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The Mamba Mentality In The Wake Of His Retirement From Professional Basketball, Kobe The Black Mamba Bryant Has Decided To Share His Vast Knowledge And Understanding Of The Game To Take Readers On An Unprecedented Journey To The Core Of The Legendary Mamba Mentality Citing An Obligation And An Opportunity To Teach Young Players, Hardcore Fans, And Devoted Students Of The Game How To Play It The Right Way, The Mamba Mentality Takes Us Inside The Mind Of One Of The Most Intelligent, Analytical, And Creative Basketball Players EverFor The First Time, And In His Own Words, Bryant Reveals His Famously Detailed Approach And The Steps He Took To Prepare Mentally And Physically To Not Just Succeed At The Game, But To Excel Readers Will Learn How Bryant Studied An Opponent, How He Channeled His Passion For The Game, How He Played Through Injuries They Ll Also Get Fascinating Granular Detail As He Breaks Down Specific Plays And Match Ups From Throughout His CareerBryant S Detailed Accounts Are Paired With Stunning Photographs By The Hall Of Fame Photographer Andrew D Bernstein Bernstein, Long The Lakers And NBA Official Photographer, Captured Bryant S Very First NBA Photo In And His Last In And Hundreds Of Thousands In Between, The Record Of A Unique, Twenty Year Relationship Between One Athlete And One Photographer

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    I love sports and basketball is my favorite, by far I have always admired Kobe Bryant for his drive and commitment to the game, so I couldn t wait to read The Mamba Mentality, which is filled with awesome photos throughout his NBA career Love him or not, there s no denying Kobe s talent as a basketball player I was able to see him play in his final season 2015 2016 , and since he retired, I have also admired the variety of ventures he s continued to pursue Whether or not you re an athlete, there are principles of embodying the mamba mentality that can be applied to all facets of life The mindset isn t about seeking a result it s about the process of getting to that result It s about the journey and the approach It s a way of life I do think it s important, in all endeavors, to have that mentality While I enjoyed Kobe s take on competing against numerous other NBA players throughout his career, the parts of The Mamba Mentality I enjoyed most were those that focused on his dedication to the craft of basketball, along with his determination, motivation, and consistent discipline What I m saying is greatness isn t easy to achieve It requires a lot of time, a lot of sacrifices It requires tough choices It requires your loved ones to sacrifice, too, so you have to have an understanding circle of family and friends People don t always understand just how much effort from how many people goes into one person chasing a dream to be great

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    A recurring theme in this amazing book is that the mental game is just as important as the actual game Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players to step foot in the NBA, shows the reader the Mamba Mentality The mentality of going into a game thinking, I m scoring on anyone who guards me gave Kobe an edge over his opponents Kobe s will to get to the gym everyday before anyone else gave him an advantage Kobe, as a rookie, came into to the league cocky As Kobe matured, he became confident The slight difference between cocky and confident is what differs good players from great ones Great players win the mental game as well as the physical game Part 2 Kobe Bryant has arguably the best work ethic the league has ever seen, he gets to gym at 3 am every day, he makes 1000 shots every day, and he dominates everyday Kobe had the grit , a trait that can t be taught, to keep fighting up until his final game of his career Kobe brought the Mamba Mentality night in and night out, outworking every opponent he faces, even at the age of 38 he scored a record breaking 60 points, which a lot of good players can t achieve in their prime Diligence, confidence and style is what made Kobe one of the all time greats.

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    Kobe explains his style of play and his attention to detail He s not only a fierce competitor but a lifelong student of the game He practiced, planned, prepared for every move he made, as well as every teammate and competitor Great sports players, like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant completely give themselves to their game, their sport, and every aspect it involves Very interesting and readable book.PS The pictures are excellent PSS Kobe is a great reader and a member of GR He s quite the intellectual

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    this news is unbearably sad you didn t need to watch basketball to see that kobe bryant was a great human being his daughter was the future of women s basketball prayers to his family, and to all the other families affected by the crash.

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    A look into the mind of one of the greatest athletes everSince I was a kid, I was impressed by Kobe The way he played, the way he honored his craft Reading about his dedication and unbeatable mentality gave me a lot of inspiration This book from Kobe himself explains how he became the legend It s also fun to see photos documenting his journey.

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    Amazing book and so inspirational One of my favorite players of all time and muses mustread mambamentality

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    I enjoyed watching Kobe play basketball I picked this up because I was curious what he had to say about the Mamba Mentality This book was not a normal sportsball player memoir It s a picture book with some writing about some of the players and coaches Bryant experienced in his 20 years as a professional Enjoyed this but can t give it than 3 stars because I was hoping for something than just some pics and a sprinking of Bryant s wisdom Upon further reflection, this is what I should have expected since Bryant is one of the private bball players out there The Mamba Mentality Initially, I thought the phrase, Mamba Mentality was just a catchy hashtag that I d start on Twitter Something witty and memorable But it took off from there and came to symbolize much The mindset isn t about seeking a result it s about the process of getting to that result It s about the journey and the approach It s a way of life I do think that it s important, in all endeavors, to have that mentality Whether I hear an elite college of NBA player or a Fortune 500 CEO reference the MambaMentality, I find it very meaningful When I see people talk about finding inspiration in it, it makes all of my hard work, all of the sweat, all of the 3AM wakeups feel worth it That s why I put together this book All these pages incorporate lessons not just lessons on basketball, but also on the Mamba Mentality p 93 A Big Shot Is Just Another Shot People make a huge deal out of clutch shots Thing is, it s just one shot If you make a thousand shots a day, it s just one of a thousand Once you re hitting that many, what s one That was my mentality from day one p 102 When Fundamentals Are No Longer Fundamental It s weird, actually fundamentals aren t really fundamental any A lot of players don t understand the game of the importance of footwork, spacing It s to the point where if you know the basics, you have an advantage on the majority of players p 116 Dunking Is About Domination When you dunk the ball, it lets the opposition know your mentality It lets them know you re there to humiliate them It also sets an emotional tone with your teammates It lets them know you re going to climb mountains this games and inspires them to want to climb with you p 133 Basketball Took Me Everywhere The game provided me with every opportunity that I ever imagined it would, and along the way I learned an innumerable amount I m not just speaking about on the court, either Without hoops, I would not understand how to create or write, I would not understand human nature, nor would I know how to lead The game, in essence, taught me the art of storytelling Without it, I would not have an Emmy, I would not have an Oscar, I would not have creative dreams and visions still to unfold Yeah, basketball took me everywhere Now, I m taking the game everywhere p 201

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    A memoir written by Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest masters of the game of basketball Although, not what I expected to read, I enjoyed reading it and learning about Kobe and the Mamba Mentality The memoir starts with a Forward written by his teammate, Pau Gasol, and an Introduction by his coach, Phil Jackson Meticulously, Kobe describes the game of basketball as a process and as a craft He gives the reader the chance at a closer look at what he did to prepare for each game, how he gained his skill set to compensate his talent and his passion for the game He uses these first pages to also share his knowledge and experience, his wisdom on many aspects of the game I kept writing down some of the things he wrote in this part of the book and I am sharing them here, at the end of this review.Then through a number of details, facts and figures, he shares his thoughts and opinion about many of his games that, reflecting back now, Kobe considers milestones in his NBA career He also shares his thoughts and reactions on several other NBA players he played with or against A very enjoyable read I got to learn new things about Kobe and other NBA players that I didn t know before I loved looking at all the pictures included in the book that document crucial moments of Kobe s career as a basketball player Many of them brought back memories of those games which I used to watch with my family all big Kobe Bryant fans He is indeed a basketball superstar, one of the most resilient, hard working, intelligent, creative and most passionate basketball players of our time His Mamba Mentality has become an inspiration not only for many other athletes but people in all walks of life If you love sports and enjoyed watching Kobe play, you got to read this book Quotes from the book 1 If something has worked for other greats before you, and if something is working for you, why change it and embrace a new fad Stick with what works, even if it s unpopular 2 If you really want to be great at something, you have to truly care about it 3 People don t always understand just how much effort from how many people goes into one person chasing a dream to be great 4 You can t achieve greatness by walking a straight line 5 Listen to your body, and warm up with purpose 6 Pain in one area of your body often stems from an imbalance somewhere else With that in mind, it s important to treat the root cause and not the effect 7 you have to work hard in the dark to shine in the light.

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    A man possessed is the only way to describe Kobe Bryant His academic obsession of the game of basketball is nothing short of legendary, and his insight was insanely valuable to a guy who loves the sport almost as much It also gives me great confidence when some of the nuances and processes Kobe went through as an NBA basketball player are the things I do before, during, and after my weekly scrimmages Thank you for your wisdom, Mamba.

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    A must for any NBA fan A quick read filled with brilliant pictures Completely surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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