learn another girl has also been taken and Deadly Game MOBI :º they must compete against the other parents in a sick challenge to win their daughter back There can be only one winner One girl will live and one will die How far would you go to save your child This book is part of the DS Jack Mackinnon Series but can be read as a standalone.

10 thoughts on “Deadly Game DS Jack Mackinnon #7

  1. Hans Hans says:

    Jack Mackinnon is at it again A very readable suspenseful and original thriller Benny is so very recognizable and amiable

  2. helen helen says:

    This series is really worth readingEach book has a good story line Action right from the beginning Interesting caricatures I can recommend these books You can read all the books standalone

  3. Kim Kim says:

    A gripping readAs ever DS Butler makes you want I thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the series with this book after a break from reading longer then I’d like to admit such a gripping story line What made it interesting for me was the real life elements of these crimes Some other novels storylines are fairly stretched with strong emotionless lead characters not Jack MacKinnon His character is developing as time goes on and the family dramas are fairly uiet in this book he does need a break sometimes But the crimes committed are what we hear about across the world everyday that’s what makes this book chilling but you can’t help but carry on readingI’m back on my game and reading 2 3 books in a week Let’s see if I can finish the series tomorrow XDOverall this is a complete must read for all you detective buffs out there This series will not disappoint Happy reading especially during these uncertain times

  4. Kim Kim says:

    4 12 stars I love this author I’m going to run out of her books soon I worried from the description this would be darker than it was but it wasn’t Fast paced and I’ve had a hard time putting these books down I normally just listen to books but these titles aren’t available on audiobooks through my library so I’ve been reading them on kindle That actually says a lot about how good these books are

  5. Nick Crocker Nick Crocker says:

    Great reading great charactersI have reas all the McKinninon series and the characters and proceedures are very well crafted As a former police officer and a fellow writer I often cringe at some of the fantastic errors made in fiction but in D S Butlers stories the flow and accuracy is excellent Looking forward to the next one

  6. Teresa Larkin-Milne Teresa Larkin-Milne says:

    Sorry for the late feedback read this yearI have read all the Deadly series in order as they come out They are brilliant a great series to read easy to readHoping there is another one in the pipeline soon x

  7. Linda Linda says:

    I love the 'Deadly' series The characters are real and you can empathise with them DS Butler knows how write a good story Looking forward to the next book which might resolve a frustrating ending for the detectives in this latest book I'm not giving too much away

  8. Nathan Hill Nathan Hill says:

    FantasticI am now looking forward to starting the next book in this series I have trouble putting them down So easy to read and leave you wanting to read the next one Thank you for this fascinating serier

  9. mrs Yve L Cattermole mrs Yve L Cattermole says:

    RivetingDark in placesbut had me on edge of my seatVery happy that although sexual tendencies were impliedI was happy that the abuse was not describedRecommended readRead all 7 back to back Loved them all

  10. Christine Harmer Christine Harmer says:

    Highly enjoyable readable interestingI read the series back to back because they were so enjoyable Readability score has to be 1010 Interesting plots with comfortably genuine characters and interesting but realistic outcomes Please write some

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