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10 thoughts on “Miss Match (Simon Romantic Comedies)

  1. Laurence R. Laurence R. says:

    This is a really cute book! I was disappointed by the end, but it was still a good story.

  2. Sara ♥ Sara ♥ says:

    This was a REALLY cute book... It took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, but the main character is DEFINITELY not a Mormon... But that's okay. SLC is only like 50% Mormon, after all. But that's beside the point. The book was really cute.

    Well, one more... As a Texan, I was a BIT disturbed by the stereotypical Texan boy that moves into town... holy COW... The kid's got a horse and boots and a cowboy hat and has a Texan accent... But he IS from Paris, Texas, which looks ABOUT as big as the town my in-laws are from... And people there really DO have accents... But not horses! Geez! But whatever. People really think that of Texas, and we were at least portrayed in a lovely way—polite and considerate and nice and stuff. And we really do say fixin' to... Love that phrase! I'm fixin' to actually start this review... :)

    So the book starts with the main character, who is 15, accidentally backing into her old neighbor's car. She doesn't want to report the accident to her insurance OR tell her parents, as she's just about to get her driving permit (she was just backing the car out onto the street so she could play basketball in the driveway)... So she agrees to pay the neighbor's car bill privately. $800.00. So she's like, Crapola! I gotta get a job! So she decides (with help from her best friend) to create a dating service... You'd pay her some mula, and she, Miss Match, would help you get the person you're pining over... So 6 months later, she's only 1 case short of having her neighbor paid back. And then a guy wants to hire her to help him ask her own SISTER out... And things start to get interesting....... :) It was lovely...

  3. Natalie Natalie says:

    3.5 stars

    This got a bit cheesy, but was still really cute and enjoyable. Sasha had quite a bit of spunk and the book had quite a few funny moments.

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    One of the cutest book I have ever read. The Simon Romantic Comedies are always very interesting and are a joy to read and Miss Match was no exception.

    What I enjoyed about Miss Match was the fun plot and the spunky character, Sasha. Though the plot was pretty typical and kind of cliche, the way Wendy portrayed the whole story was different and fun.

    Sasha was extremely spunky. I loved her methods on matchmaking others and most of the time, I was cracking up with tears in my eyes. I loved that one scene where she puts gum in the girl's locker so the guy would have an excuse to act all manly and stuff and help the girl. Ahaha. It's amazing how our mind and imagination works.

    Derek was so cute. I loved his thinking and his charming skills. Oh, and his eagerness to win the girl he likes/loves. It's so adorable. I especially loved the part where he comes in riding on a horse to ask the girl out for Homecoming. OMG. I think my inner girl self screamed in delight when that happened. Soooo romantic!

    I even liked reading about Maddie because she's actually really sweet despite the fact that she's one of the most popular girl in school AND that she's a cheerleader. She loves her sister, Sasha, and it really showed through her actions.

    Overall, Miss Match was adorable and I definitely would love to see more of Wendy's stuff.

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    Umm, it was pretty good. I like the writing style but I had some problems with some charters. Derek didn't really strike me as a guy who needed Miss Match to get a date. He comes up will better ideas than Sasha did. On the other hand, Kevin really needed some help but didn't go to Miss Match. The whole idea of students paying for help getting with their crush just didn't fly with me. I guess I can't see it. I am a teacher and I just can't see any of my students paying for that kind of help.

    There are certainly better romantic comedies to read.

  6. Rose Rose says:

    I guess that's the problem when you say to a friend you're in the mood for some romantic, comedy novel.
    I found this book too childish, a lot expected and somehow not very original. (Although, to be honest, its plot was original.) I'm guess I've grown out of these cute books. Need to find some series stuff!

  7. Sabina Sabina says:

    I laughed out loud through the whole book! The main character Sasha is all of us, full of insecurities and not sure of her natural beauty and wit. But there's also Derek who is totally swoon worthy boyfriend material who seems to be interested in Sasha's sister Maddie. Through the laugh out loud dialogues and situations (the fountain contest at the shopping mall is the best!) you won't feel the time flying past. I really loved this book. I highly recommend it to all Louise Rennison and Holly Smale's fans!

  8. Stacey Elder Stacey Elder says:

    I loved it. From the silly antics of the guy who was trying to ask her sister to prom that she interrupted, to her not realizing that he was trying to be with her. It was all great. I wish it went on for a few more pages but I could understand why it didn't. She def had some zany solutions to problems, from synch swimming to diving in a fountain for coins. I wonder if she'll ever hang up her match making hat.

  9. Shelby Shelby says:

    So cheesy but so cute!!!

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    Miss Match is definitely one of my favorite Simon Romantic Comedies out of the ones I've read so far, if not my absolute favorite. I mean, it was such a cute and funny teen romance read, one that I truly couldn't put down even for even a second once I began. Sure, it's not the most unique read out there, but it was cute and just the read I needed after several darker books I had read prior.

    Sasha has always been known as the girl to go to when you need help getting together with your current crush, so now that she's in need for money, she's using this fact to use since she decides to start her own matchmaking business. Though, Sasha soon learns matchmaking isn't always as fun as looks when she's asked to hook up her sort of crush with her sister, and with the more time she spends with him, she's starting to realize he may just be the guy for her, not her sister. But what's a matchmaker to do when she faces this sort of problem? Sasha has no clue but she's sure to find out.

    Sahsa was a protagonist that was easy to relate to from the get-go because for the most part she's just an ordinary girl. She worries about her weight (what girl doesn’t?), she kind of always feels like she's inferior to her older and more popular sister, and she's worried that the guy she likes may not like her back. Also, she's pretty funny, making her a great protagonist to lead Miss Match. I liked her love interest Derek at lot as well. He was sweet, funny, and just oh-so-adorable, basically the typical lead male in these types of stories.

    One of my favorite parts about Miss Match was Sasha's matchmaking business because to be honest I just about love all stories that include matchmaking. I mean, it's just so fun to read about all the different situations a matchmaker faces in their business. Plus, when matchmaking is involved it's almost always includes funny chaos as well.

    Wendy Toliver's writing was pretty great and it never ceased to bring the story fully to life. I can't wait to read more by her!

    In all, if you're looking for a funny and romantic read, look no further because Miss Match is the book for you!

    Grade: B+

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