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  1. Liralen Liralen says:

    There's a lot that Alma's mother isn't telling her where her father is buried Why her stepfather left Why Alma isn't allowed to ask uestions Why the furniture is disappearing piece by piece from the house It's only days before they get on an aeroplane that Alma learns the answer to that last uestion they're moving But her mother doesn't tell her where or why or for how long So Alma's left to figure it out what happened to her father and what happened with her stepfather and how does she suddenly have a throng of Portuguese relatives she's never known?I read this for the Portugal setting which I'm not sure I've seen before in YAMG lit I'd have liked to see the setting used a bit but it still works nicely for the piece Butgosh Alma never really gets her answers does she? That is she learns some truths about her father and about her stepfather But by the end of the book she hasn't realised that she has other and perhaps important uestions to ask Like is her mother okay? Her mother who withholds all information possible until the last possible minute like doesn't tell Alma that she's not going back to her US school until Alma's not allowed on the school bus because her mother hasn't registered her; doesn't tell her they're going to Portugal until they're at the airport and are handed their boarding passes And why are her mother and her mother's parents so ashamed that Alma's father isn't around? And how does her former stepfather justify going from pledging to adopt Alma to dropping off the face of the earth? But mostly is her mother okay? I like a lot of things about the book but am still left feeling like Alma has been dealt the short end of the stick

  2. Jessie_Book Jessie_Book says:

    I don't really know what to say about this book I just genuinely didn't like it The only thing that I enjoyed about this book was the best friend The best friends was so nice to read about she brought to interesting conflicts to the story without it being too contrived Besides her the mother was despicable the daughter was irritating and selfish all the other characters we bland They sometimes said things and all I could think was you can't be this dumb I started to enjoy it near the end but I don't know if that was because it got better or because I could see that there weren't that many pages left The one saving grace in this book was the best friend and I wish there was of her in it

  3. Tamsyn Tamsyn says:

    35 stars I liked a lot about this story but the mother was extremely frustrating and infuriating past the point of believability Decent resolution and a small glimpse of Portugal made it enjoyable

  4. Max B Max B says:

    One Speck of Truth A Speck ial Title Indeed One of my favorite books from the viewpoint of theme and character development of all time is Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn I think this book is a masterpiece that successfully understands the delicate balance between keeping the book intriguing and making it a deep story with character growth and a developed theme So when I heard reviews of Caela Carter’s One Speck Of Truth published by HarperCollins LLC on March 5 2019 recommend this book to fans of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on multiple websites then I decided that this book was going to be my next read I went into this book with great expectations and it was a fair novel overall The theme that it's important to balance people's expectations for you with your own is a very interesting and uniue theme and I was uite intrigued by how this would play out throughout the entire book However it is very apparent that the author spent attention in the beginning as the end is far too short and is extremely rushed and leaves something to be desired In One Speck Of Truth Alma’s obsessed with figuring out the truth about her father and her mother refuses to tell her But when she moves to Lisbon Portugal where her father’s side of the family lives she decides she will figure out the truth once and for all The theme of the book is that it's important to balance people's expectations for you with your own is one thoroughly developed in the beginning through the use of foreshadowing and juxtaposition Foreshadowing is used to predict Alma’s father being less than a good parent because as Alma continually fantasizes about her father being the perfect father the reader begins to doubt the actual validity of this utopian dream Also throughout the first part of the book Alma and her mother are juxtaposed to emphasize how different both of them are Readers see Alma’s constant need for uestions and her mom’s forgetfulness so when the reader normalizes one of them internally the other one will always be seen as an outsider Additionally the author juxtaposes Alma and her mom once they get to Lisbon as the audience sees Alma’s mom become happier and start to remember so while reader see Alma refusing to stop looking for her father they become frustrated which keeps the reader interested due to the amount of emotion related to this book The theme is developed through these literary devices as it stresses the lack of balance of Alma’s and her mom’s outside influences and hertheir own hopes and goals at the start of the book which will contrast with their growth at the end of the book However the theme development is definitely not perfect as the ending is extremely lackluster and has Carter telling the reader through dialogue that Alma will reach the perfect balance while this change in ideas apparently happened over the last 2 chapters of the book which is a span of two days This leads to a less memorable ending and one that seems rushed and ingenuine One book that does this better that I named previously was Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn In the latter portion of this book we see the protagonist Francie Nolan struggle but slowly develop and get over the grief over her circumstances as she begins to find happiness The difference between these two books is that while the reader is told that Alma will get over her father and find the balance that is the theme the reader is shown that Francie has gotten over her grief and reflects on her growth which leaves a powerful message This leads to a better understanding and if you just compare these two books then you’ll just see how much better A Tree Grows in Brooklyn sold in its first year as opposed to One Speck of Truth which should show how much better the showing vs telling method is  In conclusion this book is a good book overall with solid character setup and an engaging plot as well as an engaging and uniue theme The book also uses literary devices in a way that engages the reader and advances the plot characters and theme However the ending feels dull and so different that it makes the experience a little bit worse In summary I give Caela Carter’s One Speck of Truth a 455 a good book but with some flaws noticeable not rendering the book terrible or unreadable by any means of the word but still flaws nonetheless I recommend this book to fans of fiction books as well as those who like learning about people’s adjustment into new places

  5. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusAlma has been raised by her single mother since the death of her Portuguese father when she was young Her mother had attended college in Lisbon where the two met and has steadfastly refused to answer any uestions about Alma's father She won't even say where he is buried which has led to an obsession with finding this out Alma's best friend Julia always sticks by her Recently the mother has split from Adam her husband who was very fond of Alma but will not tell her why he is no longer living with them Since Julia is Adam's niece Alma manages to get a little information Alma's mother is not doing well working from home a lot dropping Alma off at Julia's and selling the furniture piece by piece When Alma is not registered for the school bus on the first day of school her mother finally tells her that they are moving to Portugal to meet her grandmother Alma is a bit scared but also glad that her uestions might finally be answered since she often talks to the idea of her father When the two get to Portugal Alma gets to meet a cousin go to school and checks the cemeteries to no avail Perhaps the reason she can't find a grave for her father is because he is still aliveStrengths Like this author's Forever or a Long Long Time the writing is strong Alma is a self sufficient character who is raising herself in the face of very bad parenting It's good that she has a support network in her mother's parents and in Adam who won't answer uestions but reassures her that she is loved and that he will be there if there is a problem The brief glimpses of life in Portugal are fascinating Weaknesses I have a lot of students whose fathers are not in the picture and Alma's obsession with her father seems a bit odd The treatment of the mother by her parents and the shame over Alma's birth seemed very odd she would have been born in about 2006 I wish had been addressed about the mother's mental health clearly something is very wrong and Alma needs even support No one gives Alma answers even when it leads to defiant behavior What I really think Not sure about this one Debating

  6. Eva Eva says:

    Okay so like I realise this was the entire point of the story but why the HELL did someone not tell this child the truth much sooner? Like sure parents make mistakes But there were four or five OTHER people who could have told Alma the truth Plus WHAT is wrong with her mom There were obviously some significant mental health issues going on but nothing is addressed or really dealt with? I'm so unsettled by how deeply Alma internalized that asking uestions made her a Bad Child and yet this is never really challenged by any adults? Also and this at least was addressed CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE GRATEFUL TO THEIR PARENTS FOR BASIC NECESSITIES They SHOULD take them for granted That is WHY adults are the caretakers If you're an adult and you're constantly telling the children around you to be thankfulgrateful for having 'good parents' you can get wrecked

  7. Katie Katie says:

    Reading One Speck of Truth was like climbing the old narrow stairs in Lisbon; Caela Carter offered glimpses of beauty along the climb but obscured the full truth until the end Like Alma I missed seeing some of the truth that should have been visible and thought I knew what had only been implied Alma was a compelling character with a strong motivation and the fault of short sightedness and not the kind that could be fixed by her big green glasses Only later in the story did I recognize how Julia is not only a friend but an important foil for Alma Through the secrecy and mistrust Carter makes the case that every child deserves a family and also that sometimes that family is one we least expect This will be a good book for readers who enjoy a bit of mystery or whose hearts are feeling a little crumpled and alone

  8. Momo Momo says:

    35When I started this book after the first 30 or so pages I was very nervous because I didn't really like any of the characters? The mother was pretty terrible and while I can't fault Alma too much for her behavior given who her mother is her age I wasn't really feeling connected to her either Now characters I can't relate with I can usually handle but the writing wasn't really adding anything to the story It felt dull and sometimes forced It was disappointing since Forever or a Long Long Time is one of my favorite middle grade books with the story and writing just feeling seamless and heart wrenching I powered through however and was pleasantly surprised to find myself becoming involved Once our characters were on their way to Portugal and when they arrived I felt that is where the story should have started all along I began to really feel for Alma as she tried so hard to connect herself to the father she didn't know and had only created in her mind It took me the longest time to really feel bad for Alma's mother because she treated her daughter kind of terribly? Only 30 pages from the end do we undertand why she was like that and it was understandable and pretty bad but throughout the book it was frustrating to see her treat Alma that way There were many things I wish this book had done better but what we got in the end was appreciated Please oh please let there be some sort of follow up book with Julia

  9. Cassidy Cassidy says:

    I found One Speck of Truth at the library on the shelf for the new books The cover looked like something I'd like and at the time I didn't have any other books to read so I took it out and started reading Unfortunately the first half of the book or so was very boring and slow going I lost interest in it and started reading other new books I had just gotten But then I was left without books again So I decided to just keep readingI'm glad I didOnce Alma and her mom get to Lisbon it gets much interesting Alma has always imagined her dead father to be kind understanding to give her answers that her mother won't give her basically to be the perfect father She never once considers that maybe he wasn't exactly like thatI also liked the way Ms Carter illustrates Portugal and the Portuguese people She's also not afraid to have the characters speak in Portuguese and not translate it into English I'm not sure whether I liked that or didn't like it I will admit that for a little bit of the book I was typing the Portuguese sentences into Google Translate I give One Speck of Truth three stars because the second half of the book is interesting and makes a good story but the beginning is really boring I'd recommend this book to kids in grades 5 8

  10. Lara Lara says:

    As beautifully and emotionally written as Forever or a Long Long Time Ms Carter understands that kids are smart they see than adults assume they see and process them sometimes in awkward ways they ask uestions and if their uestions aren't answered they hold them inside I am honestly angry at Alma's mother because you cannot just refuse to give a twelve year old any information at all about a vital part of her life you cannot just lie by omission or otherwise and pretend that will work forever And you absolutely one hundred percent cannot drag your kid to live in a foreign country without telling her in advance and claim oh you didn't need to know you'd just have fretted about itA lot of love also for the topic of transracial adoption which is touched on through Alma's friend Julie and is a bond between them they both have absent parents Julie's parents are open about a lot of things than Alma's mother but their insistence to her that she doesn't need to be curious about her biological mother in Korea that she should just be grateful that she has a family who loves her is another aspect of the search for truth that arcs through the book

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One Speck of Truth [Download] ➼ One Speck of Truth ➻ Caela Carter – Alma has everything she needs except answers to her uestions Her mother won’t tell her why her beloved stepfather Adam is suddenly gone this summer Or about life in Portugal where her parents met No Alma has everything she needs except answers to her uestions Her mother won’t tell her why her beloved stepfather Adam is suddenly gone this summer Or about life in Portugal where her One Speck ePUB ´ parents met Not even about her father who Alma cannot find no matter how many graveyards she searches with her best friend JuliaThen Alma’s mother shocks her by moving them both to Lisbon so Alma can fall in love with the vibrant city where her father grew up There she discovers she has family than she could have imaginedShe hopes Portugal holds the answers she’s been desperately searching for but it turns out finding the truth may be complicated than she or her mother bargained for.