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There Will Come a Darkness The Age Of Darkness Approaches.Five Lives Stand In Its Way.Who Will Stop It Or Unleash It For Generations, The Seven Prophets Guided Humanity Using Their Visions Of The Future, They Ended Wars And United Nations Until The Day, One Hundred Years Ago, When The Prophets Disappeared.All They Left Behind Was One Final, Secret Prophecy, Foretelling An Age Of Darkness And The Birth Of A New Prophet Who Could Be The World S Salvation Or The Cause Of Its Destruction As Chaos Takes Hold, Five Souls Are Set On A Collision Course A Prince Exiled From His Kingdom.A Ruthless Killer Known As The Pale Hand.A Once Faithful Leader Torn Between His Duty And His Heart A Reckless Gambler With The Power To Find Anything Or Anyone.And A Dying Girl On The Verge Of Giving Up.One Of Them Or All Of Them Could Break The World Will They Be Savior Or Destroyer Perfect For Fans Of Throne Of Glass, Children Of Blood And Bone, And An Ember In The Ashes

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    Stories with multi ethnic groups of different characters with differing sexual orientations thrown together by mission or circumstance are my kryptonite and I m practically vibrating in my seat waiting for this book A prince exiled from his kingdom.A ruthless killer known as the Pale Hand.A once faithful leader torn between his duty and his heart A reckless gambler with the power to find anything or anyone.And a dying girl on the verge of giving up.

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    Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Children of Blood and Bone, and An Ember in the Ashes.Say no bro Say no I ll just pay in cash thank you.

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    for those readers who love character driven novels, this is the book for you yes, the plot has a rather important role, but its how the plot defines the characters and influences their choices that really makes this book wonderful its always such a neat experience when you can see how several individuals are connected in a much bigger way.and honestly, this book is a masterclass on how to write multiple POVs correctly often than not, when several main characters are present, all with their own POV chapters, things can go downhill the plot gets easily lost and confusing, some characters get better developed, others end up being unlikable, some POVs are slower paced and boring than others, etc the list can go on but this is the first story where i love every character especially jude, i will never not love a character named jude , there is no POV that is lacking, and each perspective helps the plot instead of hinders it it was a marvel to read how each of these characters lives impacts each others, intentionally or not i anxiously awaited when their paths crossed and a much larger picture and purpose started to unfold i was truly engaged every step of the way yes, this is the first book in a series and yes, its mostly dedicated to world building and character development but when its so exceptionally done, especially for a debut, i really dont mind that the plot takes a backseat i havent seen much hype for this book yet, so heres me telling you that these characters are worth every page 4.5 stars

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    okay exciting information has come out a cover is here GIVE ME ALL THE ENSEMBLE CASTS AHHHHHH

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    DNF at roughly 250 pages in.This is an unfortunate situation as I REALLY was enjoying this book I adored the diverse characters, the unique magic system, and the direction of the story Sadly, in the middle of reading I had a lot going on in my personal life and couldn t focus on such a dense fantasy so I decided to put it down for now.I d love to pick it up again and continue when I m in the right mood for a story like this because I do want to see it through to the end I received a copy of this book for free from Macmillan I had no obligation to read or review this book and all opinions are my own.

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    Let me start by saying that it took me literal WEEKS to read this novel And yet, I surprisingly flew through it whenever I actually sat to read it.Maybe it was because this entire 500 page novel felt like nothing than a very long introduction So much happened, and yet nothing actually happened This book follows five different POVs Yes, FIVE Five seemingly unconnected people with five different goals and five different plot lines.At first, it was hard to care too much about any one character It felt like we just kept jumping from POV to POV, from setting to setting Just as you were getting into one story, you d be thrown in the middle of someone else s plotline.This was made worse by the fact that Hassan got the most page time and he was probably my least favorite of the characters It s not that he was bad as a character, it s that I didn t like him all that much and I could totally see right through him Anton on the other hand, my poor disaster baby, I really liked Also Jude I ship it already.This became less of a problem as I became acquainted with each of the characters and their roles in the story.My main issue with this book is that as the title of my review states, it felt like a long winded introduction This is the book where the world and the characters are set up but where nothing much happens We got introduced to all the major players and plotline and then are left hanging, waiting for the sequel.The main villain, The Hierophant, is talked about constantly and yet we meet them in the last 15% of the novel for like two scenes in which they do nothing that lives up to all the talk we ve heard of them Even the prophecy that connects all the characters and drives the plot forward has no real bearing in this book It s just sort of there to serve as a plot device.Even the characters are just sort of introduced We only know the basics of them We ve yet to dive deep into their minds and see them as their truest selves Basically, this book was the preview, the trailer before we get to see the movie and actually see all of the pieces that were set up here play the game.Still, in spite of all that I just said, I actually really enjoyed the story.It was easy to read through It was interesting and I liked seeing the prophecy sort of come together as the story went on I did call a lot of the plot twists but there were definitely a few that I didn t see coming and I appreciate that.The characters were all interesting, even Hassan that I didn t love, and I can t wait to read about them and see how the prophecy unfolds.This might have just been the introduction, but I am super excited to see what comes next in the sequel Also, just as a side note, I was a bit confused with the world building It had trains, but also it also read like the world was very ancient I feel like with trains come other pieces of technology Basically, I wasn t quite sure what time period this was modeled after if that makes any sense

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    This book isn t getting the hype I thought it would and it s frightening.

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    I wrote this book I love it I hope that when you read it, you also love it You can read the first three chapters FOR FREE right here.There s an incredible book trailer that you can watch right here There Will Come a Darkness book trailerYou can find out about the book here and about me on instagram and twitter I have a list of content warnings for this book on my website If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out Be safe

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    This book is a master class in fantasy world building My official review A sweeping, ambitious fantasy that pulled me into a world of corruption, dark prophecy, and ultimately, hope The breathlessly paced story and well rendered ensemble cast gripped me until the very last pages Julie C Dao, author of FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS

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    I was fortunate enough to be given an advanced copy of this fantasy debut by Katy Rose Pool.There Will Come A Darkness is the first part of what promises to be a very popular epic fantasy series In many ways it reminded me of Guy Gavriel Kay for the depth of the settings and cultures into which we enter, especially in how perspectives differ for each of the five main characters depending on their own backgrounds This is a richly developed world of magic and intrigue, with a diverse cast featuring paladins, princes, and rogues that will appeal to both fans of classic fantasy but equally to those who want to see some of those tropes balanced out with a modern perspective on inclusion in the characters.There Will Come A Darkness is told in an assured and polished style Most importantly for me as a reader, though, it builds to an ending that is brilliantly conceived and will leave many readers breathless awaiting the next book in the series This is a masterful fantasy debut and Katy Rose Pool is a writer to watch.