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  • 26 February 2016
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10 thoughts on “The Convenient Marriage

  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    One of my two least favorite Georgette Heyer novels that I've read the other being April Lady which may not count since I DNF'd that one Who knew a marriage of convenience story could be so boring? It has soo many annoying elements one of those very young impetuous immature TSTL heroines I dislike so much she has a stammer that is written out EverySingleTime lots of frantic farcical running around an evil mistress of the hero Ugh and a cardboard dastardly villain a hero who's twice the age of the heroineAlso romances where one of the main characters is committing adultery regardless of the circumstances here it's that they've agreed in advance to a marriage of pure convenience always have a huge strike against them in my book To be fair this novel is of a comedy than a romance but still Anyway it all adds up to way too many things I found dislikeable about this novel Frankly I skimmed through most of it

  2. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    Ahhhh reading a Heyer romance is such a comfort during tough times I love entering her worldThe impetuous and very young Horry Winwood marries Lord Rule who is old enough to be her father to save her family from ruinFast paced farcical funny I really enjoyed this read The way GH treats Horry's stutter didn't bother me so much this time around and her sisters are some of the best supporting actress women that GH has ever writtenWhat I did have trouble with was the character of the villainous Lord Lethbridge view spoiler and that there seems to be almost a reconciliation between him Rule after their duel Huh??? He was planning to rape Rule's wife hide spoiler

  3. Res Res says:

    The one where the notorious rake Lord Rule decides to marry the pretty Winwood sister but the reckless one Horatia persuades him to marry her instead She gambles; her brother Pelham gambles in fact his gambling is the reason the Winwood sisters are prepared to marry Rule to begin with; hijinks ensueHoratia is kind of an idiot isn't she? I mean a little boldness is refreshing in a Regency heroine but Horatia seems like an eighth grader who can be induced to do anything by being told that Mom doesn't want her to do it It's a little creepy to think of someone so immature being married at allI did like Rule; he reminded me of Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci with his vagueness and his deceptive intelligence and the laziness that makes everyone underestimate him At one point his sister tells him he should beat Horatia and he says But think how fatiguingThe scene where drunken Pel and his drunken friend Pom rescue Horatia and try to figure out why she's out in the streets alone is hilarious but by the end of the book I'd had a little too much Pel and Pom getting into scrapes And did noblemen really suck on the heads of their canes? She mentions this twice and it sounds unhygienic not to mention really strange looking Oh and if you're looking to buy a copy don't get the paperback edition with the foreword by Jo Beverley; it's full of typos

  4. Angie Angie says:

    This is not a drill I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL I believe I am in fact upon the brink of accomplishing something that I have been meaning to do for years I want you all to be the first to know that I just read my first very Georgette Heyer That's right I actually did it After years of promising myself and countless others many of you that I would do it I finally managed it And I can tell that I'm about to dive headlong into a full fledged bingeAfter consulting all of your past comments on which Heyers are your favorites and why and after some serious counsel from Beth Brower and a well timed trip to our local Barnes Noble I chose to start with The Convenient Marriage I had no idea it would turn out to contain without uestion one of my favorite proposal scenes ever The kind of proposal scene that makes you feel like nothing could ever go wrong after it It takes place very early on and it made me laugh and sigh repeatedly with delight I know I will be yanking out my copy to reread that scene for years to comeIt's v vulgar to care about Settlements but you are very rich are you not?Very said his lordship preserving his calmYes nodded Horatia W well—you seeI see agreed Rule You are going to be the SacrificeShe looked up at him rather shyly It c can't signify to you can it? Except that I know I'm not a Beauty like L Lizzie But I have got the Nose sirRule surveyed the Nose Undoubtedly you have the Nose he saidHoratia seemed determined to make a clean breast of her blemishes And p perhaps you could become used to my eyebrows?The smile lurked at the back of Rule's eyes I think uite easilyShe said sadly They won't arch you know And I ought to t tell you that we have uite given up hope of my g growing any tallerIt would certainly be a pity if you did said his lordshipD do you think so? Horatia was surprised It is a great trial to me I can assure you She took a breath and added with difficulty You m may have n noticed that I have a—a stammerYes I had noticed the Earl said gentlyIf you f feel you c can't bear it sir I shall uite understand Horatia said in a small anxious voiceI like it said the EarlIt is very odd of you marvelled Horatia But p perhaps you said that to p put me at my ease?No said the Earl I said it because it was trueWhich is not to say that the entire experience was perfectly smooth sailing Horatia is a bit hysterical for my taste Or rather she starts off very promising indeed and then proceeds to be rather hysterical for the next couple hundred pages And yes I grew impatient And yes I really would have loved it if she'd managed to see one single thing for what it was without Rule having to patiently explain it to her But Rule You guys Rule I loved him from beginning to end He gives the impression that he is always withholding a smile when he is at his most decorous and that when he is smiling placidly at you is when you are actually in the most danger Rule will always be dear to me As will drunk Pel Pom roving the streets of London at the crack of dawn trying to discern whether or not Horatia actually murdered someone with a poker I'm still filled with helpless laughter when I think of those two to say nothing of Pom's great auntGlamour might still have clung to a rakehell who abducted noble damsels but no glamour remained about a man who had been pushed into a pond in full ball dress The Convenient Marriage also includes two excellent duels one hilarious and uite brief the other magnetic and drawn out And yes I could definitely have done with a handful scenes in which Rule and Horatia were say in the same room together particularly at the end But on the whole my time spent with these characters was utterly entertaining and I will be cracking open my second Heyer tonight

  5. Laurel Laurel says:

    Richard Armitage reading a Georgette Heyer classic swoonI had not read The Convenient Marriage before this new Naxos Audiobooks recording happily landed on my doorstep I will confess all up front I did the unthinkable I read the complete plot synopsis on Wikipedia before I delved into the first chapter horrors Don’t even think about following my example It will spoil the most enjoyable aspect of this novel – surprise The Convenient Marriage is one of Georgette Heyer’s popular Georgian era rom com’s and for good reason It has all the reuisite winning elements a wealthy and eligible hero a young naïve heroine greedy relatives a scheming mistress and a revengeful rake Add in a duel a sword fight highway robbery abduction switched identities and scandalous behavior and you are in for comedic high jinxes and uproarious plot twists As I laughed out loud at the preposterous plot machinations in the synopsis I thought to myself “How does Heyer do it? How can she take us on such an outrageously wild ride and make it believable?” I was soon to find outHandsome and elegant Marcus Drelincourt Earl of Rule is comfortable in his bachelorhood At thirty five his sister Lady Louisa uain urges him to marry suggesting the beautiful Elizabeth Winwood She is from an aristocratic family of good pedigree but little fortune With two unmarried younger sisters prim Charlotte and impulsive Horatia and their self indulgent elder brother Pelham about as much help to his family as a rainstorm at a picnic she must marry well Lady Winwood is thrilled when the Earl agrees to marry Elizabeth and save the family from destitution Seventeen year old Horatia is not Presenting herself at the Earl’s doorstep she boldly offers herself to him in exchange for her elder sister who is in love with Lieutenant Edward Heron Horry proposes a marriage of convenience to Lord Rule with the promise that she will not interfere with him after they are married She does not bring much to the bargain Not only is she poor she does not possess her sister’s beauty and she stutters Intrigued by this young brave girl he is tempted and soon sees the logic agreeing to her proposalThe new Countess of Rule wastes no time in becoming the sensation of the bon ton dressing to the nines attending parties the opera gambling huge sums and getting into all sorts of scrapes while her husband continues to pay attentions to his mistress Lady Caroline Massey With patience and fortitude Lord Rule councils his stubborn young bride against excess and the dangerous liaisons of Baron Robert Lethbridge a known rake with a history with the Drelincourt familyDetermined to teach her husband a lesson for his interference she defies his wishes attending a masked ball Escorted by Lethbridge he sees their friendship as the perfect opportunity to ruin her reputation and punish Drelincourt for thwarting his elopement with his sister Louisa years before Horry tempts Lethbridge with cards bending his resistance by scandalously agreeing to offer a lock of her hair if he wins Unbeknownst to Horry her husband has followed her to the ball overhears their conversation and intercedes by stepping on her dress and ripping it While she is away he disposes of Lethbridge and exchanges his costume with his own Returning Horry loses badly at cards and must give LethbridgeRule his winnings Penitent she concedes the bet which is met with a stolen kiss Furious Horry rushes away running into Lady Caroline Massey who recognizes her Certain that her husband’s mistress will reveal to him that his wife was at the ball she confesses all to him first The Earl in turn reveals his charade Discovering that he has fallen in love with his wife how will he court and convince her that love is much better than a marriage of convenience?Heyer’s characterizations just sparkle and shine This MayDecemeber relationship presents great opportunity for difference in opinion and blunder If Horry had not been an impulsive stubborn seventeen year old there would have been little conflict and no story Lord Rule’s patience in dealing with his teenage bride commanded respect endearing us to him by opening up the possibility of the love relationship that we hope for This delightful romp was made all the enjoyable by this new audio recording by British stage and screen actor Richard Armitage This is his third foray into Georgette Heyer for Naxos Audiobooks His skill at uniue characterization and resonant velvetly voice transports the listener like Cinderella to the Ball Unfortunately once the story ends so does the enchantment My solution was to start it again For me a new audio recording combining fanciful storyteller Georgette Heyer and the sultry and seductive voice of Richard Armitage is like la petite mort Hopefully they are not few and far betweenLaurel Ann Austenprosecom

  6. Lea Lea says:

    This was not good There are way too many elements that don't work it's a mess Hero is 35 heroine is 17 Seventeen That isn't cute As a rule if you have to ask am I too old for you? you are too old At one point the hero says the heroine treats him like an indulgent father barf Heyer has sold me on big age differences before but notttt here The heroine Horatia is an idiot There was really nothing likeable about her which is rare among Heyer heroines Obviously most people aren't sensible at 17 which is one of the problems of having a 17 year old heroine She made it abundantly clear throughout the book that the match between her and the hero was a disaster But let's be fair The hero Rule is also unlikeable Okayyy they had a marriage of convenience blah blah blah but that doesn't mean I have to like that he kept seeing his mistress after marriage See A Civil Marriage Plus other heroes have done the lazy aristocrat much better than Rule including Alverstoke Frederica and Alastair These Old Shades Hero and heroine had no chemistry I'm really not sure what Rule saw in Horatia Actually the hero didn't even have chemistry with his mistress The one person he had MAJOR chemistry with was his nemesis Lord Lethbridge No joke these two set the page on fire in their last interaction Not sure if this was intended or notFrankly even if you're a die hard Heyer fan you can pretty much skip this She did the whole marriage of convenience thing muchhhh better in Friday's Child

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    This was my sixth Heyer and it is simply awful After 75 agonizing pages had to put in the did not finish shelfWho knew Heyer could be so bad?OK on to some of the main problems with this bookWell the heroine stuttered Hey I've got nothing against stuttering I did it for a while a long time ago b but I d don't w want to r read it in a b book e every s sentence the h heroine m makes V very a annoying Heroine is a stupid vapid one Perhaps she changes later but I'm not willing to waste time to find out I like Heyer heroines when they are mature and charming or when they are frisky and coltish Not when they are vapid like Horatia aka Horry is I don't much care for the hero He's not very charming or dashing or witty like a Heyer hero can be He's just thereDefinitely not recommended for a first try of Heyer She's much better then this

  8. Vivian Vivian says:

    Dangerous Liaisons made light with absurdityThere I was in the middle of reading some dreadfully bleak and twisted books when I realized that a bit of fluff would clear the palette Voila Enter Heyer And it worked I just had to bite my tongue and read past Horatia's propensity to be an absolute rube She had all the moxy I like in a heroine but her leap before looking and then going 'Oh dear' was grating I suppose it's better than not realizing her idiocy at all but nevertheless eye rolling and made me want to smack her upside the head I know I know she's young; it's allowed eye roll Let's just say that unprepared and arrogant are not two ualities I enjoy in tandem And Rule deep sigh Woefully under explored As the master tactician he loses some shine with his choice I get it He's jaded and Horry's the breath of fresh air that will reinvigorate his life Frankly the secondary characters had all the good lines and saved it When he had seen the Viscount stalking towards him at Almack's he had been uite aghast and would have been perfectly willing to eat the rash words that had caused all the bother had not the Viscount committed that shocking rape upon his hat and wig this brutal action had roused him to a really heroic rage The hat is beyond and really needs to be read properly in context to be enjoyed It was a good fight I don't remember a better Hatred lends a spice doesn't it? Nothing endearing than a good loser You can't go around the club asking a lot of ueer looking strangers to come to Vauxhall with you Besides what should we do with them when we got 'em there? Utterly unhinged at times but surprisingly insightful when taking a moment for reflection So the main characters were meh but the absurd romp and especially the last sixty pages left me feeling much fonder

  9. Naksed Naksed says:

    What would have happened if Darcy had married frivolous and headstrong Lydia Bennett instead of her sober sister Elizabeth? We find out in Georgette Heyer's tedious The Convenient Marriage Never have I felt sympathy for the two villainous characters intent on ruining the airheaded wasteful absolute horror that is Horatia Winwood If the author had been intent on satirizing the decadent atrocious upper classes of England in the 18th century interested only in gambling dandifying themselves and conducting affairs while the world around them burns this would have been an absolute success But because she insists on casting Horry as her heroine the story becomes deplorable The last part of the novel a cockamamie Macguffin about a missing diamond brooch straight out of Dumas' Three Musketeers minus all the elegant suspenseful intrigue is particularly dull and dragging Too bad because I was initially enchanted by the humorous writing and the obviously Herculean effort to render the historical setting as vividly as if one were stepping through the pages of this book straight into an English drawing room of the Regency period where the butler would offer you a glass of ratafia while the gentlemen admired your newest powdered lavender scented coiffure a la Grecue a boucles badines

  10. Steven Walle Steven Walle says:

    I enjoyed this historical romance very much It was a uick read by a master narater on youtube The book was full of intreague tretury and sometimes misguided and often unreuited loveI recommend this book to all I am looking forward to reading of her workEnjoy and Be BlessedDiamond

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The Convenient Marriage❴Read❵ ➳ The Convenient Marriage Author Georgette Heyer – Horatia Winwood is the youngest and the least attractive of the three Winwood sisters She also has a stammer But when the enigmatic and eminently eligible Earl of Rule offers for her oldest sister’s Horatia Winwood is the youngest and the least attractive of the three Winwood sisters She also has a stammer But when the enigmatic and eminently eligible Earl of Rule offers for her oldest sister’s The Convenient Kindle - hand – a match that makes financial and social sense but would break her heart – it is Horatia who takes matters into her own impetuous hands Can she save her family’s fortune Or is she courting disaster Witty charming elegant and always delightful Georgette Heyer – the undisputed ueen of Regency Romance – brings the whole period to life with deft precision and glorious characters.

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The Black MothIn she married George Ronald Rougier a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in Heyer released one romance The Convenient Kindle - novel and one thriller each yearHeyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella MartinHer Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by.