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  1. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    Unfortunately didn't really care for this one at all

  2. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    Unexpected delight worthy of 100 golden stars Flora has anterograde amnesia and she rocks She does stupid stuff I concede but HOW she does it Gosh The wisdom that shines along is unsurpassable Beware of spoilersDD 23022018 A beautiful fantasy of a book The premise is stupid ish of course Still no one said we can't switch on our fantasies every once in a while and think of the world as some miracle in the making And because it's SO invoking it basically grabs you and doesn't allow you to leave this world for a while I am willing to forgo my ranting on the medical inconsistencies and logical impossibilities of the plotline I'll skip the ranting alogether since after all we all are alowed to immerse into the land of fantasies and lounge there for a bitThis is my new favourite for today I can't get over it It's a wild raucous pleasure of a book A distillation of a style A rarest gem totally unexpected of YA genre This novel is no thriller but it is thrilling nonetheless More so than many of the actual thrillers I did expect the twist which I won't disclose so as not to spoil it but still it was relly well built into the storyline I'll be adding to this review once I'm a bit sane coherent again and have internalised this trailblazer of a novel at least that's what it feels like to me now I think this might be one of the highest points of my reading year emotionallyHis replies are sparkling and goldenThere is nothing I find myself typing that people do together that I wouldn’t do with you if you wanted to cAccording to everything I’ve just read this house has been an enchanted haven of love for days and days It has been a gorgeous place a glowing new universe Everything has been flawless and perfect I walk downstairs trying to make sense of my reality I am in love I write love letters on the computer and I get love letters back This is an enchanted place I am seventeen and I love a boy Before that I was ten and now I have grown up cI approve of my past self’s actions assuming that it was me that started it cI should never write things that aren’t true cThere might or might not be a breath taking stream of emails between me and Drake I don’t entirely believe the Flora who wrote that it happened I am scared I will just find my side of them I do not want to have been emailing him like a poor little damaged girl That would be unbearable I read through it with increasing amazement and excitement cThere are post it notes everywhere and lots of them say things like ‘I LOVE HIM’ and ‘he wants to see me naked’ I gather them all up c Hey he writes Have you noticed something? You’re living independently You’ve been in that house on your own for ages You’ve been to the police done some investigating set up a FB account and made friends with people mainly called Jacob Banks You can do anything You are braveI am brave The thought is intoxicating cI take the stone out and look at it I forget everything but I will not forget the story of this stone It is small and smooth in my hand cThe album is over I put on a CD by the Beatles at random and discover that I love it The album is called Abbey Road and I wonder whether I have listened to it before or whether this is me hearing it for the first time I write it on a post it note I love Abbey Road There is rain falling outside splattering onto the windows I put some music on the Beatles something called Abbey Road and I find I like it c Such a sad little detail Imagine not remembering the songs you love On the upside if you happen to be brave enough to find one in this situation you could fall in love with songs each time anew On the downside you would never get to remember themI decide to leave them a message ‘Hi’ I say ‘It’s me Flora Call me when you can See you soon’ I press one and then I say it againI write on a lined piece of paper that is next to the phone Left a message on their phone I add up the number of times I have already written this on the piece of paper and see that I have left them thirty four messages They will certainly know that I am thinking of them cI struggle on upwards because I want to know what is here and why I have the map It feels like a message from the universe It feels a mission I wanted an adventure and here is one given to me c‘There you are’ she says ‘At last Have you got me the –’ She pauses She looks at me Her eyes are cloudy and she is much older than she used to be She looks so old that she must be nearly dead ‘Have you got anything for me?’ she says in the end‘No’ I say ‘Do you know where my parents are?’‘Do you like strawberry jam?’‘You used to take the jam jars’‘Come in’It feels as if I have passed some sort of test c Age and illness can be at odds with human selfI am going to be myself on this tripI put in the books I need to remind me of who I am and write a long message to my future self about where I am going and why and what I need to do when I get there I read an account I have written about going to Drake’s aunt and uncle’s house and taking lots of his things I find all those things and pack every one of them I pack stones and shells with a note telling me whyI print out the emails so I can read them wherever I amI don’t print the one that just arrivedI write notes of times and flight numbers I write my passport number cYou should always get a window seat because that way you can tell where you are I write that down in my notebook and see that it becomes my second rule for life cI am doing the bravest thing of my life I have been reading my notes without stopping so I feel as if right now I know what I am doing cTravelling is exciting as long as you do exactly as you’re told I wanted to ask someone if I could just sit and wait but when I realized no one cared I decided I would cSome of them are scientists I know this because one got on the plane at Tromsø wearing a T shirt that had the words ‘IT’S SCIENCE BITCHES’ written on it and others greeted him raucously cI hold my two stones in my hand I know I am going to forget in a minute I hope I won’t be scared cThere are mountains on all sides of me covered in snow The town seemed to be small as the airport bus drove me through it and I am now standing at its very edge The mountains reach up disappearing in the snow clouds and the island stretches away I have come to the top of the planet the end of the Earth to find the man I love the man who makes me remember I am here I remind myself of it again and again I take a pen push up my sleeve a little way and write it on my wrist I am in SvalbardHe has come to find me I smile and my smile turns into a laugh I start to walk towards him and then I break into a run I will run into his arms This is the end of my journeyThis is it I came to the magical snowy place and I have found my happy ending It has happened I made it happen I have done a brave thing and it worked I must always be brave This is definitely one of my rulesWe will talk and laugh now cI am capable of than I imaginedIt worked I am brilliant I can make things happen No one did that for me I did it myself I pick up the key the man gave me and then carefully type in the four numbers from the inside of my wrist when he hands me the little keypad They are the only numbers I have to hand and it turns out that they work c You can do things than anyone but Drake has ever believed you could do He is your magical future When you get to Svalbard all you have to do is find him and everything will be happy You’re going to travel on an aeroplane c Flora's notes to self are a habit some of might really want to consider adoptingI send it then worry that it sounds odd However I am odd That text is probably normal cIf all else fails I will ask around until I find out where the satellite place is and I will go there and sit next to a satellite until he arrivesI want to go to FlambardsThat is a stupid thought I am in the Arctic c This seems so weird that it’s not even scary It could be a different universe It’s so different from anything else that is in my head that I push away all my worry and fear Even I cannot get lost when there is only one road cDo NOT leave town because polar bears live there and they eat people If you leave town you have to have a gun and know how to use it and that means I AM ONLY ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE TOWN IF I’M WITH SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS A GUN DO NOT HEAD OUT OF TOWN EVEN IF IT LOOKS PRETTY ALWAYS BE IN A PLACE WITH BUILDINGS cDo not stray into polar bears’ territory That is now one of my rules for life I stop and write it into my book cThis seems to be the way it works in this place which is nowhere near Penzance because it’s the town of Longyearbyen on the island of Spitsbergen in the archipelago of Svalbard surrounded by the Arctic Sea That list of difficult names makes me triumphant cFLORA’S STORY READ THIS IF YOU FEEL CONFUSEDYou have ANTEROGRADE AMNESIA You are good at keeping things in your head for a couple of hours and then you forget them When you forget them you feel a sudden confusion This is OK it is normal for youWhen you feel confused you have to look at your hand your notes your phone and this book These things help to remind you of where you are and what is happening You have become very very good at writing things down Your name on your hand makes you feel grounded and you always follow your clues and remind yourself of what is going onYou remember us and you remember your best friend Paige and other people you used to know up until you were ten Other people you forget but that’s OK because people around here know you and they understandYou’ll never live anywhere but Penzance because this is the only place in which you’re safe This town is mapped in your mind and it is your home You will always live with us and we will always look after you and you will be fineYou are brilliant and strong You are not weirdYou are very good at reading and writing and you are better at noticing things than lots of medically unremarkable people areWe will always make sure you have everything you need You take medication twice a day and you always will c unlacing these boots which have magically appeared on my feet as precisely the correct footwear for the location My old trainers are in my bag somehow cI know exactly where I am Longyearbyen and why I am here Drake and where I am going the Arctic Guesthouse I am walking in the right direction I am taking deep breaths relishing every second of this overwhelming reliefI don’t know where I was going but that doesn’t matter I am happy right here and right now I am a girl standing in the snow marvelling at the flakes of whiteness dancing in the air around me I am in a beautiful place and a wonderful thing is happening Nothing else counts for anythingI am in the moment Living in the moment when I can must be one of my rules for life You don’t need a memory for thatI forget that I have ever forgotten anything When the flakes become smaller and the clouds start to blow away to snow in a different magical place I feel as if I’ve been asleep for a full night I am full of energy and ready for anything cThe kitchen is tidy and has cupboards in it with signs telling people not to use certain things and not to steal each other’s milk That gives me an idea so I put the kettle on find a mug and take a tea bag from a box of them and find the best looking milk in the fridge No one I am sure would mind me taking a tiny bit cEven if this place is all in my head I am here on my own and I am living This is real cI look down at my left hand I have written BE NORMAL on it I see Agi looking at it too‘I should also remind myself of this sometimes’ she says with a nod cToday I am going to be brave and normal To be normal is to be brave I am going to sit uietly and listen to other people I will ask them uestions rather than answering uestions I will stare at the mountains and the water and I will breathe the cold fresh air and I will be uiet I will leave this boat with nobody thinking there is anything odd about me I will let everything happen in the way it is meant to happenI don’t care where I am or why I am on a boat in otherworldly scenery wearing a warm coat That right now is enoughMy head is clear I take deep breaths and stare at the landscape with its ridges and spikes its snowy valleys and black rocks There is nothing in the universe but thisI smile I do not talk to people I just breathe and stare and exist This is the Arctic I am here This is my present This is my worldI am a little girl; I am comfortable like that I feel the world enfolding me I feel safe I close my eyes and think about school and birthday parties and big brothers and the exciting day out we’re going to have tomorrow at Flambards I can’t wait to go on the pedalcopters with Jacob pedalling me around I lose myself in happiness I want to go to Flambards cThis seems so weird that it’s not even scary cA long time passes This new universe encloses me entirely and the old one melts into nothingness cThe inside of my head is out of control It is on fire It is snowing It is a wild jungle It is an Arctic wilderness It is everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will happen all at onceTime is a random thing It is the thing that makes us older Humans use it to organize the world They have invented a system to try to make order from randomness The other humans all of them but me live their lives by hours and minutes and days and seconds but those things are nothing The universe would laugh at our attempts to organize it if it could be bothered to notice themTime is the thing that makes our bodies shrivel and decay That is why they are scared of it It doesn’t affect me I know I will never get oldI am not like the rest of them I can look out of the window for a while and in human terms I have missed a night I can sit for hours and hours at the breakfast table on my own staring at the bread and fish in front of me; I can sit there and stare and wait until a day and a night have passed and it’s the next day’s breakfast and then the woman I like will come and sit down beside me and it will turn out that in human terms only two minutes have happenedI stride through days and nights I do not need to sleepI am superwoman I am here for Drake so of course I will find him cAlthough I feel that nothing could hurt me a fight with a polar bear is probably not a thing I should seek out If I have already seen them there is no need for me to do it again c‘That’s right I’m OK thanks A bit ’ I cannot finish the sentence because I have no idea which word to use to end it A bit superhuman? A bit fearless? A bit alive? cIt turns out that I just want to sit here and cry and cry and cry ‘I’m happy’ I tell them through my tears ‘I’m happy’ c‘Can I have four beers please?’ I ask the barman as politely as I can If I drink two of them uickly I will catch up with the other people and be normal cYou need to make the most of the freedom you have right now Be yourself If you’re difficult or weird or strange or funny that’s OK That’s you Flora The person you are now with all your imperfections and all your difficulties – the person who can be a total pain in the arse who causes her parents to tear their hair out who writes adorable wild emails who fell in love with a boy on a Cornish beach and followed him to the end of the Earth – that’s you That’s my sister You have amnesia but you are alive Live your life c‘I come from Oslo and Svalbard called me even though I’m not really the rugged adventurous type Like you I had to come Some of us are meant to be here We need this place’ He sweeps a hand around at the jagged horizon the rocks the snow the wilderness that goes on and on ‘We need to be small specks in wild nature by the pole The midnight sun The midday darkness The Northern Lights It called to you Flora and you came You overcame everything and you came here alone You are the bravest person I’ve ever met’ cI will miss having feelings I will miss thinking that I had a real memory cShe never wanted anything to happen cYou’ve achieved all this by writing to yourself You have used the written word to circumvent some of the work the neural pathways should be doing You’ve made your notebook your external memory your memory stick You are brilliantThen this year you kissed a boy and remembered it and chased him to the top of the world cFlora’s Rules for Life Don’t panic because everything is probably all right and if it’s not panicking will make it worseAlways try to get a window seat so you can tell exactly where you areBe braveDo not stray into polar bears’ territoryLive in the moment whenever you can You don’t need a memory for thatIf you have bad skin lipstick will stop people noticing itDon’t eat whaleDo not drink beer because it will make you sickDon’t go to Svalbard in winterIf you see a cat with no ears you should take it home c

  3. K. K. says:

    Trigger warnings death of a sibling child abuse??? view spoilerFlora's mother tells her she's on medication for her brain condition but it's really tranuilisers to keep her passive hide spoiler

  4. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    35 starsI don't have a written review of this book because I did a sponsored video review and it is against Goodreads policy to post sponsored reviews here If you want to know my thoughts you can see my spoiler free video review here

  5. Maddie Maddie says:

    Flora Banks is one of the most uniue characters I've come across this year I loved how the writing style reflected her memory loss by always summing up what had happened in the previous chapters I loved how I always felt like I could never really trust what was going on and I loved reading about Flora's adventure and all her discoveries about the past her family and herself I'm going to try and explain the reading experience with an analogy You know how in the shower when you're all intoxicated by your nice marshmallow body wash and suddenly you get this epiphany about the your mental health or what your place is in the world? If you don't just go with me on this one That's how I felt the whole time I was reading this bookRefreshing addicting and slightly overwhelming The One Memory of Flora Banks is definitely a book I won't be forgetting any time soon

  6. Lucy Powrie Lucy Powrie says:

    I was extremely disappointed with this A book where the protagonist has memory loss but somehow remembers kissing a boy which changes her life and makes her doubt everything? Not for me It was a lot than clichéI ended up skipping most of the middle because I had no interest in it It had lots of potential and a satisfactory ending but I personally didn't feel like the right story was being told It would have been much better if it had started with the ending

  7. Heather Heather says:

    3 out of 5Interesting premise but didnt love the writing style I did enjoy the ending but was looking for something from this bookOverall ok

  8. Erin Erin says:

    Who am I?Where am I? What Just Happened? If you are asking these uestions either you are Flora Banks or you just got finished reading The One Memory of Flora Banks I have no fucking idea how I'm suppose to describe this book I can't really tell you anything because I don't won't to spoil it I almost didn't even read this book because I thought it was going to be one of those books where love cures our protagonist of her very serious illness I'm so glad I read it because that is not what this book is about at all If you saw any of my status updates then you know that this book did things to me It hurt my brain and made me dizzy It was difficult to read this book You are living in the head of someone with no short term memory She repeats thingsA lot She is a very unreliable narrator I still don't know how I really feel about this book but it kept me completely hooked I had to finish this book I had to know what happened I'm recommending this book to everyone because frankly I need to discuss it someone Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge Book with an unreliable narrator

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    This story was a real whirlwind in every sense of the word I was swept up in the emotion the sadness the beauty the wonder the honesty I really really enjoyed this one The One Memory of Flora Banks tells the story of Flora a seventeen year old who suffers with anterograde amnesia Flora has vivid memories of her childhood but now her brain resets itself every few hours and she forgets everything Through a series of notes written to herself Flora restarts her life every few hours This is a story of how Flora truly finds her courage and begins to discover herself and what she is capable ofThere were a lot of things that I liked about this book The story itself was interesting although and I have to say this something about the first memory Flora successfully creates being a kiss with a boy really jarred with me for a while It got a little tiring that so much of this story focussed on that but by the end I understood the necessity of it The ending of this story really blew me away and is the real reason I had to give this book five stars I thought it was actually fantastic and seemed like the perfect ending for Flora It also reassured me to know that this did not turn out to be the typical YA ‘girl meets boy who fixes her’ which was a huge concern of mine at the beginning This is actually a wonderful story of self discoveryI really loved Flora as a character I thought she was sweet funny and uite charming It is no wonder that so many other characters in the book such as Agi and Toby were so willing to help her There is certainly something very endearing about the character that has been created with Flora I enjoyed the way the writing reflected Flora’s amnesia Although it hurt my head a little to all of a sudden be thrown back into the darkness of not knowing who the people were or what was going on this was so effective and special in the way it really made us empathise with FloraAll of the characters in this book are relatable All of them are well written and characters that I was genuinely interested in I was easily able to lose myself in Flora’s world The descriptions were so engaging and vivid that I truly felt like I was there with her on this wonderful adventureThis story was so well written and well thought out The end of this really blew me away and I wasn’t uite expecting it It seemed so perfect and the last few chapters really brought my emotions to the surface It showed just how damaging some of the most caring people in our lives can be when driven by certain emotionsFlora’s story is truly touching emotional but scattered with glimmers of hope and plenty of moments to make you smile Thank you to Netgalley Penguin and Emily Barr for my copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.) Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.) says:

    I would like to thank NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Penguin Young Readers Group for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest reviewWow this has been a very strong and difficult journey it wasn't at all what I expected but I still end up enjoying it a lot a roller coaster of emotions55 Stars You can find this one and of my reviews in mi blog A Book A Thought Flora is our main character she's a 17 year old girl who after a tragic event doesn't remember anything about her life after the 10 years old she has a type of manesia where she can't retain new information whereby she can just retains information for a few minutes or maybe hours and then no longer knows where she is or what she was doing she has created a mechanism for remembering things by writing the most important thing in her arms One day she goes to a party in her best friend's house a party organized to say goodbye to her boyfriend Drake who is about to travel to Norway to study that night Flora is on the beach with Drake where they share a kiss the kiss wich Flora continues to remember even though they spend days and weeks and so she clings to this uniue memory she possesses falls madly in love with Drake and it's here that she will undertake a journey to find him and finally begin to heal and all this has been than magnificentI finished this book last night and I couldn't write a review at that time because I really didn't feel capable of I was so overwhelmed I was looking for a book that made me feel this way I don't feel it's a book for everyone and that is why I understand the mixed reviews about it even so for me it has been a great experience and a book that certainly I will not forget in a long time Flora is such a curious and uniue character I felt so bad for her all the time the kind of illness she has is so difficult to understand she has so much courage and strength I really liked her As I have told you before Flora only remembers her life until her's 10 yeas old so there are 7 years of her life that she doesn't remember at all and this involves getting up every day with a body that she doesn't recognize to see her family and to her best friend grow upwithout the memories about it is very hard guys It would be a challenge for me to explain in words everything that she goes through the book in her uest to be what she calls normal but it has made me feel many emotions and now that I think about it I think it's a journey of self discovery hope and growthThe plot the way it's told is the best of this book manages to keep you hooked till the end in a super intelligent way the plot twist are incredible I think there was a moment where I could decipher what would happen and still it wasn't easier for me to go through that was impressed I was speechless destroyed my heart I really felt so attached to Flora and I was as committed as she to her journey and her search that I have suffered with her it's weird but personally I found it fascinating I also liked it a lot as all the stories are connected in some way as you get to doubt to everything you're reading to know that it was real and not Since the book is told in first person by Flora is difficult knowing exactly if you are reading something that is real or something that is simply in her head that has been somewhat confusing but gives it a touch of suspense and intrigue that I have enjoyed Also the way she talks and expresses herself is so innocent and simple she goes straight to the point She's so honest it's so sweet and weird to see this attitude in a 17 year old girl but then you realize she still has 10 in her mind so it's something to keep in mind There are several situations that may seem improbable or maybe they are things that would never happen in real life I understand that this is a factor that annoys people and yes I have seen it although it hasn't been a big deal for meThe secondary characters are so peculiar they all have their personalities and take life as they think it's better even if itsn't always the right way I love Jacob he's Flora's older brother and his personal story has touched my heart the way he supports to his sister is beautiful and I like to read about it I enjoyed Paige as well she's Flora's best friend she seems somewhat rude at first but then ends up being so important in Flora's life and despite all shows that friendship can against everything We don't have the best parents here but it's interesting to see how Flora's parents have handled this situation obviously itsn't easy to have a daughter with this disease and although I don't share her decisions I can see why they do it and I think the mother above all is a very unstable woman so I don't think she knows exactly what she's doing everyone will have their point of view about it I'm sure of thatI really love this book I recommend it if you are looking for a different story original with very hard plot twists and revelation that will leave you in shock I remind you that I think itsn't for everyone is a book that touches a very delicate subject a disease that I honestly don't know much about and it will be hard and crude but personally it has worked for me it has left me amazed and it has been a roller coaster of emotions I've been happy then sad then I've had hope and then I've been so angry a great experience thats for sure

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The One Memory of Flora Banks ➺ The One Memory of Flora Banks Free ➰ Author Emily Barr – It’s not a lie if you can’t remember the truthSeventeen year old Flora Banks has no short term memory Her mind resets itself several times a day and has since the age of ten when the tumor that wa It’s not a lie if Memory of PDF ´ you can’t remember the truthSeventeen year old Flora Banks has The One ePUB ´ no short term memory Her mind resets itself several times a day and has since the One Memory of PDF/EPUB ¶ age of ten when the tumor that was removed from Flora’s brain took with it her ability to make new memories That is until she kisses Drake her best friend’s boyfriend the night before he leaves town Miraculously this one memory breaks through Flora’s fractured mind and sticks Flora is convinced that Drake is responsible for restoring her memory and making her whole again So when an encouraging email from Drake suggests she meet him on the other side of the world Flora knows with certainty that this is the first step toward reclaiming her life With little than the words “be brave” inked into her skin and written reminders of who she is and why her memory is so limited Flora sets off on an impossible journey to Svalbard Norway—the land of the midnight sun—determined to find Drake But from the moment she arrives in the Arctic nothing is uite as it seems and Flora must “be brave” if she is ever to learn the truth about herself and to make it safely home.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The One Memory of Flora Banks
  • Emily Barr
  • English
  • 27 July 2015
  • 9780399547010

About the Author: Emily Barr

Emily Barr worked as a Memory of PDF ´ journalist in London but always hankered after a uiet room The One ePUB ´ and a book to write She went travelling for a year writing a column in the One Memory of PDF/EPUB ¶ Guardian about it as she went and it was there that she had an idea for a novel set in the world of backpackers in Asia This became Backpack which won the WH Smith New Talent Award She has since written eleven adult novels publish.