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Arena [PDF / Epub] ☉ Arena By D. Michael Withrow – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In the future the word slavery has been outlawed but the practice is alive and well In this dystopian tale debtors are sold to the wealthy and convicted murderers are forced to fight in the arena just In the future the word slavery has been outlawed but the practice is alive and well In this dystopian tale debtors are sold to the wealthy and convicted murderers are forced to fight in the Arena just as the gladiators did thousands of years before them Follow Colston the son of a wealthy owner as he struggles to make sense of the world around him and protect those that he has grown to love from both society and his maniacal father.

10 thoughts on “Arena

  1. Tammy Tammy says:

    Got book free off instafreebie and free off I have always loved old arena battles of gladiator fighting This story has a new age gladiator work out with computers and the debtors or killers being slaves The whole story had a nice steady pace and well written I also loved the characters in it I found myself getting mad at the dad tons of times and crying as well The emotions that I got from the book pulled me into the story Through out the book I had hoped things would get better for Colston Can't wait to read the next partThank you for letting me read your part one of Arena

  2. Ksandra Ksandra says:

    45 Stars Well this was a whirlwind of activity Colston is a young man who lives in a Dystopian future society where debtors are sold to the highest bidder The murderers are sent to fight in gladiator type of fightsThis book was well written and was very emotional Though a reasonably uick read the characters were all very thought out and that includes the minor background characters Honestly the only thing I disliked about this novel was near the end I'm pretty sure there was something being alluded to with two characters and if it is what I think then I am horrified I mean I realize that it is a dystopian world but its just blech However it still hasn't been explicitly said so I could be making the wrong assumption I would like to know about this dystopian world They obviously have technology and such but somethingust have happened to change it back into a society with slavery Overall a very good book Can't wait to read the next one

  3. Zeinab Dh Zeinab Dh says:

    I chose to read and review this book I enjoyed reading it a lot It is well written I liked the plot and characters the flow was great between chapters and characters Nice steam sparks and action I recommend it

  4. Eric Eric says:

    ExcellentI got this book while it was free and thoroughly enjoyed it If you like Sparticus or Vikings on tv you will love this book

  5. Jake Carter Jake Carter says:

    Solid First BookKept me on edge and interested the whole time Full of detailed action interesting plot line and great fight scenes  Can't wait to learn about the Arena World and what it has in store for Colston Looking foward to part two

  6. Kaye Kaye says:

    PICK UP THE PIECESOk guys you've know me long enough by now to know I love jumping in head first Lets keep the fun going shall we I could tell you all about the story and say it was great I could explain the whole plot and say it was ok I could tell you a lot But come on guys you've read the blurb you know what the other readers are saying you know the score But because I'm me I'm running this show Just kidding there's not show This is one fantastical storyline with an exceptional plot that will captivate from the start The characters are intriguing and complex with a little mystery thrown in to add a little flavor to the mix You have all the action its steady paced suspense filled and danger nipping at your heels With such graphic detailed descriptions that it comes alive before your eyes Michael tosses in a little spice and some explosive situations that keep you hanging on every word The imagery is so fascinating it makes for a perfect backdrop that grabs your attention and holds it Twists and turns abound with unexpected surprises that keep you on your toes and reeling at such a spectacular imagination Michael did an incredible job bringing this to life seamlessly Great job Micheal thanks for sharing this fantastic read with us

  7. Linda Linda says:

    OH MY TALK ABOUT ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT I didn't like that Colston's father was always drunk and beat him badly As a teenager he should enjoy being a kid and not have to duck and dodge the man's blows and have to put him to bed I felt sorry for Anna her mother and Cole all because they couldn't pay their bills I especially felt for the seven feet tall giant named Cole who had lost everything I read so fast that the book ended and I can't wait to read the next book

  8. Michelle McPherson Michelle McPherson says:

    Arena Part One I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I am not sure how our future got to this point it's saddening and disturbing a preuel to explain that would be great This book follows the lines of history repeating itself and not in a good way The book is well written and little editing needed

  9. Aubree Aubree says:

    I don't know where to beginSomewhere in the far future the world has reverted back to 'the word that shall not be used slave days' When one owes money than they have they become a Debtor and are sold to the highest bidder Murderers are sold and sentenced to fight in a gladiatorial style arena often for their lives The story follows Colston the son a wealthy man who owns Debtors meant to fight in the Arena From this perspective we get to see this awful new world through slightly rose colored glasses It doesn't allow the reader to immerse themselves into the life of the Debtor We only see it from the sidelines The story would have been better from Cole's perspective or even Anna's

  10. Jamie Jamie says:

    OH I cant wait to read book 2 I finished part one months ago and thought i posted a review but so dont see it now Oh well I am soooooo looking forward to how the love story goes in this series and also lots of twists and turns with the fighting

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