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Delaney and the Autumn Masque (Victorian Holiday Hearts, #4) ➮ [Read] ➪ Delaney and the Autumn Masque (Victorian Holiday Hearts, #4) By Bonnie Dee ➺ – A spicy harvest treat from Devon and DeeDelaney former pickpocket and now a member of the Andrews theater clan performs magic tricks as Billbo the Magnificent Hired to entertain at a fancy dress ball A spicy harvest treat from Devon the Autumn MOBI ó and DeeDelaney former pickpocket and now a member of the Andrews theater clan performs magic tricks as Billbo the Magnificent Hired to entertain at a fancy dress ball the magician is struck by the lurking dramatic figure of the Grim Reaper He follows Death to a uiet room for a glorious lustful encounterWith his identity hidden impoverished Delaney and Kindle - gentleman Bartholomew Bancroft dares to indulge in an out of character moment to uench his forbidden yearning for another man’s touch But in the light of day he can’t dismiss his memories of the mysterious magician or a craving to see him againBartholomew enlists the dexterous conjurer to teach him to pick pockets His plan to retrieve his hand crafted jewelry taken by a and the Autumn PDF ☆ vengeful ex lover During the lessons Bartholomew and Delaney yield to desire certain their affair will last only until they retrieve Bartholomew’s stolen workAt another costume ball the gentleman and the magician work together to foil the thief but when all masks are abandoned at last can lasting love remain.

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  1. Lily Lily says:

    Awesome As expected of BD and SD A splendid historical romance centered around a Halloween masuerade ball Billbo the Magnificent as you might remember from the previous book is the next Andrews to find love We get the HOT sexy times with a tall sexy Grim Reaper warm family times with the Andrew clan and even a daring caper to spice things up

  2. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    35 Stars The writing duo of Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon are a sure bet when in the mood for a historical romance A “good comfort read” defines their body of work but is especially true of the Victorian Holiday Hearts series This series covers the familiar challenges of what it meant to be gay in the Victorian Era while offering the warmth of a family made of unconditional love and acceptance The Andrews clan may be comprised of an eclectic group of theater folk Delaney’s childhood an unconventional one but the heartwarming acceptance of the lost the outcasts and those who might be just a little bit broken is what makes these novellas so endearingDelaney and Bartholomew’s clandestine tryst while at the masue that begins this novella provided them with not only the security of anonymity but highlights the discretion that most if not all gay and bisexual men were forced into by the laws of the time Dee and Devon know how to write that first spark of lust and attraction when like minded men recognize each other across a crowded room which Delaney and Bartholomew experience It’s made all the acute and electrifying because they can see little than eyes and lips visible around the half masks they wore; I loved the air of mystery it lent to the story when their eyes locked giving them that momentary frisson of heated wordless exchangeA theme that’s present in so many gay historical books—and of course was a reality of the time period—is the disbelief that love is an achievable goal for men like Delaney and Bartholomew; that the best they might hope for is to appreciate the now and not plan for the future It’s also exacerbated than a bit by Delaney’s insistence that he’s not the relationship kind Dee and Devon weave this theme into the storyline which then does exactly what it’s supposed to do—tug at the heartstrings and make us want for nothing than Delaney and Bartholomew to find a way to be together for their happily ever afterDelaney and the Autumn Masue can be read as a standalone though I have to say I think it stands stronger if read as part of the series Knowing the backstories of the various Andrews clan while not critical to understanding this story strengthens what otherwise might seem like another garden variety story of two men meeting and falling in love in spite of the odds against them; not a bad premise to be sure but the support of this family of characters adds just a little something Reviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approach Reviews

  3. Ami Ami says:

    35 starsI think this might be the last book of DeeDevon Victorian Holiday Hearts novella series; it featured Delaney Andrews one of the Andrews' foster kids I really enjoyed the first part where Delaney and Bartholomew met on the masue party There was something uite sensual about it when you met the strangers while using masksThe relationship progress was lovely and I was happy that Bartholomew was able to live doing what he enjoyed doing making jewelry

  4. Jax Jax says:

    There’s not enough here for a satisfying story very little character development the romance is all tell and no show except some sex scenes it involves a misunderstanding due to lack of communication and problems are resolved rather easily than expected

  5. Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay says:

    A Joyfully Jay review 35 starsDelaney and the Autumn Masue is the last in the seasonal holiday series about the Andrews family You don’t have to read the entire series in order to understand what’s happening but for further character development you may wish to I am generally a fan of the writing duo of Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon and while this particular novel wasn’t one of their strongest it still had some enjoyable moments Though Delaney and Bartholomew aren’t fully developed characters they still work as a couple and there is a genuine connection between them Each of the men respects the artistry of the other and that fuels the eventual growth of their affection The extended camaraderie of the Andrews family added a nice layer to the romance between Delaney and Bartholomew And the authors do an excellent job of demonstrating strength of the family’s ties to one another regardless of whether they are adopted or blood membersSadly the plot was pretty thin even for a Regency esue romp There wasn’t much substance and often than not there were plot holes that were either ignored or just glossed over The “bad guy” was a waste of time and what should have been a tense interaction between he Delaney and Bartholomew ended up being pretty anti climatic Given how dangerous we were told that the antagonist was he was portrayed as rather sillyRead Sue’s review in its entirety here

  6. Jenny Saul-Avila Jenny Saul-Avila says:

    First of all it is absolutely essential to read the first 3 stories prior to this one The story of the main couple Delaney Bartholomew can be understood without the prior stories but all the wonderful side characters are better appreciated knowing their back stories from the previous onesTo me it is a very lovely story a kind of celebration of the Andrews family If you've read enjoyed the previous three this will be a sweet dessert

  7. Bb Bb says:

    Another good book in this series Mr Bancroft and Bilbo make a good pair The whole family is just amazing and so much fun with their theater An enjoyable series

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    This was ok not their best It had a lot of potential but it seemed rushed Let us see the relationship develop between the MCs

  9. Ann Ann says:

    35 StarsI love this series and the characters are great to revisit

  10. nisie draws nisie draws says:

    It was ok There was too much angsting about omg do i love him?does he love me? etc for my tastes drama created by miscommunication is my least favorite trope

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