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  1. Carlie Holdredge Carlie Holdredge says:

    Love friendship betrayal good vs evilI would highly recommend this series The princess is filled with doubts about her role as the saviour for her people but continues to go forward do what she thinks is right as she struggles to help her mother the ueen and her friends as well I am looking forward to the next book

  2. Ulla Ulla says:

    Dale's story continues in Arcadia She grows up and has some teenage problems with romance and jealousy At school she is good at fighting but her magic skills are disappointing though the prophecy says she will be the saviour She has dreams about Ness She is the only one who believes she is still aliveI enjoyed the book very much especially the second part where Dale starts to act on her own and to search for Ness I like it when people in books are travelling There are many surprises The albatros flight was especially fascinating 3 Dale meets her father and Prudence Feathertop reappears her name is very appropriate Funny how she dresses Dale up like a Barbie The behaviour of the dragon is not what I expected but so great and truly worthy of a dragon The nature descriptions are awesome too Dale finds out how she can use her magic and the big battle is won But the propecy stone gets stolen I'm very curious how this will go on

  3. C.J. Santiago C.J. Santiago says:

    Nice twistIs Dale the girl from the prophecy Can she find her magic and her familiar and rise to the occasion Rhys and most others have lost confidence in her There is a traitor among them and Ricardo is getting stronger He is readying to storm the castle and no one can defeat him If Dale doesn't come into her power soon all will be lostIt's an interesting storyRead on my friends

  4. Lynn Lynn says:

    Finding the wayFinding her way and her place was Dales' job or destiny in the Borderlands #2 It is a fantasy that carries you along with it as she does what she needs to help the people of her home win against evil and try to set the balance back where it should be The next book should be very interesting as the story continues Good job Lynn

  5. darren minthorn darren minthorn says:

    ExcellentRead the entire book in one sitting A well written highly entertaining story that sparked my imagination to the fullest When the third installment arrives I'll be ready to find out what will happen next Can not wait

  6. Cathy Delamotte Cathy Delamotte says:

    GreAt readGot the first book and enjoyed it very much This one did not disappoint Can't wait for the next one

  7. Karen Karen says:

    I gave this book 5 stars cause of the writing and contain Anderyn Wood did it again with this continuing story of the Borderlands There are fairies dragons and forbidden forestsThe main character is Dale she is a princess of Arcadia At the end of book one Dale is waiting for her magical powers to show upNow in book two the war for both earth and Arcadia is building up with battles of the Seelie and the unseelies The Seelie are the good guys Dale is to fulfill the prophecy but her power has still not awakened It's been a year and she is coming of ageDale has lost a lot of friends and the one that keeps coming back in her dreams is Ness Everyone tells her she's dead but Dale refuse to believe them So she goes on a journey to find Ness on Earth The journey has many twist and turns that have you wondering how she will make it through alive But she doesShe has a love no crush triangle with Rhys and Jarel both handsome young men But all she does is get herself in trouble with her friends over them She journeys into the forbidden forest with her sprit Esme where she finds her father who is a God He tells her she needs to find her hysbryd to awaken her powers The adventure that she goes on to find these powers is fantastic Dale does find her hysbryd and her powers but not until almost the end of the bookAll in All the book is great has lots of side plots and wondering what's going to happen next I would recommend this book for a summer read for teens and adults who like an adventureThis book was an ARC given to me by the author for an honest review

  8. Teri Teri says:

    And the war is on but so is betrayal and heartbreak While the girls battle growth and other growing pains Dale still hasn't gotten her powers and now Ness is missing It is the battle of good and evil seelie and un seelie Dale meets someone close to her that gives her the information and answers to some of her uestions The story is strong and fast paced and leaves you no chance to get your feet back on solid ground before the next hurdle The imagery is wonderful and detailed to put you in place While normally I don't care for it much I found myself transporting and living in the story with the real life characters Wrapping loving arms around Dale to feed her self confidence In the end Dale comes to show her true nature and a maturity that was being developed throughout the story In the end you will cheer for her strength and share in her pain A wonderful read which only increased after book one I know is coming and can be assured it will be as powerful as the first two books

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War (The Borderlands, #2) ❮Reading❯ ➸ War (The Borderlands, #2) Author Aderyn Wood – Buyprobolan50.co.uk She's supposed to save the world with magic but Dale can barely summon the most basic spell ‘The saviour shall have fire for hair and emeralds for eyes – her heart knows both goodness and evil’T She's supposed to save the world with magic but Dale can barely summon the most basic spell ‘The saviour shall have fire for hair and emeralds for eyes – her heart knows both goodness and evil’The prophecy predicted Dale to be the saviour It's what everyone believed But after a year of training even a basic illumination spell proves impossible most of the time How is she supposed to defeat the dark sorcerer and thwart the Unseelie horde that masses on the Arcadia border bringing war to their doorstepThe Seelie ueen still has faith in her daughter – the fraught faith of one who believes in prophecies But the belief has died in those left in Arcadia and each day Dale is reminded by the fading hope in their eyesDesperate to halt the destruction of her new world and despite her flawed sorcery Dale heeds the strange whispers in her dreams and embarks upon a dangerous and secret uest in an attempt to fulfill her part in the prophecyIf successful Dale could be their saviour after allFollow Dale's struggle to overcome grief self doubt fragile friendships and mystifying romance as she attempts to discover her purpose and help save the Borderlands from destructionBuy The Borderlands Series today and let the magic begin.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 299 pages
  • War (The Borderlands, #2)
  • Aderyn Wood
  • English
  • 14 December 2015

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