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  • 20 December 2016

10 thoughts on “Enforcer (Princes of Prophecy, #4)

  1. Laurie Laurie says:

    I have to say that this series is just getting better and betterEnforcer has a lot to love about it First up one of the top shooters for the MC is a young woman making her way just fine in a man’s world When it comes to team leaders of the MC high security she is the cream of the crop second only to Jesse which made my heart smile What I loved the most though was when Sheila learned the hard way that even the toughest of the tough can fall all of her brothers stood behind her so she knew they had her back even when their efforts to help her heal didn’t work as intendedI’ve always admired Sheila Originally a foster kid she was adopted by Tiny and Nancy They raised her to be smart skilled and unbelievably tough As part of the second generation of the MC she’s not one of the kids with any freaky abilities but she’s a protector who’s built to keep her family and the MC safe Breaking through the traditions of the MC world to become the first woman who rides in defense of the MC she set one hell of an example In a previous book Sheila was kidnapped and raped and really hasn’t allowed herself to heal from that no matter how she presents herself to her MC familyJax was perfect although I do wish we’d known about him He waited a long time for Sheila and just when he thought he could make his move all hell broke loose and she ended up hurt Waiting even longer killed him but he knew she was worth it even if she wasn’t so sure He gave her everything she needed including treating her like a woman in every way no matter how tough she acted Even when she was on the job he gave her what she needed never making her feel like he thought she shouldn’t be doing itI loved that no matter what Sheila or Jax asked or needed from each other they were “all in” and gave it No matter how many trials and tribulations they faced and there were many they handled it with strength and care My one little issue with them was they both showed far patience with a certain MC member than I thought they should haveJust like every other book in this series the action was gritty and OTT but there was also lots of humor and sexy times to offset it The kids were cute but I do have to say being constantly told how adorable they were grated on my last nerveI think I’m finally figuring out what I like so much about this series The men are alpha to their core but they love their women put them first and not only support them but they celebrate the strength their women show I just eat that up Rating 4 I Love Strong Heroines Stars

  2. Kimberly Morrow howe Kimberly Morrow howe says:

    Omfg What a great bookI absolutely loved Sheila and Jax's story It was definitely a roller coaster throughout The flow and story development was great and the 'rents' are hilarious in this book I am super happy with this series and the way things have gone I am eagerly awaiting

  3. Deb B Deb B says:

    I first started by reading MC Knight and then realised that I wanted the whole story and that started with the Baxter's although the first books didn't have a lot of crossovers they did set the scene for what is to come in the other books as the stories move along so their importance to the series' as a whole cannot be overstatedI have just read the 22 books to date back to back in the order published on the author's website and decided to review them as a whole I really don't think they stand well as stand alones as there are too many common threads too much history and too much character crossover for that so it really is one very long story over a very long period of time with each series concentrating on a particular character group but including all of the others except for the initial Baxter books which didn't have a lot of MC action but did set the scene for a lot of what is to comeI loved every book although of course some than others but i am giving an overall five star rating My biggest issue was that sometimes often i found it difficult to be sure exactly who was talking and had to reread sections to try to work it out I think that perhaps what the author is seeing in her head moves a bit too fast to translate well to the written word for some of us something like the thoughts of some of her characters you need to read the stories to understand my thought process hereMy other issue was keeping my head straight with the cast of thousands and this is not an exaggeration with each story building on to what has come before and what will come to be and with most characters continuing to play a place in each consecutive story I found myself constantly stopping to think now who was that whose child is that whose partner is that???? but even amongst that confusion I loved the relationships and the strengths they providedThe author has an amazing imagination and has brought to the table a fantastic story that i will continue to read and at some point will def read again I have always loved and had an interest in native american philosophy and also in paranormal and psychic connections and love the way these are ingrained into the books as the stories unfoldAlthough there were some things that caused me slight annoyances I cannot deny that as a whole this fits as one of the best series i have enjoyed my thanks to the author for providing such a thoroughly engaging tale

  4. Kathryn Linke Kathryn Linke says:

    5 StarEnforcer is the fourth book in The Princes of Prophecy series Enforcer is Jax and Shelia's story I loved reading their story and watching their relationship develop throughout this book Although this book could be read as a standalone the characters cross over all the books in each series Seriously once you begin reading books by this author you will become uickly addicted to her story lines and have her as one of your one click authors Shelia is completely badass She is strong sassy completely dependable loyal loving caring and doesn't take crap from anyone She's exactly my type of heroine But underneath her tough outer exterior she is uite vulnerable and has a soft core Jax on the other hand is a swoon worthy alpha with a heart of gold I loved that this book was told from a dual point of view it was wonderful to have both the perspectives of the hero and heroine to connect with One of my favorite features of this series is L Ann Marie's ability to connect all of her books so that the stories of the previous characters continues with each additional book The strong themes of family friendship loyalty and brotherhood flow throughout this book but also throughout the remainder of not only this series but the books in the MC Series and to an extend the Baxter series as well This is a fast paced well written MC romance with elements of suspense The characters are complex and completely endearing This story line is full of drama action suspense and love I've got to say the love scenes are uite steamy in each of the books in the series and Enforcer is just the same I look forward to the next book in this series and cannot wait to see which of the younger generation of bikers will find their happy ever after next A full blog post can be viewed here

  5. Annie Annie says:

    Loved itLoved Shelia and Jax's storySheila had a rough childhood until she landed in care with Tiny and Nancy She gained unconventional but loving parents a bunch of foster brother and the entire MC as family She excelled in the Little BrothersSisters and is now an officer with the Princes Their go to girl who can do any jobJax is a trusted brother from the MC Sent to school for Criminal Justice he ends up doing HS and family security He had had his eye on Sheila since she was 17 He follows the Princes to stay clove to her Opening a garage running transport and in charge of the Nomads for the PrincesJax is tired of waiting He has given Shelia time to heal after her kidnapping and gang rape a year ago When she has a flashback while training HS prospects he steps up and stays by her side showing he is all in as she gets herself straight Tragic circumstances bring a toddler deaf girl who is a lot like Mitch to Sheila and an abused 5 year old boy with a kind heart to Jax A new family is born The Princes and their old ladies as well as the MC family are all in with themThe threats keep coming The latest is an unknown Shelia and Jax's wedding day starts with a kidnapping and ends in a war zone The MC gives them an epic do over Great story love all three series

  6. Priscilla Eckert Priscilla Eckert says:

    Great bookCan not wait for the next one not sure what direction she is going but I cannot wait for the ride

  7. Joanne Joanne says:

    Absolutely amazing bookSometimes I think I'll run out of wonderful platitudes for this author she's that good This is book 4 in the Princes of Prophecy Mc Sheila and Jax's story It follows on from where LB and Lily's book ends Despite her horrific attack Sheila not only thrives once she accepts help but let's Jax into her life What follows is an amazing story of true selflessness when dealing with 2 beautiful children who need them Jax shows her what an amazing man he is and how much he has always loved her It wouldn't be an Mc without the crazy 'rents and all the drama that follows them Sheila is truly as badass as it gets and protects not just herself but all the Mc kids in the process To sum up this is a book full of love drama and action Not only following a new path but catching up with previous beloved characters Absolutely love this book series and author A definite must read book

  8. Shez Shez says:

    Loved this bookthe 4th instalment of the Princes SeriesSheila has always been a character that stood out for me throughout all the books she's been involved in and I've been pleasantly surprised by just how much I loved this bookI think it's safe to say that this might just be my favourite so far of this series Sheila was as bad ass as she's always come acrossand Jax swoon'she's just lovelyThe kids Stella and Brandon are as all the kids have beencute and totally bad ass n super smartadvancedLooking forward to the next bookcan't wait to see who is next

  9. Marlo Marlo says:

    Enforcer So GoodI really enjoyed this book The dynamic between Jax and Sheila was really good Even though I liked Leader getting both H and h POV's in this book was better because you could understand where both characters were coming from Nothing felt forced She Dog is bada and Jax loves her for it I don't know whose book is next but I can't wait Thanks again L Ann Marie for another great read

  10. Kiley Kiley says:

    A must readThis book was a fantastic installment to this series L Ann has yet to disappoint with these characters and her characters keep growing after everybook I always anxiously wait for the next installment because these books make me laugh make me cry and always make me feel like I'm living in their shoes Way to go L Ann another 5 star review and I'm looking forward to

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Enforcer (Princes of Prophecy, #4)[KINDLE] ✽ Enforcer (Princes of Prophecy, #4) ❁ L. Ann Marie – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sheila grew up in the MC Adopted by a biker family she was always just another Brother She’s trained for High Security and moves with the Princes when they take their new town and place within the M Sheila grew up in the MC Adopted by a biker family she was always just another Brother She’s trained for High Security and moves with the Princes when they take their new town and place within the MC Chapter As a jack of all trades Sheila is the Princes go to Brother She gets the job done and can comfort the victims when needed To her Club she’s invaluable To Sheila it’s just another day Seeing everyone around her growing up and moving on she realizes her past may be holding her down When her past threatens to take the job she loves and Club she would give her life for she jumps at the chance for help Going it alone isn’t easy but she’s Sheila Jax left Family Security with the MC when a teenage girl started showing interest in him He knew it was only a matter of time before he lost control with her and put his life on the line Badass Bikers are known for doling out justice their way Seeing her on the list for the new Club he figures five years is long enough It’s time to grab a taste of that forbidden fruit that is if she doesn’t kill him first.

About the Author: L. Ann Marie

L Ann started with the Baxters and has worked her way through multiple sereis and genres While her books feature paranormal FBI ex military and Badass Bikers L Ann is writing about the strong women that these men need in their life to help right the world’s wrongs and keep their small part of the world safe The women are extraordinary strong and determined to make a differenceThe men figh.