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Death Chaser The Hotel Paranormal Series [Reading] ➻ Death Chaser The Hotel Paranormal Series ➱ Xandra James – Sam Cross was dead and had been put on that list She didn't get to pass go collect £200 and live in heaven for all eternity Nope She had been reuested by the Necromancer himself to work on his behalf Sam Cross was The Hotel PDF/EPUB ä dead and had been put on that list She didn't get Death Chaser PDF \ to pass go collect £ and live in heaven for all eternity Nope She had Chaser The Hotel PDF ✓ been reuested by the Necromancer himself to work on his behalf as a Death Chaser—a being that collects the essence of those who have refused to honour their life contract and just well dieTrouble was dealing with demons family secrets recently discovered kick ass abilities and her sexily arrogant new boss her life was getting complicated by the second Being dead was definitely stressful—especially when you turn down a deal with the devil and all hell breaks loose A Hotel Paranormal storyThe Hotel Paranormal is THE place for supernatural beings looking to get away from it all Beings like werewolves vampires elves sprites djinn and check in from all over the world for business and for pleasure—and sometimes for bothwwwthehotelparanormalcom.

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  • Death Chaser The Hotel Paranormal Series
  • Xandra James
  • English
  • 19 October 2016

About the Author: Xandra James

British multi published The Hotel PDF/EPUB ä author of romance.

7 thoughts on “Death Chaser The Hotel Paranormal Series

  1. Yuli Atta Yuli Atta says:

    I enjoyed this book as a whole but there were two things I really disliked 1 Everybody kept her in the dark about very important life saving things2 Her friend Molly was weaker than the weakest creature alive She was just useless and I even don't know what to call her Her weakness is beyond words I have never read about such a characterWell I don't say that everything important should be revealed in the very beginning but I really hate it when a character asks uestions and receive no answers and then when they do tell her something it stars with Oh I am sorry I thought you knew Well how is she supposed to know when no one tells her anything? She is a death chaser not a mind reader Another thing that I wasn't really fond of but didn't really have a big problem with is the fighting She learnt to do it and built abs in TWO days I wish it was possible I really doExcluding all of this I can say that I enjoyed it It was better than I anticipated and the idea is uite interesting but there are things that could have been done better I don't want to go into details about this one I just don't feel like it and I will keep it short as I've been doing all the time this week It was good there is potential to the idea and the series you just have to not look for something out of the ordinary marvellous or you have to be a less experienced reader in this genre and in the books as a whole

  2. Linda Levine Linda Levine says:

    I really enjoyed the story and the fun characters It has a really interesting storyline about a young woman who is not given a choice in going to work for the Necromancer It is a totally new life for her and one that brings her many surprises Her attraction to the big bad boss is one of my favorite parts I would love to read stories with these charactersI am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received

  3. KelticKat KelticKat says:

    Seems like there are uite a few of these paranomalUrban fantasy books with a female as grim reaper sort of character In spite of that I liked this one because of Sam the female MCSam is a fairly average girl just lost her job and then to make the day even worse she's murdered in club bathroom Not your best day by far Sam has a smart mouth that many times engages before she thinks things through and I found her sense of humor and lack of filter a rather amusing to say the leastShe meets Nicodemus Nico the Necromancer and finds out she has be reuested hang on this is where she gets special to work for him by killing those whose life contracts are up and collecting their essenceOn top of this she is drawn to Nico even though he appears to be a bit of user and continues to reject her The attraction between the tw0 is compelling and definitely adds a layer of sexual tension to the storyNico appears to be a bit of jerk in mild terms Pulling her in and then denying her But don't let appearances fool you there's a bit hiding behind his his Caribbean Sea Blue eyesThe story has great conflict and action as well war's a brewing between Lucifer His Demons over control of the Death Chasers Sam and her friends must defend the Hotel and the humans against the onslaught of demonsThis was a uick and diverting read I really wouldn't mind a return stay at Hotel Paranormal and return visit with Sam Nico and their friendsI voluntarily and honestly reviewed this Author's Copy and was not compensated in any way

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Samantha didn't ask for this lifewhen given the choice of going to Hell forever or becoming a Death Chaser it's as if she's stuck between a rock a hard place Secrets are revealed and she's trained to pass individuals life essences on the the necromancer Can she do this job? Can she become The Guardian? Can she win against Lucifer? This book took me a little longer to read than my normal pace There's so much going on which isn't a bad thing but I kept getting distracted by grammatical mistakes I'd still recommend this book to anyone wanting to enter a different kind of world here on earth I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

  5. Becky Baldridge Becky Baldridge says:

    The world James creates is an interesting take on the paranormal and I found the story to be interesting and entertaining It's full of surprises and twists which I always enjoy This easily could've been a 5 star read if not for all the grammatical errors misspellings misplaced punctuation words that don't belong etc I received an ARC and in the hopes that my copy was before final editing I read it on KU didn't help If you don't mind the errors then by all mean read this one It's truly an interesting world Properly edited this book could be great

  6. Debra Lamey Debra Lamey says:

    Wild and Crazy readI was fascinated by all the twists and turns of this story Just when it looked like I could understand what was going on it would change and the whole story world would change new people new places and new dangers I would have given five stars but there were too many mistakes with extra words and such I would still tell people to read this book just work around the editing mistakes

  7. Karen Karen says:

    This is a very interesting take on reapers and magical beings and has the potential to become even better with the next books if turned into a series Full of surprises and good characters I look forward to seeing if Xandra James will continue Hotel Paranormal and expand on some of the characters already featured in this story I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review

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