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Dream, Recurring (Island River Tales Book 1) [BOOKS] ✫ Dream, Recurring (Island River Tales Book 1) By Mark Canniff – Can there be a mystery that goes back over a hundred years that only the dead can reveal Lucy has been having a recurring dream Night after night she finds herself driving on a winding road with her b Can there be a mystery that goes back over a hundred years that only the dead can reveal Lucy has been having a recurring dream Night after night she finds herself driving on a winding road with her best friend Sam She feels lost as this path seems to lead to nowhere That is until she discovers a house Curious she goes up to investigate discovering that the place is empty The mystery of the dream deepens when she realizes that she’s being haunted by an entity Why is it attached to her Both Sam and her uncover a piece of history that only those that have passed on have kept secret Why is it so important and does it have anything to do with the dark being It suddenly becomes a race against time as they grasp that their very lives might be at stake Can they uncover what is really going on in time before it’s too late Is there a connection between the house the uncovered past and the evil entity.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 288 pages
  • Dream, Recurring (Island River Tales Book 1)
  • Mark Canniff
  • English
  • 24 November 2015

10 thoughts on “Dream, Recurring (Island River Tales Book 1)

  1. Heena Rathore P. Heena Rathore P. says:

    Dream Recurring by Mark Canniff is a cosy paranormal book with a strong plot that'll pull you in right from the startI liked reading this book most of all for the strong and well built up plotline The concept was not only uniue but also uite smart I liked the idea of ghosts and spirits doing something other than avenging and that in itself is a huge compliment So I'd like to congratulate the author on the originality of the conceptThe writing was good but because of not being an edited version the writing fell flat on its face throughout the book on this belowAs for the characters I didn't particularly find the lead characters Lucy and Sam relatable but they did manage to make me like them enough to keep on going with the book The character arc was missing and I wasn't able to feel an emotional connection with either of the leads The characterization for me is one of the 2 main flaws in this book The 2nd one being the editing or the lack of itThis book would be a much better read after it gets edited thoroughly The typos and the grammatical errors were disturbing the flow of the reading to an extent that after a while it started to feel like a burden I'm sure that if this book had been edited properly my rating would have been a clean 4 stars but unfortunately that's not the caseSo all in all this book is good for anyone who enjoys reading Paranormal Fiction and won't mind the errors and the mistakes in the writingYou can also read this review at The Reading Bud

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    I received a free digital copy of this book by a publicist in exchange for an honest reviewFIRST THOUGHTSAt first I wasn’t sure about this novel I’ve never really read paranormal mysteries before However despite my being a coward I am fascinated with the paranormal and I do love mysteries dearly So I decided to give this one a shotPLOTWe follow Lucy a photographer and her friend Sam a medium as they rid spirits for their clients It’s not until a ghost murders a newly wed groom at the church that Lucy and Sam realize something bad is going onTogether they try to figure out the cause of the spirit why he’s there and why he’s so angry Both Lucy and Sam begin to have dreams The spirits are trying to communicate with them trying to help Lucy and SamOverall this is a good plot I’ve seen many books where the dead communicate with the living to have them help find their killer or something along those lines This added a slightly new twist where the ghosts were working with the dead to stop a raging spirit rather than trying to avenge themselvesNeedless to say I liked the plot It was intriguing and the paranormal activity was pretty creepy at timesCHARACTERSWhile I do like Lucy and Sam I found it hard to relate to them Both were protagonists but it seemed as Lucy was important than Sam Lucy had focus even though we still barely know anything about herWe didn’t learn anything about Sam’s past but when Sam set Lucy up on a blind up we learned that Lucy’s parents died prematurely That’s all we know about her I didn’t feel anything for Lucy when she revealed that either because I still don’t know Lucy at allThere was character development towards the end but we didn’t see any of it One minute Lucy was dating Dan but when something huge happened she was suddenly in love with him Nothing hinted at her falling in love with him even though we were in her head throughout the majority of the bookWRITING STYLEWhat really knocked down my rating for this book was all the errors There were spelling and grammatical errors throughout the entire book Some words weren’t used properly For example instead of “sympathetic manner” it was written as “sympathetic manor” At first I thought it was a typo but it happened four times and that wasn’t the only word that was mistaken The tense wasn’t consistent either Sometimes it jumped from past to present in the middle of a sentence It made it really hard to read the story and jarred me out of the actual story telling because I had to reread sentences and paragraphs in an attempt to make any sense of themThere was a lot of telling and not enough showing either When Sam had clients to do a medium reading for them the narrator explained her clients’ story Then when Sam was trying to communicate with the dead she gave clues as to what was going on but I already knew what was going on It took the mystery awayFinally this may be a personal preference but the book was written in the third person omniscient We were in every single character’s head including the really minor characters I personally prefer the third person limited and for a mystery I didn’t think third person omniscient was the right choice It took away a lot of the mystery and made the book predictable because the narration told me what was going on all the timeOVERALLOverall the plot was interesting It was uniue and I enjoyed being spooked by the spirits However I wish I got to know Lucy and Sam better and I wish I was able to investigate the case alongside them instead of just reading about how they did it Since it read like an unedited first draft I had a hard time getting through itThat why the book gets three stars from There were too many mistakes and that’s why it was just an okay read for meFavorite uote“Be mindful that you are seeking truth and not revenge” –Mark Canniff Dream RecurringThis review was originally published on RachelPolicom

  3. Galit Balli Galit Balli says:

    35 StarsThe story starts with Lucy and her friend Sam and together they fight spirits Soon enough a murder changes everything and together they try to figure things outSam who is a medium tries to communicate with the spirit and understand why the spirit is so angry Lucy and Sam have dreams where the spirits try to help them solve the murderI really liked Sam a lot than Lucy and I could connect to them very easily We get to learn about Lucy and it made me connect to her and understand her a lot than Sam Even though I like Sam a bit than Lucy I still wanted to know about him and his past but there weren't many details about Sam's pastAt first it took me a bit to connect with the story and the characters It was a slow read up until the I got to the first third of the book From there the story unfolded and I started to really care about the charactersI loved the writing style itself but there were a lot of grammar errors which really made it difficult for me to read and enjoy the book the reading flow was interrupted by the errors This is the main reason I gave the book a 35 star review and not a 5 star review I had to re read the same paragraph again and again and it just slowed down my readingThe other thing that really made the reading a bit slower was that I felt as an outsider I enjoyed the plot a lot and loved the helping spirits but I really wanted to get to be involved with the storyTo sum things up I really liked reading the book It's a good paranormal story with some nice twists It has strong characters and the scary bits were done really well I think with a bit editing this book would have gotten a 5 star review from meRead at Coffee n' Notes

  4. Ileana Renfroe Ileana Renfroe says:

    DescriptionLucy and Samantha are a two person team of paranormal investigators dedicated to discovering the secrets of their home in Island River Cynical by nature and after the collapse of her marriage Lucy doesn't believe in the stories of ghosts and spirits despite Samantha's superstitionsBut when a recurring dream appears in her sleep night after night Lucy soon finds herself uestioning her convictions As she falls deeper into her dreams the strange world beyond begins to reveal itself She uncovers a darkness which is only known by those that have passed on long ago and the mysterious house at the heart of it allWith old demons resurfacing to haunt her Lucy must discover the truth about the world in her dreams and in the process face the dark entity who is determined to keep it hidden no matter the costMy ReviewThis is the first book written by Mark Canniff and I have to tell you it is spellbinding It grabs you from the beginning and does not let go until the very end The novel is very well written and the characters are believable The novel provides enough twists and turns to keep you wanting If you enjoy a very good paranormal story with of course ghosts then definitely read Dream RecurringCan’t wait for book 2 “When Night Has Fallen”I was provided this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion So here goes I give this a definitely 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Lucy and Sam work together as a paranormal team Sam believes in ghosts and spirits whereas Lucy is the skeptic of their team Lucy has a dream that she keeps dreaming night after night It seems to have a something todo with an old abandon house Sam and Lucy investigate the house? Sam makes a blind date that Lucy goes on with her Her blind date turns into a date Lucy won’t forget Why? Lucy discovers that she must face the past she had as a child Will she? Meanwhile Sam and Lucy get to know a ghost and discover a dark entity Will they be able to help the ghost and get rid of the dar entity?Besides the novel having a paranormal theme it also is a mystery with some romance thrown int It is done expertly It also has a bit of how being bullied as a child can affect your life there are twists and turns that I didn’t expect there to bein the novel It is a horror novel due to its atmospheric creepiness within the story Disclaimer I received an arc of this book from the authorpublisher from Netgalley I wasn’t obligated to write a favorable review or any review at all The opinions expressed are strictly my own

  6. Lisa Canniff Lisa Canniff says:

    It's a great story I enjoyed it can't wait until second book comes out

  7. Gian Andrea Gian Andrea says:

    Short stories paranormal or horror are not what I would usually read but I do enjoy a good mystery and the book didn't disappoint Although It's supposed to be part of a trilogy another thing that'd usually put me off as far as I can see it's still the only one being published And to be honest it reads just fine as a standalone so if you're a fan of the genre you won't have to wait for the rest of the books to be available for saleLucy and Sam are a paranormal investigator duo modern ghostbusters you may say that go from house to house in their hometown Island River removing those spirits and supernatural entities that inhabit them Everyone is friendly thereAnd surely everything seems to work just fine until Lucy begins to have the same dream over and over and will be forced to face her past once again all the while a mysterious murder takes their investigation to a completely new level Dream Recurring is a gripping story with a few twists and turns perfect for the fans of the the genre

  8. Sara Lawson Sara Lawson says:

    As my introduction to paranormal fiction I found this to be a fun story There was a mystery romance and even time travel in addition to the expected ghost hunting experience Despite the threats of death and the evil presence that Sam and Lucy were trying to expel there was much in the book that was light hearted and engagingThere are still numerous technical errors in the book making it difficult to follow scene changes I also found the character development to be unrealistic For some forgiveness and understanding happened a bit too uickly while it took centuries for others to forgive a little realistic unfortunately The book was clean with no sex or language and minimal violence just a few “ghost” attacks Overall there was a good message as wellI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  9. The Reading Bud The Reading Bud says:

    Dream Recurring by Mark Canniff is a cosy paranormal book with a strong plot that’ll pull you in right from the startI liked reading this book most of all for the strong and well built up plotline The concept was not only uniue but also uite smart I liked the idea of ghosts and spirits doing something other than avengingThe writing was good but because of not being an edited version the writing fell flat on its face throughout the bookRead the full review at The Reading Bud

  10. John Trident John Trident says:

    How often do you read a book which is fascinating and talks about dreams Well this book takes you in a world of dreams and relates to the fact how it recurs The extensive research and the plot on nightmares is really good to talk about Loved the cover of the book unpacks a suspense for the readers The line which says Only the dead know these secrets is chilling to the boneRecommended for all the suspense lovers

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