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21 Days Guidebook Companion Journal ❰Reading❯ ➼ 21 Days Guidebook Companion Journal Author Lorrie Jones – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Days Guidebook Companion Journal, designed by Kelly Lenihan, complements the Days guidebooks by Lorrie Jones As you make your way through the guidebooks, you are invited to record your daily thought Days Guidebook Companion Journal, designed by Kelly Guidebook Companion PDF/EPUB Ã Lenihan, complements theDays guidebooks by Lorrie Jones As you make your way through the guidebooks, you are invited to record your daily thoughts, reflections, and self discoveries in this blank journal Ms Jones is the author of the following guidebooksDays of Living Mindfully Your Guide to Conscious Living Days of Parenting Mindfully Your Guide to Raising a Mindful Child Days of Eating Mindfully Your Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food rd ed.

About the Author: Lorrie Jones

Meet Lorrie Jones, MBSR, CHT, BSN and Guidebook Companion PDF/EPUB Ã Founder of Simple Serenity LLC Lorrie has been supporting people on their journey toward optimal health and wellness for over half her adult life Dedicated to fostering mindfulness, self discovery and personal transformation in wellness and well being, Lorrie provides education, consultation and coaching in the most effective principles and practices of Mindfulness and Hakomi therapies, encompassing a mind body approach to health and wholeness Holding professional certification in MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction , Hakomi Therapy CHT , 21 Days ePUB ´ and a BS in Nursing BSN , qualifies Lorrie to offer state of the art professional programs and mindfulness practices designed to educate, inspire and motivate in creating a life of vibrant and sustainable health and well being As a wellness practitioner, educator and coach, she has served individuals, groups, and hospitals with her expertise in health issues, advanced professional training in stress reduction, extensive research in mind body healing and dedication to learning and personal growth From this rich soil of commitment, challenge and achievement, she Days Guidebook Companion PDF/EPUB » is able to offer holistic, nurturing and healing programs Lorrie is available for media interviews and speaking to your group Lorrie s other passions and interests include traveling adventure , family gatherings love , fun with friends connection , gardening peace , writing creativity , cooking nourishment , creating lovely spaces beauty , and poetry soul nurtureIn addition to her therapeutic work, Lorrie has written a series of guidebooks to support people with their healing A lifelong learner, Lorrie s credentials include but are not limited to Certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR Certification in Hakomi Therapy CHT BS Nursing BSN Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Hospice Care Volunteer WA State Certified Counselor.

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