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  1. Eva Eva says:

    I hate not knowing what to rate a book That's been happening to me a lot lately for some reason I'm going between three and four with this one I think the fact that Harris based this in Delaware where I live and am from has me pretty biased It's pretty cool reading about developments and landmarks that I drive by every week All in all though that wouldn't make a book a winner for me of course The storyline was somewhat uniue even though it didn't seem like it would be to me I think that was Harris' talent shining through This does have less mistakes than your average urban fiction books that pleased me to no endI enjoyed the characters a lot of the time you have characters who all mirror each other all the women are top notch beautiful all the men are so hot blah blah blahand while I don't remember reading about any ugly chicks in here they each had their own uniue uality the men and the women Harris did an excellent job with the emotional aspect of the relationships I think Again most books downplay love and the whole theme of being a hustler or stick up boy goes along with 'bros before hoes' and all that fun stuff That's not always the case in real life and Harris brought that out good Rashawn's getting twisted up with Nyse and his old feelings for Kat sparking back up are emotions that are very easily believed in a situation like his And within reason his situation does happen on the streets Along with Kat and Nyse's situation with their relationship going back and forth and back and forth I loved Fatalia that characters could have very easily fallen flat but it didn't There almost has to be a seuel coming and I'll read it

  2. Brittney Green Brittney Green says:

    Back when I used to visit my local library like a crazed maniac I always saw this book on the shelf I passed by it time after time because I did not like the cover Like the saying goes never judge a book by its cover When I finally picked this book up I did not put it down This story was a helluva ride At one point I couldn't stand Nyse than another point I felt sorry for her My mind was all twisted LOL This is the type of stuff I like to READ Action packed and full of drama take notes other authors

  3. Kellee Kellee says:

    It was ok It could have been better I felt like there were a lot of unnecessary characters in the book and I had to go back a few times to see who some of the characters were Definitely had a lot of drama though

  4. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    for readers BRIEF SUMMARY Nyse wants it all She wants to be on top and be taken care of With her relationship with Spinx going to the next level she ends up wanting than what Spinx is giving her THOUGHTSThis was a good story however I never walked away hating a lead character And I hate Nyse I can’t believe she’s only seventeen and did most of what she did In the beginning she was naive but her personality was molded into the worst person I have read about I don’t think it was Spinx's unfaithfulness that causes her to be bitter; I think some of it had to do with wanting to have the same status and materialistic things as her sister She was your typical up and coming I want to be important chick She also wanted what her sister had Her relationship with Spinx was frustrating Spinx was nasty He liked some of his girls a bit too young mother and daughter really Spinx and I can’t believe what Nyse did to her family Then there were a lot of characters that would jump in unexpectedly throughout the story Rashawn wow he cried so much and he was supposed to be this drug lord he was a turn off most of the time Ra was Kat’s boyfriend; she is the sister of Nyse Kat her persona was through the roof She popped abortion like they were mm These characters were so crazy Nevertheless even though I felt this way it was entertaining and includes drama that keeps you hook My rating isn’t based on how the author created the characters’ personalities but on the story and characters so it was good But I still walked away hating Nyse she is poisonLength 2465Storyline GOODEnjoyment FAIRLY GOODIntimacy Level GOODRomance Novel Junkies

  5. ☺~Tina~☺ ☺~Tina~☺ says:

    I liked the book because I like hot messes lol I was so wrapped up in this book I stayed up to 3am to finish it Yes the thoughts were simple I mean the girl was 17 But if her thoughts were simple what does that say about the adults that she manipulated into doing what she wanted and distroying everyones lives What was also amazing is what she turned into just based on one guy she dated Which just shows you You have to be your own person You can't let someone mold you into what they want because than likely they are not going to want you for long If you depend on yourself you don't have to depend on others and yes it's fine of accept help but if you read the story you'll understand what I mean I also feel that a lot of people played into this girl becoming what she became The lead problem was the mother As always there is a 5050 chance on what your kids will do growing up around violence Either they will keep their head on straight and fly right or they will follow the norm for were they live As a parent you should do your darnest to try to steer them right Hard to do when your never at home the oldest sister is dating a drug dealer and the young brother is dabbling in dealing with the oldest sisters boyfriend This little girl was something

  6. Keyona Keyona says:

    There were some things I liked about this book The main character who's name is a little silly Nalyse Lyse Nyse I mean reallyshe went from being a silly naive little girl to a back stabbin scheming heifer It really felt like I was reading it from a little girl's point of view The thoughts were so short and simple it was ridiculous There were a lot of characters and it became hard to remember who was who It looks like there will be a part 2 Hopefully it's better

  7. Aleta Williams Aleta Williams says:

    This book no Nylse butt was to much She was a cold dirty little girl and her actions caused her to hurt the ones that really loved her I cant believe that one can be so devious at first I was like this is just to much it couldn't be but the author kept on the scenes realistic and that is what made me realize there are plenty of Poison chicks and duded in the world Damn its a must read

  8. Tia Tia says:

    This book was fabulous I couldn't put it down It read like a movie and was action packed I immediately purchased the second book and wasn't disappointed

  9. Tessia Tessia says:

    This book had a lot of twists and turns I couldnt stop reading until I was done Cant wait to read part 2

  10. Goodread Goodread says:

    Great Read But read in order KD Harris has done it Again

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Poison [PDF / Epub] ✅ Poison ⚣ K.D. Harris – Based in Delaware young beautiful and naïve can all be used to describe Nyse who is tired of being overlooked due to living in her sister the self proclaimed ueen Kats shadow And like a moth to a fla Based in Delaware young beautiful and naïve can all be used to describe Nyse who is tired of being overlooked due to living in her sister the self proclaimed ueen Kats shadow And like a moth to a flame burnt by desire she's immediately drawn to Spinx a neighborhood drug dealer and the one man her sister warns her against At twelve she eventually gets noticed by Spinx despite every chick in Serenity Hills wanting him Luckily for Nyse he has a thing for young girls even though he makes her wait On her sixteenth birthday he showers her with gifts and opens her to a whole new world down The Hill Taking her heart and body Spinx eventually shows her the man he really is Not ready for a dose of the real world his unfaithfulness causes her to turn bitter and conniving Eventually this Venomous Vixen tears anything and everyone apart who poses a threat And before anyone realizes it she causes drama in the lives of her friends and family than can be repaired That girl is Poison.