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Closely Guarded ➳ [Read] ➮ Closely Guarded By Michael Mandrake ➾ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Promises are meant to be broken sometimes Can Kimball complete the mission and keep his feelings for fellow agent Darien in check in the processDarien Mosely—aka BA Pointe—is a former NYPD officer Promises are meant to be broken sometimes Can Kimball complete the mission and keep his feelings for fellow agent Darien in check in the processDarien Mosely—aka BA Pointe—is a former NYPD officer with a chip on his shoulder He came to PROTEKT in search of a new identity and career after being accused of killing a man in cold blood Darien’s keen perception and no frills attitude are what has made him an asset but his cocky attitude has often landed him in hot waterKimball Emerson—aka Justice Masters—is an important figure in PROTEKT A former army sergeant he’s used to keeping secrets and being in danger on a regular basis As one of the prime figures in the organization he is counted on to be the finisher and for the group’s latest task he’s been called upon to find the leaders of a Russian mob Should be easy enough with all his knowledge and special skills but not with his close friend Darien Mosely along for the rideKimball made a promise to his fiancé that he’d come back in one piece and not watch his partner’s ass but he isn’t sure he’ll be able to keep the latter Darien and Kimball have been best friends for five years and at a Christmas party several months ago they shared a kiss that left an indelible mark on their relationshipThis latest mission calls for focus and calmer heads if they are to find the offenders who are bringing illegal drugs into Russia The uestion is how can they do it with mutual feelings and the threat of extreme danger looming over their heads Pre order Date th September Available exclusively to Pride Publishing th September General Release Date th October .

About the Author: Michael Mandrake

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality Through these he builds worlds not centered on romance but rather the mainstream andor obscure plots we might encounter in everyday life and beyond To find out please visit.

5 thoughts on “Closely Guarded

  1. Kaila Kaila says:

    This was even better then the first one It had so much action it was fast paced the characters got even better and sexier It was a rollercoaster of emotions and wonder I loved it and I'm so glad I got to review it

  2. Cee Brown Cee Brown says:

    35 Stars•••• •`Welcome back to PROTKETMaking music did not sustain him but living on the edge and executing justice was what kept him aliveHis love of music kept him sane but Darien AKA BA Bad A to his fellow agent knew that the company was something he could not live without He considered himself a control freak was the company's top agent but it had not always been that way He was betrayed and suffered at the hands of his colleagues In this he would be the best that he could be and serve his country Yet the toughest part would be working with his partner Kimball He and Kim shared a moment one that would haunt their working relationship during the mission Perhaps it was best to forget about Kimball Emerson being his man and move on to find someone to fill the void Justice AKA Kim was a military man When he left PROTEKT was there to fill the void In a relationship with a former agent and engaged to be married Kim was unhappy to be thinking of this as his final mission However there was a job to be done when the Russian leader was brought down Now it was the mission of the team to seek justice in their own special way Armed with knowledge both men had to infiltrate the Russians and bring down a killer Along the way there was temptation jealousy a mission within a mission and backstabbing that had me re reading paragraphs I enjoyed the roles played by all characters Powered with suspense and hidden agendas Michael Mandrake kept the readers in a whodunit state while dosing in romantic liaisons that kept the reader begging This reader felt as if she was in a James BondMission Impossible movie; what you thought you knew just didn't add up even with an ending that felt surreal Get familiar with the men of PROTEKT one click and tag me I liked it did you? I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from Michael MandrakeReviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club

  3. Michael Mandrake Michael Mandrake says:

    In the PROTEKT series this book features on old friends Darien Moseley and Kimball Emerson These two characters were a joy to write I hope you give it a chance It can be read as a standalone

  4. Tammy Tammy says:

    Got ARC for a honest review The second part of the series had a little action with twist and turns to keep me on my toes I loved the chemistry that Kimball and Darien have as friends The story had a nice steady pace and things going on to keep my interest The PROTEKT's secret that they kept from Darian had me wondering what it was as the story unfolded Kimball was to marry Mike but finds he loves his job and his friend Darien So he breaks it off with Mike and lets Darien know and the chemistry gets hotter between them They fight it until they are back home Then they have their hot steamy moment I loved both books from the series I hope to read from the author The world they build and couples they bring together will have me stalking their booksThank you for letting me read your second part to the series

  5. D D says:

    Closely Guarded the second book in the Protekt series turned out to be a well thought out and captivating read than the first book The characters were well developed and the plot was something I could get behind My only problem was that the story line or subplot was not long enough You knew something was going on but by the time it was revealed it was all over I would have loved an extra page or two to draw out the storyline I was hoping that the main characters would have a little threesome fun before they returned home however it still worked out in the endI found the two main characters complemented each other well as did the two sub characters I won't call them minor characters as there was nothing minor about them They appeared to be just as complex as the major characters This story was a nice way to see the growth of the writer I really appreciate an author that takes reviews to heart and learns from them and implements some of the suggestions I hope the author can make another book in this series It would be great to have both couples and a couple of new characters in the same story

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